Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

The Beaver Countian has obtained court documents which detail the Aliquippa Police Department’s investigation into the murder of Rachael Deltondo.

Beaver Countian investigative reporter John Paul worked in collaboration with a news team from the out of New York City, to report an extensive in-depth article revealing details into the investigation.

The Daily Mail is one of the largest news site in the world, with 240 million unique monthly viewers, 80 million of them in the U.S. The report can be read on at the following link:

EXCLUSIVE: Cops hunting murderer who gunned down teacher in driveway get search warrant for the 17-year-old boy she was found with in a steamed up car.

Also From The Beaver Countian:

Woman Murdered In Aliquippa Was A Beaver Countian Source Who Had Assisted State Police

Aliquippa Police Say Deltondo Murder Crime Scene “Could Have Been Contaminated” By One Of Their Officers

Aliquippa Police Chief Seeks Administrative Leave For Officer Following Deltondo Murder

Aliquippa Mayor Refused To Talk With State Police About Deltondo Leak But Now Asks Community To Speak Up

Investigative Report: Sensitive Justice Network Info Leaked Out Of Aliquippa Police Department

Pennsylvania State Police Open Criminal Investigation Into Aliquippa Police Department

Pennsylvania State Police Execute Search Warrant At Aliquippa City Building

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Alighetto made the news big time. Your name is now known worldwide and it isn’t about football. Makes me proud. JP will solve this before the Quip PD or others can screw it up. Stay on their ass and keep your head down. God bless you for all your coverage. At least it’s not a smear campaign like WPIX/KDKA/BC Times “Opioid news for the ignorant”.

    • Hey, I WON DE-WON!
      Raise that infamous flag!
      You and your town is now know world wide for the RIGHT reasons finally!
      Corrupt Town.
      Corrupt Police Dept.
      Cover Ups.
      And being a overall SHIT HOLE!


    • That thought keeps popping into my head. It seems willfully purposeful that the father tried to contaminate the crime scene and now we read that his daughter suggested Rachel to go for a walk, after 10:30 P.M. I’m no detective but it seems fishy to me.

    • Why was he not arrested after he was told to get out of the crime scene and then entered the crime scene a 2nd time? Any lay person on the street would have been.

    • Exactly. “It’s 11pm. Go outside and walk around why don’t you?” Even her response “Really? Haha” is telling. Even she didn’t take it seriously, seemingly, though she obviously went outside.

  2. Wpxi news is failing to mention about the contamination of the crime scene. They should b reporting everything, not just certain things

  3. Ok. I’ll be the first. BOGUS REPORTING. 1. Circle K NOT a gas station 2. NOT a crime of passion 3. Feb 6, 2016 NOT reported cause NOTHING TO REPORT and in addition to that, it was WATKINS of the APD that approached the vehicle, not THEY 4. Of course friend knew she would be returning. Wonder if she had a tracker on the car and of course phones have GPS trackers that parents can set up 5. The “anonymous email” was sent by the APD AFTER it was discovered that victim was a witness 7. Boy oh boy if the real perp trying to set up one or two young men
    Do we Beaver County residents really portray ourselves as stupid??? Oh WAIT, a large number seen this coming.

  4. Fat ass Dwoon w Walker wont comment. But wants Aliquippa community to speak up.

    Whats the matter fat ass afraid of incriminating yourselfe. Red hat wearing asshole., Just think how much fun youll have in prison. honest convicts do not take kindly to people like you.

      • Compared to Dawoon Walker everyone knows theres a difference between convicts who at least have some kind of code of conduct maybe not acceptable to society but a code of conduct none the less. Dawoon Walker Aliquippa police boy. And he got that sheriffs dept dick up his ass so far that if he does ever go to prison he will feel right at home.

  5. I’m disappointed in this article, John. You have been such a valuable resource in exposing the truth in this case and it seems that all of the critical details implicating the motive of the PD were omitted from what could have been a very important article. I pray that the truth comes out and justice is served for all involved parties.

  6. I am immensely proud of JP for his outstanding commitment to the truth. Many officials, etc., underestimate his skill; much to their own detriment. This daily mail exposure is enormous. I have seen the BC quoted in other national news sources as well. Thank you for putting the magnifying glass directly on beaver county in a big way. Please continue to stay safe.

    • JP has exposed Beaver Country for what it has exactly become the most disgusting County in the country. corruption rules. Just a very very small example Cebran Netherland considered for treasurer. How did a mentally deficiet like him even get a gun permit. Not to mention the murders and on and on and on drugs are the income in Beaver county take a guess you can buy a rock of crack cocaine 24hrs a day for less than a pack of cigarettes. Does it really take a genius to figure this one out. War on drugs in Beaver County everyone knows the truth. You will all burn in hell hell hell.

  7. To clarify, I think John has been incredibly brave to continue pursuing the hidden details of this case and has been invaluable in uncovering the truth for the local public. I was just saying that this article may have been a missed opportunity. I fear that an innocent young man may take the fall for something that he did not do.

    John, thank you for your bravery. I have been praying for your safety and want to commend you for your dedication to the truth.

    • Grace, do you want opinion or facts, (above)Also from the Beaver Countian : there is plenty of factual reporting about the Aliq.PD. I do not know what you are missing.

  8. What a nightmare for the family. I hope their is a private funeral and internment without the glare of publicity. One wonders why everyone associated with Ms. DelTondo has hired a lawyer.

  9. Way to Go JP, I saw you on an interview this morning on CBS Good Morning. Nice National exposure for you and the BeaverCountian. I’m Sure Connie and daughter are throwing things at the TV. Nice Job!

  10. The entire PD and governing body needs to be disband and replaced. Have the Pa. State Police come in and police this community. It won’t cost the tax payers a dime. But get ready, when the grey gods arrive, better build another wing on the jail. It’s going to get filled quickly. Aliquippa residents will see first hand how police officers should act and behave.

    • You fool, do you really think the state police services are free. It’s called raising taxes. Look it up, the PA state police are the 2nd highest funded state police org in the country. You’re paying for it. Quit making foolish comments

  11. The BC Times is not worthy of being called news. Feel good pabulum for those too lazy to formulate their opinion on facts rather than their breeding habits. Sooner they go under the smarter people in this town might get. Wishful thinking. This county is doomed until all the inbred die off.

  12. Crime of passion…? No evidence. No arrests. No motive. No proof, yet. A misspoken diversion? If this turns out to be a suspected PD hit on an informer and scheduled Grand Jury witness, a setup of an innocent patsy, and an attempted coverup of official corruption, it would be the absolute lowest level this County government has ever hit. It will make an interesting court drama, but the public had better fear the possible outcome and revelations. A crime of passion would perhaps be understandable, maybe even “forgiveable.” But the other would be absolute tyranny and the ultimate official oppression. Then, lock your doors and windows at night, my friends, because it’s going to get much worse. And, God help us all.

  13. Say what you want about the mayor…that doesn’t bother me…BUT no comment negative things about the city flag….I take that personally. My son years ago designed that flag as a school student and rarely sees credit for it in public, even though it is displayed every where. Mayor Walker wasn’t even in office when my son did that, as far as we are concerned it is my son’s flag/Aliquippa…..not the mayor’s….so please don’t throw the flag into this terrible situation…..we have no control over we he takes it/displayes it!!!



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