Economy Borough Council voted tonight to hire a team of computer forensics specialists to examine their government’s computers. The move follows a vote by Council at a previous public meeting to hire a team of forensic finance auditors.

The newly elected majority of Council has remained suspicious of the former majority, many of whom ran together under the “Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough” umbrella. That group and several of its members are currently under criminal investigation by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office over allegations of campaign finance law violations.

Council voted 5-2 to retain the services of Bit-x-Bit to conduct a forensic examination of the Borough’s computer network at a cost of up to $7,200. Council members Courtney Barthelemy and Larry Googins, the only two remaining members of the former majority, both voted against the measure.

Council members have not specified what led them to have the forensic work performed.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • some slupp kept charging the boro’s credit cards for these talk filthy to me phone calls. Heard they’ll be moving in on that son of a bitch. Filthy people talkin on boro time using the boro’s dime, that just ain’t right.

  1. WOW! suprising that the 2 from the previous council oposed this decision….must have something good to hide.  As an Economy Tax payer, I think this is a great idea and I hope it brings out conspiracies that these idiots were manipulating.  Its a shame these idiots that were on council and the 2 left, had the trust and belief from Economy residents that they would do good for the borough.  WRONG!!!  Thanks JP for bringing all of this to light for those who do not attend council meetings.  May have to start. 

  2. 7k to snoop through emails.  7k to perform an audit.The Goon Squad posting with numerous id’s and voting up/down comments …. priceless.Next they’ll raise taxes to further the efforts of the Kindergarten Brigade to seek and destroy all nay sayers and those who dare question why.  14k is just the beginning when you’re on an ego trip.

    • @albatross, you spend a lot of time on the beaver countian belching endless comments of free legal advice, lmao!  Being that you relish in your legal brainpower, you may want to glance at JP’s article on the published emails involving your hoodlum friends. I would think the email from Mrs. Lapinski instructing the borough manager is quite incriminating. “Therefore, could you contact Bill and let him know the issue and that “he’s meeting with us free of charge on Wednesday to answer the remaining questions we had regarding his services, etc.” He can make up the billable on the backend of the deal. I’m sure he’s run into this before.”The boro’s solicitor is very bright and savy. These forensic contracts will be monies well spent. It seems anytime these economy articles brings comments you come to the rescue for your medicated psychotic buddies and accuse people of commenting under numerous id’s. Just goes to show all of your Hitler-narcissi mentality. If you think the majority of people out in Economy and surrounding areas don’t suspect criminal conspiracy – you’re as delusional as your bestie’s.  The Lapinski – Kunkle email could bring charges against Michelle Lapinski. I can’t even imagine what these forensic investigations will reveal.

  3. I was told to come to a boro meeting because this council was going to raise our taxes. I attended ready to demonstrate anger and disgust towards the current new council. The current council had no intentions of raising taxes. I was lied to. Members of the old council that I voted for but they did not win the election were in attendance as residents. One former council woman addressed president Burns about police spending and several other things. I was shocked by her arrogance and rudeness. I found the new members of council to be very tolerable considering how they’ve been taunted. After speaking to council after the meeting, I realized I had made a mistake not to have voted for these people. I do not appreciate lies and deceit from the people I elected to serve on council. I will never give these people the time of day ever again.

  4. Mr. Googins, I voted for you and have also defended you. You are making it very hard to continue to do so. Either you turn a leaf and shake a stick at these old running mates or you’ll be pegged as one of them. People who lay with dogs get fleas. These past few bums that were voted out of council seats also lost their privileges to their opinions on how the borough should run. Googins continues to be re elected and I do not believe this man has or ever had bad intentions. However, if he does not start to fly right, it would disappoint me but it wouldn’t be the first or last time that a politician disappointed me.  



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