No big deal. Get over it. Move on. It is in your best interest to forget any of it ever happened. This was the blasé attitude conveyed through editorials by the Beaver County Times in reaction to controversies surrounding the sale of Friendship Ridge.

To this day, readers of the Beaver County Times do not know that Treasurer Connie Javens’ adult children got contracts with Friendship Ridge as the sale went through, or that Chief County Solicitor Joseph Askar went on to work as an attorney for Friendship Ridge’s new owners to collect money for healthcare services provided — but for unknown reasons never billed — while the facility was county owned. They do not know about the special severance packages given to select employees like Midland Mayor Angela Adkins or political hack Sam Rosatone. The Times’ readers do not know that after preventing the Pennsylvania State Police from investigating the sale of Friendship Ridge, District Attorney David Lozier closed the case without having his detectives conduct full interviews of the people who had expressed certain concerns.

It is all so very confusing. No one really knows the answers. Maybe everything is not so bad after all. This has been the attitude conveyed by the Beaver County Times in editorials about the County’s finances.

To this day, readers of the Beaver County Times still do not know that Tony Amadio’s administration “paid off” a multi-million dollar Tax Anticipation Note at the end of its final year by writing bad checks which would have bounced if immediately cashed by the bank, that an additional loan was subsequently used to prevent those checks from bouncing, or that this was done to transfer budgetary deficits from one year to the next in violation of norms. They do not know that numbers in the following year’s budget had been manipulated to falsely make it appear balanced.

There are published audits performed by independent certified accountants, reports issued by state-funded studies, and statements released by a credit agency each time it downgraded the county’s rating. The county’s financial problems, the steps taken to mitigate them, the dynamic results of those actions, and the serious financial challenges remaining, are crystal clear to anyone educated enough to understand what they are looking at or intelligent enough to ask the appropriate questions.

Much of the “confusion” about the county’s finances has been the result of the Beaver County Times’ own “reporting” on the subject.

It is almost too embarrassing to even mention how the Beaver County Times hired attorney Bernie Rabik as a columnist after County Commissioners fired him as Solicitor when it was discovered he had been using his public office to conduct business for his private practice. Maybe someone should “Ask Attorney Bernie” the ethics of editorializing about the very same ongoing cases he was representing the county on while serving as its top lawyer.

Noticing a pattern yet? There are hundreds of other examples.

In most communities, newspapers would tar and feather any public servant exhibiting apparent incompetence, nepotism or cronyism, inside dealings or conflicts, or other abuses of public trust. Yet for the Beaver County Times, far too many demonstrable truths are regularly deemed too trivial or irrelevant to even share with the public — the kindest interpretation of their failure to report on such things. Other fair observers may take a far harsher view, that the Beaver County Times tells lies of omission to forward false but protective narratives to shield some of those in power.

It is not just with the sale of Friendship Ridge, the county’s finances, or for officials in county government that the Beaver County Times tells fables. The newspaper’s flowery coverage of other municipal leaders who have openly engaged in all manner of bumfuckery has been of grave disservice to the communities they purport to serve.

The recent raid of the Aliquippa City Building by the Pennsylvania State Police must have stunned those who read only the Beaver County Times, given the high praises the paper has been showering on the city’s leadership for years. No matter how much of reality the Beaver County Times chooses to ignore, no matter how many propaganda laden articles it decides to publish, Dwan Walker is never going to become the Beaver County Barack Obama.

The difficult reality is that Beaver County is home to a disturbing clusterfuck of institutionalized incompetence and organized corruption that will not easily be untangled, yet can not be ignored nor wished away. Problems must be identified to be solved. Although the Beaver County Times is very good at writing about student gladiators and at cataloging our dead, the fourth estate is also meant to be the public’s watchdog. It is in this most vital of roles the newspaper has failed in the most egregious of ways imaginable.

For the foreseeable future, readers of the Beaver County Times should hesitate in trusting any of the paper’s reporting involving anyone not wearing a sports jersey or laying in a casket. Their opinions on matters of local government should most certainly not be valued.

Recent articles and editorials by the Beaver County Times show the newspaper of record is now openly embracing what it quietly became long ago — a harem of sycophants eager to publicly perform explicit acts of metaphorical fellatio on anyone in power willing to unzip.

History will judge them harshly for it.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. The Beaver County Times is our local version of what CNN is on the national level. Just another corrupt extension of the Democrat party willing to look the other way at Democrat wrong doing or simply create FAKE NEWS out of thin air.

    • So tired of people screaming “FAKE NEWS” about any source except Fox News and Breitbart. Any news that disagrees with the NRA and the corrupt Republican party is somehow considered fake. When Trump promised to only hire the best people wasn’t that fake? Why do you think so many have quit or been fired if they are “the best”? Have you checked the value of your IRA lately? Trump gives 2 speeches and the stock market loses all the gains made under his administration. I guess you think that is FAKE NEWS too?

  2. Bravo! I think a sister company of Shell bought the times, when it changed hands last year. They just can’t print enough praise about that lot! Worse, they never print anything negative about the environmental problems going on, caused or to be caused by the natural gas industry. Awesome editorial!

  3. Very good article! Right on point!
    Only problem with it is that the “people” that need to see it won’t see it…..and that is the shame of it……..
    Carry on JP. And may God, or the flying spaghetti monster (that’s for you Raven) watch over you.
    God Speed.

  4. Every resident of Beaver County that has a moral center that they live by. Is stabbed in the back By the Beaver County Times. They are complicit to the abuse and ultimately the destruction of Beaver County. And I am not being dramatic there is not going to be anything left. Something drastic and immediate needs to be done.

  5. “Dwan Walker is never going to become the Beaver County Barack Obama.”

    Now THAT”S FUNNY!!!!!

  6. You also have to lump in Mark Peterson and his crew of AM radio hacks into feeding the corrupt democratic machine that has held this county back for decades! The current iteration of the Times is an insult to anyone with an education above the 2nd grade. It is full of fake news, numerous typos in every edition, editorial failures and garbage journalism by unqualified reporters. All 2 of them. Unfortunately we have an older population that this has been their primary source of local news for most of their lives and do not understand that any form of journalistic integrity has long since left this piece of shit rag. They still buy into what they are selling which is why the corruption machine has been able continue for generations. Why these two entities choose to hook their wagons up to help corruption instead of expose it is mind boggling and goes against any semblance of what the populace should expect from any qualified local news source. It doesn’t make any sense unless there are some form of financial gains or quid pro quo benefits

  7. In my opinion The Deplorable Queen soon will be wrotten in hell and karma will take it’s action at 82 . The muppet show will be will hopefully be accountable for there actions. The d.a. will be done he knows it deep down . How did that studdering fool pass law school dumb as a rock!!! Sounds like Elmer Fudd a true joke. He insults the state police and try’s to throw his weight around. Finally, why are we paying $5.00 per registration on boats, vehicles, trailers, & etc. it says beaver county. It’s because, the county lost the money and they are covering it this way to say they aren’t broke…. When registering your vehicle you will see it slipped in there!!!!! Unreal crooks in suits!!!!!! Vote them out!

  8. And the Times wonders why their circulation has declined. People know they have been dishonest.

    • I’m guessing their circulation declined because they raised the price of that rag they call a newspaper!!! My 80 year old mother had her subscription raised from 52.00 a month to 69.00 a month. I am ready to cancel my subscription as well, it’s a RAG!!!!

  9. One of the best decisions I’ve made was canceling that liberal rag subscription. The political bias was overwhelmingly obvious.

  10. They’re the only periodical in town for municipalities to post legal advertisements…slanted reporting kickback.

  11. I can’t believe people still read, let alone pay for, that worthless rag. 5 pages of not-so-newsworthy-news, and 40 pages of ads at its thickest. I use my neighbors BC Times to line my bird and rabbit cages, so it is of some use, I guess.

  12. If you want to cancel the BCT, you will find that it is not easy. There is no dedicated number or selection on the answering phone number menu for “Cancelling.” It must be done with some kind of human contact. Apparently, that is by design. Not since Brer Rabbit punched the Tar Baby and got stuck has there been a relationship harder to break off. No, when you started dating this bitch, her only intent was to get pregnant and drag you back to her trailer for the long haul, drink beer, smoke cigarettes and collect welfare checks.

  13. Cancelled my subscription years ago. They cut and paste from liberal piece of shit rags like Huff Post, Wash Post, NY Times and any other doddering fools willing to belittle & attack middle class Americans with their ancient views. GREAT PIECE JP! I share your frustration with the lack of accountability at the BC rag. Again, DO NOT call anyone that works there a journalist. They and WBVP are the official mouthpiece of the Old Guard Democrats who refuse to listen to their constituents. People of this valley DO NOT share the views of the radical left. It is middle class America, what’s left of it. Dead people, groveling sports junkies and Toady Tady’s crap on entertainment are not credible reporting. I give the times about 6 more months before it goes teats up. TIME TO BOYCOTT THE TIMES and any of their so called advertisers. They fund this piece of shit rag and also the county props them up with taxpayer dollars. JP, if you are looking for donations for billboards let me know, I’m all in to destroy the rag Times. They have hoodwinked the taxpayers of this county and aided and abetted corruption, cronyism and fake bullshit news. Pravda looks better than the times. May they all burn in hell for deluding the public.

  14. This is the problem with monopolies. When there is no competition, there is no extinction pressure. There needs to be a move away from printed notifications in newspapers for required public notices. I think a call to my elected state representatives is in order. It has to start somewhere. Simply not subscribing to this rag is only a half measure. We need to be an active part of dismantling their revenue streams so that the paper itself slips silently off into extinction. Let your elected officials know that you don’t want to be held hostage by an archaic media.

  15. The only thing that is keeping the BCT afloat are car dealerships taking out full page ads. Big waste of money because there aren’t that many subscribers to see the ads.

  16. I am surprise the Beaver county Times is still in business. One of the last papers I seen in a diner was about 6 pages and cost a buck.And their online prices are a joke.

  17. Call your representatives. Tell them that The Newspaper Advertising Act (45 Pa. C.S.A. §301) needs to be modernized to specifically allow Internet Advertising. As it stands, public notices ‘must’ be in a printed newspaper. In this day and age, no one is going to start a printed newspaper to compete with the BCT, it’s cost prohibitive. But internet advertising, if made legal, is a viable alternative and would be the proverbial stake in the heart of the BCT.

  18. I read their editorial, “Our View: The sky is falling – or not” and could not believe what I was seeing. It could be a piece on The Onion. A direct quote from the article,

    “So how did the county go from… a possible $2 million deficit in August to a nearly $5 million surplus by year’s end? No one’s quite sure yet.”

    No one’s quite sure??? WTF! Anyone who can read above a 4yo level and actually cares about the truth knows that the surplus was caused by bond reissue in Oct. This is a one time, temporary fix. Not a long term solution.

    This county’s finances are a disaster, and will be a disaster for years to come. And the Times doesn’t seem to know anything about it. They are either ignorant or they are liars. The choice is theirs.

    • It’s ironic that the slow death of the printed newspaper industry has actually enabled the BCT to behave however it likes. They are the mouthpiece for whatever they decide because they are insulated from competition.

      I don’t know the finances of the BCT, but I have to think that mandated legal notice publication is at the top of the list of their revenue streams. Indirectly, advertisers understand that legal notices have to be printed in the paper, so there is at least a baseline readership that will see their ads. Change the law around public notice and the house of cards collapses. Until then, the BCT will continue to spread lies with impunity.

    • The conspiracy theorist in me sees the BCT position as the only game in town as an easy target for manipulating messages. Does the BCT staff really believe what they are printing or are there incentives for printing what they print? I don’t know how broad of a span the corruption probe has or if there is precedent for investigating media outlets for corruption. But someone needs to follow the money.

    • Maybe all the thieves gave back the money when they heard about Grand Jury indictments may come out.

  19. I checked the on-line version of the BCT all of last weekend and still haven’t seen any mention of the State Police raid of the Aliquippa city building. It’s as if it didn’t happen.

  20. Times advertising dept is a joke, the prices unrealistic. However, people still read that rag, probably just for sports and obits. Competition is an issue, but we all know that newspapers are not profitable, even in large markets. So were do business owners turn to advertise? That’s right, that shit rag! Even though they may hate to support it, that’s the dilemma they face.

  21. When the “Beaver County Times” is generally referred to, perhaps one should recognize that the paper was sold in June 2017, along with the companion Ellwood City Ledger, from the Calkins Media family to Gate House Media, overseen by New Media Investment Group, a conglomerate buying up family-owned newspaper businesses across the United States. No longer is it a small, family-owned business. No longer is it something that rattles family members interested in their historic reputations.

    Lisa Micco and her gang are not the newspaper. They would not even show up as a blip on the larger corporate radar. But as insignificant as they are in corporate ranks, they are still IN CHARGE of the local rag. Lisa Micco, as Executive Editor, and Kristen Doerschner, as Managing Editor, play the fiddles, and Tom Bickert accompanies on drums with editorials. The rest of the 30 or so staff members play second fiddle and hum along, cranking out the tunes they are told to play.

    So, if one wants to put a face on the paper, those are the ugly visages to address. One would only wonder how the new corporate owners at Gate House Media perceive the goings on. That’s the real worry. If they bought it to publish a local high school newspaper, and don’t give a shit about politics, that is what they got, and for them, money is the bottom line. Get in line for your tickets.

    So, as reprehensible as they are, it could just be what was planned, bought and paid for. Playing up to the local high school jocks, advertising weekend gigs for the teenyboppers, having fluff news about back yard gardens, ditsy homespun idiocy from a grumbler, eyewitness accounts from the Civil War, and enabling local politicians to do what they damn well please. Yep, that about sums it up.

  22. Let’s be brutally honest. The Times is a COMMERCIAL newspaper that has to weigh it’s reporting and editorial content with how it affects advertisers in a small community and in competition with other advertising options. They can’t afford, literally , to alienate segments of the community, so they play it safe on local news. That’s not only business, that’s survival for an outlet like the Times, or WBVP or even KDKA and WPXI, WTAE , The Pittsburgh Press, if you follow those.

    THIS site has it’s favorites and it’s off-limits people also. Sandie Egley, Gerald Benyo, Wayne Kress to name some. And it has it’s personal axe to grind with others, such as the ongoing stream of stories regarding the James Cicco. There is editorial bias here, also and it plays to a limited audience. Right?

    All these entities have their niche and have a role that may or may not interest you as a consumer of media. The Times have their feel good stories, obits, local calendar , etc. WBVP has their local sports ,oldies, etc. and this site has their one or two stories a week about some “Insider” news in the county. Each one is interesting in it’s own way and if one outlet disappears, the others won’t fill their void, will they?

    That is how journalism works in this county. Idealistically, there are failings; realistically it is what it can be.

    • I would agree with you completely if the BCT didn’t have the distinct competitive advantage over all of the other platforms you mentioned because they are the sole approved public notice outlet in Beaver County. All legal notices are required to go to them, meaning they receive an assured amount of cash flow that the other free market outlets do not. They are subsidized, in effect, by taxpayers. That makes their political slant all the harder to take. How many thousands of subscriptions and square inches of advertising equates to the money spent by the county and municipalities to publish their mandated notices every year? It’s not a level playing field.

      • Well, where are you going to see these notices? Are the schools, the 100 different boroughs and municipalities, the county offices that organized and efficient to set up their own system? Are the taxpayers willing to put up their “hard earned money!” to hire people within these entities to develop and maintain these notification systems on their websites and get the info out to the residents, citizens, etc. IS the county going to put out an independent newsletter for public notices? Are the county officials that competent to sit down and change the system to allow and facilitate this? This stuff is in the paper because no one in these groups has taken the time to invest and develop an alternative system. Don’t hold your breath.

      • No, all of this is in the newspaper and nowhere else because that’s the law. The law needs to be changed first. I believe in a free market. If there is a buck to be made, someone will figure out a way to make it. But until this is an open market, you have the monopoly we have today.

      • Disgruntled: The law needs to be changed first.

        Me: Are the county officials that competent to sit down and change the system to allow and facilitate this?

        That’s what I’m saying. Is this a Harrisburg requirement or is it a local policy? It’s not a Times policy that they can enforce. Frankly, I don’t see anyone getting off their ass in Harrisburg OR in Beaver to make a change to that law, do you? And on we go.

      • It’s a state law that public notices have to appear ONLY in approved newspaper(s). It’s a law from 1976. The Newspaper Advertising Act (45 Pa. C.S.A. §301). That’s why I said above that people need to call their Reps. Because there is no alternative, the BCT has a monopoly. Because they have a monopoly, they can say or do anything they want.

    • You have some very good points, Uncle Wah Wah. But I don’t have your compassion for a news outlet like the paper. Newspapers in a small town have an obligation, in my opinion, to the public, especially if they are a monopoly. Understating information or slanting it through omission or lack of coverage misleads people into believing in an alternate reality that does not exist. If they can’t assume that role, they should get out of the business and leave it to someone else.

      • Raven , EVERY paper, every network, every individual in a group or organization spins the facts, controls the emphasis and wants to direct the narrative to suit their views or agendas. You will ALWAYS see that.
        I have seen stories on here and the comments that follow that express just as much a personal bias and pursuit of agendas as you will see in any other media outlet. It’s a matter of where you stand on an issue as to whether this is good, bad, an omission, etc. Then the issues get out in the general public and people are shocked that they aren’t resolved in the way that they feel they should.
        If you leave it to someone else, the same issues will develop in short order. That’s why I want to see and hear as much as I can and I’ll figure it out as to what is value and what is not.

  23. Yo folks of Beaver County..just to get started for an obituary starting costs $150.00. 10s of thousands of Beaver Countians locally and out of state have had to pay if you want an obit written.
    Just about everyone subscribed to the paper for yrs and yrs. Customers watched the price go up..still remainng buyers.
    The Times has been ripping people off with the price of their obits. Tisk tisk tisk.

  24. That ending…holy cow! 👏👏👏 the only thing worth doing with the Beaver County Times, is waddind it up to start a fire with. Pure rubbish!

  25. At the risk of being called an internet troll, one can visit the Facebook, and similar, pages of the BCTimes crew and related people, such as Tom Bickert, Lisa Fitzgerald Micco, Kristen Doerschner, former editor Shane Fitzgerald, and others. You will quickly discover that there is NO WAY that these people are going to upset ANYONE’S apple cart. They are FUSED into social events, sports, entertainment, organizations, political events and friends, friendships, families and other connections that would be immediately compromised by exposing the seemlier sides of them. These people are team players with those that they would reveal as anything but saintly. It’s a social thing, a cultural thing, a relationship thing, a small town thing that would be the equivalent of Sheriff Andy arresting Aunt Bee and shaming her in a pillory outside his jail. It ain’t gonna happen, because it can’t happen. These people are the absolute essence of the Mayberry status quo.

  26. The Times Editorial Board — whoever the hell they are, but not hard to guess — published an editorial on March 4 that continued the befuddlement of the county budget. Maybe they were trying to get Tom Davidson out of hot water. But the final statement reveals the brain trust of that disingenuous rag:

    “Last year, we were warned about deficits and shortfalls, but the county closed the year with a surplus. It makes one wonder if anyone really has a handle on the budget.”

    Ahhh, yeh. But it ain’t you.

    Maybe invite John Paul to one of your meetings, so that he can set you straight.

    • That’s right. When you don’t know something, or know something that compromises a friend, make a long bullshitting explanatory comment to make it seem that you understand but just don’t get it. Blame it on someone else, or some unknowable complex information that can’t be understood. Then, throw up your arms in a phony air of disbelief, and blame it on the anonymous they. Doesn’t work.

  27. Corruption! Gee Chip Koshar who mingles w all those running for office- the Republican party… attending every event. An “educated man mess”! THIS GUY SELLS ILLEGAL FIREWORKS OUT OF HIS VAN! M80’s and then some! BCT prints “do gooder” stories about him. His wife belongs to the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce. WHY IS HE ABOVE THE LAW? He won’t be when a child or adult gets their hand blown off! WHY IS HE PROTECTED?

    Good work JP!

  28. JP, when you gonna tell exactly who is the prostitute and who is the john in this government/newspaper relationship? I mean, if there’s an “eagerness to publicly perform explicit acts of metaphorical fellatio on anyone in power willing to unzip” (and we all know that hoes don’t f/suck for free), then show us the money!! Who’s paying, who’s getting paid, was it good, and just how much did it cost? Couldn’t find any details on Seriously though, good vent. Keep it up.



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