Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh said an investigation by his detectives showed there were no threats made by Larry Hicks at Friendship Ridge that anyone took seriously. Berosh has withdrawn all charges filed against Hicks by the Sheriff’s Office, and directed his detectives to refile a single charge of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

The move came after a series of investigative reports published by the Beaver Countian revealed apparent inconsistencies in the sworn Affidavit of Probable Cause filed by Deputy Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli.

Berosh said any relevant statements made by Larry Hicks were made the night before, and maybe even three nights before, Sheriff’s Deputies were ever called. He also said there remains confusion about what actually took place at the facility, if anything. “Our interviews revealed serious discrepancies about what was said, and when it was said … At this point, the only person who knows what actually happened, is the almighty above,” said Berosh. “This case is ripe with impressions. I’m done with impressions, I’m done with assumptions.”

The District Attorney confirmed that the alleged witness in the case, Cathy McCauley, was never interviewed by Deputies as was attested to in their criminal complaint. “The first law enforcement authority she talked to was county detectives,” said Berosh. He also said the woman told detectives that she never felt threatened by Larry Hicks.

Law enforcement sources have told the Beaver Countian that there is an active criminal investigation into the Sheriff Deputies’ handling of the alleged incident at Friendship Ridge, and into the subsequent sworn affidavit filed by Deputy Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli. District Attorney Berosh declined to comment when asked directly if his office was conducting such an investigation.

Berosh said Sheriff’s Deputies overstepped their authority by conducting an investigation at Friendship Ridge, and by filing charges based on that investigation. “The vast numbers of Deputies do their jobs well. Right now, my security is in their hands,” said Berosh. “But they do not have the ability, or the power, to investigate crimes not committed in their presence … I want this incident to be the end of the almost mythical belief that Sheriff’s Deputies have those kinds of powers.”

District Attorney Berosh said the only deputies in the State with investigative authority are Sheriff’s Deputies in Allegheny County, because state lawmakers passed legislation specifically granting them full police powers.

Whether or not the recent security scare was justified, local officials have begun to take a closer look at procedures and protocols at Friendship Ridge, and surrounding facilities. “I can’t think of an area [in Beaver County] that per square mile has as many vulnerable people,” said Berosh.

District Attorney Berosh said officials at the county run nursing home have now agreed to connect their security cameras directly to the 911 Dispatch Center, and that officials for Heritage Valley Beaver are seriously considering a similar move. He also said a risk analysis of Friendship Ridge will soon be conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police.

A preliminary hearing for the remaining criminal charge against Larry Hicks is scheduled for this Thursday.

Sheriff’s Solicitor Myron Sainovich could not be reached for comment.


  1. Say it ain’t so George! Did you make this all up?


    A bit disappointed the LTCF violation is still being prosecuted, even as the DA says the whole thing is a farce…..

    This stuff is better than a Sunday afternoon Lifetime movie.

  2. Yep that other sure that fell the other day sure did……….LEVITATE A LITTLE LONGER KICKING A FEW IN THE ASS AND CHIN


  3. If there is no probable cause there shouldn’t be any case. None. Mr. Hicks should be released.

    I believe his 4th amendment rights have been severely violated.

  4. The single charge of carrying a concealed weapons without permit was only discovered through an illegal search and seizure performed by the sheriff who has no power to do so.

    Mr. Hicks was not committing a crime in front of the sheriff. He was sitting on a park bench

  5. What i got from this article… correct me if I am wrong
    The Sheriffs have no real powers…
    Deputy Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli swore to uphold the law….
    Wrote a SWORN criminal complaint, arrested a man
    And the entire thing was a lie?
    So, if I make a Sworn statement to the Police and it’s proved to be a lie, I would get a criminal charge….
    Should Deputy Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli get a criminal charge against him, like any other Tom, Dick or Harry ?

    • That’s a federal civil rights lawsuit. When you act illegally under the color of law and exceed your authority, that’s what happens. And that’s what happened here.

  6. How much longer does the sheriff have on his term? Also, what are the official duties of that department? I guess I just always assumed they were another law enforcement agency. Fromwhat i have gathered from these articles and posts, it kinda sounds like they are a redundant entity that might be a waste of tax $$ with no real functional purpose. So what exactly are they supposed to do besides give this site fodder?

  7. Ding ding ding we have a winner here is your chicken dinner Ivan

    Yes the duties they do according to law if justified should be spent, its the other patrol the over patrol ect.. A waste why why is there deputies patrolling Aliquippa at night, I have read more stuff on here that has open my eyes and i’m glad this site is here if it wasn’t nothing would of ever been done.. One year you got a guy

    drinking on duty the next promoted Bring back Felix you never heard anything wrong rank had control budget was with in reason and Felix was sunning it half the year , this guy complained about that since he been in its cost millions

  8. GREAT job D.A. Berosh, finally some one did the right thing, investigated with honesty and didn’t hide any thing under the rug……Told the trueth as it was and how it happened. I believe they will know better to pull another stunt, great job by your detectives….this would of never happened had they been called in the first place.

  9. Well know we are all aware of the law and i’m sure muster David was to when he swore his deputy in

    And since we all know of this its a crime chargeable… So when is he getting charged and when its sheriff being charged, other than that its Sri a he said she said and his circle will say if he was he would of been charged

  10. So I have a question about sheriff and his deputies duties. Now I assume that not all the deputies are act120 certified but I found this:
    So if the Cpl, is act 120 certified, and his Sgt is also, then would they have the power to investigate? That is otherwise putting that the Cpl lied on a sworn affidavit yes, any Joe off the street would be charged with making a false statement.
    Another interesting story about another county sheriff wanting more powers from back in 2010:
    Also interesting forum posts about PA sheriff powers here:

    So I am guessing, if you have officer A who is act 120 certified and works part time for “A” borough and part time for the county sheriff, then he has full arrest powers when he works for the borough but when working as a deputy, he has no investigative powers unless the crime happens in from of him/her
    Basically as a deputy sheriff you have authority as court house security, county parks (I am not sure how that works)

    Where else do they have authority?

  11. Why hasn’t the deputy been arrested yet? It seems clear that he lied. To the DA, please make an example of this deputy….no plea bargain and push for the maximum sentence. It is now up to you to end George David’s lunacy.


  13. Your right Frat , the truth is coming out. You better get Myron on retainer! Looks like ur days of guarding the front door are OVER.

    • What are you guys talking about? Myron has come along way. I hear he is running for Judge. His campaign platform is that it will be much easier for everyone to hear him shout “take the fifth” from the bench rather than the galley.

  14. Maybe The deputies should spend a few days in jail away from their family like Mr Hicks had to, he sat in jail while all this bull went on and let’s not forget there was another deputy there too. That right the one trying to stay out of the spot light oh what’s he going to say this time “I didn’t see anything”

    • What makes you think he hates cops? You did see the article about the sheriff pulling a gun on him? This all should have been reported in the Beaver County Times, not much has. JP is just stating facts as they arise. The sheriff broke the law, over and over and over. His deputies broke the law, over and over and over. Chief Lutton broke the law, as far as we know. It’s kind of like having the nuts run the asylum. If we waited for the BCT to report on these things, we would know one third of what we know now.

    • I agree with you. EVERY artcle is about law enforcement. He obviously holds a grudge. From my understanding, there was a certain police department that did his partner wrong… You don’t hear anything about them and the corruption there. To each their own I guess. I know that I could never deal with the people they deal with or do what they do. Everyone screws up sometimes. maybe you should give them a break. As for the sheriff, I think it might be time to retire… you are definitely overstepping your boundries and trying to be “top cop”.


  16. i agreea with most of what you said and l agree with the author on many articles you forgot ofc mccoy buutttt when it comes to Chief Lutton he has chosen the wrong side. l know he reports on what hwe is told but he sided with evil on that one

  17. Rightontrack 23 You have a point here. Both deputies were dispatched to the scene. SERGEANT Tibolet and corporal john joe Fratangeli.
    A sergeant outranks a corporal. So, why didn’t Tibolet correct Fratangeli ?
    I guess the sheriff had the final say in this one Tibolet you’re just as guilty as Fratangeli but I think a little wiser. You let the asshole sign the affadavid. You all three will go down !

  18. What a joke, the DA said this threat may have happened three days before and the lady he was supposed to say it too did not feel it was a threat. How did this get soooo blown out of proportion? All the TV stations, on every channel. LET MR. HICKS OUT TO SEE HIS MOTHER, HE WALKS THERE EVERY DAY FROM ROCHESTER……. This is NOT RIGHT. LET HIM WALK…..

  19. @ MVEE , I agree with you about this being a set up, but I believe the head of security Mr Rosatone started all this. Why would he call the sheriff three days later to investigate it? I think friendship ridge needs to make some BIG CHANGES, are you listening commissioners??????????

    • It’s been reported that they are buddies. But it’s also known that 1 is not that bright and one considers himself untouchable. I’ll let you guess who is who.

      Now, considering those facts, when Hicks moves into the Civil phase against the County and the Sheriff, do you think that the phone records will show 1 call or quite a few between the two?

      I suppose they might be smarter than that, but I doubt it.

  20. Ahhhh little bit karma for some ehhh.

    Agree with rank why didnt he do report, they knew act120 shit how about who reviews it, before it got filed?

    But hey he put that circle jerk of white shirts together to cover things like this, uniform, payroll, protocol, special details, supervision, crime codes..yeah they done good for sheriff, he knows how to pick them not to mention those union busting sergeants and corporals that cut deals for stripes ting.ting

  21. At the end of the day the sheriff is responsible for the actions of those in his department. In addition to charging the deputy who lied, the sheriff should bear the full responsibility for the content of the affidavit of probable cause. Particularly since the deputy was out of line for filing it under the circumstance that it wasn’t a felony committed in his presence which would be the only legal way for the criminal complaint to have been filed. Maybe George and his duly sworn deputy could be cellies and take turns being the pitcher and catcher.

  22. I say agian,what you mean sherriff no can arrest. I see Andy Griffith do all time. Thank god for sheriif George and deputys, save Beaver county many many times from danger. George save aliquippa people lives many times in past. Ask all past aliquippa policemen who called george when they were scared on calls. Please peoples you support sheriiff now.

    • Bullshit Tbird57, why did it take the two clowns 35 minutes to respond to the CRIME IN PROGRESS ?
      Why didn’t sheriff stutterbug get into his vehicle and as you say, save the day? He’s afraid, He was in Aliquippa but had to answer calls because somebody on all turns outranked him. Fratangeli talks about cowards, yeah. Hey by the way, where’s john joe? He had a lot to say a couple of days ago?

      • George David was only aliquippa police to go on danger calls to protect people. He hunt down bank robbery men in woods and take guns all by himself one time. He no afraid. he save many other aliquippa policemen who no can do job because they very weak. If no for george bad people take over in aliquippa. You not know sheriff good or you no say this.

      • When i call police in aliquipa george david only one who shown up. Bad people in aliquippa no do anything when george coming. George no more in aliquippa now look how many bad man on street.

      • I’m sure John Joe is busy talking somewhere. Probably to his lawyer. Look for a squealer on this one. I bet he is the next one in the Grand Jury room.

  23. After George David leave aliquippa police many other policemans leave because george no more there to save them.

    • Are you as crazy as george david ? You seem to be. Why didn’t you become a depuety, you seem like you would fit in !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Keep up the scrutiny. Those public servants work for, We the People & it’s long past time they recognize it.

    That’s not to say there aren’t honorable men & women serving in the Sheriff’s office, we mustn’t generalize. It’s accepted that they must place themselves in harm’s way, as a part of serving the needs of community. Let us not cause any law enforcement personnel to fear repercussions for following the orders of those above them.

  25. The esteemed sheriff George David, who is falling faster than his morning wood to the pits of criminal investigations.

    Brings me to wonder why is he so aligned with Republican Jim Marshall and Republican Jim Christiana?? To the point he brags he got Marshall family working for him and he can get legislation.

    This is not rumor he boast that Christiana offered his wife a job in his office whenever she wants it. Also that Cj betters has Christiana living in his apartments and rents him office space for his state rep office, the sheriff is always meeting with Christiana and Betters, st times Aliquippa mayor and the women that ran against Matzie where all meeting at Macs doughnuts and other places, just seems funny they both brag that they have each other lined up, GUT TO WONDER WHAT’S UP, IS GEORGIE TURNING republican some deputies say he wants to burn the democrats , ahh what better way to sunk a rising party put soon to be charged sheriff in the camp.

  26. Question:
    If Mr. Hicks was verbally advised that his carrying permit was revoked he would be, as past practice, notified by registered or certified mail.
    Mr Hicks supposively never retrieved this notice. But, after no responce to the post office, the letter would be returned to sender. Sender-sheriff David.
    Knowing this wouldn’t it be easy to fabricate charges against Mr. Hicks knowing that he most likely had the weapon on his person? Why did David only send his two cronies on this LIFE or Death call? Weren’t other deputies available?
    They still have this man locked up on some bullshit charge.
    Great job sheriff George J. David !

    • Ha Ha . SD you not so smart, He no send cronies, he send sargent and corporal. You no read story, you just complain.

  27. @ TBIRD76 or what ever you are, I’m sure the Aliquippa police are doing just find with out the sheriff, there are quite a few good cops there… I don’t see them getting in trouble not following the law, READ the story again the D.A. CLEANED UP THE MESS HE MADE and put the sheriff in his place and explained the law to him. Good job Berosh……

  28. T/bird67, you one of then Aliquippa outlaws racist car group with Georgie ehh

    I’ve known Georgie for over 40 years he is a manipulator and it was a smoke screen that he was a tough street cop, he took free scrapes off others and made few collars that where legit, he should have cuffed him self he was biggest crook in town, and never had any training to be a cop.

    And as far as tough, he was short fused like them pesty little did that yap and snip ni badge no gun just plain pussy. Tough with a women and when he had gyn and stick that’s it.

  29. One thing for certain, Eat & Park in Aliquippa never had problems, not with georgie david parking his ass there every time he worked.
    When he wasn’t there he was riding retards around with him in his police cruiser.
    TBIRD67 you got to be handing someone a line of shit about him. You don’t seem too educated by the way you write but I think that’s bullshit too. You could spell but sound like one of the ones with him in the car.
    What’s your bag ?

    • tbird67 you sound alot like the mr and mrs mayors of ohioville , almost the same login and their email,same miss use of the english language,same old backing the wrong side of law enforcement.please john and linda,if it is you let us know. and dont forget BIG SMILES when they take you away!!!!!!!!

  30. Simple . Liar, bisexual(confirmed), women beater and bastard father oh and thief oh whiner but one hell off a hunter,

  31. Hicks needs to find an out of county attorney and file a false arrest lawsuit against the sheriffs office the arresting officer and the asshole Davids friend who by all accounts was doing it on behalf of his friend sheriff David and screw him also..the charge of not having a license to carry was done only after David neck was in a noose..his permit was revoked only after the incident at friendship and also should be dropped..that’s why David has been harassing the girl that handled those things…put David,Frataniti in jail along with the guy who slandered hicks



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