Here are 6 local business success stories from past year as told in Beaver County Controller David Rossi’s recently released Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR):

Sensible Organics

Sensible Organics, originally called Sensibility Soaps, is located in West Mayfield Borough and was originally funded by CED (Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development) in 2001. At that time it was a start-up company, which established a manufacturing facility for its line of organic bath and beauty products with four employees, including the owners. Sensibility Soaps became the first personal-care manufacturer to receive the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Product Certification.

Sensibility Soaps was sold to a private equity firm, which in early 2013, raised $3 million with expansion plans in all areas of custom product formulation, private labeling, and contract manufacturing. Now operating under its new name, Sensible Organics, the company currently employs 40 employees with an additional 15 jobs to be added as operations expand.

Creekside Springs, LLC

Creekside Springs is a supplier of bottled and flavored water for private label and corporate brand products from its Ambridge and Salineville, Ohio plants. During 2013, CED (Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development) purchased the former Tegrant Diversified Brands plant, entering into a long term purchase agreement and lease with Creekside to accommodate expansion of the company’s flavored water products.

On Creekside’s behalf, CED secured a $677,500 state-funded loan and will provide additional funding of $300,000 towards Creekside’s purchase of the facility. As a result of the project, Creekside anticipates on hiring 20 employees, in addition to the 20 they already employ.


Located in Koppel Borough and Ambridge Borough, TMK IPSCO manufactures seamless tubular goods, drill pipes, coupling stock and line pipe for the oil field industry.

With current plans to expand its capacity in Beaver County due to increased market demand for its product lines, the current successor to Koppel Steel expects to create 37 new jobs with this expansion. This $22.7 million development includes purchasing new finishing equipment and employee training.


Veka, located in Marion Township, has seen numerous expansions over the past 25 years. Now employing over 360 employees, Veka has become one of Beaver County’s biggest and best success stories.

Veka manufactures and distributes vinyl extruded polyvinyl chloride window and door profiles, fencing, railing, and deck products, as well as accessories predominantly dedicated to the residential remodeling and new construction markets.

Their latest investment, a $5.8 million enlargement, will involve new equipment, infrastructure, and employee training. This will result in 38 additional new jobs in Beaver County.

Beemac Trucking, LLC

Beemac Trucking, LLC is a full service transportation, warehouse, and materials handling company located in Harmony Township.

To assist in the company’s $1.9 million construction of a compressed natural gas fueling station, CED (Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development) approved a $250,000 Business Development Fund loan and a $200,000 Small Business First loan.

The company will invest an additional $1.2 million in purchasing ten new compressed natural gas tractors and retro-fit another thirty. The CNG fueling facility, a first of its kind in Beaver County, will create 50 new jobs and save the company almost 50% of its fuel costs.

Danzer Veneer Americas

Danzer Veneer Americas, located in Beaver County’s very own Darlington Township, is the largest producer of decorative veneer worldwide and a top 10 producer of hardwood lumber in North America.

The North American Darlington plant is one of four Danzer Veneer plants, with the others located in Africa, Europe, and South America. CED (Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development) offered a $200,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant to assist in the growth of the Swiss-based firm.

Danzer expects to create 105 new jobs resulting from its $5 million investment.

Complete copies of the County Controller’s CAFRs dating back to 2002 are available on the county’s website for review.


  1. a bunch of little companies with iffy futures but don’t get a casino or horse track or sams club or big trucking like fed ex or any other decent paying company just another bunch like in that rip off industrial park and the park in j and l is even worse

  2. You do realise that the companies you mentioned in your post were once small, “iffy” companies at one time right? It’s not always one huge company that make a difference, but lots of these little companies that create jobs and tax revenue for the county.

  3. The days of huge industrial concerns employing hundreds or thousands of people are gone forever. Today’s most successful and stable companies are lightweight, nimble, highly automated, and ahead of the curve in terms of market trends. If Beaver County is to ever recover we need scores of these companies, not one or two massive ones. We went down that path once and were virtually destroyed due to it. When one concern goes under for whatever reason; management, labor, or market conditions, they take entire communities out with them. Never again.



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