Economy Borough Council Members being sworn into office / submitted photo
Economy Borough Council Members being sworn into office / submitted photo
Economy Borough Council Members being sworn into office / submitted photo

Economy Borough saw a major shakeup last night as its new council voted to hire a police chief and ousted a long list of other Borough employees during its reorganization meeting.

Among the changes last night include: Economy Borough Officer Mike O’Brien appointed to the position of Chief of Police, attorney Joseph Askar replacing Dale Fouse as Borough Solicitor, working Road Foreman Earl Fitzgerald demoted and replaced by Richard Dunn, longtime Borough Secretary Susan Blum losing her position entirely, Turnley removed as the Auditing firm, and Michael Baker Engineering replacing the Delta Development Groups’ Eric Kaunert as adviser to the town’s Planning Commission.

Council also voted to name RJ Burns as the new Borough Council President, replacing Larry Googins.

Last night’s votes saw RJ Burns, Patricia Skonieczny, Frank Morrone, and Gary Bucuren all acting in unison as a new majority on Economy Borough Council — a feat political observers widely attribute to the efforts of Mayor David Poling, who handedly won reelection to his fourth term last November.

Councilman Thomas Fetkovich kept his campaign promise of being an independently minded vote on council, siding at times with both the new majority and the Googins-Barthelemy block.

“I am pleasantly surprised and honored to be selected as their Solicitor,” said Joseph Askar after the meeting. “I am cognizant of the development within the Borough and am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities associated with such development.”

Askar also serves as Chief Beaver County Solicitor.

Economy Borough Mayor David Poling echoed Askar’s thoughts, and said he looks forward to what the coming year will bring for Economy Borough.

“Economy Borough’s 2014 reorganization presented its challenges but, given the huge effort made by the new majority of council to carefully weigh in on many difficult decisions – I am convinced, not only were these decisions necessary but they will have a direct positive impact going forward,” said Mayor David Poling. “These individuals are very committed to doing great things for the people of our borough. I believe in 2014 we will experience the benefits of a local government that works for the good of their community.”

Mayor David Poling taking the oath of office / submitted photo
Mayor David Poling taking the oath of office / submitted photo


  1. Well done, Economy Boro!! Good choice on the new Chief, Solicitor and the other “so needed changes” as well…Mayor Poling has done an excellent job in Economy Boro in the past and will excel further in the years to come!…Best Wishes! 

  2.  that is called cleaning house I must say hard rumor chief being paid 100k  getting coffee this morning that would be an out cry. but that Secretary was well over due keep hubby away too perplexed why the county chief solicitor would want economy Boro, then again the former district attorney had it for years and he was as  bright as the bottom of the abyss.

    • A 12 year faithful employee that does her job is better than NO ONE?  It’s all political who you know not what you know. Our founding fathers didn’t expect politics to be this way.  It’s a shame that we can’t all get along and play nice in the sandbox together

  3. Finally Economy Borough can have the ability to rise. Finally a council that will work with a mayor who managed to take Economy Borough’s commercial district to the next level in spite of a council that worked against him for seven years. Finally a local government committed to taking Economy Borough to the top and making Economy Borough one of the best places to live in Beaver County. The fight was acute, the battle was long and difficult. In the end, the honest with honest intentions prevailed, the bad and the ugly kicked to the curb. The work is hardly finished but a new dawn, a new way, has begun.

  4. I think it was done in poor taste. So glad I did not Vote to put these people in office now all it is, is one big click

    • poor taste? Here’s poor taste, a council that was made up of a bunch of liars, thieves, whom are now under investigation. I hope these toilet terds stayed flushed in the “sewers of Economy” no pun intended to “some”.

      • Maybe the DA should investigate the MAYOR bringing in big box retailer, then doing contract work for them! See his plow truck there? Ya, that’s a big red flag

      • The MAYOR has a business that he’s been doing commercial snow removal services before he was ever a MAYOR. Get a life “Hairplugg”.  The AG is only is interested in criminal politicians, you know, the kind that rip off taxpayers dollars – not honest good hard working people like Mayor Poling. Nice Try, tell all your looser friends, they can run but they can’t hide. BIG things coming their way and a red flag ain’t one of them. Maybe more like a jail cell.

      • like anybody can’t figure out who Hairplugg is. Couldn’t be any lowlife ex employee, now could it. The same ppl that have been trying to take NL accounts for ten years. Na, didn’t think so. Hey, while the AG’s in town, think we’ll have them look up some noses…lol…never know where those WHITE SNOTS might be coming from.

      • Hmmm I think you know the irs is on your ass over the internet bizz)! Did you claim that income? How about your sales tax on the yard. You, buddy, have a cell with your name on  it! We’re like Teflon! Too legit to quit…lol I’m blowing this wide open. The smear campaign, the harassment, etc. your bully rein is over old man. Make sure you write from jail:)

      • Hairplugg you must be paranoid again. Irs? Internet bizz? Tax on the Yard? and smear campaign…ending with writing from jail. What in the does this have to do with my comment about a ex borough employee that is angry from 10 years ago? Please do tell us, because your rants sound like someone from a mental ward. 

  5. To “jane doe” aka, Courtney Barthelemy’s Mommy Dearest or one of her; two side kicks; the infamous, code pink. The Mayor wannabe JO with NO second sewage bill, or Michelle Sovich Lapinski, the NON Educated liar. At the end of the day, call it what you’d may, the better people took the oath and took their so very needed seats. Thanks to, the people of Economy who saw through the smoke and mirrors and voted out rotten people, who literally stink, quite frankly.  As far as a  next level political future for the Attorney on council who’s a legend in her own empty mind and who’s maturity level is the third grade,”Good Luck”!  A true narcissistic crazed person? Hmmm, just where?, and by whom?, have we all heard that “very accurate description before? You know it’s true, a fat ass and a horrible reputation parallel each other in the fact, both follow you, no matter where you go.

  6. Maybe now we can get those oversized speed bumps removed from Parkhill? I wonder how much the tax payers paid for those? The speeders on my road are worse than what that road has ever seen.

    • steelshity, dah, maybe da speeders would have killed a kid had speed bumps not been placed on Parkhill. Did you forget the speed racer doctor, the moron that had to quit council cuz of his KKK behavior? This nutbag sued a stop sign or some crazy ass thing like that.

      • Are you 5 years old that you need to resort to name calling or you just another internet tough guy? So you suggest that we place them on all roads?

      • I’m going to try to get a speed bump placed on Mary Reed.  JUST ONE.    I have 20 signatures, I just need to cover one snag before taking it to the boro.

    • What? Before the speedbumps people were going 45+ on that road.  Granted the boro placed too many speed bumps.

  7. I agree with Jean and Janet why can’t everyone play nice? As for steel city maybe they should put speed bumps every where – there are speeders on every road . Economy should be ashamed of their selves making that statement in the paper about the road department standing around doing nothing for eight hours when during this time of year we have the best roads in beaver county, I would like to thank them for all that they do and every one else should to. People need to grow up and stop acting like first graders oops sorry they act better than some of you !!!!!

    • Economy’s road sure as hell haven’t been standing around this winter.  Name 1 other community that the road are BETTER cared for in the winter.  It almost seemed the new council behaving on their own until you read that Askar was in attendance at the meeting.  So where did the quorum of new comers meet to agree on their hiring prior to the meeting?  New names same agenda …. 

      • cheap trick albatross, go to the times on line and post your comments! I guess 99 cents is over your budget. Also learn how to write! Economy’s road don’t stand around, you idiot, the former working foreman ( who never worked) does. President RJ Burns was way to kind with the Times reporter. Most of the guys on the road dept. are hard workers. King Earl, sat on his ass like some big baboon dictating orders. I got a strong feeling, people are going to hear the working habits of the former non working foreman sooner than you think. This new council cleaned house and rid a lot of problems. The residents voted for a council to “clean up the mess”.  This is exactly what they are doing.  

      • is your brain pickled from daily dousing of Slivovitz ? RE read JP’s article; if you’re capable, Askar wasn’t present at the reorganization meeting, in spite of what the bargain bin so called lawyer might be yacking up around the borough. JP called him for his statement. What a bunch of wet brains. Thanks again to economy voters, imagine had these mush brains still been driving the bus.   

      • @1900callearl- Was all the slanderous comments directed towards the poster “albatross” REALLY necessary? Could you not have just replied to the poster with out the nasty statements? Yes, you could. But throwing in stupid tabloid worthy second rate insults indicates that you have a personal vendetta towards this poster. But, I see why you did it. If your comments didn’t have some sort of tabloid worthy fodder, then less people would have paid you attention. How sad that is, that you have to draw attention to yourself by slandering others…..

      • I was posting from my phone 900callTMZ.  Lesson learned, it’s not something that will happen again.  As for Askar being in attendance at the meeting.  I’ll await clarification from JP on that.  He’s the reporter, you are the rumor monger, especially if your reference to bargain bin lawyer regards Mr. Askar.   99 cents isn’t over my budget,  although, paying taxes in Economy to AASD and the Boro would certainly suggest its a frivolous expense to any who live there.Allow me to clear up my post for you. The condition of Economy’s roads this past few weeks would indeed be proof positive that no one on the Road Department is standing around or sitting on their asses.  But, the condition of roads in Economy every winter prove that easily.  If my question “Where did the quorum of new comers meet to agree on their hiring prior to the meeting?” Offends you, then I suggest you learn to read, and compose an intelligent, fact based response.  Leave your attitude at the door.  The name calling, passive/aggressive behavior speaks volumes of your IQ.  If you behave like this at public meetings you are NOT benefiting the Borough.

      • Albatross, I’ve attended economy council meetings on and off over the last ten years. No council yet has been perfect, and I’m sure this new council will be no exception. I did not vote for three out of four incumbents in this past election. My reasoning was simple, I didn’t trust them when they sat on council. Also I found them obnoxious, rude and self serving. I think this newly elected council wants to be a good body of government. Let’s stop all the nonsense and give them the opportunity to get our borough back in order. They were victorious by sweeping numbers, which clearly indicates, these are the people the economy residents want as their council.

  8. In reference to 1900callearl why are u calling albatross and idiot when the article clearly states and I quote” burns stated issues with the road crews standing around and he just wanted 8 hours of work for 8 hours of pay” that statement right there claims that they all stand around and do nothing if that is not what he means maybe he should recant his statement and say what he means instead of bringing down the rest of the men. If that is all you people have to do is spy on the road dept maybe you need to get a hobby.

    • issues with the road crews do not mean every employee of the road crew stands around. You’re reading into that statement what you want it to mean. The new president of council didn’t bring the rest of the men down. If truth be known, the majority of the road crew are jumping for joy in council’s decision to demote Fitzgerald and promote Dunn. Their former foreman treated other public works employees poorly  (except for his chosen few) and was a horrible example for any kind of work ethic let alone a leader of the department.

  9. Not saying they aren’t happy but you should say the road foreman isn’t doing his job not road workers. Maybe they should have hired an outsider instead of within. And maybe your biggest issue is from within the department that run and tell all like little cry babies , they should worry about theirselves and they’re work . You don’t think every one knows that you have one of the workers brother on council and one other worker that is in cahoots with the rest of them. It’s time to put the big boy panties on and grow up and stop acting like children

    • maybe this council did what was needed to do and didn’t get into any particulars with a reporter to perhaps spare some dignity. Time to leave it alone.

  10. Hahaha theotherdoctor you sound like a Major ASS KISSER of the mayor. Hope he doesn’t stop to sudden they may have to call a wrecker to pull you out of his ass.

    • Jane doe, Hey weren’t you one of the ones down Little Super on 989 getting your “Gasoline on the Borough?” Hahaha, speaking about out of asses. Best make plans on protecting yours before the shower and de lousing.

  11. As I am reading through these comments, I find myself appalled at the childish behavior and antics that I see. Name calling? Thinly veiled references to alleged illegal activities? This is disheartening, to say the least. Here’s a thought- instead of sitting around, bashing each other anonymously on line, why not put your petty grudges aside, and work towards bettering your community? I understand that there are hurt feelings, for many reasons, but is sitting around bashing each other going to solve anything? Will it better the community that you live and work in? The answer is a resounding NO. But, in the end, you do live there, so why wouldn’t you at least try to get along, if only for bettering your community?Everyone can play nice together, it just takes some effort. Bruised egos have no place in government.Sadly, I’ve seen student body government act more mature than some of the posters here. Hey guys, just incase you didn’t realize it, y’all are adults. Maybe it’s time to start acting like it, ok? If only for the betterment of the communities that you live in. Time to grow up, and put the childish BS off to the side.

  12. Theotherdc you have the wrong person in mind I don’t go to the little super on 989 thank you. Don’t accuse if you don’t know who your talking to!!!!

    • I’m not so sure who’s getting “gas on my tax dollars” but something tells me, the cheating and thieving days are coming to a end soon. The help your self entitled program people – hope they enjoy black and white stripes!

  13. Just read these comments more and after seeing articles in other media outlets I came to conclusion a group therapist should be retained by the Boro.

    New group did what they should of, and put new appointments in spots that is understandable and excepted.

    Sadly they need to maintain focus and move Boro forward besides some houses being built its been beyond stagnation for decades, with wal-Mart will come new development galore hopefully both side protect Boro abd step back not yuk it up like they brought the business in and or delay process.

    This attorney on council sounds reckless, and a bit grand stand type, she needs to realise she serves the town they are not her client in the legal world clients would restrain her in due time she may get a few of them, economy voted for her to serve them as council women and new air.

    • The so-called attorney councilwoman is the only person in the room that appreciates her rants. She’s on her way to having to answer to the Pennsylvania bar association about  complaints if she continues to carry on in the unprofessional and  questionable legal outbursts. I don’t think the new retained solicitor will tolerate this kind of childish, foolish, behavior.

  14. attended council meeting 1/14. Seems the new solicitor Askar is on the ball, l like this guy, especially when he pounded the bargain bin attorney back into place. The residents cheered as betty boop was chastised for her never ending rambles.



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