Rachael DelTondo / photo via Facebook

Joseph and Lisa DelTondo buried their daughter privately Thursday. It was a bitter end for such a sweet soul, her mother said.

“She looked very angry in the coffin,” an emotional Lisa told the Beaver Countian on Friday. “She always had a big white toothy smile on her face in life, so to see her look that angry was very hard. Very hard.”

Rachael Elena DelTondo, 33, died Sunday in a hail of gunfire at the bottom of her family’s driveway, in front of the Aliquippa house where she was brought home as an infant and later took her first steps, went to her first prom, celebrated college graduation.

She died on Mother’s Day.

Her mother’s own anger sprayed like shotgun pellets at a number of targets. She’s angry at the media. She’s angry at false reports. She’s angry no one is humanizing her daughter.

But she’s particularly angry at Aliquippa police. They didn’t do enough to protect Rachael from multiple death threats, she said. She also believes possible department corruption led to a leak intending to hurt Rachael – and led her daughter into even more possible harm by placing her in the position of cooperating with state police investigating city corruption.

“She was afraid of the Aliquippa police. We knew it was dirty. That police department has been dirty for 50 years,” Lisa said.

“That night my baby was laying on concrete, I called them all out.”

Rachael DelTondo’s mother does not believe her daughter’s death was the direct result of corruption, which she insists plagues her community. Instead, Lisa feels the actions of the Aliquippa Police Department helped to fan flames of passion that eventually took her daughter’s life.

It started in October last year, when someone in the Aliquippa Police Department leaked an incident report and sensitive information from law enforcement databases to an unauthorized individual. The report, written in 2017 about an incident from February 2016, concerned a suspicious vehicle officers spotted parked by the old Aliquippa Hospital. Police say they found Rachael DelTondo in the car with a 17-year-old boy, “the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running.”

Rachael reportedly told officers at the time that she and the boy were “just talking.”

The leaked files were later sent anonymously to officials at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School in Midland, where Rachael was employed as a kindergarten teacher, and to several media outlets, including the Beaver Countian. It resulted in her being placed on a paid suspension from her teaching position, though she was never criminally charged.

That whole storyline of the kindergarten teacher who was “caught” in her steamed-up car with a minor before being murdered has captured international press attention, but Lisa said that story is very unfair.

What’s not being reported, said her mother and a close friend, is the story of the beautiful and kind young woman. She was a daddy’s girl. She loved to shop. She never had a bad word to say about anyone. She wasn’t one for idle gossip.

She was a graduate of Our Lady of Sacred Heart High School in Coraopolis and Robert Morris University in Moon Township. She loved being a kindergarten teacher. She loved to sell the glitzy Swarovski Touchstone Crystal jewelry in her spare time.

She regularly took a disabled friend for ice cream – and brought some back to friends at the MPI Club in Aliquippa. She shared the same ideals as her parents, her father a retired janitor at Mt. Gallitzin in Baden. When a couple of her friends over the years needed a place to stay, the family let them live with them in their quiet Buchanan Street neighborhood.

Now the DelTondos have been deluged by major national and international media outlets swarming the home they bought in 1979.

“Yesterday we had to call police on the news media,” Lisa said. “They’ll take a picture of a dog peeing on a lawn. I don’t understand why they’re feeling that people want to see so much of my house.”

She hopes by speaking out publicly the reporters will leave her alone.

Months before her death, Rachael DelTondo told the Beaver Countian she had been receiving death threats and was told she would not live to see the end of 2018. Her mother says she heard those threats firsthand.

“She went to police two times because of death threats,” Lisa said. “I had threats here at my house. I called the Aliquippa police, the detective called me four days later. Four days!

“We could have been dead and rotting. They never followed up, nothing … She was afraid of whoever was sending the death threats, but no one ever found out who they were.”

Lisa said the uncertainty weighed heavily on her daughter. “She was scared. She was scared of everyone. She was a scared rabbit.”

Lisa said that after the incident report leak from the Aliquippa Police Department, her daughter agreed to cooperate with state law enforcement agencies that were conducting investigations into public corruption.

Lisa said Rachael met with authorities on three separate occasions, but her daughter’s fears kept her from speaking about all that she knew.

“She knew a lot more. She was worried.”

Lisa denied reports in other media outlets that her daughter was recently subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury — something she is positive her daughter would have told her if true. In March, Pennsylvania State Police with a search warrant raided the Aliquippa City Building — something then-state police Lt. Eric Hermick said was related to secretive grand jury proceedings. People interviewed by state police since have described to the Beaver Countian an investigation into public corruption stretching from the City of Aliquippa into the heart of the Beaver County Courthouse.

But Attorney Michael Santicola, who is representing Sheldon Jeter Jr., the then-teenage boy discovered with Rachael DelTondo in the parked car, said Rachael had told his client she was set to appear before the grand jury.

Police have executed two search warrants involving Jeter Jr. as part of their ongoing investigation into the murder.

No arrests have been made in the case and police have not named any suspects. Attorney Santicola insists his client had nothing to do with the murder, calling Rachael Deltondo’s death not a crime of passion, but rather one of coverup – an assertion he has not yet elaborated on.

Lisa said Jeter Jr.’s claims are false. “She wasn’t appearing before anything,” she said, her anger evident. “Check before you open your mouth.”

Rachael’s close friends are meeting quietly to talk about what has happened and are sharing their own theories. They seem aligned with Lisa’s. They’re scared, said one friend who didn’t want to be named out of fear of retaliation.

“We’re all saying we can’t even begin to grieve her with all the chaos going on,” the woman said.

That chaos includes at least three private Facebook discussion groups so far, with all sorts of people weighing in on the crime.

In the meantime, Rachael’s parents are dealing with the what-ifs.

“I wish I could have heard something. I wish I would have went outside,” Lisa said. “I probably would have been dead too, but I don’t care. I would have been dead with her …

“I was always her backup. I’ve been fighting battles for her, but this one … I couldn’t save her.”

With Rachael DelTondo’s battles now over, and the killer still on the loose, her mother is left with her daughter’s things.

“I sleep with one of her sweatshirts, which makes me feel better,” she said. “And I sleep with medication I got from my doctor, I can’t sleep without that.

“It feels like I’m empty inside. There is no heart there, there is nothing there. It feels like it’s all gone. It feels like there’s just air in there. Part of me is gone with her.”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. To have to bury your precious baby and be so scared of the repercussions that you can only mention 3 Facebook pages is so sad. Maybe this will tell you all how bad it really is in ALIQUIPPA!

      • Then why do the Aliquippa people tolerate police in the drug trade murders and every other kind of scum. And that includes there cuz cuz the Beaver County Sheriffs Dept.

  2. Mr and Mrs DelTondo
    My heart just aches for you both. I am the mother of four daughters and just the thought of having to go through this pain is unbearable. Please know this town is truly mourning the loss of such a beautiful life. I pray God finds this killer and brings some form of comfort to enable you to finally be able to grieve. Prayers and love to you both.

  3. My sympathies to the DelTondo family.
    On another issuse, you should have NEVER let the MOST corrupt cop that has ever walked the streets of Aliquippa, George David, speak on this matter or on your behalf to the media.

    • “Cuz Cuz” is seeking free media time because he is……wait for it…….RUNNING FOR SHERIFF…….AGAIN!!!

    • With all due respects having that absolutely debased mentally deranged idiot speaking about this case well I wont say anymore. George David. Grief does hard things to us all. But George David trying to feed of off this families tragedy is despicable.


    • The kid was 17 at the time. State of PA that is legal. Could have been charged with other things like corruption of a minor or something along those lines.

    • maybe her ” friends ” from the hood thought she was gonna snitch on them, not on the police.maybe the cops were worried about things, too. maybe two birds with one stone? not being heartless here, just logical.it’s sad when ANYONE gets killed for something that was dumb. the corruption, drugs, etc. has been going on for DECADES. why worry now?

  5. My condolences to your very brave daughter. And your family. Anybody that knows anything at all about Aliquippa knows your daughter was assassinated. Sorry to say that to you but if this type of THING is going to be stopped in Beaver County the truth needs to be told. And not the Aliquippa or courthouse truth.

  6. Other people have been killed recently in Aliquippa as well, sure hope they are putting the effort into those cases like they are this one. No one death is more important than the other, families need answers, families need peace. Prayers to her family.

  7. Why……..Didn’t someone help this poor young lady???? This is Soo tragic as well as other killings in Aliquippa. What is happening to this city? Prayers for all families who have suffered tragic losses. ❤️

  8. This is heartbreaking! Her poor parents, especially her mother. Her child, her beautiful daughter, died on a day they should have celebrated. Now it will forever be marred by horror for this poor lady. There are some articles out there painting her child in red when she is in fact the victim. I pray this is solved and if there is corruption in that police department that it is uncovered. So very sad. Prayers to her family.

  9. A beautiful young woman. My heart breaks for a life gone too soon and for the family as well.

  10. They will never convict anyone and all they will do is point the finger at Jeter and cotroppa but never at there own police officers just like officer N@#m cause they are all corrupt just like the cop walking right into the crime scene to mess up the crime area and no-one is asking for his daughters phone records

    • My heart goes out to the mom of Rachel. Let’s look at the type of woman Rachel was and give her some respect. Instead of mourning the loss if this beautiful child they have to live with the media breathing down there necks. Let this girl rest in peace the exact truth will never come out.

  11. George David the most racist person in BC is on the news making his highly valued opinion known. The only time he got out of the cruiser was when there was a minority in the back with the bracelets on so he could polish up on his blackjack skills! Ha what a joke im sure he has some interesting comments about her choice of male companionship! This guy has had the most turbulant past few years ive ever heard of! This whole situation is beyond surreal! This police department is so un credible, the public defender from my cousin vinney could have the charges dropped! If i were the ex fiance I’d wanna hide under a rock….

    • George David making his opinion known. Is there no shame at all in this Valley. Georgie and his mentally ill brothers. The time is here and much more coming showing what a bunch of sick perverted scum have been running this Valley. My God just take a look at them Don’t have to God forbid interact with them in anyway. If the old Dixmont State Hospital for the insane was still open they would all have a home. Protect and Serve. Murder Ridicule Slander Liable and show us respect or we will EAT your hands.

  12. This poor family. How could anyone begin to recover from such horror? I wish for peace and comfort to come to them.

  13. The “community” of dysfunction pulled the trigger, no matter who the real perp is — a malignant mixture of dirty cops, a Cosa Nostra, a thriving drug trade, a history of political corruption, government hacks, racial tension, poverty, cultural isolation, and vows of silence. This case exposed the ugly can of worms that is the lifeblood of the place. 100 years in the making, and no relief in sight. Well, investigations are still ongoing — do you guys have the guts to make them work? The Pennsylvania State Police is the White Knight here, because NO ONE else can/will do it. Saddle up, guys.

  14. Maybe I’m the only one who think this way, but if I am getting death threats that I think are pretty credible, I’m taking my ass to some small tiny town in North Dakota, Utah, Idaho where no-one will ever find me again. The only 3 people who would have my contact information would be my mom and dad and the lead PSP investigator on the case, and it would be a burner phone that I would change out every 30 days. When I got to either North Dakota, Utah, Idaho or wherever, I’d be sure to never speak of my former life again.

    • Try it for just a month see what its like easy to say And what would have happened to her parents think about it. Running isn’t the answer. Fighting these dirty bastards is the answer without there badges and guns and new escalades what are they. Take a good look at them real tough guys. All the way back to the 1070s weak minds and weak bodies cowards. PERIOD…..

  15. The lack of an arrest is concerning me.
    Maybe there is a big story going on??

    My condolences to the grieving families.

  16. My condolences to the parents of Rachel. I feel for her grieving mother. I am a mother so I can’t even imagine what she’s feeling. And to Rachel’s friends yes I know all of you and completely understand why you guys want to keep your identities private I won’t disclose my name but I did know you all and spent a good amount of time with you guys at the mpi back in the day. I feel for all of you I know you guys are grieving so much and are so lost and so scared and feel so bad that you all are going through this but remember you women are strong Italian women you can do it it’s the fighter in you. Keep your head up and don’t let quip keep sucking you in get out and move far far away and don’t look back if Rachel would’ve she’d still be alive. When I come back to visit I can always find everyone in the same spot doing the same thing nothing more and never looking any better so think about it why not live a happy and safe and normal life I am and I did it! It’s scary but it’s worth it! Good luck girls keep your heads up I wish I could say speak up but you see where Rachel is so better yet just get out! And Ms. Deltondo my condolences …. your daughter didn’t deserve this she was the sweetest ,most beautiful ,angelic type girl. Harmless ,gorgeous smile ,good heart ❤️ just a sweet soul. Don’t let justice go unserved for her!

  17. I will never get over her murder ! Poor poor Parents
    No WORDS
    I pray Rachel will Rest In Peace ☹️

  18. Valdamir: If you think in terms of a planned “hit”, local, or perps long gone back to Chicago or Philly or Pittsburgh, the lack of an arrest and evidence seems to fit. One question is, who could finance it, sanction it or hide it? Who stands to gain the most? A jilted lover? Nope, not likely. Its just a guess, but I have to wonder.

    • After reading the Beaver Countian for about 6 years now, the old feeling of reading about presumed immoral amateurs individually screwing the public for personal gain and profit just doesn’t fit anymore. No, it’s almost always worse, more organized, more involved that the basics John Paul gives us in the articles. So too, here in this story. I am waiting for the real bad stuff to surface, and I can’t even guess about what that will be.


      • so true, raven. aren’t black chicks tired of their men going for white stuff? the dudes aren’t racist if they are doing white gals.they need to knock their men around a little.

    • Looks like my comment to Dirty Dago was edited.
      dirty dago uses a screen name that is cultural misappropriation and an ethnic slur. Only us real dagos, wops And guineas can use those terms. If I called myself Nappy Ni&&er he would be pissed.

    • In this day in age its normally white people in authority that commit crimes you say she was guilty of but no charges were filed? A jury convicted a black man of killing a white police officer although some jurors wanted to acquit? If you like the social media believe what you read well go back to my days of growing up it’s called right says, left side says, in the middle is the truth! It’s a shame only liberal based news agencies report negative half sided information, speak/report all sides, and then let the people decide. Unis runs aliquippa period from all aspects of it and if you think otherwise you’ve never lived in quip…. easy to blame George David himself but they are all connected just do the leg work the beaver county times won’t report. Corruption runs very deep and deadly in beaver county don’t be stupid

    • “DD”, did you even read the comments here? If you had, you would realize that almost NOBODY here is looking for a scapegoat. The whole point is to find out the truth and stop this kind of thing from happening again. It’s probably true that this case is getting more attention because the victim was a pretty white female from a quiet neighborhood. But that doesn’t mean that anyone interested is a racist or a hypocrite.

      Anyone living in Beaver County knows that when things go bad, it’s all too common to point fingers at the people from the “other side of the tracks”. Whether that means people with a different color skin than you, people that don’t go to your church, people that drive a different kind of car than you, or people from a different township or boro.

      It’s only natural to feel a certain affinity for people with whom you have something in common. But maybe that can lead us to ignore the bad deeds of people that are from “our side”, and then problems can fester. One of the reasons to read these pages is to get past the false “us and them” smokescreens and see what is really going on. Maybe that can help us get to a point where we don’t automatically point fingers at people who aren’t like us. And we can pay more attention when things happen on the other side of the tracks.

      (To be honest, the scandalous “underage” angle is probably the biggest reason that this news story hit national and even international news media. But if that spotlight helps to uncover the truth of what happened, then that’s a blessing in disguise.)

  20. dirty dago.. you’re an IDIOT! Apparently you haven’t kept up with current events. Commenters here DO NOT believe it was any of the young men you’re speaking of. So take your race bullshit elsewhere.

  21. If she had been a male, especially a black male, running around with teenagers and having “relations” with teenagers as a teacher, she’d have been called every name in the book. Yes her family is grieving but if she had been raised better she would never had been running around with Mr. Jeter or Miss Watkins and she would most likely be alive today.

    • Black men in authority positions are the most unlikely to be accused of yet alone convicted of it, stop playing the race card! Its been played too often for things that don’t have any relevance. If you voted for Obama only because he was black and against the other guy cause he was white then according to the definition you are in fact the racist, no?

  22. Rachel should have been put in a witness protection program or at least a temporary residence outside of Beaver County.

    • If you voluntarily choose to participate in taking down a tiny town’ s corrupt police department of 5 officers, it is not the police’s job to protect you. They don’t have the resources to put someone on you 24/7. If you are getting what you believe to be credible death threats, you get your ass out of town ASAP, and you only tell your parents and the lead investigator where you are going. Furthermore, if Rachael had read her grand jury witness/taking down police corruption 101 handbook, she would have known to keep her damn mouth shut and not run it to all her teenage friends about what she was doing. I’m not sure why a 33 yr old woman would trust anyone with that information….let alone teenagers. I wouldn’t even trust my own damn teenagers with that information, and I gave birth to them.

      • No sometimes you gotta be brave. And a serious lack of bravery and integrity exists in Aliquippa. And that is why Aliquippa will cease to exist in 20yrs. But in the meantime theres San Rocco day and crack cocaine.

  23. @dirtydago
    We’ve had a black President! Well half! It was and still is Mungo’s hope that we can one day hopefully all just get along! But after reading your hate filled diatribe he is not so optimistic! Sad!!!

  24. I don’t know about this……nothing makes sense,…….I guess we will eventually find out why she was doing whatever she was to be murdered in this way……..10 shots in the body sends a message.

  25. The following was mentioned in (today’s) Sunday’s BCT:

    “February 2018: An unnamed officer was reprimanded for the leak, and the investigation into the Aliquippa Police Department ended, according to Lozier. All 911 resources and state database access was restored to the department.”

    So it appears – the unnamed officer – was given “a slap on the wrist” for breaching various databases – and sending out “confidential” information (with the intent to smear Rachael DelTondo.

    This “unnamed” officer – should have been fired “on the spot” and “arrested”. What would happen to a normal citizen who breached a confidential database at their place of employment??

    • Shit Lozier probably gave him a raise. And how do you people think these idiots get employment in county government for life. At least the corrupt morons. Look at the Sheriffs Dept. for instance One Sheriffs Deputy has been there since 1970. And all the plastic surgery hasn’t helped one little bit. A brain damaged moron is a brain damaged moron plastic surgery does not help…..

  26. I still can’t buy that it was the cops. What could this poor girl have known that would warrant her murder? Nothing. She had death threats but who’s to say it was from cops. The Jeter kid’s own brother said “he would &^%$ her up”. Perhaps he made the threats. I also don’t believe the entire department is dirty. If any cop should be looked at it’s the one who purposefully contaminated the crime scene and his daughter who told Rachael to go for a walk at that time of night. The Jeter kid isn’t a scapegoat in this, he is being looked at for good reasons.

    • Look at wind making sense. You read this site and it always starts out at 100 mph. George David… JAIL! Connie Javens… JAIL! Wijnen-Riem’s … JAIL! Yeah, okay.

      EVERYTHING is the crime of the year and what has actually come out of it at a county level, let alone a state or federal level? Very plausible that this could end up as a case of one too many boyfriends and some man or woman felt she was somehow disrespecting them. Let’s see how things plays out before we start restructuring the entire county.

    • ricimer, I understand the connection you’re trying to make but Officer Naim had inside information. He worked in the midst of it. I don’t think any of those same cops are still there now. This girl couldn’t possibly have had enough info to get her murdered, cold-bloodedly.

    • Jimmy Naim was involved in active drug investigations as a police officer with arresting powers. I don’t think that this compares at all. In small town Aliquippa, or anywhere else, for that matter, tell me that this incident of a teacher being in a car in the wee hours of morning, “counseling” her male student, wouldn’t have been common knowledge before very long, leaks or not. Let’s wait and see….


  27. At the risk of repeating myself.A pretty young girl maybe not on purpose associating with the type of people if you want to call them that plus the fact that even if she was 30yrs old that does not discount being nieve. Very easy for a pretty girl to overhear things she wished she hadn’t overheard.

  28. This investigation has passed its expiration. If there was credible information someone would have been arrested in a public display to at least get Inside Edition out of town! This kind of public attention has had to reach the states district attorney. Very sad situation and its embarrassing being a born and raised Quippian who jumped ship when the writing was on the wall. I fortunately have my papers but others in my family were With Out Papers.

  29. For those folks from Hopewell Center ect. Should probably look at the surnames of you or your neighbors before you start bashing Aliquippa because chances your beginnings started in that once beautiful industrial gateway that spread wealth and prosperity… unfortunately it has since been decimated.

  30. She new about the MPI club for Christ sake! The biggest coke dealership in the county with cops walking in and out with envelopes of cash, Frank shooting up cars and no cops show up… c’mon people!! She was gonna blow the roof off of Aliquippa!!

  31. Leave the Municipal Political ITALIAN club out of these comments! I had great fun derr; In years after any number of things happen at any organization.. I hear things get wild at boy scouts of America! Im sick of this attempt to smear the Catroppa name with ineptly snide comments. That police force was vastly different at one point with an exception or two.


    • The italians are dirty and at fault. The Lebanese are close behind. You people are dirty back to the old country. No one trusts you.

  32. If you think this doesn’t have anything to do with the MPI club, the family that runs it, the Aliquippa PD then you’re just being ignorant to the situation. They had the most to lose out of her talking to the state police into the PD investigation, what do you think the whole investigation is about!? Duh! IF the quip PD isn’t removed from the murder investigation, it’s just going to keep taking endless turns. We want the truth!!!

  33. That was a membership club at one point just the same as the VFW UKRAINIAN SERB CROATIAN CELTIC REDS SOI ECT… Degenerates will gather at the watering hole! As far as la cosa nostra… WOW! We may need to lure Guiliani away from Trump for this one! Wow just Wow

  34. I hope we all agree any other law enforcement agency other than Aliquippa should be handling this! I fear its too late. There is definately a turd in the punch bowl.

  35. I want to know why Watkins hasn’t been suspended or fired for contaminating a crime scene? Is that just acceptable practice for Aliquippa Police Officers?

    • He is on PAID LEAVE to mourn her death according to Bug Biss Couch. He did nothing wrong according to Big Boss Couch. Of course everyone gets paid time off to mourn a non family member at the expense of taxpayers – right??? Just more and more sickening. While other cities in BC have problems, no other like Aliquippa. MrWalker, if you love Quip as much as you claim, you must get a police force that people trust at least some and same for respect.

  36. @speakthetruthtoo My thoughts exactly! And his daughters phone! I think it might be interesting to see where Watkins and his daughter were after being “geotracked” like Jeters phone! They are leading this to make it seem like it was a crime of passion and if you have any sense, you’d realize that this is a crime of “shut your mouth about the police dept.” I’m disgusted by the detectives misleading investigation on this matter and I really hope the quip PD is pulled off this investigation! They leaked the info about her in the first place! WTF????

    • who was the cop who leaked the info? why her? he had a whole fn database of shit , he coulda done harm to a LOT of people. and sent by an “anonymous email” ?? NOTHING is anonymous, EVERYTHING can be traced back. remember, there is no privacy on the ‘net..lets see the state cops solve this one

      • Channel 2 news got it. Now Watkins wife under fire too. Channel 11 and Amy M trying to cover this up – she got her hair done and some new duds – hmmmmm. Sorry not sorry, all evidence pointing a certain kind of way – crossing crime tape, arguing with peers, daughter with her and then on scene right after while daddy is collecting shell casings from what it has been looks like an old model service weapon when he was told to vacate. Now this. Well Lozier, how you gonna cover his butt and yours now???

  37. Ok so I knew Rachael however I was not a close friend of hers but not for any bad reason just hung with 2 different crowds. My question is….. (keep in mind I believe this all to have to do with apd and the corruption of the italians etc.) ok back to my question who the hell and where the hell did they get that she was in a sexual or relationship with Sheldon Jeter? I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around that one! Why because they were parked in a car at 2 am ? Maybe they were smoking weed he was the star quip player I’m sure Watkins wouldn’t want to turn in his star player we all know how they protect they star athletes only thing they protect 😂 maybe they were who knows doing anything other than obvious sexual shit. I mean I would’ve never guessed Rachael to be sleeping around with a youngin but that’s me. So who can verify that they were in a sexual relationship not that it matters don’t think the kid did it but we all know quip boys will lie on their dick even if they didn’t get any they’ll still claim they did. Maybe they were good friends nothing wrong with that . Funny the info leaked after the kid was out of high school no longer need to protect the kid anymore he’s not their star athlete anymore! I’m just confused! Now Shawn yea them 2 were prob in a serious relationship good for her and him but why are we wasting so much time on the Jeter family when the suspects are sitting at the apd already. Like this case is totally solvable for a 3 yr old 😂 ok and is jb and Officer Naims case going to be looked at again? Maybe some good will come out of all this but seriously the ppl who have no info stay off the damn news you look like idiots *clear my throat ….. george David nashae kimbrough 😂

  38. Why hasn’t the officer, who contaminated the scene by picking up the spent shells (that he was probably trying to get rid of) and his daughter, who set this woman up to be ambushed and murdered, picked up and questioned???? why are they being protected??????

  39. @janice because they were handling the “situation” for the police dept and bc courthouse! They rewarded him with paid leave to hide the evidence ( spent shell casings and the gun used probably) geotrack his ass! I wanna see where he was the time of the murder!

  40. I mean, it makes sense if his daughter and wife were involved, they would do anything to protect the lifestyle they live and their daddy! He was probably gonna lose his job if she talked, or testified. She knew a lot about the quip bs because of her link to the MPI club and to all officers that sell drugs/offer protection for. I could def see daddies lil girl and mom setting this poor girl up to protect their families ass! Finally they are being forced to check the others involved because the lil set up on the Jeters didn’t pan out, like I knew it wouldn’t! Just a couple of pawns for the quip PD! I hope these young men are smart enough to get out of quip pretty fast now! I would be terrified of the gang known as Aliquippa Police dept.!!!

  41. Also, if the Jeters were involved, the cellphones would have told detectives if they were anywhere close to her shooting, and if they were, they would be arrested already! So it seems that direction of the investigation is over and they are looking into officer Watkins family now! Finally going in the right direction! Don’t be surprised if they end up saying information from Watkins search was inconclusive tho! They don’t want to charge one of their own gang members!

      • Of what, being black on a Friday night?? Get the hell outa here with your racist BS! I grew up with plenty, they are better than the Watkins it seems!!!! You sir/mam are what’s wrong with the world

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      • Come on man woman if your black polock croation Italian Vietnamaese hell even the Eskimos know what time it is in good old Aliquippa.



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