Mayor David Poling leaves the polls after casting his ballot / photo by John Paul
Mayor David Poling leaves the polls after casting his ballot / photo by John Paul
Mayor David Poling leaves the polls after casting his ballot / photo by John Paul

Economy Borough Mayor David Poling handily won reelection today, garnering 63% of the vote – his political rivals, who ran under the umbrella of the “Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough,” didn’t fair as well.

Out of the three incumbent council members up for reelection who ran as Bipartisan Committee endorsed candidates, only Larry Googins will be returning next year for another term. Councilman Donald Sivy and Councilwoman Michelle Lapinski were defeated by Frank Morrone and Patricia Skonieczny, two candidates backed by supporters of Mayor Poling.

Thomas Fetkovich beat Audrey Mutschler for a seat on council in a special election held today to replace the seat vacated by Dr. Gregory Trecha, who resigned in July. Mayor Poling had called for Trecha’s resignation at the time in an impassioned open letter to the community, following an investigative report by the Beaver Countian. Trecha was also a Bipartisan Committee supported candidate.

While Mutschler was endorsed by Mayor Poling, Fetkovich told voters that he wasn’t a Bipartisan Committee loyalist and would be an independently minded vote on Borough Council.

Now with RJ Burns, Patricia Skonieczny, Frank Morrone, and Gary Bucuren all sitting on council next year, Mayor Poling’s supporters have pulled the majority vote away from the Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough.

“The people of Economy Borough have spoken loud and clear,” Mayor David Poling told the Beaver Countian shortly after hearing the news.

An investigation by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office into allegations of election law violations by the Bipartisan Committee is ongoing. That probe was sparked after the Beaver County Board of Elections voted unanimously to refer for criminal investigation a formal complaint filed by Mayor Poling.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Now that this election is over.I hope that the returning members of council and the newly elected members can work together. In an honest an fair way that is in the best interest of the tax payers of Economy Boro.

  2. Thanks to John Paul and the Beaver Countian for providing investigative background reporting that added to there being a more informed electorate that stepped forward.

  3. thought towcimck was going to change the climate here that he was awaken, guess he drank the gin and fell asleep.

  4. Congratulations are in order for Mayor Poling and the change in council. I spoke to Larry Googins in great length yesterday at the polls. Not a bad guy at all. He told me personally he had been trying to separate himself from the council members that are at the center of this bipartisan committee for the last year. He also explained that Lapinski’s were the ring leaders of the organization and handled all their finances. I voted for Mr. Googins because I am a conservative and I believe he is committed to the same republican party values that I have. I’m certain, some rotten eggs got scrambled yesterday. I think a good team will be sworn into office in January. Never underestimate the power of the peoples voice.
    The people in Economy Borough spoke and rang the bell of justice!

  5. oh that’s special mr,googins admits everything and wants to work with everyone, so when attirney general is investigating the past this will be a quick INVESTIGATION , they will just have to ask larry to fill out the statement.

    ahh democracy it it’s best

    advice to new council members clean up the mess and start fresh with new people and business or your problems won’t go away and my vote will go with someone that can.

  6. Interesting; debunked and flunked bipartisan groupies were so sure they had this one in the bag, their heading to Le Lapinski’s – I Just Sharted, Chateau in Palm Springs Fla. to celebrate. Kane’s office needs to move quick or next these people will show up in John Paul featured story called “Life on Towcimak’s Island of misfit candidates” in Sakhalin. иди в жопу!

  7. NormKaster –
    I read your last comment earlier and felt hopeful that Googins might work together with the new council and give us some solid leadership for a change. I almost believed when you wrote that “He told me personally he had been trying to separate himself from the council members that are at the center of this bipartisan committee for the last year. He also explained that Lapinskis were the ring leaders of the organization and handled all their finances.” Then the lies came crashing down on Googins again!! In my mailbox I open a mailer supporting Googy, Lappy & Sivy- paid for “BY THE CANDIDATES”!! This isn’t a fellow that is trying to separate himself from these two – this is a fellow running with the two! LIES, LIES, LIES! Sorry Googy! We aren’t buying this load of sewerage! :insuspense:

  8. Ok, so I go to my mailbox today, get my monthy shitter bill and what’s right next to it??? SHAZAM the Lib lady running for mayor. 😆 😆 😆

  9. Congrats Mayor Dave, never a doubt for a minute you would have lost. Special shout out “YEAH” to Frank, Patty, and Gary. Our group worked very hard for all of you. This is a great victory for the residents. For Tom, verdict’s still out. We’ll see? Stuck with Googins, had he not taken both ballots in the primary he’d be in the dust with Lapinski and Sivy. At the end of the day, maybe the two women who are current sitting council should take heed to how constituents need to be treated during a public meeting. When questioned why meetings for hiring the new police chief were held during the afternoon that excluded another council member who was on public safety, the wrong answer was ” I guess we married well” while snickering at each other. Many women out in the “real world” work because they have their own careers, or it takes two incomes to support a growing family, or are a single parent raising children. ” The women sitting in your audience took great offense to your arrogant and belittling attitude” In fact were so offended, that it spread through Economy Borough among working moms as fast as you can say, LOWEST VOTE GETTER! GET IT??

  10. Thank you Economy Borough voters for not voting for Audrey Mutschler and Paul Thompson! They bring to mind the old saying “Always a bridesmaid, but never a bride”. How many more times do they have to run before they understand that the people have spoken loud and clear? They do not want their antiquated brand of politics. I guess they will have to sit in the audience and harass the new council members. Oh wait, that will never happen because they are all friends with them. I’m sure they will greet them with a big round of applause; that is the childish mind set of that crowd. Maybe R.J Burns will actually make it to a meeting now. It would make for a refreshing change . Whats up with him running a multi million dollar business , yet he can’t spare any time to earn the money the Borough pays him? Curious don’t you think? Maybe he will be made finance chairman. How long before he bankrupts the Borough like he did his own business?

    • morningglory, We are taking a road trip to VENANGO COUNTY TO DO A RIGHT TO KNOW .
      😆 😆 :cuffs:

  11. Morningglory, we had a glorious morning on November the 6th as we all frolicked through the borough singing, “ding dong the witch is gone the wicked witch is gone.” Both Paul Thompson and Audrey Mutschler beat ” bottom of the barrel” Michelle Sovich Lapinski in votes for members of council. Actually, in all fairness to Mrs. Lapinski her teammate from “code pink” Joann Borato was the lowest vote taker. This clearly should indicate to the 3rd member of “code pink” the canine sno bunny resuscitator, who obviously was unable to get support for her BFF’s that Pink Stinks! As for members of the audience giving a big round of applause, as their new council are sworn into office? You bettcha, and a very long standing ovation. Chow, Mommy Dearest!

  12. Congrats to Mayor Poling for 4 more years and to all of the new candidates on council as well. Hopefully they will all play nice and work well together to make Economy Borough strong and healthy again. Mayor Poling can now finish watching what he worked so hard to accomplish, and that’s the new Walmart coming to the Northern Lights, and I’m sure there will much more that will follow! Good Luck Mayor Poling and Best Wishes to all!!! :thumbsup:

  13. PANDORA’S BOX IN ECONOMY BOROUGH Check- July 9,2013 Legislation changes and adopted on E Book for code. Check any documents on workers compensation and police pension fund are not available online must be viewed with Borough Secretary Sue Blum. Check- Eb council minutes April 2013 Check- EB council minutes Feb 26, 2013 – Check MRM Trustee council woman Michelle Sovich Lapinski, appointed by COG (Beaver county regional council of government) Check reappointed Larry Googins EB representative to COG. (note Michelle Sovich lapinski, first ever trustee in beaver county) Check- Economy Borough Fire Department, Police Department workers compensation non profit company insured by Municipal Risk Management MRM non profit requires audits for money returned to trustee. Check Rick Lapinski, tax preparer handling Economy Borough Fire Department audits and book keeping. Check EB Council meeting minutes Jan 03, 2012 Michelle Sovich Lapinski is named Trustee of Police Pension Fund First National Bank, Check Michelle Sovich Lapinski Head of Finance Committee, Check Meeting Minutes June 11, 2013 Mayors Report. Mayor Poling questions 30% fund balance of budget. Mayor points state mandates 10% to 15% .Check Larry Gooins reply. Check Independent Audit Company finding for police arbitration revealed fund balance close to one million dollars. Check Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough 2009 – 2013 at Beaver County Bureau of Elections. Check All names listed on committee. Check on file names of candidates documents for permission to accept campaign finance funding from Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough. Check all names of treasures and chairmans. Check Recreation Board Committee Names Check three bank accounts, Check names that received money for reimbursements against all receipts.

  14. morningglory–the other council woman thats been in the news with her ranting dirty mouth-needs checked out- ask her qualifications for business woman of the year-heard at polls she was let go from 3-4 law firms and unable to get unemployment compensation-real good now she’s taken on politics–and has to remind herself and everyone else-“well you know i’m an attorney- mindless- who cares- she need to keep reminding herself-she needs to bolster up get a lot of integrity-honesty- and respect for people of economy that she serves(not herself)and get out of the gutter trying to rip people apart-the people of economy have spoken about the dirty campaign-and sivy and lipinski- we want more for our money- real honesty(not back door lipinski campaigning) we want real integrity, real respect for our people not backstabbing campaigning about peoples personal lives- times are tough and people are having hard times- m,aybe her and her friends money is more acessible-plus how can you trust each other in the still going(only now its underground) bipartisan committee -arent you worried about your back-what their planning for you-its coming!!!! :surprised:

  15. Check Economy Borough Civic Club- Check State registration as non profit? Check President Larry Googins/current Economy Borough Council President, Treasure Rick Lapinski, Check Members Names, Bipartisan Committee for a better Economy Borough candidates of past elections names/Civic Club members, George Fitzgerald, Mary Jo Sivy, Don Sivy, Courtney Barthelemy, Gregory Trecha, Michelle Sovich Lapinski. Borough Check (Economy Borough Secretary Sue Blum, Economy Borough Fire Department President Tony Blum.) Past members whisper 0.0 in civic activity – coffers exceed $50,000+
    Check names on Economy Borough Recreation Board to Economy Borough Civic Club To Economy Borough Planning Commission.

  16. I’ve become greatly concerned about tax dollars in economy borough after studying the council meeting minutes that cybersquattingpa directed to check. I’m angered and must ask; since when would it be ethical for a member of council to be a trustee for workers compensation? This is a violation of state ethics under a conflict of interest. I also found council members of the bipartisan committee also serve on the trustee committee. Non profit corporations have no business in government. History has shown us the dangers of non-profit mixed with hands of government = danger of corruption. I’m still confused as to Mr. Googins partake in all of this. I did however see the COG involvement with this appointed trustee Mrs. Lapinski. If Mr. Googins words to me were truthful, I’d have to believe the Lapinski’s have a lot of explaining to do to the authorities. I’m not happy about Larry’s answer when questioned by the mayor about a 30% fund balance. Although he did explain that again, the Lapinski’s were the masterminds when it came to the budget. This is looking more and more criminal in my mind. If Larry Googins knows of the corruption that took place under his watch, then he must come forward, if nothing else for his own protection. The comments by a few above indicate Larry is part of the whole bipartisan committee and their dirty politics. I’m not the judge, the jury, or the executor. Larry gave me every indication he was a honest fellow, and was not part of any of the bipartisan committee any longer. I can only take the man’s word until proven otherwise.

  17. In the end righteousness always prevails, Gary once again TOP vote getter, Pat, Frank, Tom amazing numbers. The God with the Capitol G wins again to set the captives free from darkness!!!

  18. well my vote worked except googins still win barely..

    let’s see if they change anything, it’s starts whenyour sworn in and your asses hit the seat anything less than complete change would be failure.

  19. see where Economy Solicitor Dale Fouse sponsored bi-partisan bimbo, economy councilwoman Courtney Barthelemy to the BC Bar association. Fouse is as much as a air-head as she is. The two make a great pair. Dale, Da Du Dah Day, did you know the bar asked you to attest for good character for this “lady”. Maybe you think being canned from two or more prior law firms is good character? Talk to the house wives of whispering walnuts, a brawl at the Barthelemy’s recently occurred over Courtney flirting with one of her neighbor’s husbands. Let’s hope this sponsoring stuff didn’t cost Dizzy Dale his solicitor-ship in economy. The new majority of council aren’t big Barthelemy fans or are the EB pd.



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