Republicans continue to rely on some of the most controversial deputies in the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office in their efforts to see the election of Tony Guy, their party’s candidate for Sheriff. This time by sharing a desperate rant trashing Democratic sheriff candidate Wayne Kress, written by Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Randy Tallon.

Randy Tallon is one of Sheriff David’s most loyal deputies whose sordid history in the Sheriff’s Office has been well documented in the form of formal complaints filed by his fellow deputies, police reports detailing his unscrupulous behavior, and sworn testimony before a Statewide Investigating Grand Jury about his mistreatment of individuals in the courthouse.

Beaver County’s Human Resources Office has accumulated a folder’s worth of complaints filed against Randy Tallon with not only allegations of harassment, but alleged insinuated threats of violence and acts of retaliation aimed at deputies who cooperated with the Pennsylvania State Police, or otherwise failed to fall in step with George David’s lunacy. Tallon’s unabashed and unrelenting harassment of some of those who testified against Sheriff George David can be attested to first-hand by this reporter.

His soiree with a female courthouse employee (which was carried out in his parked patrol car) was caught on film by Beaver County Detectives and local law enforcement while they were carrying out an unrelated prostitution sting. The official police reports and photos remain on file in the County Detective Bureau.

Internal investigations by the county have repeatedly led to recommendations that Tallon be disciplined, but time and again Sheriff George David has refused to take meaningful action against his loyalist deputy, rabid as he may be.

Tony Guy has told some in George David’s chain of command they will likely keep their positions if he becomes sheriff, so it should probably come as no surprise that people like Randy Tallon are working hard to get him elected (although Tallon is expected to retire at the end of this year, he leaves behind many comrades who would be fired if Wayne Kress becomes sheriff).

What should come as a surprise is that the Republican Party — which has been so vocal about wanting to end corruption — would at the last minute forward along a falsehood laden diatribe penned by a man like Randy Tallon (who himself has been the source of so much derision) simply because it suited their political objectives.

Given that Republican sheriff candidate Tony Guy has been affiliating himself with people like former Sheriff’s Deputy Joey David and George David’s First Deputy Jay Alstadt, one can start to see how his running mates on the Republican ticket would be so quick to turn to a man like Randy Tallon to make their case for Guy’s election. But still, seeing Tallon’s name emblazoned on Republican coroner candidate David Gabauer’s campaign page did come as a shock, as it did when it appeared as a shared post on Republican recorder of deeds candidate Tim Sempfs’ page, and in feeds after being liked by Republican prothonotary candidate Pamela Flara and even Republican Party Chairman Megan Carpenter. Tony Guy himself was tagged in some of the posts.

Tallon's rant was shared on Gabauer's official campaign page
Tallon’s rant was shared on Gabauer’s official campaign page

David Gabauer not only shared Tallon’s post to his campaign page, he added a little note along with it, saying in part: “Randy Tallon hits the nail on the head. Please take a moment and read what he has to say. The facts he presents are all verifiable.”

A few minutes research by this publication debunked the entire gist of what Randy Tallon had to say, including his false statements about Wayne Kress’ time as a State Trooper and veteran. Deputy Tallon went so far as to falsely accuse one county employee who appeared in a photograph with Kress of being absent from the courthouse because he is “being investigated” — the man has in actuality been undergoing a series of serious medical procedures.

It is obvious Gabauer did not take the time to try to verify any of Randy Tallon’s “verifiable facts,” and instead became an unwitting accomplice in Tallon’s unending campaign of harassment. This is what happens when you associate yourself with George David’s loyalists.

Along with promoting Tony Guy, Deputy Sgt. Randy Tallon’s Facebook page features several rants he has written in the past defending Sheriff George David and supporting his tenure in office.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that Sheriff David has been at the helm. He has managed his fiscal responsibility with extreme expertise. With over 40 years of law enforcement experience he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. My intentions are to retire at the end of the next term. I would really like to end my career working for a man like Sheriff David. I would really appreciate all my friends in Facebook land to get out next week and vote for Sheriff George J David. Pass the word!!!!!!!!”
– Deputy Randy Tallon

As I’ve written before when commenting on the Sheriff’s Office, relationships can be thought of as a fuel that powers engines of corruption — and as we have all seen — Beaver County’s political machine gets impressive mileage to the gallon.

All it took was word to start spreading through the Republican Party that the Beaver Countian was working on an editorial about Randy Tallon’s rant that *poof* it started magically vanishing from their Facebook pages. Sometimes being a leader requires little more than simply calling people out on their bullshit and shame on Tony Guy for not doing it.

There is a reason why both the Beaver Countian and the Beaver County Times have endorsed Wayne Kress for Sheriff. He is the only candidate who has said the things that have needed to be said, who has refused the help or support of degenerates during his campaign, and who has publicly committed to doing the things that need to be done once elected.

Case in point, when reached for comment about Deputy Randy Tallon’s Facebook rant here is what Wayne Kress had to say: “I know everything there is to know about Randy Tallon and the things he has done as a deputy and the ways he has acted in uniform. This is who the Republicans want to tie themselves to? A deputy like this? Really? […] I have never spoken to the man in my life, but if I ever do speak to him I’ll only have two words to say… You’re fired.”

Wayne Kress served his country as a veteran of the United State Air Force, served his state as a Trooper in the Pennsylvania State Police, and would serve his county with integrity if elected sheriff.

The Sheriff’s Office must no longer be allowed to operate as a common gang of street thugs. It is not fair to the citizens of Beaver County and it is not fair to those professionals still in that department who have been the minority for far too long.

This all must end.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Hey Randy karma is a bitch, your twenty years of bull shit, catching up, sadly you have good family.

    Maybe you should learn to shut the hell up. But instead you will kill another campaign with your support. And looks like a few marriages also.

  2. How about sticking to news stories and keep your biased political views to yourself….Cracks me up how you act like only Republicans are corrupt….Both parties are and we the voters are the victims of their political games they play.

    • Wow! Michael, you may not have taken the time to actually do even the most basic of research so let me fill you in. JP has endorsed people from BOTH parties!

  3. Prove what you print. Show it in black and white. Your articles are getting closer to the Enquire every day. It is sad our country thrives on lies and defamation.

  4. Sad that Randy chose to bash Wayne Kress. This bashing comes from a guy who have spent all of his time doing absolutely nothing. To bash Kress for only being a “Trooper” all the while spent his entire career standing around the Beaver County Court House with his thumb planted firmly up his stupid ass. I read the Facebook Post and was disgusted with it. Randy bashing a fellow Air Force Veteran. Wow!!!!! I will not vote for Tony Guy nor any candidate who decided to buy into this dumb asses rants. Bye Randy, your legacy is set. Your a disgusting dumb ass. You deserve nothing. I hope that the gentleman you accused of being under investigation sues you for slander.

    • JP has done more to expose the corruption is this shithole of a county than any other so-called journalist in Western PA. Also, please provide some facts to back up your claims.

  5. RANDY you just never learn to shut the Fuck up….

    Tony didn’t need you in his camp, and if I find out he was apart of this I’m done with him officially. Yet another low life.

    Right wing hot head, that still lives in the high school years of being a half ass football player.

  6. I hope the voters of beaver county are grateful to JP for exposing the absolute corruption in the county government. We are finally seeing the other side of the story. The cronyism and gold-old-boy networking has gone on decades too long. They are desperate now because the light of truth is shining brightly on their rat holes.
    Please vote these people out. None of this would be tolerated anywhere else.

  7. For real I just been sitting here reading stuff from past till now, really I’m sick.

    Sorry TONY I’m out.

    Do a good job Wayne clean the place up. You did serve country , commonwealth and I’m sure you will the county ads Sheriff.

    As a proud Republican I’ve voted for Democrats before.

    David Gabauer you lost mine too, and will lose more from me in the future CAMPBELL’S FUNERAL for me.



  8. JP, you need to work your skin to leather. You have been called horrible names , yes. Please don’t let your thin skin show. Not everyone feels the way you do, this article is not investigative journalism, it shows your bias, anyone EVER involved with George David is a criminal, although it is not proven, and none of these people have been convicted of YOUR charges. I am however on your side (vote Kress), time to change and see some of these folks GONE ! Toughen up my friend, hopefully after tomorrows election you can bury this dead horse.

    • I think John Paul takes more shit then just about anyone in the county and he still keeps coming back. I think the guy has balls.

  9. What crock. Id like him to if he didnt fire me, and that should have happened on many different occasions. Lets just say that after the last incident Tallon got demoted for a week and then put back in the ranks. be in love with that guy. Attach yoursel to that group is the kiss of death. How do you team up with David after he totally embarassed that office and Beaver County. Vote Kress!!!

  10. Randy Tallon lets tell the truth! The only reason you have a job is because your wife came to Georgie’s office and begged not to fire you because she needed your health insurance because she is dying from cancer all the while your out sleeping around and pretending your such a family man!! You are a piece of monkey shit!! Oh Btw Randy YOUR GUARDED DUCT TAPE AROUND A FLIGHT DECK!! You never did special Ops like you tell people! You are a lying POS and are out of control!!! Your claiming your retiring but your not you want GUY to get in so you can suck up 4 years more pay you have not loyalty to DAVID you voted against him getting in and fast forward to present day now you call yourself LOYAL you can’t even be loyal to your own wife how can you be loyal to a man you talked shit on until you learned he brought me into that office! When I learned the truth that all of you are a bunch of thugs and criminals not to mention Liers I make my choice to seperated myself from you all and better myself! Jon joe and the rest of you corrupt POS are out tomorrow!! BLESS THIS COUNTY IF YOU ALL ALLOWE GUY INTO OFFICE!! Don’t look yourself in the mirror if you vote for him when the same corruption runs ramped in this county!! VOTE WAYNE KRESS!! At least he has a set!!

  11. Allow me to clear my throat.

    R: honey this is propaganda from the left wing.

    Wife: for real you want me to buy that.

    R: It’s lies by a queer

    Wife: okay the other times I let your sorry ass out because of amazing kids.

    R: Your right ….but this time it’s really not true, it’s liberals on the attack we should go to our BUNKER DOOMSDAY must be coming.

    Wife: maybe….. But I’ve had few fights in my life and won, let’s win this….

    I want to see INCIDENT report, videos ect. And if not true, we’ll continue this dog and pony marriage.

    R: ummm ahhh

    Wife: if not, I get half your everything mister proud servant, now let’s go to, DA office and see who all witnesses this. Maybe swing by election office too…

  12. I’m surprised Gabauer would get himself involved in an untested race. He is the only Republican other than Camp who stands a good chance of winning tomorrow. If the coroner’s office mattered that much to him, he would not have been so stupid.

  13. Randy is a bitter man who tells everyone how many days he has til he retires. In reality he has no one to be bitter with. He’s the one who was caught in his “take home” car with another woman, which just happened to be recorded by other officers. I though that brothers in blue wouldn’t talk shit like you are either. Just goes to show what the BCSO is all about. Tony Guy, you need to learn how to surround yourself with the right people.

  14. Good FUCKING RIDENCE Randy Tallon ..You were nothing but a waste of Tax payers money, all those years you did NOTHING but maybe chase woman around(desperate woman) and intimidate the rest,nasty, do nothing CREEP When I read your post on face book which was shared by stupid people who I wound definitely not vote for now I almost puked. YOU have a lot of nerve talking about anyone else. Please people he is an ass don’t listen to anything he says…




  16. The Republican Party has gone bonkers. Need proof? DONALD TRUMP is the lead candidate. That’s proof enough. And if THAT isn’t enough, the second place candidate is Ben Carson. I would say God help us all, but He is on Ben’s side. So Ben thinks.

    So, what does my first paragraph rant have to do with local politics? Like I said, the Republican Party has gone bonkers. Need proof? Having Randy Tallon as their spokesman.

    The MOST frightening thing, the SCARIEST outcome, a f*cking NIGHTMARE come true, would be if Tony Guy wins. See the photo at the top? Photoshop Tony’s picture over King George and there you have it. The King is dead, long live the King.


      • I have no argument on that point. You’re right – we don’t need another Clinton. I’m not talking apples and oranges. THIS article is about the Republican Party and the so-called “qualified” candidates they offer locally, and nationally.

  17. Can anyone say Roid rage! I seem to recall a few days ago, D.A Tony B reminded everyone at the Chief of Police meeting that there is/was evidence of a certain Deputy (Tallon) having “relations” with a lady of the night in his take
    home car!

  18. I’ve talked with randy talon. He’s a scumbag. A literal bag of shit with a beard. I can’t wait to vote for Kress tomorrow.

  19. Did we ever stop to think that these Republican candidates just have no clue as to who is a good guy and who is a bad guy at the courthouse ? Republicans have been shut out for 60 years. They may have no idea as to who some of these people really are. I know I don’t know most of these characters.

  20. Randy Tallon, “Service Before Self”, “Duty, Honor, Country”. What kind of a representative of the USAF are you? You are a fucking disgrace to every uniform you’ve worn. I know for a fact you didn’t do shit with Special Ops. Low life skirt chaser, even while wife is sick. You have no honor and no class. Karma is going to bite your ass really hard soon. You are the epitome of what’s wrong with the US military and especially Beaver County. All about you and what you can get. Fuck you and rot in hell. I was an honorably serving veteran. You are a scumbag.

  21. RANDY TALLON getting called out is beyond a gift.

    And him talking rumors of others lol, he’s spent his life bitching and blaming others for his disturb world he lives in.

    Screwed fellow LEO so many times, it’s more of a shock when he’s being normal. Which is NEVER.

    Your last 50 or so days that you count down on your phone should be fun. Scum bag…

  22. From Randy Tallon’s Facebook page: “Now…I know there are people out there that are going to wonder if there is something “in it” for me. I don’t have a horse in the race. I am retiring at year’s end before a new sheriff takes office. I have spent the last 33+ years in the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office.”

  23. WEll WEll and the worst of the bunch did not even have anyone running against her ,judy enslen should be removed at the first opportunity

  24. Is there a way to read the rant? I cannot find it on FB. Whatever it is, I know it’s a bunch of lies, but would like to read it nonetheless. Thanks!

  25. Well everyone had dirt in their closet. The democrat running for s/o slept around. The “detective” that took the so called pictures sleeps around and asks his officer to “hook him up with ladies” And how is a funeral director think he is qualified, honest. Is he going to double dip the county, he works fulltime at his job, probably 40 plus hours a week ? When is he gonna put in his time at the Coroners Office? Oh when you going to get the fat rat in the white shirt, investigate his ripping of a town for the past 15 years.



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