Following an independent investigation into an alleged incident involving a man with a gun at Friendship Ridge, District Attorney Anthony Berosh has dropped all of the criminal charges filed against Larry A. Hicks by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office. County Detectives subsequently refiled a single charge of carrying a concealed firearm without a permit. Hicks had originally been charged by Deputies with defiant trespass, harassment, and felony terroristic threats.

The move comes after a series of investigative reports published by the Beaver Countian revealed apparent inconsistencies in the sworn Affidavit of Probable Cause filed by Deputy Cpl. John Joe Fratangeli.

Sheriff David told news outlets that on January 17th Larry Hicks entered Friendship Ridge “locked and loaded”, ready to kill the vulnerable elderly who would have been unable to flee his attack. David said he was convinced many would have died if he and his Deputies hadn’t stopped the man. “He’s making threats and I think he would have followed through on those threats, but we stopped him, myself and my men stopped him, thank god,” David told news crews. “This is a facility with elderly people and disabled people in wheelchairs. They can’t move. We averted a tragedy here today,” he was similarly quoted as saying.

A courthouse source tells the Beaver Countian that an investigation by County Detectives determined the Sheriff’s “wild assertions” were unfounded. Sheriff David’s news blitz came just one day after he pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self incrimination during a hearing on private security services performed by his office.

The Sheriff’s handling of the incident came under harsh criticism from officials, when it was revealed he failed to contact the Beaver County Emergency Services Center after receiving a call directly from an official at Friendship Ridge.

The Beaver Countian was the only media outlet present at a preliminary arraignment today for Larry Hicks on the new criminal complaint filed by County Detectives. At the hearing, District Judge Tim Finn set a cash bail of $2,500 for Hicks; it had previously been set at $50,000. Judge Finn also ordered Hicks to stay at least 300 yards away from the Friendship Ridge complex, and to undergo a behavioral assessment. Hicks was ordered to surrender any weapons that he may have to County Detectives, rather than to the Sheriff’s Office as is normal procedure.

“I am both gladdened as well as disheartened by today’s events,” said defense attorney Gerald “Jerry” Benyo. “It is apparent that the District Attorney’s Office does not feel comfortable with the vast majority of charges filed against Mr. Hicks by the Sheriff’s Office. I do not recall a time when the Beaver County Detectives have been requested to review criminal charges filed by another law enforcement agency.”

Defense Attorney Benyo said very serious questions remain about actions taken by the Sheriff’s Office in this case. “It is clear that important questions exist that the public and Mr. Hicks have a right to have answered. It is extremely regretful that the Commonwealth insists on prosecuting any criminal charge against Mr. Hicks, when the initial facts presented by the Sheriff’s Office appear to be in question by the District Attorney.”

District Attorney Anthony Berosh did not return a message seeking comment. A preliminary hearing for the single remaining charge against Larry Hicks has been set for this Thursday.

The Remaining Charge

According to a criminal complaint filed today by County Detectives, Deputies had confiscated Hicks’ weapon along with his concealed carry license back on January 3rd. At that time, Deputy Paul Clark allegedly told Hicks that his license to carry was being revoked, and would not be returned to him. The gun was subsequently turned over to Brighton Township Police, who returned the weapon to Hicks on January 16th. A certified letter sent to Hicks by the Sheriff’s Department, notifying him that his license had been revoked, was never retrieved by the man.

On January 17th at around 9:15am, Friendship Ridge Director of Nursing Cynde Gleason received a report that Larry Hicks had allegedly made a statement that “this is the day I kill.” The affidavit does not indicate where that report originated, or who had allegedly heard Hicks make the statement.

Gleason reported the alleged threat to Security Director Sam Rosatone, who then called Sheriff George David directly asking him to send some Deputies to “check out” the man. Some 35 minutes after the initial report to Gleason, Deputy Cpl. John Fratangeli and Sgt. Michael Tibolet arrived at Friendship Ridge, and observed Hicks sitting outside on a bench with another person. The Deputies ordered Hicks to stand up, and then handcuffed him. Hicks was asked if he had a firearm on him, and he responded that he did. A .22 calibre handgun was retrieved from his pocket along with an extra magazine. The man was then arrested without incident.


  1. Good job Sheriff David and Cpl. Fratangeli, way to save the residents of Friendship Ridge. I hope Hicks sues you both for every drink chip you have at the MPI Club!

    Funny how the Sheriff didn’t have media blitz to announce the result if the hearing today.

  2. @ who ever wants to sit in the seat…

    I told you so…….. Now the next round gets kicked to..
    And official mis conduct and official oppression at the minimum should be filed on the corporal John Joe, but with out a doubt the charge of falsifying criminal reports and perjury need to be added

    Mister B we commended you and have faith that you will fully handle this and truly site beaver county who is the chief law enforcement officer of this county, and who had sat through a million hours of criminal proceedings with officers that have jurisdiction and certification with in those areas to conduct investigations…

    Anything less would be no different than having wackenhut commence its own CSI beaver county unit

    Then let it slide if he says he was told by the sheriff then its his official mis conduct and official oppression


    Its just a call away , cue Bruce sprinston’s …mister state trooper…… The other site has dropped and its levitating before landing and its ready to kick a.few in the ass before landing



    CALL 11 where is the Chubb squad and microphones let’s get the press conference going..

    Ok last few Weeks

    Continued grand jury…check

    Plead the Fifth….check

    press conference….check

    File some frivolous law suits…check

    Make everyone forget about bus and trout fiasco….. Ahhhhh yeah check all forgotten

    Can this get any worse , and just when it get a little tiresome boom boom lies mire lies keep coming out….

  5. If Hicks was such a danger, why did it take 35 minutes to get someone from the courthouse to investigate? Sounds like a set up from the get go.

  6. 35 minutes!! Wow we really stopped a tragedy! Good job fellas!

    I suspect that there was no complainant handy because right after he reported this he ordered a Domino’s Pan Pizza and it was actually delivered faster than the Sheriff’s dept response….

    What a cluster!! But I like the illegal detainment part of it.

  7. Now lets see what sheriff adolph, oh, I mean david does to John Joe. It’s really up to him to bring charges against Fratangeli. John Joe apparently lied on his affadavid so mr. sheriff, where’s the punishment? You didn’t hesitate firing your own cousin but hopefully you handle this correctly. Hey, maybe promote Fratangeli to sergeant, of better yet, captain ?
    Where’s your balls?

    • Charges? It’s likely that he will get a medal! Of course it might fall off once the eye of the storm shifts course…..

  8. @ John Joe fratangelli

    Last week your quote was, your no rookie 11 years in the quip, information was wrong everyone was a coward you said step to your face..

    Well rookie its a let me get a chair in sit down will be face to face, your wrong where you at now coward

    Get from out of the underneath of his desk stand up CORPORAL SELL MY BROTHERS DOWN THE RIVER……..YOU AGAIN WHERE WRONG



    &_@?& little *@¢#$& midget $&#@_( complexion

    • Oh, I forgot all about the Corporal. I’m sure that he has now decided to “take the fifth”….. Poor guy. Feel sorry for him falling for the hair brained scheme the Sheriff cooked up.

  9. Just remember ppl call the sheriffs dept. When trouble arises… EXCEPT when you are 8 months pregnant in the freezing winter when your car breaks down in the middle of the intersection in front of the courthouse….cause when you run into the courthouse cause you know there are two deputies there and ask for help they will tell you to call beaver police…(you know the real police the ones you call when theres trouble)….except you forgot your cell phone

    • Don’t call the Beaver Police. They are too busy hooking up with random chicks and eating their world famous lasagna.

  10. As I always state…”I am NOT here to bash any cops…”
    But…this is a joke!!
    Starting to think ALL cops are jokes, (which I know is not true)
    But Lutton, Beatty, McCoy, David and Fratangerlli…Really?

  11. I wonder if Sheriff Taylor is beginning to see his world crumble or if he still believes Aunt Bea’s brainwashing that he’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and doggone it, people like him.

    At the end of the day this guy thinks that he is smarter than 99% of the general population….couple that with his Christ complex and I think what we are seeing is mental illness that has gone untreated for far too long. I hope George gets the memo that his days of retiring without being exposed are dwindling with each attempt he makes at trying to further his agenda.

  12. Somehow I don’t think Jon Jon even knows the truth of what happened at Friendship Ridge. If your such a stand up brother, I don’t need another brother in blue like YOU or the Sheriff or Tibolet. I have never seen an investigation by one department that had to be re-investigated by another, and then the charges were dismissed.

    If anyone had the courage Jon Jon, Tibolet, and Sheriff David should be suspended pending an investigation into how this went so wrong. This is the U.S.A. where citizens can live without the fear of wrongful arrest just to change the news cycle off of the Sheriff who takes the 5th.

    We should also find out why Hicks had been allowed to stay at Friendship Ridge for so long, he was able to wash his clothing. Who ever dropped the ball on that, should also be shown the door or no return.

  13. What if people really gave a shit? They’re few and far between. Selfish assholes abound. Cops that post shit on here thinking that it’s a secret and no one will ever guess who they are. The thin blue line of thugs that want to conceal the crimes of thugs with badges. These people all scare me.

  14. If Sam Rosatone is head of security why is there another security company there ? Who hired both of them and why? Waste of my tax dollars.. Mr hicks probably didn’t know his gun permit was revoked, he never picked up his certified letter and they gave him his gun back, so why take his license to carry away, this whole story doesn’t make any sense. Nurse Ratchet , why would you let him sleep there and wash his clothes there if you were so afraid of him? Know wonder friendship ridge might close does anyone know what’s going on up there? Who’s in charge?

    • Good point. I don’t understand the gun confiscation on the 3rd. What is this? Nazi Germany? You can’t just physically take a LTCF. I wonder when that letter was sent?

      He was cleared of these previous charges. I’m sure that the Sheriff relied on the morals clause to revoke his permit. A quick trip to court should clear that us. Or just get a Flordia permit.

  15. @ speak the truth…yea you’re right I think my best bet would be to call the beaver valley mall guards…. Stay classy beaver county

  16. Speaking of ANDY GRIFFITH hell they got that now, Otis is a deputy fuck they got four of them, they except Andy Taylor was stand up guy they lack that but they got……..

    Otis as I said like 4 of them

    Aunt bee as a deputy

    Goober as a Sgt.

    Howard Sprague the annoying know it all

    5 Barney fifes

    2 Floyd lawsons
    Gomer as rank

    2 Charlene Darlings, she was the floozy you guess who is who

    And 1 Emmett Clark

    Yeah this shit could be a reality show i’m putting one together for sundance next year

  17. Hey not to mention they got the original patriot……..

    Why hasn’t JP wrote about another fine specimen the sheriff hired when he got in none other than

    Back woods deliverance recently convicted of tax evasion on nearly a half a million

    Oh and he was first charged before he was hired as a deputy , what happen to that back ground check????

    Yep another screw….up……

  18. If Hicks didn’t honestly know that his permit was revoked one would think that an illegal search and seizure was conducted. Also, if so his civil rights were violated by the deputies for cuffing him and locking him up. He merely was sitting OUTSIDE with another person smoking a cigarett. Where was the probable cause.
    If that were me I’de personally sue the sheriff, the deputies and Beaver County itself. But unfortunetly Mr. Hicks doesn’t have the capital to do so. I would have their asses !!!!! yies and Beaver County itself. But Mr. hicks unfortunately doesnt have the

      • Oh and thank you Sheriff David for the white horse 35 minute response to the madman at the Nursing Home.


  19. If the county, or so they say is in charge of friendship ridge, why aren’t the deputies up there working instead of sitting in a movie theater? Maybe the sheriff could send some of those OLD do nothing deputies up there to chase skirts. PROBLEM SOLVED…

    • @Taxes taxes..Their are no skirts to chase at the old folks home-their is 1,maybe 2 that master it at the courthouse, we see it everyday!

  20. “A certified letter sent to Hicks by the Sheriff’s Department, notifying him that his license had been revoked, was never received by the man.” Pretty unlikely. It’s even rough claiming you never received a regular letter. The USPS does a pretty professional job and not many letters are lost.

  21. To add to the bogusness…it was quite amusing to see a make-shift “security” station set up at the west entrance of the bldg today…u kno-since they boast such strong security checkpoints in their bldg. (Bullshit!) it was the first time in the 11yrs i have been working in ems, that i have EVER seen anyone there asking ppl to sign in/out…& in fact he dis not even do that ONCE in the several times i visited the bldg today…

  22. Okay, but “Deputies had confiscated Hicks’ weapon along with his concealed carry license back on January 3rd. At that time, Deputy Paul Clark allegedly told Hicks that his license to carry was being revoked, and would not be returned to him. ” He knew he had no license to carry. I think he was a danger, even if we’re mad at the Sheriff right now.

  23. I’m right here reading the same five groupies post nonsense ……and these posts show how full of shit you really are….last week the schools needed locked down…. SWAT should have been called…. Now Hicks is a hero and should file a a lawsuit…. FULL OF SHIT…..

  24. For anyone new who is reads these articles…..Notice the same 5 to 10 screen names on here….I’m almost confident in suggesting that some are posting under 2 or 3 screen names supporting their own statements… It’s truly sad…. Sitting at home collecting their 5th unemployment claim or some other government assistance that I’m paying for….switching between Facebook and The Beaver Countian…… No girl friends probably playing dungeons and dragons online with their dope headset and official dungeons and dragons typing gloves…. Trying to figure out the virus they got from their last session of CHAT ROULETTE….lifetime members of the ” I got fire fired or fucked by Georgie David so I’m going to cry about it anonymously while hiding behind my screen name hoping Quippian comments so I can tell him a thing or two about a thing or two” CLUB…. BAHAHAHA….. SORRY ( insert female name)!I can’t meet your for a booty call….WHY?…. Because John Paul needs me….

  25. Hurry up and get your comments back to figured out and typed…..oxygen channel has an Roseanne marathon….welfare…Roseanne….and the beaver COUNTIAN….AS ANYONE EVER LIVED A BETTER LIFE…..

  26. @quippian. yoo bro got to admit,wheww ol Georgie looking pretty bad and so is John Joe, yes Hicks shouldn’t be getting hand job, but no way did he deserve this, purely over zealously, by media junkie sheriff who listens to his felon lawyer, habit cant break solicitor, compound that with the inner circle of deputies that he hired that surely didn’t help him, I mean come how many times can you nit follow that state code a few I can see,either his boys say fuck they jobs or sheriff is so stubborn he self destruct.

    @ 76wita95… You know your stuff and called this, and I agree with most postings, the one that I agree with is you said, you feel bad fir the deputies that know and do thier jobs, and the deputies that know the dyties and some that work in other Towns that you trust..I do feel for them cause a certain few free riders, chain smoking,bad credit,adulterers,lying,drunk,needle injecting, parasites..have painted a bad picture of the ones that hit it nit wonder around courthouse all day or drive in circles waste gas and talk on cell phone to figure out where to eat at a discount..

    oh and wonderful Georgie David great job you fine

  27. Say it aint so…..if the Sheriff made a mistake it will come out tomorrow….but my point is this…..if It is determined tomorrow that it was infact a miscommunication and that the Sheriffs office committed no offense, and I think we all agree that things could have been handled differently, I guarantee you that everyone starts crying corruption that the sheriff has everyone in his pocket……The first time I ever posted on this site I was defending chief Lutton because the investigation was and is still ongoing and I got crucified because I didn’t agree with the general consensus…..and I also made a comment about the private security saying that all the sheriffs provided security not just David and was crucified….getting insulted….ice seen other screen names make comments only to have the same thing…’s biased bullshit by the same people….and I’m soliciting these responses from people on purpose…..if these people actually wanted to make a difference they would ignore me but they want this interaction…..specifically the reason for this website….

  28. Read the comments…I have never seen a friendly debate by two people that disagree…..if you hate Sheriff David this is the site to be….if you want a civil debate to discuss the issues surrounding Beaver County….STAY AWAY….just look for yourself….there isn’t one comment regarding law enforcement on here that the person didn’t agree and was polite about it….it’s a joke…. And I prove it everyday…. I wasn’t even on this thread and I get called an asshole lol there is no progress being made…..actually correction the only progress being made is the lining of JP’s pockets….

  29. Does the corporal go by John Joe, or is that the editor’s way of painting him as a buffoon? While these stories are somewhat informative and are definitely entertaining, over the past year the writer-editor has started to lean toward self aggrandiziment and unnecessary spin. If you are reporting factual information, stop writing them like an infomercial and let the truth speak for itself. Knock off calling every interview you do “hard hitting” and subtly insulting those in stories who are on the opposite side. Doing that cheapens your work and is unneeded. Most of those folks will make an ass of themselves on their own. Print the facts and let the commenters be the comic relief.

  30. Quippian… I love your comments you’re absolutely right. He’s making the people that post on engage him, on purpose. And by respondingto him, you’re validating the very point he’s trying to mae. And another point he made is correct. Ive read these posts, and I find them entertaining but the minute someone disagrees in favor of the sheriff, let the pummeling begin.

  31. The district attorney basically had Bitch slapped the sheriff on this case

    All but one charge even remains, which that hearing is now moved, and refilled by the district attorney, hence huge blunder by sheriff not on just communication but more so on jurisdiction.

    Beaver county has some great law enforcement departments, the sheriff department has the tools to be good it just has some bad apples and leadership and its evident..


    IT SEEMS LIKE STATE POLICE, and some local police sure are having an issue with mister David and what his powers are and now finally the district attorney is stepping in.

    I do agree at times its beating a dead horse on some issues, the McCoy case he was creep but it hours on all the time, my issue was mental stability of the officer and what he may have been doing on duty a lot,

    Ohioville thing hey if chief padded pay that is something that council should of handled, if it didn’t then bring in state police, I back Beatty on this the mayor was trying to screw him and it seems that it was over doing his job with in the community, what I don’t agree with him is proper steps he could of taken but we are not in that situation maybe trust level wasn’t there and he no choice. But now its another sue happy sorry

  32. Quippian: Take a step backward, take a deep breath, hold the anger and realize people are not really out to get you personally. Post a short summary of your input, get in and get out. We aren’t groupies, just a few who feel like posting. I’ve been called on stuff, and everyone has. So what? Thousands of people read these columns, and that is the real value. They draw their own conclusions and think/act accordingly. It just seems like a small contingent of people writing, but it helps form public opinion. The excellent, objective reporting by JP is the “black and white” news that people post about and add the color to. Many people read the posts and get a “pulse” of public sentiment about the news, especially those who are the subjects of stories. It makes a difference. There is no other forum like this for people to get the facts and respond. We are very lucky to have it. Consider the vacuum that its absence would create. I post because the issues here are very, very serious, and the public is entitled to a diversity of viewpoints. Writing a lot just increases the target area for attacks. Cursing and personal attacks destroy a person’s credibility. People get frustrated by poor writing, because it’s hard to read, and not worth the time needed to try and interpret it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just readable. Actions taken about topics will partially start with public input here. The main actors in these legal matters follow the reporting and comments very closely. They just risk a lot by going public with revealed identities. Their words could end up in court or compromise them, or lead to being physically confronted. Most people don’t reveal identities for good reasons — misinterpretation or retaliation — smart and realistic, not cowardice. So, think a lot, write little, proofread, then post. Don’t make yourself a scapegoat by hasty, wordy, off-topic vindictiveness. Hang in there. It’s worth it for you and others. I actually agree with a few of your comments; it’s just that they get lost in the sheer volume of unrelated verbiage.

    • I agree with you on this Rubric. Quippian has gone from relevant and interesting to ridiculous and boring in a very short time. John Paul has created a wonderful asset to our community and has people talking and thinking about what is happening. How someone would think this isn’t a positive step in the right direction for us, I’ll never understand.

  33. To Ivan

    Yes for 40 plus years its been John Joe and he goes by it also, so no it isn’t editors version to paint him a buffon

    He has diligently done that on his own, case in point

  34. Well said, Rubric! And hopefully, those reading but not responding and who have the power to do something, will finally step up and stop this madness.

  35. @ quippian

    Are you painting yourself as some sort of narcissistic martyr who monitors comments?

    I’m confused. You seem to do the very thing you’re complaining about in other commenters and yet take that as a personal offense!

    You cant have it both ways. So-Which way would you have it?

  36. Rub your spot on….so is bartender….and I have gone eccentric trying to prove a point…. But do you see how easy it is to turn it into smut….read this thread in particular…. There was a very good decision going on than the last comment….”where’s that loudmouth Quippian asshole now”…..I’m not angry by any stretch of the word….but I’m going to treat this site as it is….Rubric…you and a couple others come on here with valuable insight….whether agree is irrelevant….but most use it to destroy people they have had past grievances with….is that right…. And I don’t take offense to the comments against me they just prove my point…. And bartender it COULD be an asset to the community if it were for the right purpose…..things do need to change….I agree totally…but this is not the way to do it. And everyone on here…with the best intentions gets sucked into insults…..everyone has….because that’s what this is designed to do… John Paul cared he would monitor what’s said with regards to insults and cussing and post them like rubric mentioned regarding one of the sites he posts….at that point your forced to discuss issues
    Like rational human beings.

    • If I started to censor this site you would be the first person I banned — You take the prize for the individual who has used the most profane language, posted the most unproductive gibberish, and acted in the most hostile manner toward others.

      You’ve been sitting in the back of the classroom shooting spitballs at little girls’ hair, while at the same time complaining that there’s someone in the classroom shooting spitballs at little girls’ hair.

      It’s nonsensical and any “point” you’re trying to make with your behavior is moot. Watch what you wish for, and be thankful I have such strong convictions toward free speech.

  37. Thanks for the clarification, Tony 2.
    Does anybody else hate posts that tell others they are angry? Reminds me of the Adam Sandler movie. Quippian isn’t angry, he is just passionate and expressive. He helps stimulate this site whether you agree with him or not. If one person disagrees with someone’s supposed facts or opinions and that spurs someone else to rebutt, that is a good thing. It would help this site if posters stated their cases coherently with less cryptic nonsense that the rest of us don’t have the decoder ring for. Spelling and sentence structure would also make it easier for us casual readers to get the points trying to be made and formulate opinions. Stan… Guy… Love the site!

    • Reminds me of an Adam Sandle movie quote…

      “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  38. 35 minutes is plenty of time to hatch a nice media blitz.

    If the D. O. N. was made aware at 9:15, then security, then the sheriff-what time was the media alerted?

  39. JP…it was for good reason…. Do you see how easy it is for me or anyone else to to turn a conversation into a fight… can any conversation be productive when that is allowed to happen….and ive seen worse language then what I have posted…..but as long as these ignorant insulting comments are directed in the same directions your articles are…it’s fine…. And you have a strong stand on free speech because it furthers your agendas of A. Making money and B. ousting David….. If the Sheriff announced his retirement today…..what would you write about….and if there are other events to write about why aren’t you…. No sports… regional….nothing state wide….DAVID, DAVID, DAVID….which makes what you are writing nonsensical, moot, BIASED, and nonsense….and people are going to get sick of it…..funny thing is ive prompted a response from you several times with this nonsensical rambling….

  40. Rubric referenced in one of his points a website that contained journalism ethics….i suggest you review them

  41. Mvee…..say what you like…..but one day this crap is going to escalate and someone is going to get hurt as a result….you don’t even need a valid email to post…. There was an exchange on here between 76wit and I that I felt if I would have kept going it would have went to blows….and I feel like that will one day happen….when Deputy Fratangeli posted and was clearly upset….did any one calmly ask him to elaborate…ask him to possibly explain if he could….absolutely not….no they attacked him ….and John Paul you want to accuse me of the most profane language…..I suggest you all read that thread….it was sad…no one deserves that….I’m sorry….

    • I only see one person here talking about physical altercations.

      That’s you.

      I only see one person asking for real names.

      That’s you.

      You can’t be the internet police. I don’t think that 76wit needs a babysitter.

      Also, I don’t think that Deputy Fratangeli’s feelings are of any concern. I could care less if he is upset. He’s a big boy. There is a guy that he railroaded in jail right now because of his actions and the actions of the Sheriff and his hair-brained scheme. Any concern for him? I hope he goes bankrupt from the lawsuit.

      When you have the DA saying what he is saying it’s a real cause for alarm. Huge red flags. Sorry if you don;t see it.

  42. I just started reading this Site. I would like to point out that there have been far worse thing said by other people posting than Quippian. And although it’s unlikely I can see potential for violence. And if I’m not mistaken what is the editor of this website the gent who had a gun pulled on him by the sheriff? If that’s the case out would make sense all the articles. Is this reporting or revenge. I wonder.

    • I think it’s a bit of both. But so what?

      Don’t pull guns on reporters and you don’t have to live your life under a microscope? He’s an elected official. He’s a big boy. He can take it.

  43. @ Quippian Do you need attention or what? I have been reading the Beaver Countian for months enjoyed other peoples opinion’s until you came on. I DO NOT even read what you write any more, it’s just ranting and doesn’t make any sense. We are all adults with different opinions grow up, I pay my taxes I have a right to know where my taxes money goes. John Paul is a fantastic writer and I enjoy all of his articles, so keep writing J P.

  44. In my opinion, and from what I know as fact, this is not slanted, vindictive or intentionally misleading reporting. It is an evolving news source, and in time the information put forth will be proven correct in retrospect. At present, the legal issues dominate, because that is where the most important topics relevant to the public exist. The BC is growing by the incredible efforts of one extremely talented, energetic and gifted man who literally works 24/7/52 to deliver quality information. With more staff in the future, it will satisfy the wants of people who crave other topics. Give it time to develop, be thankful for what it is, and you will be rewarded. (Completely unsolicited by Rubric — I firmly believe in the BC and I support the integrity that I know drives it).

  45. I understand what quippian is trying to say. The guy with the screen name 76wit was, I thought,vet upset with quippian. His rants were by design to show how easy it is to escalate into violence. I’ve read his other posts. They made sense and had a point. These recent ones, while a bit extreme I get it. And I to agree that this website would have a little more integrity with a bit more content and censorship. By that I mean it could do without the slander.

  46. Loon…don’t read them my man….. Beauty of America….JP is a beast with regards to getting info…..and I agree is very very talented….and this website, if for the RIGHT reasons could prove to be an asset ….when I started reading this I thought finally something that will oust the times…..and then I thought it was funny because, and it’s no secret I lived in aliquippa, but you have to have a different mind frame to Govern and police aliquippa….lets be realistic….Sheriff David does things his way it’s always been that way…..but I thought wow someone is really standing up to him, lets see how this plays out….then I found out that this is the same guy that said David pulled a gun on him. So I kept reading and it was all about the Sheriff…ok he’s pissed but that’s fine….but then I started reading the comments…..and my comments which as of late I admit we’re just as inappropriate were wrong….. I knew I could escalate a conversation past the point of a heated debate…which is a problem…..And I have no problem with the reporting….it may very well be spot on and accurate…. But the website is called the BEAVER COUNTIAN…. How do you report about beaver county sitting at the court house all day when there are so many good things going on….listen I’m an Iraq Vet and my family and I just moved home… I have much respect for the police through my business and a good amount of retired police and deputies that I know and all are great people, aliquippa is a small town and everyone knows everyone .. Anyone who knows me knows how I am….contrary to my posts as of late I’m very polite and care a lot about people in general… I look for the good in everyone… I don’t have a problem with the articles…. If its right it’s right….and what’s right is right….it’s the posts…. these men and women have families…. Mothers and Fathers…. grandparents …children who I’m sure read this…. I’m sure most on here have children….and in the future may serve their country or county… Think about this…. You know your children’s heart….imagine one of them in this position….imagine one of them making a mistake and how you would feel reading these comments…. Rub…I don’t know who you are and I don’t agree with you some of what you say as you don’t most of mine… but your smart as hell and make great points…you can’t sit there…read these comments and agree that it’s appropriate…..further more…no one has been convicted of any crime…..looney you have every right to know….I agree…. Its just not right….. Case in point… the times…this was a while back….. did, what I thought, was a good article about, about a DUI Manslaughter…I bring this up only because of the comments…. The man who committed the crime was sentenced and the comments were not very nice and were by people who didnt know the man accused….but then his family started to chime in….the comments were extreme but because of the sensoring, it was limited to ” he should have life in prison”….” I hope he suffers”….things of that nature…. Most papers I’ve read online review and sensor…but you can still get your point across…..but the family and friends of the man charged acknowledged his mistake but wrote in defense of this mans character…. ” he was a good man” ” He did a lot for the community”…. people who live next door commented on him being a great person….and obviously people disagreed….I agree with the sentence…but I can’t imagine as a parent, spouse, or sibling…how heart breaking it is to read things something so hurtful knowing that, while it was an appropriate punishment, it was an unfortunate accident that resulted in the death of one good person and the incarceration of another….and these people to date that have never been convicted of a crime….and these men and women believe that their loved ones are out risking their lives….we’re better than that..

    • Hey, There is an old lady in the nursing home who would like her son to visit her. He visited her everyday. But he can’t now because some Sheriff detained, searched him illegally and then arrested him based on the report of a threat that no one can remember. Then they filed a report with a person they never interviewed and said things that never happened. So think of that mother too why don’t you?

  47. It sucks that the comments on this story have gone from being comments about the story to pissing and moaning about who posts what? Seriously? Grow up and accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether you agree with it or not.

    And, for the love of God Quippian, please stop using 5 periods after every sentence, and if you are going to post a dissertation, hit the enter key every now and then and break it up. I can’t even comment on what you write because it is so painful for me to read. I can usually make it about 2 lines and then I’m done. Maybe you have important points to make and wonderful things to say, but until you change your writing style, I’ll never know.

  48. Your reaching…..everyone was calling for this guys head asking why schools weren’t locked down and why protocol wasn’t followed now its hands across America for this guy……lol

    • Schools were not locked down and 911 was not called because it was all a setup. Obviously you must suck off the David teet somewhere down on Franklin Ave. Yes, when I see something like this it’s a bit upsetting. When the gun charges get dropped do you think this guy is going to get some free legal help for the civil suit?

    • I believe everyone was calling for the school lock down because they believed what the sheriff was saying at the time…. That the guy was making threats and was danger. Now that it has been shown to be a lie, they have a different opinion. This isn’t difficult to follow, is it? I put the 5 periods in there for you Quippian 😉

  49. Damn quippian that was very well said. l salute your service to this country. l think jp is acurate on much of what he writes but l have read your previous post and we feel the same when it comes to Chief Lutton.

  50. Again don’t read it ….see again I prove my point…see because your nothing but a screen name . It makes no difference …but your ARE reading my posts…. Lol

    • I guess you have some mental baggage. Please put some oil on the plate in your head.

      If you post it on here people might read it. There is no need to wet your pants over it.

  51. All in all this is growing pains for us here in Beaver County, the actual investigative reporting, which has been a long time in coming, to the wonderfully colorful comments, all good stuff… from Quippian to mvee to everyone else in between. Fabulous stuff. Rubric said it best that it takes time to grow this site and JP is doing it slowly and professionally, just as he should. Time will tell and I believe time will be kind to the Beaver Countian. As JP said in a piece almost two years ago concerning a topic that had nothing to do with the sheriff … We are “witness to something different — The faint whisper of revolution.”
    And this is good.

  52. Mvee did you just make a insult about veterans suffering brain trama? Wow your a class act. From your post I assume your an officer. Show some respect for those who serve our country as he has for those who serve their community. I’m 10-7 for the night, l’ll be 86 in the morning

    • Did I say anything about veterans and brain trauma? No, I said put oil on the plate in your head. I assume it was an elective surgery in this instance due to complications from the lobotomy.

  53. Long time Reader, First time Poster
    First let me begin with a little about myself. I am former law enforcement (16 years) in both Allegheny and Beaver Counties. I currently reside in Beaver County and have many friends both in law enforcement and as civilians.
    I must say that this has gotten way out of control. I have never seen so many people wish “ill-will” on other people. It is very sad. Regardless of the situation, whether it be Deputy Fratangelli or Officer McCoy or Officer Beatty or Chief Lutton or Sherrif David, these guys have gone that extra step in life and put their lives on the line for YOU everyday. So instead of hoping to see them in jail, or fired from their job, maybe just wish them the best and let other people decide what their fate is. I know that you are just using this as an outlet to voice your opinions but you must also realize that you are also doing damage. These are real people, not just names or faces you have seen, real people with real lives and real families and real feelings. I would not wish this kind of ignorance and disrespect on my worst enemy ( and I have made a few). I am not asking you to quit voicing your opinion because you have that right. What I am asking is that you just think a little about the damage you can cause to others. One last thought, I have no doubt in my mind that if you ever needed one of these officers or deputies to write a report, answer a complaint, save your life or give his life to save yours, there would be no hesitation! Not even for a minute! Be thankful there is somebody there to do that job. Regardless of what they may or may not be guilty of, there is no need for the bashing that goes on here. You can have an opinion and speak your mind and still be polite about it.

    • Just like how the cops wish civilians the best & don’t just wanna see them in jail, right? Turn about is fair play. Civilians loose their jobs & go to jail when they break the law, why shouldn’t cops?

      I think those who uphold the law should be held to a higher standard!

    • foodforthought: Good points. Thanks for posting. Keep it up, since you seem to have good experiential credibility. You sound like a successful veteran law enforcement officer who has risen through the ranks. There is obviously a “freedom of speech” issue here in this sensitive topic. I’m not going to define the limits, but the harm caused by some of the insensitive comments is unjustified and should stop. “Freedom” does not mean speaking with absolute abandon of common decency, any more than freedom in society does not condone running amok and harming others. The lack of banning comments is a luxury, a privilege, that many abuse. I don’t think they will inflict any serious damange to this site. The quality of reporting is too far above the senseless comments. But there is a gradual change taking place here — “veteran” commenters are tired of the ignorance and abuse and are challenging the irresponsible people. I personally believe an atmosphere of “internal controls” from wiser, more mature, commenters will eventually take over and discourage most of the exploitation and abuse of the privilege, without the need for editing. With editing speech, everyone loses. Not reading the known abusers is the best action for me. If I respond, it just encourges them. These blogs in the media are relatively new; people can now speak back. It will take some time for many to learn how, Even the hardiest weeds cannot survive a drought.

      • What harm do you speak of? And what Supreme Court justice rewrote the first amendment when no one was looking. I think what you refer to is comments that are not “nice”. It’s a rough world out there. I think you have to deal with it.

  54. The sad part is Mr.Hicks mother might be laying in the nursing home in who knows what condition, wondering why no one is visiting her, if anything it sounds like Mr.Hicks was very devoted to visiting her mother, which is very rare in nursing homes where the elderly often die a slow lonely death.

  55. avi88: Thanks, but, then I wouldn’t be very wise, would I? The truth is that there are hundreds of Rubrics out here; they just don’t post. I am more a representative of a group that is in a certain age range, who listened to the teachers in school, did their homework, succeeded in work and didn’t make life difficult for people. When journalism classes in local schools examine local media for examples, I just hope that they follow suit of John Paul’s example and the fruits of his efforts. From what I have seen in local schools, there are some very bright, aspiring candidates starting their careers in journalism and writing. Perhaps they will even end up working for the BC someday. I have a feeling that some of them post here already.

  56. Just another thought,
    After reading all of the posts for this article, I am in a little disbelief that more people are not concerned that there was a man with a gun at an elderly care facility. Can anybody honestly say that there was a need for it? I am not in any way taking away the right to bear arms or to carry a weapon with a valid permit but was it really something he had to have there? And how about the emotions of the two deputies who responded to this call, knowing there may be something tragic about to happen? Being trained in “Active Shooter” situations, I can speak on this matter. Emotions do run high and the focus is only on the suspect and public safety. (notice I did not say Officer safety because you the public comes first) Anyway, I just want people to look at the real issues here. If you remember just a few short weeks ago, this same man was accused of threatening a civilian walking his dog with that very same gun. Can you honestly believe that this man is stable? Can you honestly believe that this man should be carrying a weapon, especially at a nursing home? I am not trying to take away from any mistakes that were made but I am trying to show a bigger picture and open peoples minds to a better understanding of what went on here. Instead of bashing law enforcement and cheering for the accused, lets all be thankful for the safety of ALL involved.

    • You can be at friendship ridge with a gun or on any other county property that is not otherwise regulated by statue. Nothing illegal about it. He was cleared of the other charges.

      If they were going to an “active shooter situation” or believed they were, they did not call anyone else for backup. That alone tells you what they knew when they knew it.

      Hicks was not convicted of those charges. No gun was found. When does one persons word and no conviction carry any weight?

      Not to play devils advocate, but what if this was you being strung up? Because first the Sheriff came for the timid, then the elderly, then the soccer mom’s and you said nothing. And then he came for YOU!

      And there was no one left to say anything.

  57. It seems like the main point of this site is becoming the bashing of Sheriff David. A guy who had his permit revoked and gun taken away previously due to abhorrent behavior is reported to be making threats. Of course the guy should be cuffed and checked for a weapon. So he is found to have a weapon he should not have been carrying, which is illegal, and it seems like most of the people want to stick up for him.

    Did anyone notice that San Rocco had private security this year?



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