Earl Peacock / Beaver Countian file photo.

Earl Peacock / Beaver Countian file photo.

A school van driver accused of molesting two College Square Elementary School students was scheduled to accept a plea deal today — But the agreement fell apart at the last minute, putting the cases back on track for trial.

Earl C. Peacock, 55 of Beaver Falls, is facing multiple charges in the two cases including felony counts of Aggravated Indecent Assault, Unlawful Restraint, and Unlawful Contact With A Minor. Peacock, a former van driver for Ferguson Transportation in Brighton Township, has remained incarcerated since his arrest back in January.

The families of the two girls were sitting in the courtroom today, as Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Popovich and defense attorney Gerald Benyo went back to speak with Judge John P. Dohanich in chambers. When the two returned, Popovich informed the families the plea deal that was negotiated had fallen apart.

The matter of contention, according to sources, is whether Peacock would serve his sentences concurrently, which would see him incarcerated for 5 to 10 years, or consecutively, leaving him to serve 10 to 20 years behind bars.

“Mr. Peacock considered the Commonwealth’s plea bargain offer, and has rejected it after some miscommunication about the possible jail sentence being recommended” said defense attorney Benyo after the proceeding. “If this case goes to trial there will be no winners on either side. The children will have to testify, and Mr. Peacock will be at great risk for a significant jail sentence.”

Popovich also expressed frustration that the plea agreement had collapsed. “The Commonwealth is obviously disappointed. Since the very beginning we’ve been worried about the well-being of these young victims. But they are prepared to move forward, and we are confident in our case.”

The cases are now scheduled for trial on October 29th at 8:30am.

Note: The Beaver Countian has a policy of not identifying the alleged victims of sexual molestation by name.


  1. This sick freak knows he is guilty and his only concern is about how his sentence will run, I say just release him to the familys and call it a day.

  2. aparently scott… you have no kids or you would not be saying that! we trust the bus companey’s to do their job & screen these people! We have to trust that they will be taking care of our kids, but sometimes that don’t happen, as with this case! he did it & i think they need to cut off his penis so he can’t do it again! he’s banking on the fact that these young girls won’t want to testify & he can get off free & clear!

  3. I am not sure this man is guilty, but…………..When you pay more for the guy that picks up your garbage than the person that picks up your children. Maybe your children will be treated like garbage? Just a thought.

  4. Connie, cutting off his penis will do nothing. He will still be a PEDOPHILE and still be able to sexually abuse children. Isn’t some of this on the school bus tape??? If so, is there enough so the children won’t have to testify???

  5. It’s a sad state when a pedophile gets a say on his jail time. If he is guilty he should get life. To many people plead out. Many many people plead out and get federal crimes dropped( namely gun violations). An example is needed and this turd seems like a great one. He ruined little girls whole lives, RUINED. Why should he get anything in exchange for a guilty plea? I can’t wrap my head around the way lawyers think its good to help out this scum.



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