Nikki Ray-Hill's truck following accident / provided by a source who wishes to remain unnamed

Nicki Ray-Hill's truck following accident

A Beaver County 911 Dispatcher has been suspended from her job, following a Memorial Day wreck in Freedom. Law Enforcement sources say Nicki Ray-Hill was the driver of a truck involved in the one-vehicle accident that occurred on the 500 block of 9th Street in Freedom, shortly after 11:00pm Monday night.

Beaver County Human Relations Director Rick Darbut said Ray-Hill is a part-time dispatcher for the county, and has been “suspended pending an investigation.”

Ray-Hill was transported by ambulance from the scene, her current condition was not available.

A source provided the Beaver Countian with the above photograph showing Ray-Hill’s truck in an impound lot following the crash. A mangled “Thin Blue Line” law enforcement plate is visible on the front of the vehicle. Ray-Hill was formerly an officer with the White Township Police Department.

A search of public court dockets show no charges have been filed against Nicki Ray-Hill. Law enforcement sources say the accident is still under investigation. Calls to Freedom Police Chief Eugene St. Clair were not returned as of the time of this report.


  1. If she’s not at work, how do u get suspended for crashing your car? Also, nice to see her co-workers sharing these pictures after posting them on Facebook!

  2. Help me understand why this is news beyond her wrecking her car? Sounds like you’re insinuating something more is going on here than what you have written…

  3. Justice for all: seems like you know a lot about county suspensions, why right is wrong and wrong is right in your eyes! Quit covering up and protecting. This is not helping the person who really needs help one damned bit, and could have killed somebody. Accountability is thrown out the window in 2012.

  4. If this was not job related… do you get suspended from your job? Had nothing to do with that. So if anyone has an accident….. you lose your job? When did this go into law?

  5. This article came across my facebook page and is sort of annoying. What type of website is this that is not associated with any real news source? Also the same guy, John Paul, is the only author I can find posting articles on this site. Since when does he know the law and that people are “suspended” from their job. Maybe he should get a real job and get his facts all in order before posting articles like this.

    FYI… Maybe you should learn how to spell people’s names before you post them. How are you supposed to believe an article like this whenever they can’t even spell the person’s name right. Not really a reliable source is it?

  6. Thanks for the tip about the possible incorrect spelling of the woman’s name. I will double check it tomorrow, and if it is inaccurate, will update the story accordingly.

    As for your comments about the suspension. If you re-read the article, you’ll see the information about her suspension came directly from Beaver County Human Relations Director Rick Darbut.

    Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian.

  7. Note: This article originally listed Ray-Hill’s first name as “Nikki.” The correct spelling is “Nicki.”

    The article has been corrected, and the Beaver Countian regrets the error.

  8. Most jobs in public safety are subject to policies that define acceptable employee conduct both in and out of the workplace, and allow for an employee subject to criminal investigation, or arrested for an offense, to be placed on “administrative leave” (a nice way of saying ‘suspended’) pending the outcome of any investigation or adjudication of any charges filed.

    This brings up another big question not answered in this story; whether the employee is “suspended” with pay or without.



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