The Economy Borough Democratic Committee and the Beaver County Democratic Committee have filed a series of formal complaints against several Democratic primary candidates, along with the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough, alleging criminal violations of Pennsylvania’s election laws.

Mayor David Poling, Chairman of the Economy Borough Democratic Committee, and Dr. Michael “Doc” Sisk, Beaver County Democratic Committee Chairman, sent two letters this month to Bureau of Elections Director Doreen Mandity, Beaver County Commissioners Amadio, Spanik, and Nichols, and Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh.

The first letter, dated September 9th, requested criminal investigations be initiated into two 2013 Democratic primary candidates: George E. Fitzgerald, who campaigned for Mayor of Economy Borough, and Mary Jo Sivy, who campaigned for Tax collector.

“Both candidates failed to submit a 30-day post primary campaign finance report, which is required, if a candidate’s expenditures exceed $250.00 under the Pennsylvania election laws,” wrote Poling and Sisk. “The Economy Borough Democratic Committee is prepared to show documented proof to the Director of Elections, The Board of Elections, and District Attorney that both candidates campaigns included several mailers, door-to-door canvasing materials, and hand-outs for poll workers.”

The second letter, dated September 17th, asked county officials to begin an investigation into the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough. “The Economy Borough Democratic Committee of Economy Borough, PA is filing a complaint to the above stated officials and requesting an investigation be made into the 30-day post primary campaign expenditure report for The Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough,” wrote Poling and Sisk. “The Economy Borough Democratic Committee is prepared to show documented proof to the Board of Elections and the District Attorney that the amount of expenditures reported by The Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough is false.”

Officials endorsed and supported by the Bipartisan Committee of Economy Borough have made the news several times over the past few months. In May of this year, a landscaper filed a police report against Economy Borough Councilwoman Courtney Barthelemy, accusing her of following him and shouting profanities at him after she nearly struck his vehicle on election day. In July, Councilman Dr. Gregory Trecha resigned from office after an investigative report by the Beaver Countian exposed racially charged postings he made via his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Bipartisan Committee’s campaign finance report, submitted by Richard Lapinski, reported total expenditures of $978.27 during the primary elections, a number the Democratic Committee said was grossly underreported in violation of law.

Richard Lapinski told the Beaver Countian he agrees with the Democratic Committees that his group spent far more than it reported during the last cycle, but insists they have done nothing wrong. “Their allegations that we underreported are all false,” said Lapinski during a brief phone interview. “I’m saying all of the reports haven’t been filed yet.”

Lapinski said invoices for things like printing and mailers weren’t received by the group until after the end of the post-primary reporting period, which is why they weren’t listed on their campaign finance disclosure forms. “The additional expenses were paid after the filing date, and they’re due by the next reporting period and they will be on our next report,” said Lapinski. “This is just a way of smearing candidates that don’t mean anything.”

The Economy Borough Democratic Committee and the Beaver County Democratic Committee both say the law is clear, that expenditures must be reported as expenses are incurred, not as debts are paid. They say if the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough now reports additional campaign contributions and expenditures from the primary election, they’re doing so only because they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“It’s apparent to the members of The Economy Borough Democratic Committee that this committee has not disclosed accurate expenditures, in kind contributions, or total contributions,” concluded Mayor Poling and Dr. Sisk. “Thousands of dollars were spent in the current 2013 primary election for mailers supporting these candidates as well as door-to-door canvassing materials. Let it be known, for the record, the same bulk mail permit number and union bug label that appeared on all Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough printed mailers also appeared on all George Fitzerald’s and Mary Jo Sivy’s campaign mailers.”

Attached to the complaints filed by the Democratic Committees were multiple exhibits they say prove the Bipartisan Committee spent far more than they’ve disclosed to the public.

1. Exhibit A – 8 X 12 two sided mailer Permit No. 5703 Allied Printing trade union label Pittsburgh, PA No. 39. These mailers were mailed to 3,137 registered democrat voters and 2,465 registered republican voters residing in Economy Borough, PA. The USPS bulk postage standard rate at $0.38 per piece, postage cost $2,128.76 – this does not reflect any additional design or printing cost.

2. Exhibit B – 5.5 X 8 two sided mailer Permit No. 5703 Allied Printing trade union label Pittsburgh, PA No. 39 These mailers were mailed to 3,137 registered democrat voters and 2,465 registered republican voters residing in Economy Borough, PA. The USPS bulk postage standard rate at $0.33 per piece, postage cost $1,848.66 – this does not reflect any additional design or printing cost.

3. Exhibit C – A copy of Economy Borough Police Department report detail page dated 05/16/2013, location Conway Wallrose Road and Bock Lane. Richard Lapinski reported damage to a political sign placed by the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough. Mr. Lapinski reported to officer David Farrah the cost of the sign was $150.00. There were seventeen to twenty signs placed in Economy Borough, PA with the exact construction of the sign that was reported damaged and valued at $150.00 by Richard Lapinski in the attached police report.

4. Exhibit D – A copy of a photograph of the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough sign along with the demographic locations of seventeen of the signs that were positively identified. Sworn affidavits, if necessary, from the Economy Borough Democratic Committee members, residents, and candidates that identified the signs at specific locations in Economy Borough, PA may be submitted via request from the District Attorney.


  1. more GRADE A reporting from the Beaver Countian! keep up the good work John Paul! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    • Sounds like, ” I haven’t left the scene of the accident, I’m in it! ” Sixteen years of marriage and my wife still won’t eat Chinese food. It’s crazy, especially since we met in a Chinese restaurant.

      The one thing that bothered me, the one thing that stayed in my mind and I couldn’t get rid of it, that haunted me, was why. Why would they lie and not file? What was their motive for lying and not filing? If they are innocent, how can they not file, why? Was it blackmail? No. Was it jealousy? No.

      Today, we found out why. They didn’t have a motive, you know why? Because they were not lying… And ladies and gentlemen of Beaver County, the state AG Kane & her prosecutors are not going to get those Public Officials today, no, because the Democratic Committee is gonna get them! Our Public Leaders all of the Honorables Title Holders should go right to jail and are guilty of not filing!

      After all, this is not the McCarthy hearings? So no one is going to ask me ‘are you now or have you ever been a Honorable Title Holder? :dizzy:

  2. sounds like combined effort of bullshit by alleged bi partisan group

    same group that supported doctor trecha who had television crews at his for racist videos and actions and talking about people that struggle to pay for healthcare, he was a republican and he ran with Courtney barthrlmy an attorney that tried to run a guy over and called him a dirty Mexican he was Italian and successful business owner.

    yeah great group of characters

    good job by the chairmen dr.mike sisk

  3. guess the loser group of GOP hags lost again

    let’s see few republicans that nobody likes with some democrats that have lost out about to lose get together and say it’s bipartisan lol, but dint know how to do a report? hey you got a republican lawyer in that group( that changes her mind what she wants to run for as often as a elder man with diabetes and weak bladder pisses…

    that’s okay go to the democratic picnic in the park….. I’m sorry the republican picnic good government thing seen a yard sign at intersections for beaver downtown on a Monday,??? free food, lot of speakers sounds familiar ohhhhhhhhhhh that’s right the GOP party in this country uses the old playbook from the democratic party

    you know GOTV , FREE HOTDOGS, and same dirty money players backing the candidates like they did for the republicans for last twenty years..

    hey Chuck your right they are just as stupid your boy was veon now you got low hanging fruit rank and file on the tit, fuck rent him house, office and campaign cash that is better than veon and lavalle gave you, and doctor trombetta hell veon and donatella have him a school, Jimmy boy and rip van Marshall just give votes he win them easy fuck he gave little jimmy 200k through charter PAC whoa but he tells reporters he gave 500 to his personal back, shit I would too when you got six figures in your PAC smart move and throw vogel and Marshall under the bus… anyways the republican party looks good free food same corruption of money players just switched teams and waxed the otherside goes on circle won’t stop cause cycle won’t let it……

    • You got a down vote…not because of what you said, well yes, because of what you said…what exactly are you saying?

  4. I’m not familiar with the bipartisan committee but had a very negative experience with one of their former candidates, councilwoman Courtney Barthelemy. I formerly was involved in a organization where Courtney served as president. It’s amazing, six months ago I would have defended this woman because I believed she was a great person who was kind hearted and committed to morals and values. I learned in a short period of time, the woman who entered the front door is certainly not the same person who’ll exit the back door. Courtney is a phony! She draws in people to support her by giving gift cards and constantly donating her time. Quite honestly, most find her to be obnoxious and over the top, once they’ve been given a birds-eye view of who she really is. Courtney does nothing that she does not demand to be acknowledged for and has to be the center of attention. She craves kudos consistently. She turned on me because I stopped marching to the beat of her drum. She berated me to others and became hostile with me. Myself as well as others want nothing to do with anything she is involved in. I believe she attacked the landscaper and berated him with vulgarity. Sadly most people don’t realize this until they fall victim to her gossip, slander, and atrocious behavior.

    • I do not know about being Bipartisan, because I am Bi-Coastal, I love the Pacific and Atlantic Coast, but I am only BuySexual when someone buys me something to have sex with them? 😆

  5. How does anyone even understand what she is saying? I can’t even decipher her with that accent or whatever it is she has going on when she talks.

  6. speakthetruthtoo, Scwew you! not answering any twick questwens for the two Courtney supporters at BCA. Said what I had to say, time to move on. Oh ya, I weally am sowwy if anybody got offended.

    • What’s wrong with you? I don’t even know the lady. Just making an observation based on what you said. She must have fucked you over bad for you to have that reaction.

  7. If you want to know whats going with Economy council ,do what I do. Go to the meetings and listen.This council has a total disregard for the issues the tax payers bring up.It makes you feel like you are wasting their time unless you have something good to say about them.Then wait a few months to read the meeting minutes on the web site and you will say to yourself thats not what I heard.They refuse to tape the meetings then change the comments only to show the positive.I thought they were elected to represent the people not for the people to bow down to them.Last meeting they broke into another one of their private meetings in the throne room and left the public wait outside for 40 minutes (what the secret). If you care about this boro please vote.Now is the time to get rid of King Googins,Queen Lapinski ,and puppet Sivy. Elect someone else it can not be any worse than what we have now.

  8. With the death of the New Deal in Beaver County due to the sale of Friendship Ridge why don’t the Democrats just go away and let the Republicans take over.Please spare us the infighting, merge with the R’s and give us one party rule that we have anyway .

  9. When did they move Friendship Ridge to Economy? Jackson, please get on you Friendship Ridge soapbox on articles dealing with Friendship Ridge or the county commissioners…no every article posted. Stick to the subject at hand.

    • Republicans from Mississippi to PA march loskstep That’s why they have been so successful in disassembling the works of Roosevelt the last 35yrs. If an Aliquippa Dem moves in next door to an Economy Dem. The for sale sign will go up the next day. After the next county election the only places where the dems will have any power left will be in the black towns. Every one of you opportunists will be changing your stripes to get with the times.

  10. “Mayor David Poling, Chairman of the Economy Borough Democratic Committee” seems to relish in letter writing when he doesn’t get along with people.

    Seems like a pattern of adolescent behavior … You ran against me, I’ll fix you :beatup:

  11. Here we go again. The mayor is not the one the the charges are against.But I guess it is easier just to blame someone else.Just like the rest on the crap that went on Racial slurs,road rage ect. The people involved instead of taking responsibility for their actions just look for someone else to blame.

    • The Mayor needs to behave in a non-partisan way. To pose as a figure head for public relations.
      His example of leadership by whining against opposition, is not leadership. Its narcissism at best.
      He should be working for the good of all voters who support him. Unite and Untie are to very different words.

      Don’t twist my comments. I never said he was charged with anything. Other than disappointing me, as a supporter of his.

      • to albatross, The Mayor is the chair of the economy borough democratic committee, Sherlock. The Democratic committees both Economy Borough and the county filed complaints seeking criminal charges against these bipartisan nut jobs for breaking state election laws. So as mayor should Poling let these “scofflaws -bipartisan people” get away from breaking laws in his own borough? Guess that demonstrates non-partisan ways according to you. Its obvious you’re brain dead as the rest of these mafia politicians of the bipartisan committee.

      • To the otherdc—- please put down the steroids and botox. I”m quite aware of what/who the Mayor is. He’s not God. He’s not the be all an end all you Kool Aid drinkers pretend he is.

        As for constantly calling me Sherlock… Pick up a book and read. I do enjoy Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Edgar Allen Poe.

        Get the rest of your cronies to post and vote down the posts others make. It’s really not relative in the grand scheme of things. The truth outweighs the cronies. Former council members calling others “hoopy” sigging the NAACP on people for protesting speed “HUMPS” … is that what police officers do when they screw a fellow officers wife?? Is that a”hoopy speed hump? You’re in, you’re out, that’s what protecting people is all about?

        Call people running for office on the Republican Ticket “MAFIA” because their parents built a successful business at a Pizza Shop/Italian Restaurant in the Borough, even though the Mayor sold out his own party member, a woman who was truly for the people, by supporting him (the dreaded Republican)?

        People who live in glass houses and all that shit?

        You just keep drinking the koolaid TODC, you’re doing a fine job.

      • albatross hey maybe spend less time on the beaver countian with your anti -mayor comments and attend to your kid who’s drinking cocktails at 8 AM and letting the world know on twitter they do 3 somes and will Fuck someone for certain candy bars. You should get the parent of the year award. Steroids and botox? Quit mixing booze with your bi-polar medications. Maybe you’ll be able to stick to a purpose for your miserable marriage wrecker life. Take six months and get the bi-pass surgery to loose 150 pounds, maybe that will make you stop loathing others because you’re a big “FAT” disgusting human being. Nobody made you ugly or enormous but yourself. Bring it on! and how dare you call the republican who took the most votes in Economy Borough a member of the MAFIA! I’m sure his family will surely appreciate your comments.

  12. j.p. good reporting, more investgation needs to be done on good ole Rick ” the phoney numbers preparer” Lapinski and his dealings with economy fire dept 😆

    • Why are you always so suspicious, and please answer chronologically or alphabetically? You know, in another life, you’d have made an excellent criminal or an excellent policeman!

      Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions but never be asleep just meditating on unconsciousness will do you every :smirk: time.

  13. Richard Lapinski obviously has no legal back round or education because his statements are not only incriminating they are in direct contrast of the Pennsylvania Campaign Finance laws. According to the date of the compliant filed by the democratic committees the bipartisan committee for a better economy borough and candidates George E Fitzgerald and Mary Jo Sivy, all have until Thursday to produce not only all receipts of expenditures but all contributions and in kind contributions. Lapinski failed to mention anything to the Beaver Countian as to why his committee has not reported ALL Contributions, and in kind contributions of the post 30 day primary election. The law requires committee’s and candidates to show their total contributions and expenditures that were UTILIZED for the election post 30 days of the particular election in question. All campaign finance reports require committees and candidates to list outstanding debt. So Richard Lapinski’s statement to the beaver countian would not validate any type of error or incorrect expenditures according to invoices received on the 30 day post primary campaign finance report. Also, Mr. Lapinski fails to recognize the complaints exhibits of documented proof of expenditures. The campaign signs that Lapinski reported in a police report were valued at $150.00 if seventeen signs were identified the cost of the signage for this committee was well over the amount of $978.27 during the primary elections. I would not tread forward with ease if I were a member of this committee or the separate candidates that are subject of these complaints. I will post following comments as to the precise election laws surrounding campaign finance reports as well as the law addressing a audit that the Democratic Beaver County Committee and the Economy Borough Democratic Committee may want to contact the state about immediately.

  14. I just noticed a comment by firefighter1. If you have factual evidence or know factually that a municipal fire department filed falsified budget information you should report their federal tax identification numbers, and by law report any malice intent to the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General.

  15. According to the department of state election laws, both Democratic Committees mentioned in this online article should take heed that a law exists that a audit can be appointed by the court in which the complaints were filed. I will post the standard law if any committee would need further information, they need to call Pennsylvania Secretary of State at 717-787-1057.
    Specifically, 25 P.S. § 3256, titled ‘Audit of Expense Accounts,’ provides: (5) electors of the Commonwealth or of the political division may present a petition to the court of common pleas of the county in which is situated the office where such original report has
    been filed or with the Commonwealth Court in the case of original report been filed. The court may, appoint a auditor.
    The auditor shall issue subpoenas to all parties whom the petitioners or the filer of the report may require, to give evidence concerning such report, and he shall determine, subject to exception, all questions as to the admissibility of evidence, and shall file a copy of the evidence with his findings.
    If the court shall decide upon the audit that any per- son, whether a candidate or not, has accepted contributions or incurred expense or has expended or disbursed money in contravention of this act, or has otherwise violated any of the provisions of this act, it shall certify its decision to the appropriate prosecutorial officer and it shall thereupon be the duty of such officer to institute criminal proceedings as he or she shall deem necessary.
    No person shall be excused from answering any question in any proceeding under this section on the ground that such answer would tend to incriminate him, but no such answer shall be used as evidence against such person in any criminal action or prosecution whatever, except in an action for perjury in giving such testimony.
    If any candidate, who has been nominated or elected, is found by any court of this Commonwealth in criminal proceedings to have willfully accepted any contributions or
    made any expenditures in contravention of this act, either directly or through the treasurer of any committee authorized by section 1623 or through any other person with his knowledge or consent, whether expressly or not, that fact shall be certified by the court to the Attorney General.

  16. I’m appalled by Richard Lapinski’s comments, that indicate no regard to the laws that govern campaign finance reporting. The seriousness of violation to these laws certainly are not being portrayed by the bipartisan committee for a better economy borough’s treasure. Perhaps this committee and their candidates and separate candidates listed in the complaints to the Beaver County officials need a clearer understanding of elections law in the state they all reside in.
    Section 1845 (25 P.S. § 3545). Failure to File Expense Account.
    Any candidate or treasurer of a political committee or person acting as such treasurer who shall fail to file an account of primary or election expenses, as required by this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000), or to undergo an imprisonment of not less than one (1) month nor more than two (2) years, or both, in the discretion of the court.
    Section 1850 (25 P.S. § 3550). Violation of Any Provision of Act.
    Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this act, for which a penalty is not herein specifically provided, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction there- of, shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding one thou- sand ($1,000) dollars, or to undergo an imprisonment of not more than one (1) year, or both, in the discretion of the court.
    Section 1851 (25 P.S. § 3551).
    Candidate Violating Act Disqualified from
    Holding Office. Any person who shall, while a candidate for office, be guilty of bribery, fraud or willful violation of any provision of this act, shall be forever disqualified from holding said office or any other office of trust or profit in this Commonwealth.

    • cybersquattingpa, hey if your from the state, do us all a big favor in Economy Borough and get the Feds up her quick buddy. I think a lot of people running the borough might be on the 6 o’clock news in handcuffs. This bipartisan committee is hiding money and more importantly who and how their obtaining the endless amount of money to pay for elections in a “local borough of local government” is the real serious question. Something smells like a terd in one of their spiked punch bowls during their ” bipartisan meetings that expenditures have been reported in the access of $300 bucks for catering for their bipartisan meetings held at their field office, “the Lapinski’s residence”. Who has this kind of money to spend for local municipal committee meetings? Hell, county candidate meetings don’t spend over $300 bucks for campaign meetings. Maybe they need to start spending that kind of money at the dem county campaign meetings, they’d get more volunteers than they’d know what to do with. These bipartisan committee people have money to burn, and I’d bet not one of them spend any of their own money. So the questions to the authorities needs to be who’s their cash cows?

  17. this is getting attention across the board JP; I’ll give you that much! I made some inquiries to some republican leadership friends to see if they’ve heard of this economy bi-partisan committee. Turns out, to my surprise, they have, and aren’t too happy with this so called committee. County republicans asked leadership to attend a meeting a few months ago to appoint a special election candidate for the November general election in Economy Borough to fill a vacancy on council. Apparently the rules were changed in the middle of the game and the republican candidate that was favored by leadership did not receive the appointment. Instead, at the last minute, economy borough republicans were asked to vote to appoint the special election candidate by the county chair (ouch!). The appointed candidate is another bipartisan recruit. I was told to the best of anyones knowledge the candidate selected had no previous local government experience and had no dealings with the county republican party in any way but rather was a pick from this economy borough bi-partisan committee which infiltrated the republican economy borough committee. Wow, this committee is a cesspool. Now they’ve managed to piss off some high ranking republicans which could cause a lack of any financial support from the state GOP to the county GOP. Nothing like making enemies on both sides of the isles. That’s like asking for the wrath of God to come down on and all over you!

  18. to theotherdc, $300 spent on catering for a local municipality campaign committee meeting? Holly shit! I think state candidates would have a hard time explaining this type of money spent on a campaign meeting. What were they serving, escargot, and surf n turf? I’d agree, with that kind of spending for a borough elections, there’s something a lot bigger here that meets the eye. I think some eyeballs in Harrisburg may be watching this closely.

  19. I would sure hate to be a real estate agent trying to sell a home in Economy Boro. Every time there is a negative article printed pertaining to it the same person initiates the horrible negative political crap. The mayor, David Poling, is always the person trying to stir things up. Don’t believe me people-research the truth. Why is he such an unhappy soul? The man obviously needs something new in his life. Don’t you think he should be pointing out the attributes of the place for a change. ?

  20. Mayor Poling according to registereddemocrat you are promoting political crap.I did not know that road rage,racism, and falsifying political contributions was political crap.I am a real estate agent and have no problem in what you are doing .I am glad to see some one like yourself stand up and address these issues. The politicians that are doing these things are the ones who need something new in their lives.Like a new job

  21. registereddemocrat, Every time there is a negative article printed pertaining to Economy Borough politics it’s because of the negative material subjects that economy borough elected members of local government keep supplying to the media. To blame Mayor Poling is so typical by these same people that all the negative press is about. Who do you think you’re fooling? You’re one of them or one of their relatives. But just to humor you and myself, lets run down the linty of incidents that were reported in the Beaver Countian. Dr. Trecha aka xraypilot. I guess a wrongful death lawsuit of a black man filed at the Beaver County Prothonotary office wouldn’t be a reason for the media to re-visit Trecha’s social media bad habits of racists slurs and videography hobbies, now, would it? Instead the same people try to blame Mayor Poling. On the day of the primary election the head of public safety, Courtney Barthelemy, jumps a landscaper in a fit of road rage, threatens the man and uses four letter vulgarity in front of his crew and employees at a local convenient store. Plenty of witnesses identified her. A 911 call was made ( and on tape, I might add) which then was dispatched to a Economy Borough police officer that took the call report.
    I guess Mayor Poling made Courtney do this and then she denies it – which by the way, clearly shows the type of integrity sits in some seats of the council chambers in Economy Borough. Laws in the state that pertain to election campaign finances must be followed by everyone. Not just a chosen few. The Democratic Committees of both economy borough and Beaver County filed complaints on the bipartisan committee in Economy Borough. The Mayor, David Poling is the chair of the Democratic Committee, therefore his signature was required for the complaint as well as Dr. Michael Sisk as chair of the Beaver County Democratic Committee.
    I did do my research, however, instead of researching Mayor Poling, as you suggested. I researched registereddemocrat. “Google it yourself”! What is obvious is your partake on the most negative comments about Mayor Poling. Any harsh negative comments has your blog name in front of it. So really, your opinion is based on this bipartisan committee candidates past and present opinions of Mayor Poling, which is 0.0 worth of credibility. Why don’t you attend to your own miserable empty life, or your miserable daughters life. I think it’s very obvious who you are. I think it’s pathetically sad you live your life vicariously through your daughters life. YOU should be ashamed of yourself. I suggest you get a life, maybe then you might stay out of Mayor Poling’s life.

  22. Here is how this bipartisan team works.After Dr. Trecha resigned a replacement was needed to fill his position until a special election was held.Instead of going to the to the person with the next highest number of votes.After all that is who the voters of Economy wanted in office.They held one of their little meetings and picked who would serve them the best.Someone they could control and still get their 4 to 3 vote.Its not about us .Its about them having control and power.P.S. There is a lot of drainage work being done recently in the Boro. and I do not see it being budgeted for or talked about at council meetings.It must be election time.Please vote and break up this power circle.

  23. Looking for large wheel of cheese to go with all of this whining !! :dizzy: let me spell it out for the analogy challenged: “wine & cheese” “whining” hope that helps !

  24. I just read a press release from Megan Carpenter the Beaver County GOP committee chair. “Our committee believes that Beaver County deserves Good Government at every level, that every voter and every vote counts, and that we the tax payers need to hold our elected officials accountable to us. ” Really, Megan? That all sounds great for political speeches and all. Problem with your rambles are they don’t represent your leadership as chairwoman of the Beaver County Republican Committee. Maybe we’ll round up some real true republican conservatives in Economy Borough and visit the Good Government Rally. True Republican conservatives have nothing in common with Tea Party lunacy. Just because your messiah Keith James Rothfus was successful doesn’t mean squat in the upcoming elections. In case any republican seeking candidacy failed to notice, The Tea Party has become the most unpopular group in American according to every political poll across the nation. So when you hear loud booing from the audience at the Good Government Rally in Beaver, you’ll know its our crowd of conservative republicans in Economy Borough. A lot of us, in Economy Borough would vote for a democrat before they’d vote for a republican that Meagan Carpenter’s county committee endorsed.

  25. I’ve been a registered republican who has resided in economy borough for over thirty years. I have voted for Dave Poling, mayor of economy borough and will continue to do so. Dave has served the residents of economy borough with integrity, selflessness and excellence. Mayor Poling has proven his commitment to the highest standards and to core values. He led economy borough to a path of success and effectiveness even in challenging times. I don’t view Dave as a democrat or republican but rather a public servant with great integrity and the willingness to do what is right, even when no one is looking.
    I haven’t heard one bad word spoken against Dave other than from his past opponent in political mailers. After reading articles in the Beaver Countian it’s apparent the bipartisan committee in economy borough are behind the efforts to eliminate Dave Poling as mayor. I’m shocked to learn the candidates that are affiliated to this bi-partisan committee. Had I known then what is evident now I would have never voted for the bipartisan committee’s affiliates. If any of them show up on my door-step they’ll find my door slammed in their faces. This Mayor has done nothing but an outstanding job. All evidence points to the bipartisan committee in attacking mayor Poling, therefore they not only lost my vote and respect but my family’s and friends support as well.

  26. :investigate: Love your enemies just in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards. Heard some bipartisan worms are selling out.

  27. Did anyone notice who the ten thousand dollar raffle winner was at the roast beef dinner fundraiser for the Economy Borough Volunteer Fire Department? Make sure you research the winner. Greg Trecha ( a bipartisan committee member/ candidate) won last year. It was comical to watch the fireman ask people who drew the winning tickets if they knew who the fireman were? Duh, that doesn’t raise suspicion? Why does the fire department PICK the ticket, just base it off the lottery number – this will stop so many people suspecting it’s fixed. Also, why isn’t anybody questioning why Rick Lapinski is doing the fire departments books? It’s a violation to PA State Ethics, his wife, Michelle Sovich Lapinski is on council. Does the fire department know he’s not a accountant? He prepares taxes, big difference from a certified public accountant. The difference is a degree of education, that’s all, which is required if you’re doing books for any entity of local government. The fire department in Economy, receives a percentage of tax dollars out of the general funds budget, so Rick Lapinski’s fingers shouldn’t be in the fire department’s books.

  28. Rules are Rules, filings required by law, when the elite of Beaver County ignore the rules, time to hold them accountable, good to see some are on right side of the laws???

  29. I just got off the phone with my parents that live in Economy Borough, PA. They heard JP of the Beaver Countian “inside scoop” broadcast on WBVP today. They listen daily to the WBVP radio station. They are outraged with the bipartisan committee of economy after hearing about the complaints filed against them from county and local democratic committee members. I must tip my hat to JP from the beaver countian and the manager of WBVP for going the extra mile and creating the “inside scoop” while keeping seniors in mind, who don’t rely on a computer to stay informed of their local governments current events.

  30. Its all about King Googins having control. If you do not vote him out before long he will be wanting you to bow before him.Break up his followers.Lets give the government back to the people.

  31. To energystar, cybersquattingpa, theother dc, and the remaining group of your flunkies. The ringleader changes aliases nearly as often as she changes husbands. But, heck, after three marriages, there is no need really to keep counting, I suppose. We are glad to keep you guessing about our identities. It’s sad to say that after this weekend, there shall be no guess relative to yours, especially among the cops! In fact, soon the whole county will know! How tongues will wag and relish in the talk! I suppose someone held your arm and forced the booze down your throat, as you like to suggest about the fabricated actions of others. Moreover, they must have then held a gun to your head and forced your reckless driving! We hear you and your husband finally made good on the delinquent taxes on your residence, though not his business. Let me know if you need some financial assistance with your anticipated legal fees for your criminal defense. Or, wait! Perhaps you can simply get a job! You have sought to inflict so much unwarranted misery upon others, that news of your demise will be hailed gleefully. The botox might temporarily erase the lines from your face, but what will erase the stains from one of the blackest souls? If the moral expressed in The Picture of Dorian Gray does not send waves of terror through your soul, perhaps you need to invest in a good Bible. Oh, wait, you do so outrageously profess to be a Christian, so I shall simply end by referring you to James 3:6-18.

    • morningglory because you lay on your back does not make you a missionary.But i guess thats why you call yourself morningglory. Nobody knows whats going on in your twisted unholy mind about your previous affairs you bragged about :megaphone: john 3:16

  32. morningglory I just received a phone call from the courthouse about the recent comment you made filled with sloth. Which is very fitting, considering who’s mouth it’s coming from. I hate to disappoint you but your newsflash on some ” big criminal booze related reckless driving incident” was nothing more but a fender bender which ended in an exchange of insurance information, drivers licenses, and owner cards. Who looks like the picture of the soulless Dorian Gray now? Is this all you and your friends have time to do? Really? How pathetically sad this is and you all are. The new headlines coming around that will be making tongues wag and relish in the talk about, trust me, have nothing to do with me. Honestly, your face and some of your friends need more than a little botox. Ugly is what ugly does, my dear! Oh and sorry but you might like to think the same person is energystar, cybersquattingpa, and theother dc, but that’s just another error on your behalf. As far as the cops, (as you call them) don’t worry, “our fine police” know their enemies. Lastly, all these attacks about Christian nothing but another attack on me with no substance what so ever. Christian values have nothing to do with a title in a church, or taking communion. It’s the ability to forgive and to live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ when all eyes aren’t watching. Therefore, I’m very confidant with who I am and my life. I also am dedicated to many people and many causes in my community which brings me great and countless joy. I really wish you’d spend as much time helping people as you do hurting them. That’s it, said what I had to say.



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