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Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier discussed his budget with Commissioners during their work session last week, telling the Board his office is in desperate need of technology upgrades, safety gear, and staff.

“We have received [Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow’s] recommendations and I think we are largely in agreement with what he suggested, but there are a couple of line items that I would like to talk about,” said Lozier in beginning his public discussion with Commissioners.

The public meeting occurred as a result of the Board rejecting a request by Lozier to meet privately to talk about his budget. The Beaver Countian had raised objections to a private meeting, believing it would have constituted a violation of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act. Members of the general public were present for the meeting and the Beaver Countian obtained an official audio recording of the discussion in response to a Right-To-Know request.

Lozier told the Board his office currently has 8 full-time and 5 part-time Assistant District Attorneys who help to prosecute cases; he is asking for that number to change to 9 full-time and 4 part-time employees next year. Lozier told the Board he currently has one vacancy for a part-time prosecutor.

“Instead of hiring a part-timer to fill a vacancy, I could hire a full-timer,” said Lozier, who noted the change would add about $23,000 to his yearly payroll budget. Lozier said he needs the flexibility which comes with having prosecutors on staff full-time and has difficulty scheduling part-time prosecutors to meet the demands placed on his office by the judiciary. He said he would eliminate his office’s vacant part-time position if Commissioners agreed to the change.

Lozier told the Board he would have been willing to reduce his part-time staff even further to help off-set the costs of hiring an additional full-time staffer.

“I wanted to go 9 and 3 but [the union] wasn’t game for that,” he said. Union contracts for Assistant District Attorneys and County Detectives mandate the number of staff maintained by the office.

District Attorney Lozier told Commissioners his office is also in desperate need of capital funds to upgrade technology and replace necessary safety equipment for the County Detectives and Emergency Services Unit (Beaver County’s equivalent of a SWAT team) — a total of about $45,000.

“What happened in the past is the federal government through grants would replace all of the [bullet proof] vests for our team,” explained Lozier. “That money is gone. So we’re looking at having 29 vests expire in 2019 […] This allows me to put money in the bank to buy at least a third of these vests each year for the next couple of years — it’s to avoid having to come back and ask to replace all 29 vests at $2,500 each in one year and 29 [Kevlar] helmets at $600 each.”

Commissioner Sandie Egley — who has been seeking to downsize the total number of employees on county payroll — told the District Attorney she is against the hiring of another full-time person for his office. She also suggested the District Attorney might not need to continue the expense of maintaining an Emergency Services Unit if the county reconsidered who makes entry into high-risk situations.

“My thought is I want that person to be the State Police,” said Egley. “Why isn’t that the State Police? Why is that the county?”

Lozier said the State Police is unable to deal in a timely manner with emergency situations requiring a swat team.

“Because this county made a choice about 15 to 20 years ago that they couldn’t afford to wait 4 hours for the swat team to show up from the State Police,” said Lozier. “The one time in my 18-months we called in the State Police it took around 4 hours to get here. If you have a school shooting in Industry or Ohioville or Hopewell I can have people on scene within 3 minutes and a full team within 20. If this is Las Vegas — they were on scene, they were at the door within 12 minutes because they had highly trained local officers throughout the municipality. I can do that in Beaver County with our swat team.”

Commissioner Egley told the Beaver Countian she wanted to conduct her own research into what resources the Pennsylvania State Police may be able to offer the county for major criminal investigations and high-risk situations.

District Attorney Lozier also told the Board that the county has not provided funding through the years to routinely upgrade technology — resulting in aging equipment which is starting to have a negative effect on his office. Lozier spoke of an 8-year-old laptop his detectives use for trials as an example.

“It failed in two homicide trials this year, where the laptop computer could not play the videos,” said Lozier. “So we’re sitting there with Judge Tesla yelling at us because we have a piece of equipment that couldn’t play — we’re sitting in front of a jury with a 30 or 45 minute interrogation video and it just stops and spins because it just doesn’t have the capacity to play the higher and higher quality video that we’re getting for use in trials.”

Also included in his budget proposal are items like alternative light source equipment for use in forensic examinations and crime scene mapping software.

“It may seem bizarre, but when you actually lose cases because you’re not meeting [a jury’s] forensic expectations,” said Lozier, “they are expecting certain things that they see on TV.”

District Attorney Lozier told Commissioners he is going to be cashing in a bond to help fund efforts of his Anti-Drug Task Force next year.

“We’re changing the way we’re funding the Anti-Drug Task Force and about two-thirds of the [Emergency Services Unit] expenses,” he said. “So what I am doing is I have a $148,000 CD of money that I’ve saved up over time, Anti-Drug Task Force money. I’m cashing in the CD and we’re putting part of it into the General Fund to help pay some of the Anti-Drug Task Force expenses.”

The District Attorney’s proposed budget for next year is $3.1 million compared to $2.7 million last year — included in the total are pay increases mandated by union contracts negotiated by County Commissioners.

Commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio did not express opinions about Lozier’s budgetary requests during the meeting.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • why unions in goverment ? citizens paying for some body to tell us what to do wake up drain swamp every where more money in citizens pockets

      • Why unions in gov? Because for years the politicians in Beaver County have kissed the arses of every unionist in the county. So they give away the whole store every time contracts come Up.

  1. Why is the DA’s office hording money and putting it into CDs? If that money came from the general account, shouldn’t it be managed through the general account processes? Are there any records of these CDs or was this done off the books like the CHC withdrawals? Does this DA want to take over the Treasurer’s office as well as the State and local police?

    • That’s what I thought. He should be buying laptops, software, and black lights with that money. Wtf? Does he have a friend at the bank? And his part time and full time staff just let everyone off on probation, anyway, so what’s the point in having more?

      Sandie should also insist that his office apply for grants to fund his “drug task force” operations. There are enough of them around. And they should look into getting more help from the state police and feds on drug busts, instead of using county people.

      • That is exactly right, Icanread. All Mr. Lozier did was make excuses, again. No comment from Amadio and Camp, of course.

  2. A swat team is needed in Beaver County? This fucking DA is bat shit. He been watching too much national news. Take it out of your 175K paycheck!

    • Cut the swat team out altogether. If we saw them in operation, they would probably look like a bunch of ” Keystone Cops “. I’m all for looking at the PSP taking over jobs they were trained for and have in place already.

  3. Where is all this money coming from in Beaver County to pay for the courthouse , the school districts, etc. ? Are we suddenly “awash in cash”? For all the talk about “The Game Changer!!!” do you see businesses and jobs flocking into the area? I don’t see shit. I see a half empty mall, empty main streets, half empty shopping plazas, medical office buildings, industrial parks… where is all the growth (or retention) to pay for all this shit? Big plans that rarely come to fruition.

    We are “committed” to everything and everyone aside from the residents that are stuck paying for all this crap.

  4. The county already has boats, RV’s, too many Sheriffs and Detective cars and other things. Put all this bullshit up for a county auction. Who is the insurance agent that insures all this stuff and what is it costing? How come the county doesn’t have auctions anymore? Where are these things going?

    • Just my thoughts, but I’m sure it goes deeper than that. How about getting a list of all of the equipment/ vehicles insured by the county AND a list of everything titled to the county. I’m sure there are plenty of things taken off of the insurance just sitting in a garage somewhere collecting mice nests and dust.
      Do these lists exist?
      Who has them?
      Where can we see a copy of them?
      I would LOVE to analyze all of this.

      BUT as we all know- no one will know who is responsible, where to get the list ( if one exists) or how to get it….

      • We could be paying insurance on vehicles and equipment that the county doesn’t even have.

      • This should be something that the county controller already has and should be able to easily produce. Unfortunately, our controller seems to only be capable of pawning things off on Ricardo.

    • John Q. They won’t even hold an expeditited auction on that 300+ page repository list. You must be delusional to think these assholes are looking for funding or to balance a budget.

  5. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Look at the highest paid county employees every year and you will routinely see the county Detectives near the top. Their salary is the equivalent of at least two positions. Stop sending them to major calls and use the State Police who we ALREADY pay from our taxes. The county Detectives were created to serve subpoenas, work with victims/witnesses prior to trials, and investigate minor incidents at the jail. Somehow over the years it has morphed to the Scotland Yard. Some Detectives in the past had no law enforcement experience!! Stop pissing away our money.$$$$$$$

  6. Let the State police handle all cases involving county detectives and cases in Beaver County. They aren’t the best but they far exceed the capabilities of loziers county detectives. Let alone the so called sheriffs dept. Who have no business acting like law enforcement.There job is clear transport prisoners to county jail and walk through security for the courthouse. In other words Beaver co. Mall security guards and nothing else……..

  7. I’m really tired of hearing about what could happen. A school shooting could happen. The nuclear power plant melting down could happen. Increased heroin deaths could happen. We need to start looking at what is going to happen. The county will be bankrupt in five years. That is going to happen. Let’s start dealing with that, shall we?

  8. Lozier has grown close to one of his part-timers and wants to reward them with a full time position and a big pay bump. Probably includes health insurance and a county pension. I don’t think he can stop spending. He may be a woman trapped inside a mans body. Give him a wig, a dress and put some lipstick on him and make him look like Liza Minnelli.

    • I agree with many of you comments, JohnQ, but this one is out-of-bounds. Are you suggesting a woman couldn’t do a better job than Lozier? Stereotypes like this are very harmful to women who are fighting for equality in the workplace. Please rethink your bias.

      • Not at all, I think any high school kid could do a better job. I’m suggesting that he would look good dressed up like Liza Minnelli.

  9. Every time Lozier does something or opens his mouth he is only making Gerald Benyo look better. Enjoy it while it lasts Lozier. Benyo is our next DA. You can take that to the bank!


    • He knows the fastest way to fuck up the department. I doubt anybody else could have done a better job of that.

  11. Increases in county, school and local taxes are going to cost senior citizens and struggling families their homes.

    The unions should have had NO raise so they could afford to buy equipment.
    All these county positions are overpaid, while citizens are going to have to decide which basic necessity to do without.

    Does Lozier really get that? Or care?

    Put it this way Lozier- Should an elderly person give up food or medicine so you can all get a big raise with a cadillac health plan and new equipment? Do you think that is not a reality or do you not care?

    • Exactly. People can’t afford tax increases, can’t afford them now, and yet, they want more. We always have to pay the price over these morons in the court house wack jobs. How’s the saying goes, can’t get blood out of a turnup? how you gonna get more money from people in the county who simply just don’t have anymore to be forced to have to pay out? Come on politicians, wake up for once and smell the coffee and realize that your destroying Beaver County and all of the good people who live here and are on the verge of leaving for better, much less expensive areas of the country they CAN afford to live at.

  12. My opinion, the master plan is to keep driving deficit spending while Egley is Commissioner. That way ‘they’ can point to deficits and blame her for it come election time, or better yet, taxes are raised, or even better yet, a re-assessment happens. All of these outcomes are golden tickets for Egley’s adversaries, who are numerous. ‘They’ need her out because she stands in the way of their true objectives, and they need taxes to increase so they have money to spend on their friends and relatives. Forcing deficit spending now makes both aspects possible.

    Who are ‘they’ and what are their objectives? Follow the money.

  13. Commissioner Egley is the ONLY one who is suggesting ways to cut the budget! Would another Commissioner be so kind and vote with her to get something done!

    • Camp was supposed to be the other Republican for change, but has screwed all the people who voted for him. Now we have all the same old political operatives in charge. Lozier, Guy, Gabauer, Camp are nothing more than political hacks looking for power. Big fish in a small pond.

  14. Lozier has already proved that he doesn’t want the State Police anywhere near county business. Him and Connie Javens both borderline certifiable. All that is needed is documentation.

  15. Guy and Lozier could care less what they spend. The more they spend, the more votes they buy!! Go back and read their campaign promises. What a joke, wake up BC!!

  16. Actually Anthony Belczyk Sandie is doing a good job. Calling out the local corruption. Very prominent in the community! Hard to fight when the Beaver County Commissioners go against everything you try to do.

    • It’s a hell of a job, when you are standing alone. She has got a lot of courage to stand for her principals. Dan was her running mate, but now he doesn’t know wether to shit or get off the pot.

  17. If your county detectives are stupid to realize that their laptops may not play the video during a trial why don’t you have them put on their detective thinking caps in order to figure out another solution? Here’s one for you, right off the top of my head (and I’m not even a detective) – have them put the video on a DVD and arrange for a DVD player to be in the courtroom. Yes, Dave, that’s right…the jury can watch the video on DVD and your detectives won’t look like f’ing idiots – so call that a win/win don’t you think? (Sorry, forgot that you’re a moron and wouldn’t know a win/win if it committed felonious assault across your forehead).

    • I’d bet good money this idiot or his minions never sent them to I.T. for defragmenting or clean up in who knows how long so if they run like shit it’s whose fault down there?

  18. Why hasn’t our brilliant DA solicited some of our larger for-profit corporations in the county – ones like Comprehensive Healthcare, First Energy and Shell to see if perhaps they would like to gift the dollars needed to replace the Kevlar vests and helmets? After all, with the size of some of their facilities, the probability of their sites being involved in the mass shooting that he’s selling would be more probable than it occurring at Joe’s corner market. I’m sure they’d like the tax write off that comes along with providing something back to the community (BTW, Tony, I thought we were supposed to getting a hell of a lot more from these folks according to all the bullshit you spewed back when these deals were all signed – where is it?). And, while we’re on the subject of Kevlar vests, the SWAT team is made up of officers from the surrounding local municipal forces. Don’t these officers already wear a bullet proof Kevlar vest when they go to work every day for the municipalities that employ them? Why can’t they bring it along with them when they report for SWAT duty? Since time is so of the essence that we can’t wait for the state police, doesn’t 20 some officers taking the time to remove the vest that they are already wearing only to put on the “official” SWAT vest add to the response time in addition to being duplicative in nature?

    • Granted, they don’t have that fancy “SWAT” plastered all over the front of them but you could get a big box of “Hello My Name Is” nametags at Sam’s and have one of your part timers write SWAT on them (or would that result in a request for another part timer?).

      • Well, 8 full time and 4 part time detectives. Is that 12 employees, but he needs 29 vests. That doesn’t compute. Must be the new math.

  19. Here’s another novel idea – stop prosecuting the petty crap and you’ll need fewer full and part time assistant DA’s. Unfortunately, they can’t win the big cases; but, that’s no reason to raise taxes and claim that you need more attorneys – winning the little bullshit cases may increase your win percentages but it’s keeps the killers on the street and the petty criminals tied up in the system for years.

  20. Lozier conveniently neglected to mention that those arrested by the state police are prosecuted by the PA attorney general’s office rather than the county DA. If his caseload goes down he won’t be able to justify the increase in assistant DAs….no wonder he’s grasping at straws to keep the state out of the county.

  21. They all just want more and more money! Wtf? They don’t need more money, they need to stick to their own jobs and stop trying to do all this other crap that isn’t their job and they know nothing about!
    Sandie is right, the state police can do this. The DA needs to get back to prosecuting cases like he was hired to do, and cut the crap.

    • Almondina, you would have preferred reelecting the same crew of idiots that have us teetering on bankruptcy? Keep electing new people until they find someone with convictions, scruples and a code of moral ethics. None of the last crew had any of these qualities. Once the idiots realize that the public is onto them they’ll go get a job with the turnpike and retire.

  22. Tell him to fire some of the useless, pathetic, no talent, waste of time, space and money asst. DA’S on the payroll. Alls their good for is cutting deals to put criminals back on the streets, or smoozing the judges to help them cover up and get away with their own crimes like child abuse, spousal abuse, drunk driving, child endangerment, and yes, this all goes in by certain employees in the DA’S office.

  23. When Sandie finds out there are services that we pay and overlap… she will need one of you to vote with her (Dan or Tony). We’ll be watching.. who’s it gonna be?
    You do know, she’s the one the public is interested in keeping!



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