Commissioner Dan Camp pleaded for the public to help him apply political pressure on the courts in a Letter to the Editor published by the Beaver County Times last week. Two judges in the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas are currently weighing a lawsuit brought by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters that could see a county-wide reassessment of properties for tax purposes. Camp would apparently like the assistance of angry mobs with pitchforks and torches to help convince the county’s judges to dismiss the case.

The last county-wide property reassessment was done by Beaver County in the 1980s; Betters’ attorneys argue that realities have changed since that time causing tax burdens to shift in inequitable ways. Every official I have spoken with anticipates Betters will prevail in his litigation. At this point, officials are more concerned about “when” a reassessment will need to occur rather than “if” one will be mandated by the courts.

Knowing reassessments will be extremely unpopular with the public, Commissioner Camp has now made the desperate decision to begin pointlessly posturing on the issue.

“I will do all within the power of the office of commissioner allows to stop this proposed $10 million ‘experiment,’ but I need your voice,” read Camp’s letter. “The Beaver County Board of Commissioners, which was duly elected by you, unanimously agrees that a reassessment at this time is not in the best interests of the county and its residents. Unfortunately, in an attempt to usurp the will of the people, a lawsuit has been filed asking the court to overrule the reason and judgment of your commissioners. I implore you to attend the hearing and, in so doing, let Judge John McBride know that shifting the tax burden on our residents is not the cure. Increasing expenses during this time of fiscal austerity is not in the best interest of Beaver County.”

Anyone who has read unedited letters written by Dan Camp is already well aware that words like “usurp” and “austerity” are not of his vernacular. Whoever Camp relied on as his ghostwriter could have better served Beaver County by educating the Commissioner on separation of powers issues rather than penning a failed attempt at Trumpesque political prose.

Beaver County’s system of justice has been seen as far too political for far too long and calls by Camp to make it more so are detrimental to the community.

We should all hope that every lawsuit or criminal case brought before our courts is decided on its merits and the rule of law rather than by popularity contest or the political will of those in power. We should also hope that someday soon those on the bench will start caring about how the courts in Beaver County are perceived and work to develop a culture that demonstrates integrity and fosters public confidence. Our elected leaders should be encouraging such a reformation, rather than attempting to take advantage of the public’s impressions of a corruptible court.

In the end, Commissioner Dan Camp’s dog whistle call went unanswered and the courtroom was empty during the reassessment hearing, save for those one would expect to be in attendance. Officials should never underestimate the apathy of Beaver Countians when deciding to make public pleas for action.

Commissioner Camp could best serve his constituents by concentrating on those things he actually has the authority and power to control, like developing a real budget that balances without shortchanging the county’s retirement fund or playing shell games with massive debt. If major changes are not made in the near future, Beaver County’s yearly budgetary deficit will be greater than the entire cost of a county-wide reassessment — maybe the county’s judges should write a Letter to the Editor about that.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Huh, considering the F*cking fact that nearby (and much more prosperous ) Butler county has not had a reassessment since 1965, the Beaver County assessment of the 1980s seems modern. Short changing the pension system ? The pension system is for a bunch of former and current government employee blood suckers that have caused this county to go broke to begin with !!! And not just with their lavish pensions. Too many politically connected government employees collecting checks and blowing taxpayer money on pet projects has always been Beaver County’s problem. Mr. Camp is just trying to save the taxpayers from the inevitable. He is the Don Quixote of Beaver County politics…. his quest is noble but futile.

    • Noble quest? Camp’s just spittin’ out words to see where they splatter. The county’s been granting reductions in taxes to anyone who asks for over 20 years to avoid a lawsuit. It’s inevitable. It’s time. Camp knows this, but he thinks that by blaming the courts, ignorant people will give him some votes. If he wanted votes, he should have held the line on taxes by cutting spending.

      Voters aren’t stupid, Dan Camp.

      • they voted javens how many times?
        voted david how many times?
        voted amadio how many times?

        im not sure a statement like voters arent stupid holds much merit

    • Butler doesn’t need to re-assess, they’ve had growth. It’s apparent you should read up on how the system works before making yourself look silly.

      • I know quite well how the system works.
        Growth comes at a price.
        Butler County’s growth has come with massive costs for infrastructure and government. It’s obvious that Butler County has handled growth much more efficiently than Beaver County has handled decline.

  2. A county wide reassessment is long overdue. Properties should be assessed at a percentage of current fair market value, like other places in the country do it. That way new properties are not being over-assessed. With the current system, any new development is discouraged. That is not what Beaver County needs!

    • Yep, the residents are deprived and forced to buy less food, participate in less social activities, use their gasoline frugally while Comp Health Care and Shell skates for free. You can thank Connie Javens for that gift. Don’t forget about 25 Sheriffs cars still being used for personal transportation everyday. I don’t think the Commissioners ever did get the mileage logs from the Sheriffs Dept. Probably are no logs.

    • Pat, I hope you live in one of the low assessed areas that get slammed with a tax increase. Then you can come back and whine about that. Another misinformed person who probably doesn’t vote in the first place

  3. Camp fucked the public every chance he could, now he wants help. The only thing I would put political pressure towards is convincing a judge to put him under anesthesia.

  4. Seems a lot of people in this pathetic county need be educated. Where does one presume the “last property assessment” was conducted in the ’80’s? Every homeowner that renovates [if they are honest], sells, or buys gets a property assessment. Property owners can also request a re-assessment if they feel the assessed value is not reasonable or simply incorrect. In most states, property values are assessed every 5-7 years. “…property taxes are based in part on the assessed value of your property. … Another reason your property tax may change is due to an increase or decrease in the millage rates. These rates are determined by the needs of the county and/or city general funds or others who receive funding from property taxes.” Fact: moved back to PA [regretfully] in ’05. Built a home – assessed. Bought land – assessed albeit incorrectly. Took eons to get the proper personnel to re-assess and it was still incorrect. The problem with assessments is that many dishonest people choose to avoid contacting the proper officials about construction of houses in the woods so as not to be seen from the road, illegal septic systems being installed, no permits obtained before construction/septic systems/driveways and/or other improvements that require inspections & approval beforehand means some people attempt to avoid paying any taxes; property or otherwise.

    • Fiction: homes are assessed when buying or selling.

      Fiction: homes are NOT assessed when buying or selling … they most likely are appraised for lending purposes but are not assessed

  5. The argument that we don’t need it because someone else hasn’t done it is rather childish but yet fitting for most of Beaver County. And of course we have to throw the vulgarity in to show how “bad” we are… I do commend Commissioner Camp for wanting to avoid adding to the tax burden of his constituents however it would appear he lacks a thorough understanding of the laws within which he must work.

    • Camp and the rest of the officials are the ones that caused the tax burden in the first place by wasting money and keeping 400 more employees than needed.

    • JohnQ -You are really an asshole. Sounds as though someone took their cow shit stained overalls to the cleaners, and they came back clean but still had a smell to them.

      • JohnQ, My point, the stink is you. This sort of comment “The Camp family is a fucking freak show gone bad,” has nothing to do with the BCountians article on property reassessment. Clean it up, and stay on point. While you sat back in fright, John Paul and Benyo cleaned things up for you. It’s time you clean up the vulgarity and help to make the BC a respected news source.

      • I wouldn’t exactly use the word “fright” but I do owe many thanks to JP and Mr. Benyo which I have expressed many times. Again, you are entitled to your own opinion.

      • Oh, one more thing. The Beaver Countian is already a respected news source. I have no further comments to you ma’am. Good day to you.

    • mr betters has a LOT of property in the County, personal and business.No doubt if his re-acessment plan goes thru, OUR property taxes will increase. but not HIS- oh no! He will have his legal team and loopholes on his side. Don’t think for a minute that he will be paying his share. He will be sitting pretty on el shaddai while we suckers pay out still more taxes. He is the Trump of our fair county…And by the way, can the county afford the MILLIONS for this re-acess?? Put that money to better use [ no pun intended ].It would probably be the same amount that that re-acessed taxes will generate.

      • Was he just posturing with threats to sue in order to get a tax break for one of his developments? No tax breaks for Betters because it wouldn’t be fair, right Mr. Camp?

      • He definitely pays his share in this county(by all means)- but he simply wants a re-assessment to have a reason to bitch about his new construction properties taxed at a high rate(per square footage) and not his neighbors paying the same as being assessed in 1980-maybe in his mind it will offset future construction cost-for his family maybe? He is no spring chicken

      • I’m not sure exactly how that works, but wouldn’t they assess new construction at the todays value without re-assessment of the entire county?

  6. It’s time we do away with property taxes all together it is a broken system that can not be fixed.people should not lose their home because they have fallen on hard times. There has to be a better way

  7. Is he smoking crack or what. When he could do some good he does nothing. Apathy is a disease in Beaver County. And its going to be terminal for the counties citizens.

    • Me thinks he been sniffing that TCE too long. His brain is burned up. He can get Martinized for $1.00 more.

  8. It’s all good until the reassessment… then y’all be complaining about how much your taxes increased. I’m good with them where they are.

  9. I don’t understand why Camp would actually speak out against something Betters wants to happen. Is he posturing to look like he cares, or burning the candle at both ends? I am embarrassed for him for his poor grammar skills.

    • Maybe it’s Camps way of saying, make me an offer Mr. Betters and I’ll keep quiet. That’s not so far fetched of an idea.

      • Could be, Johnq. I would venture to say that Dan Camp is no match for the Betters’ operation.

      • Marsha, the Camps are nothing but a bunch of big mouth, self centered carnival barkers that have been riding the name of Gordon Camp for over a half a century now. Believe me, it’s all a razzle dazzle show.They get voted in because of only one reason…name recognition. They are out for anything they can grab for themselves and have a sense of entitlement. Always been that way. Oh, the stories I could tell, times from before Dan Camp was even born.
        Anyway, I would think twice about bucking up against CJ. He doesn’t take kindly to folks that oppose him. In fact I think it would be safe to say now that next election Camp is out and CJ will install his own commissioner.

  10. Do the reassessment. And don’t be surprised when your house is appraised at 30% higher. Because of ‘The Game Changer!!!” that will somehow make your house in back of Freedom or out in Darlington worth 30% more , even though there is no plans or reasonable evidence to suggest that it should be that much more valuable. And the commissioners will talk about how they aren’t raising the millage (yet) and the moron contingent won’t notice until they get their tax bill and wonder WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? Then they can blame it on voting straight Democrat, or Obama or liberalism. HAHAHAHA Life in Be’er County!

  11. “…aware that words like “usurp” and “austerity” are not of his vernacular.”

    Conehead is woefully uneducated — a lackluster high school graduate trying to make on-the-job-training into a college degree. It doesn’t work. As with Trump, he lacks basic knowledge about how things work in government. Fortunately, unlike Trump, he doesn’t get by with daily lying. Maybe we should count our blessings. As for Betters, the small town rich kid wants to make a few extra bucks. But why scam the public with some bullshit excuse like reassessment? Pass GO, collect $200 and make it like the rest of us.

  12. Just what Beaver county needs to drive more people away. As well if they follow Allegheny Counties lead the company they hire should be held accountable for bad or excessive appraisals. They rip people off then you have to appeal when you win they do not give any rebates or reimbursement for costs or over payments. Criminals plain and simple

  13. A delicious tidbit here is that Betters hires John Havey to represent his interests. That’s right, a tax-evading ex-con who got 21 months for fund diversions. Convicted of three counts of income tax evasion for failing to pay $205,532 in federal income tax from 1993 through 1995.

    As per


    “Attorney John Havey of Aliquippa, PA; convicted felon

    The state of Pennsylvania provided John A. Havey with a law license in 1986. .

    The Disciplinary Board has found John guilty of misconduct

    John was previously convicted of three felony counts of federal tax evasion after a jury trial. The trial judge determined that amount John criminally evaded was $205,532. John was sentenced to 21-months on each felony count to be followed by three years of supervised release.

    As a consequence of his misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court punished John by gifting him with a complimentary 36-month suspension of his law license.

    Thanks to the comedians sitting on the Supreme Court, John is just another convicted felon practicing law in Pennsylvania.

    As we speak (ca. July 2012) John practices with the Law Offices of John Havey at 902 22nd Street in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. Johnny is also employed by the Beaver County Public Defender’s Office.

    Caution: John does not carry legal malpractice insurance!”

    End quote.

  14. If you want to help the public Dan Camp, you can demand that the elected officials reveal all the relatives and distant relatives that they used their position to get them employment with the county. Including all the ones hidden in the corners of county agencies that nobody ever pays attention to. What we need is elected official that have no political experience and are not pre-corrupted before they take office. Then after they are elected they can start cleaning out the juiced in weeds in the county government who have been milking us forever.

    • So, let me get this straight. We need to elect someone who isn’t politically connected.

      Oh, you mean like Sandie Egley?

      Not politically connected & needs someone to vote with.
      Why would anyone want this job? Too much corruption and too much bullshit.

      As for reassessment, the outgoing judge will be the fall guy. Just tell them when they need to take out another 10M bond and increase the county debt to about 150M that they will never pay down. It will happen, the conversation is about.. when it will happen.

  15. Maybe they will do what Trump and the GOP is doing with the income taxes. All the business property will be reassessed at a lower rate due to declining economic conditions since the last county assessment but somehow YOUR residential house that is now 30 years older is deemed much, much more valuable.

  16. Speaking of assessment, reassessment and taxes, Camp and his wife Samantha borrowed 293K for a home at 122 Shadow Creek in Center Twp it’s listed as vacant land and assessed at $900. He maybe worried about paying property tax and school tax on that 300K home. You’re running with the big dogs now Danny. Pay up! Too bad you won’t have that 70K a year salary to look forward to after this term is done.

    • Thanks for the research John Q.
      There is always a crooked end for people like Dan Camp.
      He doesn’t want to pay his fair share of taxes for his vacant lot.
      What a piece of shit.

    • I’m guessing the home is in the process of being built or maybe close to being done. Might already be done, but I’m sure paying some hefty taxes is on his mind. Guess he will have to get one of those executive positions on the PA Turnpike to pay the mortgage and taxes. The wife works for Lincoln Learning which I believe is some part of PA Cyber.

    • Guess who is the listed owner of 123 Shadow Creek….none other than Anthony and Cheryl Amadio.
      Camp and Amadio are going to be fucking neighbors. What a riot!

    • I happen to believe that the way you run your personal affairs is a good indication of how you will run public affairs from office. If I had a $300K house and I made $100K a year before taxes (looking at the entire household income), I only had job security for another two years, no college degree, and a young child, I would need all of the happy-pills I could get my hands on because that would be freakin’ terrifying to me. Living beyond his means? Yep, much like he advocates for the county.

  17. So… Camp is afraid of taking on Betters and company, to save his own assessment/reassessment, which includes Jimmy Boy and the Monacaquippa family, and he sides with Amadio to screw over his own party to spite Sandie with divided loyalties. That gets bad press, so in desperation, he calls in the cavalry of the duped ghost public, who are to take up arms and protect him. He calls it a debate, which in reality is a courtroom meeting of like tax dodging minds, gleaned from past financial shenanigans to fuck over the public. Yep, sounds about right.

  18. I think we all knew there was a pretty good chance of the reassessment taking place, when Betters started this whole thing. The problem I have is doing it just after the Taxes were raised. Correct me if I’m wrong, but now home values go up and at a higher tax rate?

    • The reassessment will basically reset the entire tax structure including the millage, so at least in theory, it won’t be double-dipping.

    • Since this was mr better’s idea to begin with…and since this re-access will cost the county Millions…here’s an idea….LET HIM FUCKEN’ PAY FOR IT !! the asshole…

  19. I don’t mind paying my taxes. I detest the reason taxes were raised and now a reassessment due to a gang of shysters mismanagement of public funds, bad real estate deals, no attempts to cut costs, no effort to trim the work force, and on and on. A ship of fools. That ship is the Titanic. The problem I have with Camp is this thing he started is nothing but a publicity stunt. It’s a snide deceptive show. Camp is a carbon copy of the other elected official. They want a generous paycheck and a title. They don’t give two shits about the people that voted him in or the taxpayers as a whole. He started this either as a pre-empted re-election tactic or he’s thinking about his own taxes going up. Probably both. Any way you cut it, he’s out after this term.

  20. I and others had hopes that Camp’s youth and fresh face would lead to something better, even though I didn’t vote for him. But what is emerging seems to be a younger version of the same old Monacaqippa gang that has dominated local politics. The split with Sandie to side with Amadio was unexplainably schizoid and self-destructive. I can only guess that some of the “gang” members would have been hurt by the budget restrictions and got to him to sell his soul with a “yes” vote. His actions defy logic and are bizarre. Of course, politicos change their colors frequently in local chameleon politics, so why should we even try to make sense of it? The “Cosa Nostra” lives by its own rules.

    • Look like neighbors look out for one another Raven. A bunch of con artists where deception is the common practice.

      • JohnQ, they congregate together like a pack of wolves. Each covering the others ass at low levels while the alpha males pillage the county. isn’t that how gangs operate???

      • John Gotti’s crew running the courthouse would treat us way better than these thieves.

  21. Dan, you better downsize that new house unless you are going to work for Chuckie or the Pike. You may end up driving a truck again. Poetic justice. Hope your future career path is better planned than what you do for this county. You are a disgrace. Siding with Lil Tony will get you drop kicked at the next election. Two faced liar. I really believe that you are more politically inept than you appear.

  22. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Just put pressure on Betters. Don’t conduct business with him or with those who do. Make it known to those people why you wont conduct business with them. The only thing that matters to him is the bottom line $$$$$.

  23. Don Corleone: [to the Heads of the Five Families] How did things ever get so far? I don’t know. It was so unfortunate, so unnecessary. Tattaglia lost a son and I lost a son. We’re quits. And if Tattaglia agrees, then I’m willing to let things go on the way they were before.

    Don Barzini: We’re all grateful to Don Corleone for calling this meeting. We all know him as a man of his word. A modest man who will always listen to reason.

    Tattaglia: Yes, Barzini, he is too modest. He had all the judges and politicians in his pocket and refused to share them.

    • In my opinion, perhaps it is time to focus less on “corruption” and deal with what many of these matters really appear to be — actions by organized crime. Few decisions, if any, are made by only one person, and few decisions affect only that one person.

  24. Beaver County as a whole, is one big RICO case study.
    Between the county government and Alighetto, the Feds investigating would have job security for years, or even decades! IMHO.

  25. I would like to know how Daniel Charles Camp and Samantha Camp can purchase a parcel of land at 122 Shadow Creek on Aug 30, 2017 for $55,000. and it’s assessed at $900. Amadio bought 123 Shadow Creek on June 12, 2015 for $40,000. and it is assessed at $7,600. I am not understanding this.

    • August 2017, is this about the time frame that Camp started turning against Egley and getting cozy with Amadio?

    • This could be an interesting story for John Paul to run with similar to the listings of county employee salaries. Primary residence purchase price, assessed value, and property tax paid.

    • oops! looks like someone at the courthouse forgot to add a Zero to that lot asessment! and by the way, anyone, what was that on the last election’s ballot about 100% of property assesment value to not be counted ,instead of the current 50% that the tax is based on?? did we get screwed by not
      “understanding this?

  26. Let’s look at Lil Jimmy Christiana??? I saw him driving around in a decked out black Mercedes…. besides he’s the next U.S. whatever he’s running for.. lol, not a chance.

  27. In an uncharacteristic move, Camp voted against increasing spending yesterday when he voted no on non-union salary increases. So is he finally getting it, or is there something else at work here?

  28. I have recently heard that the Commissioners have ended all funding to the Beaver County Humane Society.

    • Yup, they did that in the last budget. That’s a good thing in my opinion. Maybe the BCHS shouldn’t have built a costly building on the counties budget. When the money goes away they can’t afford the payment.

  29. Our supposed GQ model driving his Mercedes is fully aware he has no chance of winning in his senatorial campaign, lack of name recognition beyond Beaver County and his campaign funds (war chest) is sorely lacking in contributions. So what does he have lined up..Betters Corporation , Shell or perhaps relocating to Harrisburg as a registered lobbyist joining Veon.

  30. If we’re going to have taxes based on property value then that property needs to be periodically reassessed to be at fair market value. More often than once every 37 years. That being said, I think property tax is a bad idea because 1) there isn’t necessarily a relationship between your income and the value of your property (look at the retired people who can’t afford their property tax) and 2) if the government can confiscate your property because you didn’t pay taxes on it then you never really have private property do you? Somehow property tax escapes violating the 4th Amendment.

  31. Considering the Cracker Plant , Mr. Betters property values WILL increase . I think he never thought that through..

    • Not a problem, if he resells them, like his new Bridgewater condos. Then, he will make out like a bandit. The land was essentially given to him, and he builds at one price, sells at a higher assessed value. Yep, Chuck will likely make a few extra pennies. He can reinvest those pennies into land and units around the cracker plant to house the homeless workers and families. Same game plan?

      • I am guessing that the favorite family game after the Thanksgiving dinner was Monopoly. Put hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place before the other players, and you win the game.

      • I’m still beside myself over the way Bridgewater land was practically given to CJ. I say the entire CED board should be held accountable by kicking them off the board. Then Dan & Tony forgave Nardelli’s back taxes on his property. Just gave away 30k! Unreal.

        Our riverfront land is what separate us from others.
        If developers (other than CJ & Nardelli) would realize the opportunity, I wouldn’t drive to the point of pittsburgh to have dinner along the river. Kellys is great..but choices would be great too.

      • The land in Bridgewater was just sitting there empty since the Crane Bros. barge repair closed up about 30 years ago. But hey, now it’s more property tax for the county, right? Second, as mentioned elsewhere, Butler County has done a much better job managing growth than our leaders have done managing shrinkage. New buildings are nice but we need land banks for the county and many towns so they can buy and demolish abandoned and blighted properties. We really have too many properties, like homes, commercial properties, and churches, that we will never have the population here to fill up again.



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