Terri Mitko sign / photo by John Paul

When Democratic primary voters in the 15th Legislative District head to the polls next Tuesday, May 15th, they will not be seeing any names to pick from for State Representative on their ballots. Despite the apparent lack of choice, there is in fact a contentious race underway for the Democratic nomination in a district that includes Beaver, Brighton, Center, Frankfort Springs, Hanover, Independence, Potter, Raccoon, Vanport, and parts of Washington County.

Democratic voters in these areas would be well served by writing in the name Terri Mitko.

A series of events that began with an investigative report published by the Beaver Countian on March 12th led Alex Andres, the then-Democratic candidate for the 15th Legislative District, to withdraw his name from consideration. With the filing deadline already passed, Democrats were left without a candidate to appear on the ballot.

Since that time, Brighton Township attorney Terri Mitko has offered herself as a Democratic contender. Mitko has been playing a game of catch-up, working feverishly to put up yard signs, establish a campaign website and social media presence, knock on doors, and attend events. In order to appear on the general election ballot later this year, Mitko needs Democrats to back her write-in effort in the primary next week.

Republican Josh Kail, who is the only name that will appear on the Republican primary ballot, has similarly been spending considerable time knocking on doors and sending out flyers also attempting to get Democrats to write in his name — hoping to avoid having any opponent in the fall.

While Kail is undoubtedly ambitious and has been exhibiting an admirable work ethic, there is one thing he most certainly is not… a Democrat.

Republican Josh Kail and Democrat Teri Mitko each have a respectable list of qualifications, but they each have significantly different thoughts about how to solve the problems facing Beaver County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our democracy works best when elections are preceded by a vigorous debate of ideas; Beaver Countians deserve to hear that debate unfold over the coming months before deciding for themselves which platform best represents their own ideals.

For this debate to occur, Democrats in the 15th Legislative District should write in “Terri Mitko” for “Representative In The General Assembly.”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. I was really glad to see terri enter the race, especially because Alex Andres wasn’t ideal.

    From talking to him, Kail definitely seems like a right winger, what he’s doing to get dems to write him in seems dishonest. He’s pretending to be a dem on his mailers, but he’s definitely not. It’s deceitful.

    I hope Terri gets the write-in. She’d be good.

  2. Josh Kail is so scared that he is going to lose in November that he is sending registered dems post cards asking for their write-in votes with false labor support plastered all over it so he can run unopposed. Terri is an excellent well-qualified candidate and she has my vote!

  3. I’m a Republican but no way am I voting for someone named Kail. Next thing you know we will have sharia law.

    • Don’t think too hard, Ant-nee. You might want to check out Kail’s Facebook page. I don’t think the man with the Mt. Carmel nativity video is going to be looking to maneuver the district in Sharia Law.

    • So one shouldn’t listen to a candidate’s ideas before deciding whether a or not to vote for them? Are they just supposed to stereotype them instead and vote based on that viewpoint? Tony, it sounds to me like you would be a no vote for sharia law but a yes vote for Jim Crow laws. I hope you don’t have children…. some folks aren’t fit to teach their kids things like values, morality and ethics. In my opinion you are one of those people.

  4. Such great choices of candidates for the voters of Beaver County. The only county in the nation where bad looks good.

  5. Ask yourself, what has the current representative done for you? Nothing except promote charter schools. Look at the bills he sponsors. Tight pants Christiana along with the other state reps in Beaver County gotta go

  6. Tight Pants lol. Must be something in the district. Kail wears tight shirts in public. At home, the keffiyeh and thawb come out.

  7. I’m registered as a Republican and I’m writing in Sandie Egley. I want Kail to understand that we are no longer accepting the status quo, and Egley has been delivering on that message for years now. I want someone who will walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Kail is doing a lot of talking, but Egley has proven she will go against the establishment, even if it’s a lost cause.


    • Sandy Egley is unequivocally unqualified for the position, she’s not qualified for her seat on the board of commissioners as history and facts have shown. She needs to go back to being a “project manager” at Michael Baker with her 2 year CCBC associates degree in basket weaving. The only thing Egley has created in this county is drama…

      • And Danny “Little Boy” Camp is qualified how?!
        And Tony “Dumb as a Rock” Amadio is qualified how?!
        Sandie is more qualified than BOTH of those two ass clowns together! Period.


      • Little Jimmie. I never said they were qualified either. All three are sophomoric at best. We need three new commissioners that have at minimum a bachelor’s in political science and/or business/finance. Until that happens beaver county will never move forward.

        I feel as if I’ve been saying this adnauseum…..THREE NEW COMISSIONERS. PERIOD.

      • There are no college degrees for working hard, listening to what your constituents want, or having integrity. That’s really all you want or need out of an elected official. Once they start to view themselves as being superior to those they represent, they start to get ‘clever’. And by clever, I mean dishonest.

      • You do not have to have a college degree to be intelligent. It’s pompous asses like you Mr. Kirk that think they are superior because they made it through 4 years of college. I did it and it proved to me that it is a waste of time. It just reaffirmed what I had learned in life. College does not teach you ethics, morality or common decency. A county commissioner isn’t a PHD position. Who in their right mind would take the job if you have multiple degrees. They don’t make enough to pay the interest on their student loans. Sandie is qualified because she has the character and ethics to bring the people into meetings to participate and be heard. I don’t care if she’s a high school dropout. Tony has a degree, do you think he’s qualified to do anything? The other is a truck driver. WTF! End corruption, nepotism, sexism and the “way we’ve always done things” mentality. Vote out all Family & Friends, Inc.

      • Let’s see….Trump got his degrees from “only the best schools” and he’s a total train wreck.

        A four year degree doesn’t teach leadership in the real world and that is what’s missing. Our elected representatives get to Harrisburg or DC and immediately lose all sense of their idealism because they simply caucus with their party affiliation and vote the way the party determines.

        Leaders don’t accept the status quo and use their influence skills to change the way others think which opens the door to dialogue about what the right position to take is on a given subject rather than simply the party position.

  8. IF the Democrats where smart, which they are not, they would write in the Republican candidates name on their ballot.

  9. The only “education” our representatives in Harrisburg, Washington,D.C. need to learn, extending their hand to accept the lobbyist money for their votes, and they learn that lesson extremely quick.

  10. Your right 13. I have a sister and brother in law who are both massively educated and it imparted no honesty nor integrity in them. As a matter of fact they would fit right in as administrators in Auschwitz. But they drink all the right wines eat all the right foods and there private detectives do there dirty work. They should move back to Beaver County they fit right in.

    • Such jealousy! YES, having more education means more earning potential. But it also is training to look at and analyze difficult issues. Joe the bar drunk with a HS diploma is not qualified.
      What does anyone in BC know of globalism??

      Tired of the BC attitude that one does not need an education. Typical.

      • AS: Ass Shit
        BS: Bull Shit
        MS: More of the Same
        PhD: Piled Higher and Deeper
        All the “edumacation” in the world still does not make up for no COMMON SENSE!

      • Oh, come on , Truth. Look around the county at all the School of Hard Knock guys and gals that could run that mill, run that office, manage that borough, et., etc. etc. better than all those people with their degrees. Then the mill, the office, etc. closes or lets them go and they stand there with their finger up their ass wondering how they will buy groceries two days from now. HAHAHA

      • Truthful, you obviously haven’t had the “pleasure” of working with some of today’s wimpie college snowflakes. The only thing they know is what the socialist professor fed them. They cannot ratio0nalize, plan or even contemplate the future. I’m not knocking education but it IS NOT the end all be all. Let’s be honest, today’s degrees are so watered down that everyone passes and the graduate level is equivalent to a HS diploma. Many know only their specialized areas and nothing about global politics, geography, history or (AND ESPECIALLY CIVICS!). Just like they dumbed down the high schools so everyone graduates with false self importance and cannot find gainful employment because they choose career paths with no future.

  11. Didn’t mean to knock education but one of the greatest presidents we had in the 20th century was Harry Truman. Not a college grad just saying.

      • Hey 13 what politician since the stone age hasn’t been slick and cunning and a political hack. But you don’t fuck your constituents in the ass on a daily basis, Beaver county one of a kind. Ido respect ur opinions.

    • Wall to wall jealousy and ignorance in Beaver County.

      “Look at all them guys and gals that knew how to run that mill….” OMG!! Are you serious????

      All the mill hunkies had to move away or go on government handouts, while we educated folks simply found new jobs.

      And….1234567890 – your comment does not rate an intelligent reply.

      • Don’t you know sarcasm when you read it? I have my college degree and worked for years in this area. How many times I would sit there and hear the self-educated rant about the job, the industry, finance, politics, science, etc. and I used to just smile and nod my head to placate them. Because that 5 minute lecture was far better to endure than engaging in a 30 minute debate with some jackass and I had too much work to do to waste on that.

        Consider this, if the college diploma is watered down and not worth much, what do you think that high school diploma qualifies you to do? Passing gym class and hosting a spaghetti dinner for your senior project doesn’t make you management material.

  12. Josh Kail is Christiana’s pick as his successor. That in and of itself is enough to vote against Kail. Besides stacking the deck with his friends and family, what has Christiana done? I read his list of ‘accomplishments’ in the BCT endorsement and for 10 years at $80K+ in salary as a State Rep, I feel pretty ripped off.
    $800,000+, just in salary, over $1M all in with benefits and perks (that we know about), and we got a website where you can look up how much the state spends. What we all really want to see is a website that shows campaign contributions. That’s not going to happen because then Jimbo would have to explain what the CEO of Friendship Ridge was buying with that contribution. But I guess his boy Camp helped to clean that one up for him when he settled the law suit.

    Dems, please write in Mitko. Repubs, please write in Egley. Tell these fuckers that Beaver County is not theirs to use as they please.

    • A vote for Sandie Egely would be a wasted vote. A vote, no different than the votes for Harambe in the recent presidential election. Disgruntled, I absolutely agree with your sentiments, but do not waste your vote.

      • So…what’s the alternative? There is no one else on the ballot besides Kail. We should vote for him just for that reason? No thanks, I’ll write in.

    • DISGRUNT, May I suggest you REREAD your above comment. Your math is very fuzzy and incorrect.

      $80K+ in salary as a State Rep. Would be 80 thousand plus. Which is, JC’s UNDESERVED estimated actual salary. Nowhere near your ONE MILLION with benefits and perks.

      $800,000+ in salary, is Eight Hundred Thousand.

    • Egley can’t handle the position she has now. Do you want to bump her up to a higher position?

      THAT is the Beaver County logic that makes us who we are….

  13. I know this doesn’t pertain to this article. I read this in the BCT this morning and couldn’t help myself. This is about “chickens” of all things. This is part of what Madgar says concerning chickens in Beaver.

    But chickens come with some drawbacks, Madgar said, hence the restrictions.
    “The thing is, the smell,” Madgar said. “They aren’t the cleanest things going.”

    To that I must respond…You Madgar also smell and aren’t the cleanest thing going on either. And with that, I recommend that Beaver hire a chicken to act as Chief of Police.



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