Commissioners Tony Amadio (left), Dan Camp (top right), and Sandie Egley (bottom right) / submitted photos

Commissioner Tony Amadio expressed shock and outrage following last week’s public work session after hearing about a projected multi-million dollar deficit in the county’s budget for this year. Despite Amadio’s claims he did not known about any budgetary problems before last week, and did not know where the budgetary numbers being discussed originated, emails obtained by the Beaver Countian show he had in fact been receiving regular warnings about the county’s financial situation since at least April.

Commissioner Sandie Egley and Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow broached the subject of the county’s budget during last Wednesday’s meeting, notifying the public that reductions in spending will likely be needed to bridge a projected cash-flow deficit of $2 million by year’s end.

Although Commissioner Amadio said very little during the meeting, he told the Beaver Countian in an interview after the work session that he had been unaware of any budgetary difficulties the county may be facing.

“I have no idea what [Financial Administrator Luckow] is talking about,” Amadio told the Beaver Countian at the time. “I didn’t say a whole lot today because I didn’t know where he was getting those figures from.”

Commissioner Amadio also said in the interview that the county was preparing to refinance a bond which will generate savings that Luckow and Egley have failed to mention (Amadio had voted against refinancing the bond).

After publishing its interview of Commissioner Amadio, the Beaver Countian submitted a formal Right-to-Know request to the county, seeking copies of any emails sent by Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow to the Commissioners concerning budgetary projections. The County Law Department provided copies of six emails in response to the request.

“Dear Commissioners, I performed the first cash flow projections for the (General Fund) to the end of this year to start gauging our ability to timely meet all our 2017 obligations,” wrote Luckow in an email dated April 6th that was sent to Tony Amadio and the other two Commissioners. “The projection results in a $2.7 million cash deficit. Please consider that it’s very early in the year to forecast given the number of variables that are subject to change with the passage of time and, therefore, actual events are likely to change the course of the current projection.”

Financial Administrator Luckow sent subsequent emails to each of the Commissioners on May 26th, June 30th, July 14th, July 31st, and August 22nd. Each of the emails detail projected deficits in the county’s budget and provide a list of factors that could impact the bottom line.

The emails show that Luckow had in fact noted “probable savings due to future bond refunding transaction,” but the bond has not yet been refinanced. Any savings which may occur are not certain and the amount of those savings unknown, meaning they can not be relied upon for budgetary purposes.

The emails establish that Amadio’s opposition to refinancing the bond came even as he was receiving warnings from Luckow about a deficit for the year.

Also mentioned in the projections are expenses to the General Fund which are not yet known, including “potential transfers to other county funds due to cash flow shortages” and “other contingencies.”

“As you can see, unfortunately the trend isn’t improving. I suggest we discuss strategies to address the potential shortfall,” wrote Luckow in his August 22nd projections that were emailed to Commissioners.

Commissioner Tony Amadio has been leveraging to have Ricardo Luckow ousted as Financial Administrator since he first assumed the role at the beginning of 2016. The new Republican majority Board had forced the resignation of then-Financial Administrator Vince LaValle, a long-time friend and political ally of Amadio, due in part to his role in crafting a budget containing a projected $17 million dollar deficit that had been unknown to the public — the projected deficit was first exposed by Luckow.

Despite an external audit that confirmed the massive deficits under the prior Board, and efforts made by the new Board to fill those gaps, Amadio continues to publicly insist the deficits never existed.

“To me it’s all reminiscent of the last big supposed deficit,” said Amadio last week.

Commissioner Amadio is joined in his vocal disdain for Financial Administrator Luckow by Treasurer Connie Javens, who has been an outspoken critic of Luckow for years.

Ricardo Luckow’s efforts in exposing mismanagement, improprieties, and corruption in county government have made him a repeated target of political reprisals.

Prior to becoming Financial Administrator, Luckow worked as an independent contractor for the county and was first to expose problems with the sale of Friendship Ridge. He similarly helped to uncover nearly a half million dollars in uncollected property taxes dating back decades for a politically influential family in the county — also discovering anomalies in the way some properties are assessed for tax purposes. Luckow was likewise instrumental in revealing wrongdoings in the Sheriff’s Office under George David.

All of the projections sent by Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow to the Board of Commissioners this year can be read in full here.

Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow / file photo by John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Wittle Tony strikes again, clueless as always just smile and look for the free lunch. Tell yourself and others lies enough you begin to believe them. And I think he’s believing them. Tell them what they want to hear Tony. And then say it’s not my fault point fingers smile look for the free lunch, muffin, snack.

  2. Commissioner Tony Amadio has proven once again to be an incompetent commissioner. He is suppose to be overseeing and be a responsible fiduciary for Beaver County. If he did not know, he should have known having the trusted position in the county and if he did know that is even worse of not only not performing his duties properly but also is a lier. At any rate, he is another democrat that has proven to me not only to not vote for him or Connie Javens but not for anyone in the Democratic Party as they all seem to not be doing their job properly. In a civilian job, he would be fired immediately and walked to the door with the access codes immediately changed.

  3. Short memory, Tony? Amazing how certain long-time politicians in Beaver County continue to treat the taxpayers like uneducated chattel. Decades of lies are finally catching up to these goons like Amadio.

  4. As a Beaver resident for the past 22 years, I am ashamed that I have not taken a larger interest in our local politics. I have been focused more on the state and national levels and unfortunately that is exactly what these little Grab-O-Crats thrive on. Dig a little deeper and I bet you find pay for play and pocket lining under that deficit.

    • Really, Bob? You want to focus on the “Grab-o-Crats” ? What has the “Republican Revolution’ given us in Beaver County in the last 10 years? Hmmm? We had a GOP governor for 4 of them, was Tom Corbett distinguished? We have Rip van Marshall, Farmer Vogel, Jimmy Chrissie and now Commando Bernstine down in Harrisburg, any great work from them to point to? And you got Sandie and Danny in the courthouse as the majority now and they can’t rein in the GOP sheriff any better then the two Democrats in the majority could rein in the previous sheriff. It’s one shit fest after another at the courthouse as we wait for the Cracker Plant to deliver us to the land of milk and honey. Go back to concentrating on Obama and Wolf and how the Koreans are going to attack the waffle bar in Beaver.

      • Grow up uncle wah wah it will take years to fix what the grab-o-crats have done to this county.

      • Really, how long does it take to get organized within your own position? I don’t see a lot of potential in those that I listed and you certainly can’t point to a list of progress and results.

        We sold Friendship Ridge AND we have the economic boost of this cracker project showing in the construction work in the area AND we are in worse financial shape than before they occurred.

      • Your ad hominem attacks on people not connected to the subject at hand completely negates anything you say, which is not worth anything to begin wiith.

      • But the “Grab-o-Crats” comment makes perfect sense to you? ANOTHER Beaver County loser, tired of getting screwed by the Democrats, but now comfortable and confident with the GOP that is taking their turn screwing them for awhile. When are you gonna wake up and see lousy performance from a wide range of people, not just the ones with the (D) or (R) behind their name?

        Said it before, the BC mantra”
        “____________ is a great guy/gal. They work hard and are doing a great job as ________________. ”

        Fill in the blank with whomever and just go on in your idiot bliss.

      • Rip Van Marshall? Jimmy Chrissie? You’re the only person using your shitty nicknames for local pols. All I hear from you is bitching and moaning.


      • One, two, three personal attacks. NOBODY points out any good work or results.

        Thanks for making my point.

  5. They should timely go fuck themselves! Josh Shapiro should have went inside the courthouse yesterday and arrested some real criminals, put them on a bus in hand cuffs and bus them back to Harrisburg with him.

  6. One of 3 things is going on here:
    1. Tony doesn’t read his emails….at all.
    2. Tony is too stupid to understand what was laid out in that email.
    3. Tony thinks by continuously playing the “I don’t have a clue” card, he’ll never have to really make a decision, talk about the tough stuff, or be involved in the politics he was elected to do.

    Which is of the 3 is it?

  7. So Tony is clearly a ‘yes’ for firing Luckow. Apparently Camp is a ‘no’ or Luckow would be gone already. But Camp rides the fence like no one I’ve ever seen. I hope he thinks long and hard before he switches to a ‘yes’ as a way of getting revenge on Egley for firing Weidner and Cantelmi. Those two needed to be gone because they were poor performers. The quality of work that Luckow is providing in that role is unprecedented in this county, and I don’t mean merely from the Financial Administrator role. Firing him at this point would be a disaster.

    Are you listening Commissioner Camp? A disaster.

  8. What is the difference? They are not normal citizens getting screwed over. While we have to continue looking to make cuts to pay for their bad Judgement and Ignorant increases that close businesses and forces people out of their homes. They do not look for cuts only increasing taxes. But hopefully I can find a sucker to buy my house and get while the getting is good. . The state or Federal government needs to do a Audit .To see where all of this tax money is going.

  9. All the people who voted for these two assholes (Amadio and Javens) should publicly apologize to all the residents in Beaver County.
    I believe that Janet “Cardboard Box ” Caldarelli and Gerald “Duke Iron Head” McCoy should start the apology tour beginning today at the gazebo in Beaver. These two where stanch supporters who routinely wrote letters to the editor in the BCT’s.
    Two assholes supporting two assholes.

    • “Cardboard Box” once sent her resume to me when I had a business in Beaver County and needed some help. I had been exposed to her political opinions over the years, but actually never met her personally. Her irrational thought process and comments published in local newspapers resulted in her resume being used to line the proverbial bird cage. A Cookoo bird cage no less.

    • Just like the county jail or prison.
      “Honest, I’m innocent! I was set up man! I’m innocent!”
      There is not one guilty person in the “outhouse” or in jail! Just ask them.

  10. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. As always, thank you JP for doing your job and exposing these crooked and incompetent individuals. Amadio should be ashamed to accept a paycheck because it appears that he does and knows nothing. Luckow should also be applauded for doing his job and exposing these people.

  11. Time to start laying people
    Off. Closed the ice arena, it’s a draining the county. Check those numbers out.
    Go through every office and
    And eliminate, eliminate,
    Eliminate !!!! STOP GIVING OUT RAISES. Do your job
    Commissioner’s. Lets start
    Somewhere. Time to do the
    Right thing. It’s a disgrace how you run this county.

  12. We interrupt this broadcast to announce a sudden outbreak of Alzheimer’s disease at the Beaver County Courthouse it is seriously affecting people in high positions. et al CJ, DL and now TA… It is suggested to stay clear, as the disease seems to be highly contagious… Stay tuned for the next epidemic of… I have no clue…

  13. If Commissioner Tony Amadio’s salary were based on ” pay for performance,” he would be deeply in debt. This next election, please be wise and let’s get rid of the incompetence at the courthouse.
    Mr. Luckow, I applaud you. Truthfully, I don’t know how you do it.

  14. WTF – except for Luckow, you elected the people in charge including the incompetent Amadio, who has always been incompetent. Luckow, Rossi and the Controller’s office are RESPONSIBLE for all of the county’s financial issues, PERIOD. This is all so nauseous. It has been clear for a while now that there is NO improvement in Beaver County governance and likely never will be. Why, you ask? – even though you didn’t. Lack of qualified candidates. The voters have no REAL choices, do they? Party affiliation has nothing to do with it. And when you do elect them, the decision-making is abominable. You have three basic choices relative to the issues of governance in this county – flee, fight or go with the flow. There you have it.

  15. Now now, maybe they were mistakenly routed to his spam folder instead of his inbox, I mean with all the other excuses that the commissioners use, this one seems legit.

  16. Amadio has got to go next time around. Knows nothing, sees nothing and couldn’t give two shits less. Just give me my paycheck just like they did at Central Valley and I’ll keep screwing the taxpayers and not a problem to lie about it. It’s his heritage and his lack of ethics or scruples. Maybe he was just a useful idiot for the real dirt bag Joe Spanik and Queen Connie FRIENDS AND FAMILY INC. Sgt Schultz to Colonel Spanik’s Klink/Hogan.

  17. Amadio’s apathy, failure to do his job, ineptitude & total disdain for taxpayers is obvious. Ignorant, incompetent and doesn’t really feel it necessary to tell the taxpayers who he screwed the truth once and for all. May you rot in hell. Curse upon your house from those you failed to protect. How do you walk among the public and attend church? You will surely pay for your misdeeds BEFORE you leave this earth and into eternity.



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