The following is an unofficial listing of candidates for the 2017 municipal and judicial primary elections as provided to the Beaver Countian by the Beaver County Bureau of Elections.

The listing of Democratic Primary candidates is first, followed by the listings of Republican Primary candidates.

(For best results, it is recommended these lists be viewed on a desktop computer or a tablet in landscape mode. If viewing with a smartphone, be certain to have your phone oriented in landscape mode.)

Democratic Primary Candidates

Republican Primary Candidates


  1. And here is the very reason why there will never be any real change in politics local/national…..The majority of Americans that are Obsessed with their prozac and obsessed with their lattes and obsessed with their hairdos and obsessed with their Botox …….Alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, Lottery, dancing with the stars, professional sports teams/fantasy football,etc.etc.etc Not to mention the prefabricated eternal conflict that is the whole Left vs. Right paradigm and the simple answer is ! No way will the average cloudy, jaundiced eyed cigarette smelling bumpkin take the time to read, let alone research the enormous list above to try and ascertain which candidate is best for the job, no way, no time for that!!! In fact if Mungo were a betting guy he would wager that his very own comment is too long for the average numbskull, present BC company not included. So Mungo must wrap it up now cuz its medication time and his cigarette is nearly burnt out and his margarita needs ice, and the the 250 hour dancing with the stars marathon is about to start, plus he’s almost certain he remembered last time and the time before that and the time before that that he could simply vote straight ticket just like his Pappy did and his Pappy before that!! Hey It’s like his Pappy always said…”If it ain’t broke why fix it”?

  2. I find it disgusting what the Democratic Party is doing. Instead of being Americans and moving this country forward, they are absorbed in Tabloid type stuff. I don’t like what he said, I don’t like what she said. PA’s Senate representative is not a leader or thinker, he just does what the Democratic Leadership wants him to do. The Senate and they house should get going with the peoples business and not being a bunch of little kids sitting on their hands and just saying things to get in the news. The Democrats to-date have screwed up every government they have touched. Many of you say, well he got us money. I might remind you that it is not our Congressmen money, it is the peoples money and if we can not pay for it locally, then we are stealing from somebody else. But in a lot of cases we have borrowed it to give to not just our people but other countries. How dumb can we get. We need to pay our bills (debt) and then we can do extra things. At this point I will not vote for any Democratic Candidate on a local or any other level.

    • Your comment is laughable at best. If you think for one moment that one party got us into the situation we’re in then you need your head examined. Both parties are putrid, period.
      You should have said what politicians have done is disgraceful. That would be a much more accurate statement. However it’s the cool thing to do is bash Democrats. Both are to to blame. But the biggest blame is on us, the voters. We’re the ones who keep on voting people in and have zero clue what their position is on anything. The only thing we see is if they have the correct letter by their name that we associate ourselves with (R and D).

      • Sorry Fuzz butt, but the Democrats are definitely responsible for the MAJORITY of the problems and corruption in this country. From the local dog catcher all the way up to the POTUS. And……..YOU KNOW IT!

  3. Once elected politicians do the bidding of lobbyists or they have their own agenda(s) to pursue. We, constituents are only on their radar when it is time for our so called representatives are up for reelection. I loved seeing those lively town meetings on the news when the people are yelling “you work for us.”

  4. This Braslawsce guy looks like a mini-me clone of Mike Veon. That is enough for me NOT to vote for him.

  5. Thank you JP for putting the work into creating this extensive voting guide. Although 99% doesn’t apply to ME, I am aware that SOMEWHERE in Beaver County the rest IS important to someone ELSE.

    In MY OPINION it’s far too easy for the R’s to blame the D’s for the problems of the world, likewise for the D’s to dump on the R’s. Too many politicians are beholden to those who can buy their favor behind the scenes. Politics is like the proverbial box of chocolates. “You never know what you’re gonna get”. So, it’s up to the VOTER to find out who that is.



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