The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board filed a new round of formal charges against Ambridge Magisterial District Judge Andrew M. Hladio with the Court of Judicial Discipline today, alleging the judge has been retaliating against witnesses from a previous complaint.

The new charges against Hladio come in addition to an earlier misconduct complaint filed by the Board in December 2016, which is still making its way through the court.

According to documents filed with the Court of Judicial Discipline today, Hladio wrote to the Inspector General of Pennsylvania and the Auditor General, complaining about the work performance of the female court clerks and court administrative staff who had previously filed complaints against him.

District Judge Hladio similarly began the process of filing a complaint against the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and signed a Charge of Discrimination with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Hladio alleged that he was being harassed by female court personnel, and alleged that court staff had made false allegations against him to the Judicial Conduct Board. The women named in Hladio’s federal complaints had appeared as witnesses before the Judicial Conduct Board during a suspension hearing for the judge.

The Board alleges that Hladio’s harassment against witnesses continued, “On July 25, 2017 and September 5, 2017, Judge Hladio sent complaints via email to Deputy District Court Administrator William Hare and President Judge Richard Mancini which contained false, intemperate, irrelevant statements about individuals who were referenced in the Board Complaint […] or were known to have cooperated with the Board’s investigation.”

Along with allegations of witness retaliation, the Board alleges that District Judge Hladio engaged in improper conduct when dealing with several constables. The complaint also alleges Hladio acted improperly toward a newly hired female Assistant District Attorney.

Among the rules of conduct alleged to have been violated by District Judge Hladio include: Retaliation, Demeanor and Communication, Public Confidence in the Judiciary — Impropriety, and Bias, Prejudice and Harassment.

District Judge Hladio is still awaiting trial on the first charges brought against him by the Judicial Conduct Board in December 2016, alleging he repeatedly made inappropriate advances towards clerks in the court system, and continued those unwanted advances even after being rebuffed by the women and reprimanded by court administrators and higher ranking judges. The Board also alleged Judge Hladio exhibited improper demeanor toward a Central Court clerk, lawyers, litigants, and police officers, and repeatedly failed to uphold and properly apply the law.

Based on the prior complaint, the Court of Judicial Discipline had issued an interim suspension of District Judge Hladio from the bench in February of this year, issued an order in May extending the suspension, but then in June issued another order allowing him to return to the bench. The court provided no public rationale for his reinstatement pending trial.

The Judicial Conduct Board is now asking the court to again issue an emergency order suspending him from the bench based on the newly filed allegations of misconduct that occurred following his previous interim suspension.

Judge Hladio could now face a public trial before the Court of Judicial Discipline if he chooses to defend against all of the allegations. If the Court then determines the allegations against him have been proven by clear and convincing evidence, a Sanctions Hearing would then be held to determine what discipline should be imposed, which could include his removal from office.

The Judicial Conduct Board’s newly filed 32-page complaint against District Judge Andrew Hladio can be read in full here. The Board’s prior 51-page complaint from December 2016 can be found here.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. It’s pretty difficult to get rid of a Judge before his term is up no matter what. Nobody gives a flying hoot about Hladio anyway. He’s just another half-nut job passing through the sands of time. Anyway, I thought William Hare was an undertaker in Ambridge. Next story please.

  2. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. If these accusations are true, this guy is a type of predator like Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. I know he is disabled but he needs his butt kicked up around his shoulders.

    • They should make a casting call to the courthouse when they make the next Pink Panther movie. That’s all they are good for.

    • He tried to grope me the last time I was in Hollywood. I sad NO WAY. I have to go down to the Piggly Wiggly and buy some groceries.

  3. All you aging county thieves better take your riches and get over to the Beaver Cemetery and build your fortresses now. They are running out of space fast.

  4. The Court of Judicial Discipline hasn’t done anything in Beaver County for a hundred fucking years. The best thing they can do now is keep Hladio away from Javens or we will be reading about them fighting over boxes of fucking Depends.

  5. I’ll bet the Treasurers office stinks from those piss soaked Depends being tossed in the waste baskets.

  6. This guy’s offensive behavior has been witnessed by a large number of credible people for a long enough period of time to verify his unfitness for office, regardless of those who cry Fake News. So, he’s either dumb as a rock and doesn’t realize it, or he just doesn’t give a good shit and thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas and everybody owes him.

    As far as th…. oh, wait a minute…. Sorry, I thought this article was about someone else.

    • WiseOwl – idiot that you are. Somehow you forgot about your President, not mine – #45. All of the comments about Weinstein are laughable when you consider that the master groper and pussy grabber is the narcissist that occupies the White House. As for Hladio, no one gives a rats ass about his pathetic existence.

  7. I get the concept that our common pleas court in Beaver County is backed up to the point that a simple case takes a year or more to get to a trial. But, this isn’t the local court; it’s the court of judicial discipline. Is THAT court backed up with hearings for other judges accused of misconduct to the point that it takes a year or more for them to get around to having a hearing for this judge?

    I’d really like to know why it takes this long? This isn’t your run of the mill former deputy breaking into a house; rather, it’s a friggin judge being accused of not being fit to sit on the bench. Does this mean that if Judge Mancini decided to start sentencing every individual who comes before him to life in prison just because he has an axe to grind with them it’s going to take well over a year for the “system” to have him removed for sentencing public intoxication defendents to life without parole? Are those defendents just supposed to serve indefinite time in jail until the “system” gets their sentences straightened out?

    What a cluster fk.

  8. Welcome to the court system that the libtards have created. Enjoy. You got exactly what you voted for.
    Anybody up for a game of B-I-N-G-O!

  9. Magistrates in Beaver County are a joke in general. They should be required to have law degrees and once voted in, work in a different district to avoid conflict with their potential future voters. Hell, there’s one that’s not even “allegedly” a high school graduate

    • What you are proposing would take an amendment to the Pa. Constitution. Candidates for Magisterial District Judge must live in the district in which they preside. Only Common Pleas judges can live anywhere in the county. You advocate that they should law degrees, which I can understand why you would say that. The one in Ambridge does have a law degree, so that doesn’t guarantee anything.

      • Don’t you think that magistrates consider future votes if the defendants are in their district? They get elected for that second term and get that pretty pension which apparently to them seems more important than justice. I do agree that Hladio’s law degree isn’t a prime example, but you don’t go from being the every day Joe, literally, and become vastly knowledgeable of the law. Look up dispositions of magesterial hearings and your head would explode. Repeat offenders for DUI suspension don’t receive the mandatory sentencing, fake probation is made up after a case is continued for 30 days to make sure the defendant behaved and some have been given community service, which doesn’t exist…not to mention underage drinking classes are supposed to be only offered once, not numerous times because the kid is popular or on the football team

  10. This magistrate is obviously unfit for office. No way in hell should he the power to judge anyone. Interesting note is how many Friends and Family, Inc. names popped up in reading the charges. Mancini, Bowers, etc., etc. Is there anyone in that place that isn’t related? What a whorehouse of nepotism and cronyism. The court system is as dysfunctional as the court house. What do they all have in common? Friends and Family, Inc.

    • Wiseowl – got to you, huh? Misanthropes like you are a dime a dozen in this county and on this blog. Your moniker is certainly not indicative of your IQ and certainly not an indicator of your personal growth over the years. In my drug-induced state, I can pretty much profile you and it “ain’t pretty.” Your emotional IQ is lacking as you love to “dish it out” but are quite contrary when someone opposes you. You are a closet abuser but end up kneeling in the church pews for others to see. We call people like you hypocrites and deservedly so. You are just one step away in your arrested development from being a full-fledged member of the Westboro Baptist church. Seig heil!



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