Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh tells the Beaver Countian that he has “future plans” for the Monaca club that was the scene of a beating early Thanksgiving day morning that was captured on video.

“I’ve been in touch with the Monaca Police Chief,” said District Attorney Berosh. “They’re handling the investigation into the incident, and have been doing a good job […] I told them anything they needed to help with their investigation to contact me directly.”

The Blue Steel has come under heavy criticism by residents of Monaca over recent months due to a series of incidents that originated in and around the club. Just 10 days before this latest incident, two police officers were allegedly assaulted by a man as he was leaving the bar. One officer said he was headbutted and another kicked by Holden Raines Jr., 25 of Beaver Falls, who had allegedly been seen punching a vehicle outside of the club. Police say they believe Raines was so intoxicated he didn’t even understand what was happening during his arrest.

“We’re making some plans about that place’s future,” District Attorney Berosh told the Beaver Countian. “Their liquor license renewal is up in 2014, so while this incident is unfortunate, the timing is perfect.”

District Attorney Berosh said his office is weighing their options on how to proceed against the establishment. “Right now we’re looking into the possibility of going to the LCB [Liquor Control Board].”

Monaca Police Chief William Petures did not return a message left by the Beaver Countian earlier today seeking comment.


  1. How can you say shut down the bar because people act a certain way OUTSIDE of the bar. You think the blue steel owner chose to have fights outside of his bar? I doubt that.

    • No, But the owner doesn’t seem to care how much alcohol his bartenders serve. There are rules that aren’t being followed. But I say give them a Formal Warning and hopefully they will sell the place to a reputable owner who doesn’t keep selling alcohol until people get hurt! There are people out there who just want a place to entertain people and Not just a way to make money! When owners are in it for the money they will keep pouring the alcohol even after people pass out!

  2. Ahhh but if a bar serves a visibly intoxicated patron they ARE liable under the law! That’s why people who are victims of dui incidents can lawfully sue the establishment within which the offender was being served!

  3. I live two blocks from this bar My neighbor across the street got jumped walking bye this bar hes an older guy minding his own bussiness from the wannie thugs coming out of this bar why should the police have to babysit this bar outside every night..any place where you play the wrong type of music your gonna attract the wrong crowd SHUT IT DOWN

  4. Again, someone from Beaver Falls in a previous incident. Can’t blame the bar for ppl wanting to come there. Business is business. What a fucking joke. They’re (The Blue Steel) making changes. Leave it up to the owners and management to make these changes.

  5. I don’t want to see anyone lose their business but the one thing I want to add is that the establishment has the responsibility to not over serve its patrons.

  6. All the bars or *dives* aren’t bad it’s just the blue steel.But if someone were to coming in and put something better there I think
    It will be ok.Monaca is not a bad town.Id rather live in Monaca the abridge or Beaver falls any day

  7. Lol, yeah right! Why act so fast on Blue Steel and neglect all the crimes being committed by county employees for the last few years? Please, if you do act, keep your detectives far away from the investigation. Either their incompetence will show or they’re “cool” with the thugs that go there. Bringing to light the lack of a drug task force anymore since Strange man redirects all his money to his hobby team

  8. Again, I’ve been going to this bar for over 10 years and it CAN be and was a well respected bar. There r too many young pieces of shit these days and ppl who can’t contain themselves. That’s the problem. I agree music is the problem also. I love all music but unfortunately what has been played there recently, attracts the wrong crowd sometimes. Trust me like I said, I’ve been frequenting this bar for over 10 years and it was never like this. For anyone who disagrees, u just don’t know. A lot of ppl r pissed cause it’s not gonna be all hip hop now but trust me, wherever ur at next will eventually get to this point too. It’s a given these days. Grow the fuck up and realize it……

  9. Shut it down bec if the Owner of the bar would have cared enough he wouldn’t have let all the trash in there in the first place. Also the bar owner is responsible for what happens outside his bar too!

  10. I think it wouldn’t be so bad if they played a variety of music…they tried too hard to make it a “night club” .. its a bar with pool tables and a small dance floor. Stop playing non stop rap music and make it more enjoyable for people… Don’t see it making much business now .. good luck.

  11. “Rumor” has it the steel has fired the dj’s and is now making it a country bar …. They are making an attempt to clean up the place. Not sure if it will matter now though . To much damage has been done .

  12. Berosh your an idiot! They are a for profit business, the LCB/LCE will not shut them down! You just sound dumb when you speak! If you had any intelligence you would be doing all you can at working fast to clean up that filthy dirty little courthouse you guys got down there! Ugh… More smoke screen and mirrors from you pathetic assholes that get elected into office! It’s the usual “let’s try and focus the public on something else so we don’t have to explain our dirty little secrets & lies!” BEAVER COUNTY’S ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE THE TRUE CRIMINALS HERE… THIS IS PERFECTLY ORCHASTRATED ORGANIZED CRIME! COME ON PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!

  13. Here we go again with throwing the word “trash” around… Lol.. I go to the blue steel often. Clearly I’m far from trash and i also live in beaver falls born and raised. A bf graduate and also went to college great job *pharmacy* beautiful house and brand new car… I can’t understand why ppl are so quick to judge someone because of where they live or the music they listen to smh.. I love rap hip hop n r&b that doesn’t make me a bad person… It’s definitely not the music played that starts the confrontations, what idiot thinks that?? Lol.. I would blame it on liquor before the music..

  14. But it didn’t kill no one..when’s the last time you heard of a fight..not often. Rap music didn’t do stereotypical..lets put the blame on rap, beaver falls, ambridge, aliquippa blah blah blah. Go to pgh in one of their nuisance bars and you’ll see what’s it really like..dude wouldn’t be recovering at home that’s for sure.

  15. Craig people got to respect the place before it can be a respected bar and for crap like this is why it’s labeled like it is. The disrespectful people is what makes the place not the business owners and management should know who to let in and who causes the trouble all the time

  16. I dont think rap makes people do this however the crowd that is drawn to a bar thats all rap is not good and when you get a bunch of people from a bad crowd bad things happen they can’t control themselves..I personally like rap but would not feel safe in an all rap bar by myself as a single woman

  17. Everyone is responsible for there own actions, those thugs would of caused trouble wherever they went. I’m not saying the bar is not responsible too but ther’s no excuse for what these thugs did I DON’T CARE WHO SAID WHAT OR WHO DID WHAT, they ganged up on him it wasn’t one on one and they are the ones who should be put in jail, I don’t care who’s Daddy is on council, only animals act like that……THEY are the problem.

  18. hmmmm I read one of the post on other stories few days I recall someone saying, beautiful what you ask for cause microscope going to be on all the bars downtown not just that one. Good job Tony berosh raise that hammer and drop it hard, wait to LCB and state come to play

  19. @ Bobby lewchenko, cry me a river you douce bag, you don’t even know what the fuck your talking about. fight started inside they threw the fucking guy out( didn’t call cops) guy hung around outside and the wanna be thugs then lumped him up.

    about the tenth incident since New owners took over, and towns people have been victims of these punks.

    I want police patrolling my property and the town and business district not babysitting these fucks with out of control hen house. that’s as crazy as a fat guy giving me advice on supplements and nutrients and day before he is a deejay lol lol lol lol…..

  20. I have to throw something in here!! D.A. grandstanding AGAIN!!! Monaca is a great town! The Chief of Police is probably the best policeman I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet beside Big John Jackson from B.F. and Brian Damon from Ellwood City!! Chief Bill Petures is the bomb and a fabulous teacher wen I went to CCBC!! I go w wat he suggests!!

  21. I used to be a frequent patron of the bronze/blue steel. And I have stopped going because it’s ridiculous. You can’t even go in their with a hoodie or coat on. The crowd they’re attracting and advertising to is exactly why these things happen. And they need to be shut down. While these incidents are happening “outside” of the bar, it is their responsibility to use good judgment when serving someone alcohol. But I guess you can’t do that when some of the bartenders aren’t necessarily sober themselves.. such a shame this is what it comes down to. But probably for the better.

  22. Robert O Colwell you got a point. Also I was just saying if you want to hang me out to dry go ahead if they close the please no one on here will remember it anyways just a waste of breath

  23. AGAIN, I’m not saying that hip hop music caused all of this. I’m saying it ATTRACTS THE WRONG CROWDS. That also doesn’t mean that if u listen to hip hop, ur a bad person. Unless u live in Monaca, around or near The Blue Steel and r affected by what goes on there, ur comments “shut it down,” mean diddly squat…..Go about ur business….

  24. Oh and Jose they have security. THE FIGHT DIDNT HAPPEN INSIDE THE BAR. A headbutt was thrown and the man was removed from the bar by security. What happens outside after that is not the bars responsibility. That’s Monaca Police

    • you are correct, that’s exactly what happened and the bouncers should of gotten a medal for removing the guy immediately without any fight inside. this is what the media needs to know. the man who was beatin outside admitted he started it.

  25. I think it also comes down to drinking and not getting shut off when they clearly see you had enough!!!! People drink to get trashed and act out of control. Instead drink and have a good time! No matter the color of your skin, the music you listen to or even how you dress. People will always judge and its a sham thats what it comes down to! We should ALL be treated equal. No matter what! Guess its time for a change! Ignorant people are those who are putting this change in effect. Can’t control themselves!

  26. Idc what anybody says if he would have called me Nigger I would have whooped his ass too drunk or sober. Not saying what they did was right, cuz it wasn’t but he was asking for that fight when he called them men outside of their names and tried to hit one of them.. both parties was in the wrong however everyone is pointing the finger to the young men who beat him up.. what about the drunk white man that was outside calling ppl niggers????? He was far from innocent but I don’t hear nobody talking about him…. Ignorance comes in every way,shape,form,race,gender before ANYBODY decides to talk down on the next person look in the mirror cuz all of you are far from perfect. I see a lot of ignorance right here in these comments.. but your opinion is irrelevant to me cuz only god can judge me!!! 🙂

    • And…..they fed right into that racial slur perfectly instead of realizing he was drunk as hell and walking away.

    • SILENCE STUPID MIRANDA! SILENCE!!! If someone calls you a derogatory name and they are DRUNK or SOBER, why do you escalate the situation with violence? Can’t you just ignore ignorant people and go about your bitness? MY OPINION is RELEVANT and I CAN JUDGE YOU cha-dub-a-dub. Your opening statement tells me volumes about you as a person. You would fit in perfectly on the Jerry Springer Show. Fighting and using that sassy mouth of yours yelling and screaming at people. YES, MY OPINION is RELEVANT and I CAN JUDGE YOU. YOU’RE WELCOME!!! :surprised:

  27. The Monaca PD shouldn’t have to “babysit” that place they don’t babysit the draft house or any other bar in town and the residents of Monaca have to pay for extra police staffing on Friday and Saturday nights because of that place and also it’s pretty bad you can’t even walk the main street of my hometown without the fear of getting jumped hence my friends dad who got jumped for no reason leaving the Monaca Bandrooms Christmas party! Last year people need to learn respect and to stop making the place I’m from born and raised in a hot spot for crime

  28. Okay gotta throw my 2 cents in. This bar HAD it moments but that was when it was the bronze eagle. Definitely turned into a hip hop club before it back The Blue Steel which is what Ben stiller called his signature male model look in the movie Zoolander (which is why I thought it was a gay bar at first lol) I had a fight break out ON me seriously guy was punching other guys face on my beer covered leg! That’s why I stopped going there! I really think it need a complete fresh start as something new cause the same lunatic people that get this drunk and senselessly beat someone like this will always come back to the asylum! I’m not technically saying it was the music but how many skinny jeaned emo kids jump people like this…

  29. They can try and change it once the county has its thumb on your neck your done to manny problems in there drugs in rest room drug sales in the bar sex out side would not put it past the hookers in the area / addicts go there clean up our town i have kids growing up here we dont need this here i lived here all my life when trouble came in our town we kicked ass and chased it out these kids now a days like the drama

    • No drugs being used in bathroom or sex outside the bar no kind of arrest have been made for drugs or prostitution.. Your home town is filled with drugs, heroin, pills so before you judge the bar look in your backyard and clean that up…. Its been there for many many years… and blue steel inherited what the bronze eagle already had…

  30. bottom line, the police have been called to this establishment on more than 3 separate occasions, therefore labeling it as a ‘nuissance’ bar. remember that law, ‘3 strikes and you’re out?’. This place should’ve been closed quite a while ago. There has been fights/brawls inside the bar, too. It is the bars responsibilty to not over serve patrons. and they are also responsible for what happens outside, on their property.

  31. The fact is fights at clubs will never go away, weather it Rap, Country, Metal, Alternative!!! As long as the alcohol is there, the fighting will come. Trust me!!!! I been to every club and bar possible!!! Well I’m retired now!!!

  32. I will say what no one else on here has the balls to say, and you can flame me all you want, but deep down you know it is true. I lived one of the most violent cities in the US so I’ve lived this over and over right outside my front door. When you get a group of young black males together, the pack mentality sets in, and then things like this happen weekend, after weekend, after weekend. As a matter of fact, where I lived, any large gathering of young black males ended in a major fight, stabbing, or shooting. Throw some alcohol and/or drugs into the mess and it just gets worse. That is exactly what happened with these “good kids.” They couldn’t walk away because that pack mentality urge was too strong.

  33. I agree that the place needs shut down! It provides no value to Monaca and takes up our tax money by paying the cops who have to sit in the parking lot every weekend babysitting the idiot clientele so they don’t kill each other instead of doing their jobs. This is a nuisance bar, not a respectable establishment. The owners are not from here and they don’t care about this town or county. They are attracting the crime and the drama and the fights with how they run things, and they need to be stopped. Obviously this incident never should’ve happened, but I have to say with the blue steel being how it is I’m not surprised. It’s only a matter of time before people start shooting each other here.

  34. The only reason they are doing all this is cause one kid was related to someone in Beaver falls and that asshole is going to walk cause of his father which I think is Fuc*ked up…

  35. Nice to see so many comments……I wonder how many of them (you) actually vote. Thats how you change the way Government works. Not by just complaining.

  36. Just like long branch and Thursdays, stop having the same dj’s play the same music. We’re supposed to be adults. If you create a certain environment, you’ll attract the people who’ve fit in that environment. I blame the ownership (maybe just trying to bring business). They need to try to come up with another game plan to try to create more business

  37. I understand the guy may have threw out a racial slur but if you’re that bas ass to fight him…b bad ass enough to go one on one not 6 on one..apparently you’re not that bad ass u need that much help to fight someone. I use to enjoy going to the bar when it was the bronze..don’t like going to blue steel…too much trouble. From what I’ve heard of the bar such as the bartenders n such, it sounds like a nasty place to b. Will definately not go there again..

    • So is the music is changed from hip-hop to country but the serving of people that are already wasted doesn’t change…it will still be a trouble bar with white redneck wannabes instead of black gangsta wannabes. What difference will that make?

  38. The bottom line is Monaca is not the old Monaca anymore. These “young men” from “other neighborhoods” need to start hanging out in the churches in their communities and not bars in other towns. There’s plenty of churches in those neighborhoods who are looking to mentor lost young men.

  39. My question is, where were the police that are outside the bar every single weekend but are absent one one of the biggest party nights of the year? The fight took place where the police are usually posted up at that exact time every single time the bar has a busy night and it’s a known fact that everyone goes out the night before Thanksgiving.

    • SILENCE DANA ROSE! SILENCE!!! Why are you showing us all on this thread that Blondes are THAT STUPID? Be QUIET and let us look at that picture of yours and imagine you as a SMART blonde that already knew the answer to that stupid question. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

      PS- you are pretty hot. I bet you liked the environment (customers) that the Blue Steel brought in on hip hop night very much.

  40. @ Dana, ever cross your mind that there was something else going on in Monaca at that same time? As you stated, everybody goes out that night, and there’s bars all over Monaca. Not to mention their regular service calls. I saw CTPD there first, so I’m assuming Monaca was doing another call

  41. Hey Miranda, do you sing along to your raps that use the word Nigger? Is that OK? Do you use the word Craka’s?

  42. Shut’em down …. like i have said before ….if you invite the hip hop crowd, trouble will find it’s way

  43. I agree with the “pack” mentality. The cowards can’t fight one on one. Another Cleckly in trouble. imagine that!

  44. OK….I have been the resident DJ at Roberts Roadside Inn for (4) years now and play there at least twice a week if not 3 times or more during the summer and i can HONESTLY SAY, that there has NEVER been any type of violence in any way, shape, or form there during my time there thus far. I play ALL GENERES of music as well, so i feel that if you hype-up “the peeps” right before it’s time to shut it down EVERY NIGHT, then YES, you ARE ASKING FOR PROBLEMS. I have inquired about playing at The Blue Steel/Bronze Eagle when i first started my business (4) years ago, but now, I HAVE A REPUTATION as a BUSINESSMAN to uphold. I hope that The Blue Steel wises up and sees that “professionalism” also plays a “key role” in what happens at your establishment when it comes to serving the “public”!!! Good Luck!!!

  45. Everyone talks but there is two sides to every story. Plus its hard to be a bartender now days with all the drugs people take one drink and their messed up.. what happened could happen outside any where Walmart, cogos, wherever so guess the store need closed down then.

  46. used to go to Bronze. Always had a good time, until they started the rap/hip hop at about 10pm…not my thing….but even when we were leaving, we were “accosted” by those coming in for that kind of music. Are you kidding me? I just wanted to go out for a nice night with friends, and now i have to deal with thugs who don’t want me there? Since when is a bar “owned” by a certain clientele??????

  47. It is OWNED by the certain clientele because they take what they want and feel they are entitled to it. Something for nothing and the chicks are free. I want my MTV.



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