The Beaver County Board of Commissioners ended their much anticipated budget work session meeting yesterday without talking about the budget or property taxes. It was not until the Beaver Countian began asking questions about the budget during a public comment session that Commissioners acknowledged they had no answers and no plan on how they were going to finalize the county’s budget for next year.

The proposed budget is due on Monday.

The seats were full in the Commissioners’ conference room as members of the public and other county officials attended what was to be the final meeting before the Board formally introduced their proposed budget. Commissioners discussed several issues during the meeting, including repairs and maintenance work at the Human Services Building. What was not discussed by the Board was the budget itself, including how much each department would be allocated next year or what the final property tax rate would be set at to close a projected budget deficit — deliberations which under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act must take place in public.

After the Commissioners concluded their agenda items and opened the meeting up to public comment, the Beaver Countian pressed the Board on how they were going to realize a budget that is due on Monday when it was not discussed at its final meeting.

“I guess at this point I am completely confused as to how the Board is coming up with a proposed budget that it is set to pass on Monday,” started Beaver Countian’s John Paul. “I have heard no talks publicly about what any of the numbers will be, about whether the Board is accepting numbers proposed by department heads or not, of what the tax rate is going to be […] Commissioner Camp said he had nothing today, Commissioner Amadio said he had nothing today, the Chairwoman brought up nothing […] When is the Board and how is the Board going decide what the tax rate is? When is the Board and how is the Board going to decide whether or not the Sheriff’s Office is going to be granted a $700,000 increase in its budget next year? I’ve heard no discussion on any of that and it is going to be voted on Monday.”

It was at that point the Commissioners admitted they had no answers and no plan on how they were going to formulate a budget for the county.

“I don’t have an answer for you on that, I wish I did, I don’t have another vote,” said Commissioner Sandie Egley. “I don’t have another Board member to agree.”

“I think that’s the problem, this Board doesn’t communicate,” added Commissioner Tony Amadio.

“No, it does not,” Egley responded.

“The three of us, and I am not afraid to say it, we are failing the citizens of Beaver County,” said Commissioner Dan Camp. “We are not coming together with a plan to move Beaver County forward.”

The exchange during the public meeting revealed deep personal divides between Commissioners that have been a topic of conversation among politicos since the new Republican majority Board took control in January. The Beaver Countian proceeded to ask dozens of questions during the meeting, continuing to press the Board of Commissioner into providing information — both to the public and to each other — about where they individually stood on the budget.

Commissioner Tony Amadio committed to not raising taxes by more than 2.8 mills, a number which would still leave a budget deficit for next year of approximately $3 million that would have to be closed by additional cuts. Commissioner Sandie Egley said she would not vote for any budget that did not close the spending deficit and got the county on solid financial footing to avoid future financial crisis moving forward; she is seeking a tax increase of 6.85 mills.

Commissioner Dan Camp said he did not want to raise property taxes at all and that he believed additional budgetary cuts could be made to avoid it. The budget is currently facing a projected spending deficit of over $9 million, but Camp declined to talk about any specific budgetary numbers or proposal on how to close that gap.

Commissioner Camp avoided answering questions by the Beaver Countian about whether he would support the blocking of a $700,000 increase to the Sheriff’s budget, prevent the Sheriff from hiring the 16 additional part-time deputies he is seeking for next year, or whether he would agree to trim the Treasurer’s Office budget by nearly half — all specific budgetary proposals made during the meeting by Commissioner Egley.

Although the budget is due Monday, Camp dodged attempts by Commissioner Egley to commit to specific actions throughout the meeting, something which drew criticism by some members of the public in attendance.

“Mr. Camp what would you like to cut,” asked Tim Sempf, a Republican who ran for Recorder of Deeds last year. “I agree with you 100%, but it seems vague to me.”

“It is vague until you look at the several hundred pages of budget you’ll realize it,” responded Commissioner Camp. “I think that, you know I stated before, and I’m not sitting here, that’s probably one of the hardest things to do is say you want to lay someone off, but when you walk up and down these halls, when you see, when you hear the citizens… I’m sure there’s somebody in this room that can sit here and tell me they came to this courthouse and had to wait at a counter while employees sat there and did nothing and just looked at you. I see people shaking their heads. Well is that efficiency or is that laziness.”

Commissioner Egley again pressed Camp, “So what would you like to do? Would you like to go page-by-page? We can do this right now.”

Camp shot back, “I’m speaking.”

Camp continued on to mention President-elect Trump and Obamacare before talking about the county’s healthcare benefits — currently mandated by union contracts and can not be changed for next year’s budget.

“I would like the decisions to be made, what are the cuts,” said Egley again.

“Maybe you should discuss right now what you would like to cut,” said Sempf. “I agree with you 100% Mr. Camp, I think your track is exactly the way to go. There may have to be a tax increase, nobody wants that, but I think cutting government is the solution. But once again, that’s vague and if it needs to be discussed and it hasn’t been discussed it seems like we’re running out of time.”

Commissioner Egley said her fellow Board members have refused to be committal on any budgetary decisions, leading to an impasse.

“These decisions need to be made but you need two votes,” said Egley. “First you have to have the statement, I want to cut — fill in the blank. Then you need another person to vote. That is what we’re not doing because we can’t get two people to vote.”

Tim Sempf again pressed from his seat in the audience, “If everybody sits around and lets everything remain vague then it’s going to stay there. Then we’re all going to get up and leave and nothing is going to get accomplished.”

That is exactly what happened.

Although several other members of the audience also pushed the Commissioners to begin getting specific and work through the budget, the Board remained ambiguous and made no progress. At the urging of Commissioner Dan Camp the meeting ended without any decisions being made or even specific deliberations about the budget taking place.

The Board of Commissioners set a new meeting date, 1:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon in the Commissioners’ Conference Room, to discuss the budget… or not. The meeting will be open to the public.


  1. you elected a kid that still got to bum money from people to be commissioner and ask him to come up with a budget for a hundred million bucks haha

  2. Sandie is giving Dan the opportunity to side with her by giving him the spead of 21-31%. It is clear she knows how we got here, how much we need to close the gap and her patients with Tony is nothing shy of amazing.
    Sandie is making a decision, right or wrong. But she is alone.
    Btw she did say that with this tax increase needs more cuts, but no one would vote with her since talks started in August! She also made the suggestion of a BC citizen oversight budget committee, stating that a long term plan needs ironed out which includes energy efficiency, technology advancement and consolidation.
    It’s all just talk… we need two votes! We have one….

  3. Maybe I can help the board. Say the words- ” I want to cut the salaries of the Commissioners and elected row officers and cut the general work force.” Will anyone second the motion?” Can you say, I want to find out what the hell all that money went to Friendship Ridge for? How about recouping those funds?

    Amadio and Camp, you’re done. This is your last time in county government. Camp, you are backing the wrong horse unless you are trying to learn some old political tricks and swindles. Camp is being a prick to Egley for some reason. He and his co-conspirator have some kind of scheme in place. Don’t worry Ms Egley, hold your ground and you will be the last one standing, Those other two lame duck drones are gone next election.

    • JohnQ- the meeting is at 1 O’clock. Fri. December 2nd, 2016. Commissioners’ Conference Room, it is free and will be open to the public.

  4. Well, it looks like mandatory attendance at the Courthouse on Friday at 1:00 P.M. in the Commissioners Conference room. This is absurd. Irresponsible. Totally fucked up. It’s your money, people. $169 added to the average taxpayer’s bill with a 31% increase. By now, you know who created this mess — mainly five people from the last administration — Beaver County’s own version of The Five Finger Discount.

  5. Start cutting everything and getting rid of bodies on the payroll. They can thank their leaders in government.

  6. If there is a tax increase, the results will only be more money wasted or another chance to mismanage money. Find out where the money is going, plug the leak and employees and benefits.

  7. Where is this big investigation of Connie Javens? She must have gave Lozier a spanking and put him in his place. Javens, LaValle, Rabick, It’s Tammany Hall all over again. Bunch of phony self serving freaks.

  8. “The three of us, and I am not afraid to say it, we are failing the citizens of Beaver County,” said Commissioner Dan Camp. “We are not coming together with a plan to move Beaver County forward.”

    Those are my words! I have been saying that all along, they have violated their oath of office and not fulfilling their required duties. All of the officials.

  9. And they went to college great waste of money keep up the great work how about we put drop outs in there to fix the problem have more smarts and will get more done in a day than you guys in a month

  10. Lozier you are done too. We the people are calling for accountability and punishment. Everyone already knows about violations of county codes and violating banking laws. If you white wash this investigation, you will never get elected again.

  11. Beaver County is dead. Raise taxes and screw us even more. We are made to pay for the mistakes of politicians. Minimum wage paying jobs and over taxed property. Not so great place to live anymore.

      • A Petrochemical Plant for our Neighbor?

        The Rest of the Story.
        Featuring Iris Carter, Ann Rolfes, and the PBS POV Movie, “Fenceline: A Company Town Divided”
        Date: Thursday, December 1, 2016
        Time: 6:00 – 8:30 pm
        Location: Beaver Station Cultural & Event Center, 250 East End Avenue, Beaver, PA 15009 (At the corner of Third Street and East End Avenue).
        Cost: Free.

    • Ha that’s a good one Betty Corwin. The only thing it will bring is temporary jobs and the county will take another drop after all the construction is completed

    • The 600 people will probably not buy a home in Beaver County when they look at the options. Butler, Washington, and Lawrence County all have better communities than Beaver.
      I am here because I am but I would not consider Beaver County today and raising taxes will worsen this.

      • today’s beaver co times… got some easements to put their pipelines thru some beaver county properties….they paid a WHOPPING $3000 dollars in taxes to the municipalities involved, all total. MY FREAKIN’ PROPERTY TAXES ARE MORE THAN THAT EVERY DAMN YEAR !!! and now thay want to raise taxes AGAIN while this polluting petro plant gets a free ride once again? no wonder people are laeving this county.thye only ones making a profit from this deal are rental propert owners like Betters, and the politicians who run this place.

    • Yea Mary, I’m with you. Tired of paying taxes, tired of taxes being raised all the time, tired of not having a dollar in my pocket all because some filfy corupt politician, politicions rob me legally, these Bozos are going to cause blight here in Beaver County because so many homes are going to go up for sheriffs sales, and who can afford to keep their homes when they keep robbing everybody legally? What are we, the poor people suppose to do when we just can’t pay their outlandish tax bill anymore? What ground do we have to stand on when we are thrown off of our property and our homes? These politicians are all rich gettin all the money collecting taxes off of us, living in homes in the south when winter approches here in Beaver County, eating prime rib, t bone stekes, filiet mon yon steak, lobester, shrimp, every expensive food you can think of as well as driving expensive cars, on OUR MONEY! ON OUR THE TAXPAYERS MONEY! I hate them, I hate them so much, I hope they all pay themselves a higher price from God in heaven by keeping poor people downtrodden the way they have for years have done, and I DO hope their punishment would be too great to bear, they WILL DESERVE IT! I hate politicians!

      • Dan, Paxil, Pandora, Long Walks. When you get to the point where your rant becomes about t bone stekes and filiet monyon steaks, you need alittle help. .. Deep Breaths Dan !

      • why wouldn’t the extra 1% tax stay in the county? how do you figure? what’s the reason for other districts raising their sales tax, if they do not receive any benefit? please enlighten!

    • This has been what George Louge, former talk show host of KDKA’ undcover club has said FOR YEARS before he retired. He spoke to many elderly senior citizens who had gone hungry and couldn’t afford their medications due the HIGH TAXES THEY HAVE TO PAY. Why can’t these stupid politicians see this, and quite rasing taxes? None of this has ever, or will ever be fair. Politicians live the good life while the rest of us live lowly and poor all the time.

  12. I encourage anyone who can attend to come to the 1PM meeting. Neither Guy, Javens or the Assessor showed up. How the F can you pass a budget when they obstruct their duties to show up for public hearings. Cowards, hiding in their offices and waiting for the storm to pass. It is not going to pass losers! Show your faces to the taxpayers and explain why you need massive pay increases and a bloated Treasury Kingdom. Sandie has the facts for the surrounding counties and we are about 250 useless friends and family above the rest. Tony keeps claimed that taxes weren’t raised for 8 years. Correctimundo, Einstein, that’s so you could run on a no tax increase platform. meanwhile back at the ranch, the Treasurer, Controller and Lavalle (all commissioners too) knew that the budget was borrowing to pay the bills. This was all concealed from the taxpaying public. That tells you all you need to know about character and leadership. Over 8 months of mismanagement and corruption are now our problem as taxpayers. If you can get off work, show up at the meeting or don’t bitch when the shit hits the fan. Sandie is going to hang tough and get this budget under control. Even if she is one and done for raising taxes she is leading and trying to solve this financial morass she inherited. Funny, the public had lots of ideas and questions but Tony and Dan just wanted to get this over with. Great job as usual on JP’s part to hold their feet to the fire. Those two are dinosaurs and need to go back to work in the private sector. Dan, all you have to do is meet Sandie half way and solve the problems. Grow a set of balls or move on.

    • I really have no tolerance for people like you who are so misinformed. Who is obstructing duties ? Guy, Javens and assessor? They have nothing to do with passing the budget or raising the taxes. The commissioners do, dummy up,

  13. So many elderly are suffering in Beaver County. Places such as Center even more so. Do these political figures ever once look at the lives others are living? Or are they too caught up living in multiple homes and driving expensive cars to care? There are NO career prospects or any reason for those of us that grew up there to come back. It’s sad. To see how taxes can run out lifetime residents is disgusting!

  14. Just read the Times story in the paper,. What meeting was Jares S at? I doubt their is anyone in that room that would come close to agreeing with the bullshit he printed. They are the worst example of journalism I’ve ever see. High school newspapers have more investigative knowledge than them. Why do they even bother to show up? Just run the same story as the week before and it will give us about as much useful information. NONE! I suggest the taxpayers’ dump the Times en masse to protest their yellow journalism. It is quite obvious that they love the old guard and will do anything to help Moe & Larry to stop Sandie. Sexism maybe? Don’t like tough women? I wish they put as much time in investigating the den of corruption at the courthouse as they do on puff pieces about Gallagher, high school players and puffy feel good pieces that aren’t fit for a birdcage. Felt bad for the family of the football player but 3 pages? Get your damn priorities right. I know it’s beaver county but for Christ’s sake there are way more important issues in this county. National Enquirer has more cred than the Times. I’d wear a bag over my head to the next meeting if I was a so called reporter form there.

  15. a group of first graders could do a better job. To ridiculous. almost all are trying to funnel more money to the sheriffs office. That’s the biggest beast.

  16. The county payroll is like the Johnstown Flood, as the grand waters rushed through the valley, it picked up more and more debris. That is what they need to get rid of, all that debris. Go over every vendor and supplier contract that serves Beaver County. Find out who they are, what are they providing, who they are related to and how much waste can be cut from those venders. And finally put a nepotism policy in place!

  17. When a vendor repairs a county vehicle and you get an invoice, has those repairs actually been done? When a paper, paper clips, folders, pens, pencils, copy machines, copy machine repairs, are these products actually being delivered? Fire extinguishers, cleaning services, who has these contracts? Parks and recreation repairs on equipment? Expenses at the County Airport? What does the county own and what does the county rent. Who are they paying rent to? There are lots of county buildings and I can think of 1000 ways to extract money from the county if nobody is paying attention.

  18. In the Times this AM, a commissioner suggest logging the county parks. On WBVP, Tony and Danny throw figures back and forth for 40 minutes like they know what they are looking at while Sandie is at the bridge club holiday tea or whatever and then Connie Javens comes on and does a monologue about how hard she works.

    Meanwhile , NOBODY mentions at all the fact that we sold Friendship Ridge 2 years ago for $37 million and the county’s $76 million budget now needs a tax increase to keep the lights on in Beaver. Nothing from the commissioners, nothing from the reporters, the radio host, Connie, nothing from DICK Luckow. They might as well of handed away the keys to that facility and walked away from it like a re-po. Where is that money or maybe a better question, where did that money go? Anybody else think that it might have a strong impact on the budget for this year?

    Beaver County. Pennsylvania’s asshole. Always the last, always the least.

    • They should be questioning EVERYTHING! Especially about that stinking Friendship Ridge deal. That looks like a fucking heist to me!

    • That sounds like a good show. They were talking about the stupid Daily Show when I listened. The Commissioners don’t do the hiring and firing. They just set the budget. They should cut all offices by 20%, across the board. Each office manager should submit a plan for how they will operate inside their assigned budget at the beginning of the year- no whining about it. Raise taxes by no more than 6%. And find out what happened to that Friendship Ridge money!

  19. Outrageous! We are overtaxed already! And very little if any increases in monthly income to compensate for this! How will our elderly manage this! They should all hang their heads in shame! But maybe they don’t have a conscience!

  20. You see how this works; these corrupt political hacks waste, spend, squander the tax money from their constituents because they know they have a revenue stream. They’ll always want more and more UNTIL the people have had enough to forcibly remove these people from office. It’s coming.

  21. Dan Camp if you see it daily, and know it to be true.. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT- Dan says ” I’m sure there’s somebody in this room that can sit here and tell me they came to this courthouse and had to wait at a counter while employees sat there and did nothing and just looked at you. I see people shaking their heads. Well is that efficiency or is that laziness.”….This from a Commissioner, who from the of the other side of his mouth says “The three of us, and I am not afraid to say it, we are failing the citizens of Beaver County,” …. “We are not coming together with a plan to move Beaver County forward.” Here is where I agree with Camp, but when he says, “WE,” I have to disagree. Only one commissioner wanted to have a budget done yesterday, and she could not get Tony(am I really here) Amadio, or Dan(wish my family had a waffle business) Camp.

    • We have Union Employee’s ? I don’t know why it’s this way? It should not be, they work for Beaver County Taxpayers.

    • Unions SHOULD NOT be allowed in ANY government sector. PERIOD!
      They (unions) bleed everything they touch dry. J&L, US Steel, US Air, and now county government.

  22. Sos, the human services building is not in need, the buildings that house the customers of human services need repairs, and more are needed.
    We have a district attorney who gets judges to over exceed sentencing guidelines to keep mentally ill consumers of human services in the beaver county jail, he works with the public defenders to provide ineffective consul to make sure jail remains the new mental facility in Beaver County.
    The law states that once sentenced to a mental facility, 7 days is the deadline to carry out the sentencing and be transfered to said facility.
    9 months my loved one sat in jail, not properly medicated, a social worker at the jail with absolutely no training with individuals suffering from mental illness. Had to hire outside attorney and still took months to get transfered.
    It’s just all a disgrace….but keep remodeling, the upstairs at the Mental health association looks like it came from Better Homes and Garden….
    On and on it goes…..

  23. I wonder where the 600 people Shell hires are going to buy a house.
    Beaver County has nothing to offer them. A mediocre park, no real bicycle or walking trails, and now even higher taxes.
    Washington, Butler, and Lawrence Counties all seem to be better managed.

  24. Who holds the contract for insurance? Our we paying insurance premiums on cars and equipment or buildings that do not exist or are no longer in use?

  25. Before any tax increase have the assessor tally up how much is owed by some wealthy citizens of the county and other cronies. One name that popped up was U–S. Imagine that, Ralphie & Connie, eh? When you are done there, go find the mission millions from Friendship ridge and then cut the 250 lazy friends and family working at the outhouse. Next union contracts no raise but a salary freeze and make them pay for the Cadillac plan like the rest of the taxpayers do. Unions continue to be the 500lb gorilla in the room and especially with Joe & Tony they didn’t want to lose the labor vote. Knuckle dragging Neanderthals that vote however they are told. Too f–g dumb to formulate an opinion. They only care about themselves & F–k the taxpayers. I urge any of you that can make it Friday at 1PM to pack the courthouse and voice your displeasure with Tony’s stonewalling to cover his ass (No new taxes) & Dan (I can’t tell which way the wind is blowing. Especially if the Sheriff, the Treasurer & the Assessor have the balls to show up and confront the very taxpayers they are plundering. Put a face on us so we are not just numbers. Our aging population cannot support a tax increase. Slash that budget and burn the non-complying lazy union F–ks!

  26. Well my name’s John Lee Pettimore
    Same as my daddy and his daddy before
    You hardly ever saw Grandaddy down here
    He only came to town about twice a year

  27. Instead of scheduling the meeting at 1:00pm on Friday, why not schedule it in the late afternoon or evening so normal people can participate in their local government without having to take time off work?

  28. They’d have to pay the Sheriff overtime since its after normal hours!!!!! Send a friend or family member as your proxy. If you aren’t working then you won’t be able to pay the taxes. Zero sum game.

  29. This Board is going to be ineffective for three more years because of Camp. Amadio is going to do absolutely nothing now that he is the minority, he’s going to lay low, collect his campaign contributions, and get ready to make a victory lap in the next election. Egley is trying to get things done, but without her and Camp being on the same page, she’s also going to fail. Camp hates Egley because she is Chair and will purposefully never get on the same page with her. Based on JP’s reporting, he also suffers from liabetes, and liabetics hate honest people because honest people remind them of how dishonest they themselves are.

    I think the Commissioners need to give each department head a single number (a smaller number than last year) with no details behind it and require them to fill in the blanks with their own details. That’s the department heads jobs, that’s not the Commissioners’ job.

  30. Like Bob Louge from KDKA’S undercover club always said, sheepole. They will make nice, these politicians, and promise not todo this, then when reelected, they turn back to ravonous wolves again, and the sheepole are too stupid to reconize their crooked ways, and there ya have it, their back in office, raising taxes and thinking up more taxes to create and then raise them again, vicious cycle.

    • Sheeple Dan, Sheeple – a sheepole would be some sort of instrument, and I would not want to guess it’s use.

      • Dan may have meant a sheeps hole….you know…..honest officer I was just helping the sheep get over the fence!

  31. If a regular household cant pay their bills- they don’t run to their bosses who pay them and say, I over spent this year, now you need to pay me more to cover my errors.” Why does the county feel that they have that right with the people of the county.
    As John Q stated- take a look at the property the county owns. I did… they own property in residential areas that are vacant. Why? Sell it off. They have buildings that are not needed. Sell them off. Take a look at the equipment that the county owns. Road equipment, cars, trucks, etc. Is it all running or sitting in a lot somewhere collecting rust and rats? Auction it off or sell it for scrap. I know they are purchasing new equipment every year. Have you ever seen anything in the BCT up for sale or auction? me neither. Why? where does it go? Take an itemized look at the equipment that is in the insurance. Its it all covered correctly? Are we paying for insurance for equipment that we don’t even run?

    When you are living under a tight budget in a household you have to cut even the smallest thing. Even down to cable or your food bills. Why cant the county do this? One believes that things cant be cut because they NEED them. Cut them out for a little while, and see how it goes. I have to go to the courthouse periodically and I visit a few of the departments. Are ALL of the personnel needed? I would rather wait in line to be attended if everyone is busy than the alternative of waiting in line while I see 3 sitting people stare at me because they have nothing better to look at.

    They need to look internally because that’s where this mess started. Going external first is just a cop-out. Any one can be in their position and come up with the idea of raising taxes.. It takes a person with thought and gumption to figure it out internally.

  32. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. If you all agree that you are failing Beaver County, then go by the way of the Samurai and fall on the sword and quit. Hey Danny Boy, when you are in a position of power, you have to make difficult but timely decisions. Put your big boy pants on and do your damn job. Set the example not to pilfer the coffers again by arresting the previous commissioners. Lozier, at least say that there is an investigation by SOMEONE. As far as Lozier being elected again, there is no way in hell he will even run. He knows he is in over his head and will hand off the mess to someone else.

  33. How long ago was the last tax increase ? Who was making it work for all those years ?
    Now we have new County leaders who put their folks in charge of the row offices and in a short time we have a large deficit and are looking at a 31% tax hike.
    It would be nice if the county meetings were in the evening so working folks could be there.

  34. I saw another comment here that mentioned the “mediocre park” in BC. A few google searches and a few minutes of searching BC Commissioners meeting minutes, and I came up with these figures-
    $727,000 for the new Four Seasons building at Bradys Run (though a BC times story had the total at $916,796. The same article mentioned looking at the possibility of a second ice arena for the county).
    $180,00 for the new bathrooms at Brady’s Run (this figure was from BC Times).
    Add the money spent on studies and plans for “parks, recreation, greenways, trailways, open spaces, etc.” and that’s about a million bucks right there on a park system that many in the county consider “mediocre”.
    But yeah, it’s tax revenue that’s the problem.

    • If the park is considered “mediocre” it’s probably because of the Beaver County pigs that frequent it. And then come home and bitch because it’s “dirty”. Pretend that the garbage cans are basketball hoops and use your high school years talents to hit the can with your garbage. Two days after the park is open in the spring, it’s a shit hole from all the litter.

      Personally, I like our parks. It’s one of the few positive qualities in this county. It’s amazing that they are what they are with the human “resources” we have running and using them.

      • Actually, I highly doubt that people think the parks are mediocre because of litterbugs. It is MUCH more than that. It is an arboretum trail that has been abandoned and left to die. It is a horse arena that has received, as far as I can tell, no maintenance, except to tear down the old rotten bleachers. It is a trail system that receives nothing from the county, which leaves the users to fend for themselves and do maintenance themselves. It is an outdoor hockey rink that received no maintenance and is unusable and unsafe due to huge cracks and gaps in the concrete. And despite these needs (and others unmentioned), the county makes an approx million dollar investment in a park building (even though they already had one?) that only benefits a small number of paying park customers, not everyone, as it should. THESE are some of the reasons the counties parks are mediocre (at best), not because of some litter. If you like the parks, great, but it appears to me that those who run the county only start paying attention to the parks when they think they can make a dime off of them (first hunting, then fracking, now logging), which is not a recipe for a healthy park system. .

  35. When I do my daily walk thru Beaver I always swing by the wonderful courthouse. I always wonder who gets and who pays for(ha) all the company cars I see. There is at least 10 white Ford Fusions, all the same year. Maybe JP can look into that.

  36. DID ANYBODY ask about the Friendship Ridge money? Has ANYBODY questioned about this forensic audit which is apparently going on longer than the Warren Commission? Has ANYBODY asked that this budget vote be delayed UNTIL we get answers about that “windfall” in 2014 that apparently has absolutely no impact on the county finances even though it came to almost half of an annual budget just a year and a half later.

    Tim Sempf didn’t ask. Sandie, Tony , Danny haven’t commented. Mike Romigh didn’t ask and Connie never mentioned it this AM. The BCT didn’t ask and, frankly , I don’t see where JVP asked, as well. So, we will see a tax increase and everyone will bitch like hell for a week. then it’s Christmas time and before you know it, Stiller’s playoffs run!!!! and by February a soft calm of idiot bliss will fall over Dopey Hollow.

    • Uncle Wah Wah Tomorrow is your big chance, don’t wait on others to ask YOUR QUESTION… Be at the Meeting and ask for yourself. If you can’t make it send someone in you place.

  37. I was one of 30 or so people in attendance, albeit the majority were Courthouse staff with a few employees. There were no more than 6 – 10 “concerned” members of the taxpaying public present. Where were all the outraged citizens? Be there tomorrow (Friday) at 1 PM.

    It’s unbelievable, but true, as JP states, “The Beaver County Board of Commissioners ended their much anticipated budget work session meeting yesterday without talking about the budget or property taxes”. He furthers states,”…the Commissioners admitted they had no answers and no plan on how they were going to formulate a budget…”. Well, I wonder what they had planned if JP hadn’t brought it up? Drop back 10 and punt? Need I remind them, the clock is running with no time-outs left? Hello?? Monday is only 4 days away, including a weekend, and they have NO ideas? SOMETHING needs to be done… AND FAST!

    Amadio refuses to go along with a 31% raise, Camp wants NO raise, with Egley in the middle, meaning never the twain shall meet. Plus, to throw a monkey wrench in the works, Dave Lozier said he wants to hire new assistant D.A.’s, Guy wants to hire 16 MORE part-timers, and only God knows what the hell Javens has up HER sleeve.

    HEY COMMISSIONERS!! YOU three are at the helm of the county; YOU are the BOSSES. YOU make the decisions, so do it already. Someone in the audience said to take an ax to the budget and trim the fat. I say, hell yeah, like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. CUT the Sheriff to his allowed duties, and NO MORE. CUT the Treasurer’s office AND INFORM THE PUBLIC OF THE MISSING MILLIONS. Tell Dave Loser to work with what he has and NO MORE. Those CUTS alone will save a bundle. If they wish to sue you, then let them. The public will back YOU up and will remember who had the balls on election day.

  38. Camp shot back, “I’m speaking.” and he was saying nothing.
    In my opinion, total disrespect, lack of any type of tact, total arrogance and immaturity. He also likes to ask questions, where he already knows the answer. It’s my guess he wants to look involved by getting into the meeting minutes. He has got to go !

  39. $700,000 more?! And 16 more deputies?! He’s worse than Georgie. Eliminate the take home of cars, cut the number of cars at least in half. That department was out of control before but this is crazy. Butler County’s sheriff budget is less than ours. Same old, same old.

  40. It is time to bring in a independent auditing firm from out state to investigate Connie Javens and her office . Where is the 37 million plus. Sheriff Guy wants 700,000 and more people. Hell Butler County covers over 250 sq. miles more plus we have over 29,000 more people with less sheriff deputies.



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