District Attorney Anthony Berosh
District Attorney Anthony Berosh
District Attorney Anthony Berosh / photo by John Paul

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh has filed a lawsuit against an Aliquippa Councilman, alleging he is not qualified to hold the office.

Robert Rager took the official oath of office and was sworn in as an Aliquippa City Councilman yesterday, after winning election last November. Rager is also an employee of the Municipal Water Authority.

Pennsylvania State Law prohibits an employee of a City, or of a municipal authority of which the city is a member, from serving as a Councilman.

The Beaver Countian first wrote about Rager’s apparent conflict of holding office last September, and then again shortly following the elections in November.

“In spite of being fully aware of the mandatory prohibition of the Third Class City Code, the Defendant continues to serve in the capacity of councilman of the City of Aliquippa and maintains his employment with the Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa,” wrote District Attorney Berosh in the lawsuit.

Berosh is asking a Beaver County Judge to declare Robert Rager unqualified for the office, and “be ousted and excluded from the office of councilman of the City of Aliquippa.” Berosh is also seeking the costs of filing the suit.

Robert Rager’s daughter, Ashley Rager, works as a secretary in the lawfirm of Aliquippa Solicitor Myron Sainovich. Ashley Rager announced her candidacy for Beaver County Prothonotary back in April of 2012 for an election which will be taking place in 2015.


  1. You would think that the DA would have him removed for violating state law instead of any presumed qualifications. Now I wonder if the DA is qualified to bring charge’s against anyone!

  2. Why remove what was voted in. Clearly the people of aliquippa has spoken to have him be on council. Mayor walker should concern himself finding a new chief of police. The one rumor I have heard is doug edgal is on the short list to be the next chief. I find it hard to believe to put dougie boy as the top cop simply because the people of aliquippa and motorist who drive thru aliquippa would be up in arms with this hire. Mr mayor please leave doug fighting speeding tickets and motorist violations. Could u imagine chief edgall my skin is crawling just thinking about that. 

  3. Why is the district attorney getting involved  with Aliquippa ? They have there own Solicitor oh but that’s right Rager’ daughter works there. Who cares this has nothing to do with the district attorneys office, why did they get involved? By the people for the people. dwan fight your own battles, this is so stupid.

  4. Hey Five o my question to you is WHO IS GOING TO CLEAN UP EDGELL? Chief what a JOKE… Some one needs to get a bar of soap for his dirty mouth and teach him what respect is because he has none for no one I’ve seen him in action and was copletely APPAULED. The last little episode when some one called him a name and they took him to the station and made him strip, What are they running down there? The whole town knows what he’s like and if Dwan picks Edgell he will be one of th most hated men in Aliquippa What a shame you all are…you will have to run again….

  5.  sorry to say, that I do vote but never seen what our district attorney really looks like and until recently never recalled his name so I looked up pay few elections he was appointed then ran unapposed ,  he scary looking dude. really who cares about aliquippa it needs back filled,  complete shit hole that turns out cons,  only thing going on there is, cicle cell,crack,wannabe gangsters  hanging at mpi  still living at home, and crooks waiting for betters property to get developed to save tax base abd that mother fucker is king of crooks

  6. Doug will never be chief. I’m not attacking this man but I believe u have to be professional and have the respect of the people in that town. A chief should from that town it takes a certain person who knows aliquippa people. These cops in quip now are not from here these guys are guys that were picked on in highschool. They have no clue on how to interact with the people of aliquippa. Someone should make a call to that peluso kid in Baltimore maybe he would want the job.

  7. Police Chief !!! Edgell !!!  Now THAT is a JOKE  for as much time and effort that is put in by (most) of you commentators and The Beaver Countian lambasting Sheriff David for his actions there is a Half Dozen Doug Edgell’s in this county in position’s of power that not only are grossly underqualified for their job but also have NEVER done a singe productive thing…..unless RECKLESS ABUSE OF ATHORITY is productive these days  

      • Nikki P shitty person, bashes all cops, Ambridge, Edgall, The Sheriff, Lutton, nasty ass *

    • @Da queen-I’m a shitty person. Ok, sorry, but I didn’t beat the shit out of someone who was in a bar, and expressed his first amendment rights to say “FUCK EDGELL” Sorry, but when you have a piss poor cop that can’t keep his temper in check, all because of a few words, then yes, you fall into the category of “shitty cop, with nasty attitude, and ugly temper”I DON’T BASH ALL COPS. You should probably educate yourself before you decide to open your uneducated and ignorant mouth. I have no love to CERTAIN officers of the law. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly the ONLY person on this site that doesn’t like the Sheriff, so that point you raised is now moot. As for Lutton, I’m sorry, but when you’re forging pay sheets, and stealing from the taxpaying citizens that you are supposed to be working for, well, that puts him in the “shitty cop” category too. Oh, and “queenie”, I love how you try to insult me with the “nasty ass” comment, because bitch, you don’t know me. Maybe you should go back to sucking on Edgalls dick, and stop trying to start shit. I only bash the ones, who have PROVEN to deserve it. So, in closing, fuck off.

      • Nikki P, or Nicole, again foul mouthed *-hole with a yeast infection, Mad cause she gets arrested and her croonies get away. All your past posts you bash all officers. You think you are better than them, go to the police acadamey and you clean up Beaver County. I dont sleep with cops and what interactions have you had with any. Go ahead tell all please. Bet there are numerous arrests ???

      • First off, your ignorance deserves nothing less then the sharp side of my tongue, so, the language I will use, is ONLY because you deserve it.One, I realize that you obviously have a subpar education, considering that you can’t read I guess. Nikki doesn’t always mean Nicole. If that was my name, I probably would have used it. Learn to read, ghetto queen. Also, more slanderous comments from someone who has no clue to who I am. “Foul mouth as whole with a yeast infection”  I’d pay to see you site your sources. Otherwise, all that is is inflammatory slander. “Mad cause she gets arrested, and *croonies* get away” First off, spell check is your friend. It’s spelled”cronies”. And exactly what did I get arrested for? If you know so damned much about me, you shouldn’t have a problem citing your sources…again. And again, your reading comprehension skills are lacking. I didn’t NOT bash ALL officers, just the crooked ones I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. And I’m quite baffled as to the statement that you don’t sleep with cops. Could care less if you do. Oh, fyi..spending all your free time on your knees with the police isn’t sleeping with them, but I’m sure it’s hell of a lot of wear and tear on your knees. Your probably due for a knee replacement any time now, from all the time you’ve spent on them. Maybe the FOP could start a fundraiser for your surgery. In closing, my record ain’t your fucking concern, 

  8. With Dwan and his other croonies and Sam the man running that town , edgell is the missing puzzle piece!   

  9. Hire someone who won’t abuse authority. I could only imagine if peluso boy got job there would be so many lawsuits on the city that Myron head would spin off. Although edgall is little rough around the edges I believe he would be great chief. You guys can ask Georgie to retire from the county and bring him back and I don’t think anybody from aliquippa would have a problem with that.

    • Interesting in one post you ask who Edgell is and in this one you say he would make a “great” chief.  Far cry from not knowing a man to then lauding him as Great.  Also are you implying that by hiring Peluso he would abuse power?  What grounds do you have to make such a statement?  Do you even know either of the men that you are talking about? 

  10. I typed out a long drawn out comment about Edgell becoming chief…….then I decided its not worth going into detail. All I have to say is……..”OH BOY” the powers to be in this decision to even bring his name up, have got to be doing some of that crack you can pick up in front of Dave’s bar. Total idiotic idea to even consider. I’ve never know a more inhuman, corrupt, hated individual than this loser.

  11. Good point, you have to show/give respect  to get respect , how about a good morning,  or how are you today ? or just a hello, while your drinking your coffee at Aplus everyday.  NO  he eyes everyone up like there a convict that just  got out of jail, OK he has been spit on, punched , kicked etc., dont treat the whole world with attidude, remember only GOD will judge in the end.

  12. Edgall dosent discriminate he is pretty much ignorant and unprofessional to all ages, gender and races. Doug whole approach on being a cop is to treat people like crap and make everybody hate his guts instead of building a rapport with people. I guess he was picked on when he was young and is getting back at everybody that took his lunch when he was a kid.

  13. Edgell over Couch any day!! Edgell at least has respect of his dept. Instant mutiny if Couch gets it. Battalinis little pet has his skeletons, not to mention the whole Monaca incident in which he turned on his own dept that he worked in. Postured to have that job, never opened up, so he turned on them.

  14. I agree with Jack, Couch way too many skeletons. Ripped off Aliquippa taxpayers for years. If I ever need the police I would welcome Edgel, I may not like what he says, but I believe he will handle my call correctly. Back in the day Couch would always speak bad about Aliquippa and does not even live here. Now he is the ultimate fan when he might become Chief, phony and two faced, watch out. He had the Chiefs job in Monaca years ago, but run his mouth and got ousted out, now he wants to be in Quipp, its only because no one else wants him

  15. Your next Chief is Donnie Couch, and as far as Edgel, he would be a great Chief he he could build a rapport & have the peoples best interest at hand… That’s why it’s the Thin Blue Line, walk & do what you need to on the professional side of things, but not to forget where you came from & that your still on of us also!

  16. Aliquippa is simply a joke….too bad officer Naim wasnt here…he was a great cop and person….Mr. Naim could be the chief any day!!!!



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