As 2017 comes to a close it’s time to reflect back over the past year. Here’s a look at just some of the work done by the Beaver Countian in 2017.

Defending Free Speech And Fighting For Transparency

While the primary mission of the Beaver Countian is to inform, we sometimes take more of an advocacy role on behalf of the public when it comes to defending free speech rights and seeking transparency in government.

We saw a major victory this year when the Beaver Countian assembled a team of attorneys and went to court to protect the anonymity of multiple commenters who were being sued for defamation by Treasurer Connie Javens. As a result of our legal efforts, Judge John Bozza ruled for the first time in Pennsylvania that new media reporters like the Beaver Countian’s John Paul are covered by our state’s Journalist Shield Law, and that anonymous commenters who publicly leave tips on news websites may be considered journalistic sources whose identities can be protected by a reporter.

VICTORY! Judge Blocks Treasurer Connie Javens’ Attempt To Unmask Anonymous Beaver Countian Commenters

“Here the record establishes that at this stage of the proceedings the persons posting comments as ‘John Q Taxpayer’ and ‘the big digger’ were both sources of information provided to [John Paul] concerning his investigative reporting of Ms. Javens. [Treasurer Connie Javens and Renee Javens Zuk] have argued that the comments of the posters were not news information for [John Paul] and therefore not protected. Such a conclusion would require a narrow interpretation of the Shield Law which is an approach firmly rejected by our supreme court […] The Shield Law prohibits compelling disclosure of these two identities in this litigation.”
– Senior Judge John Bozza

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens / file photo by John Paul

Thanks to the Ellwood City Police Department, we were also able set the record straight about your right to say words like “fuckhead” and “asshole” in public:

Investigative Report: Recording Captures Police Telling A Man It’s Illegal To Swear In Public – Ends With Man Getting Tased

We repeatedly fought for transparency in the District Attorney’s Office this year, assisting a group of citizens in their filing of legal action to gain access to a Beaver police dashcam video showing the deployment of a K-9. The District Attorney responded by making a false accusation in open court that the Beaver Countian was engaged in an orchestrated effort to undermine the criminal justice system. The court ultimately ordered the District Attorney to release the video and our story was picked up by major news outlets in Pittsburgh and beyond.

District Attorney Accuses The Beaver Countian And Attorneys Of Being Engaged In A Conspiracy To Undermine Justice
Beaver County Judges Issue Rare Joint Ruling Ordering District Attorney Lozier To Release Beaver Police Dash Cam Video
WATCH: Beaver Police Dash Cam Video Shows Officer Deploying K-9 During Arrest Of James Edward Cicco (Warning Graphic)

“It quickly became apparent that this case and the Video were a matter of great public interest following a Right-to-Know Law request filed with the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office and a number of informal requests for the Video received by this Court […] Having weighed the issues and the matter carefully, this Court concludes that the public’s interest in obtaining a copy of the Video outweighs the Commonwealth’s right to prevent access in this case.”
– Judges Dale Fouse and Harry Knafelc

At one point last year, the Beaver Countian began making preparations to file a private criminal complaint against the District Attorney when he sought to meet privately with the Board of Commissioners about his budget in a manner that could have violated provisions of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act. The District Attorney’s budget talks were ultimately held in an open meeting with members of the public present.

In-Depth: Beaver Countian Informs District Attorney Lozier It Will Prosecute Him If Transparency Laws Are Violated
County’s Attorneys Advise Commissioners Against Meeting Privately With District Attorney To Discuss His Office’s Budget

The State Police And The District Attorney

The District Attorney’s remarks during that open budget meeting subsequently became a matter of controversy in their own right, as a high ranking official with the Pennsylvania State Police gave an interview to the Beaver Countian saying the District Attorney had been making false statements to the public.

PA State Police Say District Attorney Lozier Making “False” Claims – Say They Can Ease Burden On County Taxpayers

“In response to what is being printed about the State Police response time, it is totally inaccurate and disheartening for the public to be told by the District Attorney we had that long of a response time. That is false […] District Attorney Lozier did not call us, we called him to notify him about the incident.”
– Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Eric Hermick

We Almost Forgot How Many Controversies There Were This Year Involving The District Attorney

There was also this:

Coroner Takes Advantage Of District Attorney’s “Prosecutorial Discretion” To Hold Gambling Event Profiting Political Campaign

“There are literally hundreds of candidates in Beaver County for various local offices who could benefit from gambling to fund their individual campaigns. But they do not do so because they choose to follow the law. I wish our current District Attorney would just uphold the law and prevent the use of gambling to finance politics.”
– Commissioner Dan Camp

And of course this:

Listen For Yourself: District Attorney Defends Decision Not To Charge Treasurer Javens For Violating State Disbursement Law
The Beaver Countian Obtains County Detective’s Notes From Investigation Into Treasurer Connie Javens

Javens never read nor understood the agreement, and every county official interviewed (except Solicitor Askar) agreed they had not read or understood the whole agreement either […] To prosecute only Treasurer Javens would be unethical, and you cannot prosecute every official whose hands touched this mess of a deal.
– District Attorney David Lozier

Those Who Protect and Serve

While the Beaver Countian’s investigative reporting regularly exposes corruption in Beaver County’s law enforcement community, our reporting has also laid bare the unique pressures the men and women in blue face while upholding their sworn duties.

In-Depth: Long After The Shots Were Fired – An Officer In Crisis

An editorial by the Beaver Countian published in memory of a well-respected Pennsylvania State Police Corporal who passed away from cancer was reprinted on the cover of the State Police’s official monthly newsletter, “The Communicator,” and distributed by PSP to every Trooper in the state.

Editorial: My Time On A Park Bench With A Good Man Who Made Just The Right People Mad

Pennsylvania State Police Corporal Robert Anthony LaLama / photograph by John Paul


The Beaver Countian has certainly posted some unexpected things over the past year, but perhaps most unique was when the Writers Guild of America out of New York City sent us an op-ed to publish in support of striking teachers at the Ambridge Area School District.

Writers Guild of America Comes Out In Support Of Ambridge Area School Teachers In Rare Public Statement

“We represent the storytellers who bring you Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, such feature films as Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea, ABC World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News […] If the Ambridge School District is truly concerned with developing an engaged and successful student body – creating a new generation of knowledgeable, informed citizens including yes, storytellers — then it must return to the bargaining table in good faith to settle a contract with those students’ teachers.”
– Michael Winship, President, Writers Guild of America, East

There were other unexpected stories told in 2017 as well, including the time Treasurer Connie Javens’ adult son called us to say even he had grown tired of her antics. Now months later, the Beaver Countian is still investigating tips and leads provided to us by Dan Javens during that lengthy interview.

Treasurer Connie Javens’ Son Says He Has Grown Tired Of Her Political Antics

“I asked her, what in the fuck did you do? […] Some of the things my mother does is not right, but my mother does what she does and she does not listen.”
-Dan Javens, adult son of Treasurer Connie Javens

The New Majority

This was the year we saw Republican Commissioner Dan Camp and Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio join together as a new defacto majority of the Board of Commissioners. The pair have issued joint press releases and have repeatedly voted 2-1 over Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley — including to pass a structurally imbalanced county budget for 2018.

Commissioner Sandie Egley Responds: “This Is A Turning Point For Me.”
In-Depth: Beaver Countian Challenges Amadio On Statements About The Budget – Amadio Tells Egley To “Keep Smiling”
State-Funded Study Shows County’s Budget Is Spiraling Out Of Control – Predicts Yearly Deficits Of $10 Million
Commissioners Camp And Amadio Vote To Adopt A Proposed Budget For 2018 Over Egley’s “No”

“Tony Amadio is part of the prior Board of Commissioners who got us to where we are right now and that’s on the edge of financial devastation. Tony passed a fraudulent budget — whether you use that term literally or figuratively — it was a budget where numbers were made up, it was a budget designed to lie to the public, and Dan knows that […] Dan getting behind Tony Amadio is a big ‘F-you’ to everyone who supported us during the election.”
– Commissioner Sandie Egley

Commissioner Dan Camp (left), Commissioner Tony Amadio (right) / submitted file photos

And The Most Commented On Article Of The Year Award Goes To…

Beaver County seemed to erupt in collective outrage when we reported that President Judge Richard Mancini had fired his long-time secretary and hired his son’s girlfriend for the job. Our article also detailed positions that other members of his family have received in the courthouse despite lacking any training or experience — Beaver Countians reacted by sharing the article over 2,000 times on social media and posting 423 comments on our site.

Beaver County’s President Judge Fires Secretary – Hires Son’s Girlfriend

President Judge Richard Mancini / photo via County of Beaver

Mainlining Mainstream Media

As Beaver County’s new media news outlet, sometimes it’s our job to report about happenings in the “mainstream” press. Our investigations this year led to a Beaver County Times reporter submitting his resignation from the newspaper, and continued to document close ties between WBVP radio and elected Democratic officials in the county.

State Representative Says Times Reporter Pretended To Be Covering His Town Halls While Preparing A Possible Run Against Him
Beaver County Times Reporter Resigns Immediately Following An Investigative Report By The Beaver Countian

WBVP Programming Director Takes Treasurer Connie Javens Out For Her 80th Birthday
The Answer Is No – WBVP Wants Beaver Countian To Remove Parts Of Article About The Station And Treasurer Javens

Our Continued Coverage Of The Sheriff’s Office

Although Beaver County got a new Sheriff last year, there won’t likely be any major reforms coming to the controversy-plagued Sheriff’s Office until it gets another new one. Our years’ long investigative reporting continues to shine light on this problematic institution of county government.

Editorial: Sheriff Tony Guy Will Ruin The Republican Party The Same Way Sheriff George David Destroyed The Democrats

State Representative Jim Marshall Makes Controversial Proposal To Give Sheriffs Full Police Powers In Pennsylvania

Court Filings Allege Sheriff Tony Guy Ignored Warnings By State Police About Deputies Who Supported His Election
Investigative Report: A Look At Sheriff Tony Guy’s Testimony About His Chief Deputy – What He Did – And Did Not – Say
Investigative Report: A Look At The Deleted Facebook Posts That Are A Matter Of Contention In Lawsuit Against Sheriff Guy

Sheriff’s Deputy Files Untrue Complaints With State & Federal Agencies While Claiming Racial Harassment By Commissioners

“Mrs Beaver County” Drops Out Of State Pageant – Says Sheriff Tony Guy Greenlighted Improper Fundraiser

Facebook Takes Action Against Fake Profiles Set Up In Support Of Sheriff Tony Guy

Sheriff’s Deputies And Detectives Who Made Over $100,000+ Among Top Earners In Beaver County Gov Last Year

Sheriff Guy Says Dan Camp “Is Really Progressing” – May Become Best Commissioner In County History

Sheriff Tony Guy (right) with Chief Deputy Dean Michael / photo by John Paul

The Stories Others Couldn’t Tell

The Beaver Countian spends virtually every day of the year talking with elected officials at all levels of government, public employees, and confidential sources. This major investment of time often enables us to tell you the stories-behind-the-stories, giving us the ability to provide unique insights and commentary about the inner workings of government.

In-Depth: Inside Events Surrounding The Firing Of Chief County Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi

Dishonorable Mentions

John Paul got a 3:30 a.m. wakeup call this year from a then-candidate for public office who was caught trolling the wrong family on Facebook:

Hopewell Candidate Posts Home Address Of Wrong Family To Facebook While Going After Detractor
Hopewell Candidate Mark Galzerano Makes 3:30 A.M. Call To The Beaver Countian As His Online Controversies Continue

And then there was this guy:

Ambridge District Judge Andrew Hladio Resigns From Office

Stories To Be Continued in 2018…

Pennsylvania State Police Open Criminal Investigation Into Aliquippa Police Department

“Jojo” Catroppa Of Aliquippa Arrested On Felony Drug Charges

Sheriff Tony Guy Promoted Long-Time Acquaintance To Full-Time Status

Commissioner Egley Seeks Investigation Into Former County Solicitor Joe Askar By Supreme Court Disciplinary Board

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Thank You JP. Without you we would still be in the dark about county corruption.
    If only we had someone like you on a national level……Oh wait……we do…’s called FOX News!

      • So News Corpse (which is basically one person who just happens to be a socialist) took what Roger Ailes had to say and made an opinion about what he REALLY meant. And you pass it on like it came straight from Roger Ailes. C’mon Wind. Fox News is one small counterbalance to the ABC’s, CBS’s, NBC’s, MSNBC’s, CNN’s, etc. who have been left-leaning for decades. The democrats no longer have a monopoly on news and it drives them crazy.

  2. I think that 2018 is going to be an important year for investigative reporting — naming names and what they do, linking them, maybe even with authorities intervening. We are no longer at the individual level, as with George David pulling BCTimes Sheriff sale ads six years ago and arguing with J.D. Prose, at the very beginning of the BC. Now, it is coteries of people, related, working together, and they are being found out.

  3. I pretty much lost interest in this posting when there was no mention of any high school sports or Steeler, Penguin and Pirate moments.


    99.9% of Western PA

  4. JP, a HUGE thank you for all you do to enlighten a mainly apathetic public. Most people in this county neither pay attention to this site or just gobble up the shit spewed by the BC Times. Like mushrooms they prefer not knowing or seeing anything corrupt or unjust. Without your dogged determination people like the Queen, the Midget, Know Nothing Tony, Stonewall & Danny Boy could go on pulling shit and plundering taxpayers dollars on maintaining Friends & Family Inc. I believe that you should win a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. I know that you do extensive research, fact checking and question multiple sources before you publish. The thumbs down on here are from the very people perpetrating corruption, theft, abuse of power & cronyism. THEY NEVER REFUTE YOUR FINDINGS WITH FACTS! Instead they use excuses and smoke and mirrors to try and justify their cronies piss poor management and total lack of integrity/ethics. God bless you and have a safe and happy 2018. PS, keep on KICKING ASS on the crooks of this county. Intelligent, caring people depend on you. Last bastion against the bankruptcy of this county financially. Morally, it’s been bankrupt for over 30 years.

  5. I would like to thank JP and Mr. Benyo for their help and wish you and yours a Happy New Year. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

  6. I’d also like to thank the many contributors on this site for their opinions and caring enough to pass info to their friends to get the word out to the apathetic public. I look forward to some interesting and well thought ideas by many. All of you who do care, please continue to be involved. Election time is just 2 years away and we need massive house cleaning at the courthouse. Our county judicial system is corrupt and filled with cronyism. It will take a lot of attention and hard work to break this cycle of corruption.

    • You had a massive cleaning last election and you’re not happy. What makes you think the next one will be better.

      • That wasn’t any house cleaning.Definetly not anywhere near massive. Just the old shell game perpetrated by the sheriffs dept. on a apathetic uninformed public. Way more powerfull people than the morons running Beaver county at present. Have said to hell with the people and lived to regret it.

  7. Reason I am a premium subscriber in that JP provides a valuable service that no one had previously done. Money saved in dropping Times fake news more than worth it. Keep up the great work in holding these so called leaders accountable.

  8. If it wasn’t for J.P. Beaver County would still be stuck in the bog of feces that it has been mired in for half a century. Before him, no one could see the end of the tunnel. Now he has provided a true news source for Beaver County and a forum for both sides. What is great about those who don’t agree is that they continue to either lie or be supported by the sheep that listen to them. Keep up the great work!

  9. Reading the 2017 county antics, one must assume the courthouse inbreeding and county corruption are the new “norm” for Beaver County. Plain language, it will continue as long as voters continue to vote a straight party ticket and/or for a “name.”

  10. First, I’d like to thank JP for the extremely hard work that he puts into this publication (and that’s exactly what it is, a journalistic publication and not a “blog”). Whether they will admit it or not there are quite a few public officials who cringe when they see you walking though the courthouse. They have good reason to cringe because they regularly worry that the next headline might be about something they did to enrich themselves hoping that they could get away with it.

    The amount of corruption in this county is absolutely mind blowing; but, I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it would be if it weren’t for JP and the Beavercountian. For those who think that this publication doesn’t make a difference, I beg to differ and would offer the following examples:

    Based on many of the comments that occured here in response to JP’s research and reporting the original plans to co-locate a private company’s fiber connection in the 911 center didn’t happen.

    While nobody is satisfied with the outcome, there was a criminal investigation that ensued based on the unilateral banking antics of a particular county official.

    A certain Beaver police officer is no longer on the force and while there are still more questions surrounding the circumstances there is no question in my mind that the factual reporting by JP had something to do with it.

    An ethics investigation into the former county solicitor should be commencing shortly if it hasn’t already started. I don’t believe for a moment that Commissioner Egley would have requested this had it not been for the well researched reporting by JP.

    I could go on and on (and on and on) but the above recent examples serve to show the importance of what John Paul does. Thank you, JP, your work is very much appreciated by the citizens of Beaver County.



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