Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

Beaver County Domestic Relations Director Joseph Signore was directed to leave the courthouse yesterday after three employees filed complaints about a bizarre department-wide meeting he forced them to attend, according to county officials.

Multiple sources within the Domestic Relations Office say Joseph Signore called a department meeting with the approximately 30 members of his staff Friday morning to rant about an article published by the Beaver Countian on his impending retirement.

Signore told his staff that the person who provided information to the Beaver Countian put people’s physical safety in danger by disclosing the location of his retirement party to be held at a popular sports bar — the drinking establishment was going to be open to the public during his celebration.

According to multiple people who attended the meeting, Signore told his staff he is aware of who the “rats” are in his office that speak to the Beaver Countian’s John Paul and then accused one of his office supervisors of being the source for the article — staring at him intently and raising his voice while repeating he knew who was responsible for the reporting.

The supervisor repeatedly denied being the Beaver Countian’s source, Signore persisted, referring to the man as “big boy” and telling his staff that the supervisor and another courthouse employee he identified by name were members of “a secret society.”

Following the mandatory office meeting about the Beaver Countian, Signore sent out an email to his entire department, again reiterating his assertion that individuals’ safety was placed in jeopardy by the release of information about his party.

County officials say they are not aware of any threats made against Signore or anyone in his office.

Also included in Signore’s email to his department were references to bible verses.

“Ephesians 6:10 states that we don’t battle the flesh and blood but rather the demonic spirits of the evil one,” wrote Signore to his employees. “Spirits of jealousy, hatred, arrogance, immorality, gossip, revenge, selfishness etc. I pray against these in the name of Jesus the Christ.”

Employees of his office have previously complained about Signore “pushing prayer” in ways that made them feel uncomfortable.

County officials say the supervisor from Domestic Relations subsequently filed a complaint with the courts and the county about Director Signore’s conduct. Two female employees of Domestic Relations also filed complaints with Human Resources about being forced to endure a hostile working environment created by Signore.

The County Commissioners, Human Resources, and the county’s Law Department were all involved in responding to the incident along with the Court Administrator’s Office.

County officials say they were told President Judge Richard Mancini sent Joseph Signore from the building and gave the supervisor the remainder of the day off. Commissioners then sought and received confirmation that Signore was no longer in the courthouse.

Judge Mancini told officials he would be personally conducting an investigation into the incident.

Several female employees of the courts have previously described their working environment as at times being like a “frat house” where the “good ol’ boys club” protects one another.

Signore’s last day with the county before retirement is scheduled for next Friday, February 9th.

Court personnel spoke to the Beaver Countian for this report on condition they not be quoted by name because they fear potential retaliation. County officials spoke on condition they not be named while discussing personnel matters.

Joseph Signore could not be reached by the Beaver Countian for comment and did not return a detailed voicemail message left on his cellphone.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Another “good ol’boy” gone. How many more to go? Get those buses lined up to finish draining the swamp!

  2. No dignity at all. Prime example of the psychopathic maniacs in that courthouse. And this disturbed individual had a staff of 30 people for 32 years. No wonder BC is a deep dark hole……….

  3. Mancini is going to investigate the incident. Go home Joe your psychotic break from reality will be a little better in the morning.

  4. “We are movin’ the party. Listen UP !! This is a directive, someone be sure to get those Styrofoam Cups I bought, we’ll be needin’ them.”

    • There’s empty space on the wall in the jury lounge for a plaque to this guy; should keep the engravers busy for awhile…!

  5. So basically, the takeaway here is that nobody in that department did much work on Friday.

    Or, in other words, ANOTHER Friday at the Courthouse.

    It’s going to snow next week. Between everybody coming in late anyway, maybe they can let this guy stay home, for “safety concerns” and he can start his permanent vacation a week early. At regular pay, of course.

  6. Hiding behind his BS religion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bonehead’s next gig is with Catholic Charities … the group that the courthouse mandates EVERY divorcing couple must pay in exchange for mandatory counselling by clueless counselors.

  7. Looks like you better have his party at the fucking Mental Health Ward. After the party, tell him he’s losing his county pension and he is forbidden inside the courthouse. Nothing wrong with him huh?

  8. Never underestimate the outcome of a hissy fit. It seems this man made a complete fool of himself. It must have taken years of practice for him to be such a moron. His temperament seems due to lack of medication. He’s madder than a midget with a yo-yo.

    • Midget with a yo yo. I cant stop laughing you really made me laugh. Oh I thought you were talking about Tony Guy. You were speaking metaphorically about crazy Joe.

  9. Scripture quotes…religious persecution…AWOL…paranoia…Little Green Men stalking a public pub…secret societies…snitches…an abandoned car at the Willows…

    What is this? The “X Files?” Mulder, please, what’s going on?

    Well, AA meets every night, and it’s free.

    And the judge will investigate. Yeah, right. The same way he does employment screenings.

    Get over yourself, Signore. Nobody cares about you. Just leave, immediately, and do everyone a favor. This is becoming another Day of Infamy, and we don’t need a Churchill to tell us.

    • If you were trying to reference “December 7th, 1941… a day which will live in infamy” that was Roosevelt, not Churchill.

  10. Signore is probably Catholic. Go to church tomorrow and say three Hail Marys and start new on Monday morning. Then check yourself into the nut barn.

  11. I guess those penis enhancement pills Signore is taking are working. He’s twice the dick he was yesterday!

  12. Nothing like going out with a bang! It is also crystal clear who posted that comment about giving away the retirement party location on the retirement article.

  13. Its scary to think all these crazys working at the courthouse,I mean all people working at the courthouse.who have other peoples lives in their many innocent people are in prison and how many children’s lives have they ruined all for the sake of money.scaring people into plea bargains so they don’t have to pay 4 a trial.sad !!!!!!!!

  14. Why didn’t they require a drug and alcohol blood screen prior to sending him home?

    It should be a given that he’s officially retired as of last Friday….and based on what appears to be mental instability he shouldn’t be permitted back in the courthouse.

    On a seperate note, he is even more delusional if he actually thinks any of his employees are planning to attend his little shindig. It will most likely just be him, Franky and his buddy the president judge occupying three bar stools for the evening.

    • He should not be allowed back in that building. He’s unhinged. He could do anything to anyone. The sheriffs office needs to be put on alert anytime that psycho enters the courthouse. As far as the turnout for his retirement party, they probably fit entire “party” in the men’s room.

  15. How sad, and probably at future employee retirement announcements, someone will say “please don’t do a Joe Bonkers on us.” His pre-retirement antics(along with his other infamous actions) will be long remembered.

  16. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Signore on the phone. He seems to forget that he services the public. He may have a little control over our employees, but he is still corrupt and his retirement is a welcome change. Hopefully BCDR will make changes to better service their clients. Glad to see Joe go. Think I’ll whistle him a tune.

  17. The sad part is that Joe’s pension will be probably be twice as much as the average taxpayer’s wages. Will his close friend and assistant director Mr. Chestnut step up and be any better, or just more of the same? Or will Mancini pull yet another friend/relative into the position? Here’s a thought: ADVERTISE the position!
    In the meantime, Joe, try practicing what you try to preach, you pharisee.

    • Sadder still is the fact that NONE of the corruption in county government would even be publicly known if it weren’t for JP and the BC. He does a tremendous public service for voters. If only more readers of the sterile Beaver County Times would read this publication.

      • Also pathetically sad is the fact that he was allowed to continue his bad behavior after complaints were filed. That alone says much about the cronyism in that courthouse. He should have been stopped a long time ago.

  18. I’ve known Signore since I was a boy. On both sides of his “radar.”
    Joe’s a good man. No nonsense. If you need a hand up, a kick in the ass, or a hug. He’s there offering it before you realise you need it.

    • “I’ve known Signore since I was a boy. On both sides of his ‘radar.'”

      So knowing him as well as you do, what you are politely trying to say is that he’s bipolar ???

    • If he’s so good, why has it been so much of a struggle to get a child support check that feeds and cloths children all these years? I have never in my life heard one good thing about the DR Dept, all injustices. He has been nothing but a manikin collecting county paychecks and benefits for 32 years. He is a disgrace to the people.

      • From what I’ve seen at the courthouse, a mannequin collecting a paycheck pretty much describes just about everybody under that roof.

        It is time for home rule charter in order to eliminate the majority of the elected officials (and by default the cronies that they hire). People will be hired to do those jobs and unlike the current system there will be accountability along with the ability to fire these individuals when they do nothing except collect a paycheck. No more of the nonsense where it takes four a years to vote out a lazy, incompetent ass who does what they want, when they want, regardless of that cost to the taxpayers.

      • Because I was self-employed and wrote my own checks for child support I can honestly say that my ex never had trouble getting her checks until the state took over the system as per the Federal Deadbeat Dad Law. After a while it got better.

  19. What he did seems to be abuse of office and power at the least. Time to start charging tyrants like him and show them where the rubber meets the road.

  20. While the Signore and DeFilippi debacles are concerning, I have to ask a more serious question. How could anyone appearing before this judge — with a history of hiring favoritism and apparent laissez-faire in dealing with this serious matter (at least in public) — expect fair and impartial treatment?

    For example, a couple of instances (excerpted quotes are from BC articles):

    He fired his long-time secretary and hired the girlfriend of his adult son, a woman with “…no prior experience in the legal profession or working in a law office.”

    His “…full-time courtroom tipstaff is Kelly Wolf, his sister-in-law. Kelly Wolf’s son Cebran Netherland was hired in February 2014 to work as a Hotel Tax Collector in the Treasurer’s Office, although he had no prior experience in finances or accounting.” Prior to that, he was a disc jockey.

    “Wolf’s other son, Bryar Netherland, was hired by the Sheriff’s Office in April 2014, although he had no prior law enforcement training or certifications.” He failed to become certified and resigned.

    Both of these men have had issues with the law, one for an alleged discharged firearm, one for an alleged break-in. (Refer to BC coverage articles.)

    I believe that this judge was the boss of both Signore and DeFilippi, yet no apparent interventions — that I am aware of — occurred to stop the AWOLs and office misbehaviors. It is unlikely that he knew nothing about what was going on. If I am wrong about this, please correct me.

    Maybe he is honest, knowledgeable and impartial and a tribute to the bench as President Judge, but the apparent favoritism, lack of qualifications in those hired and lack of action might cause one to pause about possible subjectivity in his bench behavior as well.

    This is just guessing, and I shall correct and retract, even apologize, if necessary, but I cannot help but think about it. I believe some of the blame should be placed where it apparently belongs.

    • I appreciate your intellect Raven and the way you turn a phrase. You describe Mancini well. Nice way of saying hes a corrupt motherfucker…

  21. I have always said the same thing regarding District Magistrates that were former police officers for years. If you are in court fighting a charge from law enforcement, who the District Judge has probably worked with or have known for years, the case is already tainted before it starts.

    P.S. Cebran Netherland not only hired in the Treasurers office but named first deputy in a short amount of time, and more than likely jumped the line ahead of many long time employees.
    It would also be interesting to know what Bryar is currently doing for employment. I can only guess but I have some good ideas of what it could be.

  22. Signore has begun to implode. A bizarre department-wide meeting where staff was forced to attend. Making reference to certain staff members as “rats” references to bible verses, and identifying employees by name as members of “a secret society.” The Lord spoke (no longer chronicled) to him? Our President Judge needs to make a decision, and be accountable for any problems that my arise at the courthouse.

  23. If I worked for the sheriffs department and read this article, I would be less concerned about who might show up at Zookys.

  24. I hope no one sent this lunatic home, who was having a meltdown, drive home. Totally irresponsible! He should have been taken to the hospital and drug and alcohol tested for this dangerous outburst towards subordinates’. If the Judge allowed him to walk off scot free and unsupervised he endangered the entire citizens of this county. Obviously anyone crossing his path after this incident will be terrified. DO NOT ALLOW HIM BACK IN THE COURTHOUSE. He in in need of some serious medication. Talk about going out with a bang. I hope all three of you at the retirement party have fun. Maybe you can reminisce and joke about the subordinates and co-workers you humiliated and abused and GOT AWAY WITH over 32 years of sadistic behavior. Forget the prayers pal and all the bullshit, you SIR are going straight to hell!

  25. Ooh booga booga! Careful SingWhore I hear there are wabbits around! Good to know though SingWhore that you are ” in the know ” on the serious issues of today i.e chemtrails, people out to get you, fake moon landings, aliens etc. Look on the bright side though now that you dont have to worry about passing thru the metal detectors at the courthouse you can actually carry around with you your personal Faraday box….you know just in case….lol…But seriously dont fret the party just park your ass up against a good solid wall with a view of the door like some version of Wild Bill Hiccock! And remember its usually the bus you dont see that runs you over…you know like complications from fatty chirosis liver from too much booze and philly cheese steak. Because why would anyone risk their own freedom or arrest record trying to do harm to such an in-sig-nif-a-cunt as you seem to be thought of by so many?!? So as they say shut off the lights on your way out cuz your influence is now obsolete! And most will simply remember you as the power tripping douche bag that freaked everyone out during some halfbaked spontaneous meeting where you succeeded in really only validating what most people always really thought of you!So Bye now!

    • Mungo, Bravo! The above comment is an absolute work of art. I must admit I googled Faraday Box, great stuff !

      • Much thanks kind Walk! The local corruption in and around this Courthouse is just so damned old and redundant that I find the best way of verbally expressing myself without adding to high blood pressure or possibly suffering an anger related stroke is thru humor! We know what we have to do is boot these bastards out and elect and demand those hired to adhere to some form basic moral and ethical code, but hasn’t and most likely wont happen…but alas it is inevitable the forces of physics demand that the pendulum swing back and when it does it will be equally swift! God Speed! The faraday box is for when singwhore has to hide his cell phone from those dastardly lizard people.
        Take Care All

  26. I wonder if Signore can tell us why Allencrest was so fucked up it had to be closed down and the youths shipped to another county.

  27. In any other workplace this type of behavior is taken far more seriously. I do not understand how Mr. Signore was just sent home by a Judge, none the less. There is no need for an investigation, Mr. Signore sending an email to his entire department, concerning a retirement parties location, and his assertion that individuals’ safety was placed in jeopardy is more than alarming. His actions and calling out employees BY NAME in a meeting? Red flag?
    I would like to know if anyone who witnessed this meltdown expressed any concern with the Judges decision to just send Mr. Signore on his way, pending HIS investigation?

  28. There must be some vindication to the women in that office who had to suffer indignations for years. And of all the departments in that place, the one with the most vulnerable clients was headed by a loon. Perhaps things will be better now. Mr. Chesnut, here is your chance to turn things around. It must have been hell being second banana to an asshole.

    • “Mr. Chestnut” had NO EXPERIENCE in Domestics when he was named deputy director the ONLY REASON he got that job is because of SIGNORE and DEFLIPPI being his friend so ya more of the same Raven……

      • Well then, who is next up for the job? And, who does the hiring, etc.? It would be a coup de gras to hire a woman, wouldn’t it? I know, I’m dreaming. That’s not how nepotism works.

    • Getitright ….. BOO ! Did you just shit yourself? It’s obvious who you are. While I’ve got you here, are you experiencing any of the following: overly talkative, excitable, have fewer inhibitions and high confidence levels, Irritability, anger outbursts; Insomnia; Decreased Appetite; Vomiting; Headaches …Deterioration in hygiene habits ?

  29. Hey Signore: You’re actions let you know where you stand in people’s lives. My guess is you may not even have those three losers show up at your “I got fired party”!

  30. They was giving me ten thousand watts a day, you know, and I’m hot to trot! The next woman takes me on’s gonna light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars!

  31. Lack of supervision — the one thing that allows the corruption to rise, exist and persist.

    Socially and emotionally they are tainted children, and they must be treated as such. Replace the door scanners with baby gates, coffee with a Nuk and bathrooms with Pampers, and we might see some change.

  32. Just curious…

    It’s Monday morning. Did he make it into work today or is he home still decompressing after that Friday outburst?

      • None of my sources have seen Joe Signore in the office so far today. I haven’t had a chance to speak with any officials yet, but I’ll do a follow up if there’s anything newsworthy to report.

    • I have been blocking your comments because you attempt to turn every single article published on this site into a debate about Donald Trump.

      This article is not about Donald Trump. As with most everything published on the Beaver Countian, this article is about local happenings. If I ever do publish another article about Donald Trump you will be more than welcome to share your opinions of him.

      In the meantime, feel free to post any information or thoughts you may have relevant to the articles at hand. Otherwise, your incessant attempts at sparking irrelevant flame wars about national issues will continue to be extinguished.

      Troll is as troll does.

      Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian.

  33. Maybe the meltdown is due to unforeseen pressures at home. Every now and then Lisa will get home and expect the dishes to be done, maybe a load of clothes … breakfast for dinner, simple things. Poor Joe, I understand, it will be tough leaving a place where you F’n did as you pleased.

  34. After seeing “Holy Joe Signore’s ” car pictured at The Willows I remembered that I took a pic of the Beaver Boro truck parked in Cranberry for a few days last week.
    I don’t know the reason, or if there is any questionable activity going on but as a former taxpayer in Beaver this concerned me as this was likely “personal use”. If anyone can shed some light on this…?
    I wont give the address but it is Cliffside Drive (Adams Ridge)


    • Gringo, Beaver Boro also runs on State and federal grants, so it is kinda your business. Part of that money came from you.

    • Well, considering the house number is visible on the neighbor’s mailbox, I was able to find out the house, how much it cost and who lives there in about four minutes thanks to Google.

      I won’t spill the beans, but you’re not really hiding much.



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