Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh said today that a clerk in the Sheriff’s Office was not to blame for Larry Hicks being erroneously issued a concealed carry permit. He also issued a strong warning about witness intimidation.

Rumors were being circulated within the courthouse today that Stephanie Guidice, a clerk in the Sheriff’s Office, had been “hiding” Hicks’ application for a concealed carry permit making it unavailable to prosecutors as evidence during his preliminary hearing. Several people within the Sheriff’s Office were also publicly blaming Guidice for issuing Hicks a permit in the first place. Prosecutors say Hicks has prior convictions which should have made him ineligible to receive a permit to carry a firearm.

District Attorney Berosh sought to quash those rumors, insisting Guidice had not acted improperly when issuing Hicks his permit. “The records check showed Hicks had no prior convictions. That’s an issue with the system, probably caused by errors made [over 20 years ago] when Hicks was first convicted … I could have done that records check myself and would have come up with the same exact results that she did.”

Berosh also said there was no truth to the rumors that Hicks’ permit application was unavailable for the preliminary hearing. “We didn’t even ask for a copy of the application for the preliminary hearing, it wasn’t germane to the case, we didn’t need it.” Berosh noted that County Detectives were able to obtain a copy of Hicks’ application after they learned he had prior convictions, and that his office filed additional charges after reviewing that document.

Courthouse sources say county officials were notified by the Sheriff’s Office that Guidice had been transferred because she “could no longer be trusted” after deputies allegedly found applications in her desk drawer they believed had been lost. Stephanie Guidice has worked as a clerk in the Sheriff’s Office for the past 17 years with no history of disciplinary actions against her.

The SEIU filed a grievance on behalf of Guidice against Sheriff George David yesterday. Union representative Al Smith is expected to meet with David sometime tomorrow.

District Attorney Anthony Berosh declined to comment when asked if County Detectives were investigating actions taken against Stephanie Guidice by the Sheriff’s Office. “But I will say this,” added Berosh. “My office will not tolerate any acts of witness intimidation or retaliation.” Guidice had been called as a witness for the prosecution in a preliminary hearing held for Hicks earlier this month.

Multiple Law Enforcement sources have told the Beaver Countian that several deputies within the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office are currently under criminal investigation for their handling of the original case against Larry Hicks.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.


  1. Geez District Attorney, do you believe every thing the sheriff tells you? The sheriff will do what he wants when he wants to do it. After 17 years they find shit in her desk? What were they doing in her desk snooping anyways?Did anyone talk to her and ask her whats going on? Yes another set up people aren’t stupid. She’s been there a lot of years and never once was she written up, the sheriff always finds a way out. There’s more to this story than we know.

  2. The man behind the curtain says… Nothing to see here folks…. It’s all ok… Nothing at all going on…. 😆

  3. Looks like the squirell has found his nuts! Good to see Tony B sticking up for Stephanie! :thumbsup:

    Georgie needs to go back to Aliquippa and leave civilized people alone.

    • Ouch! There are actually civilized people in Aliquippa. Really.

      Of course, this does not include the Mayor, who’s greatest achievement is the creation of the aliquippa flag.

  4. Just in the district attorney isn’t looking through smoke and mirrors.

    Also Aliquippa mayor didn’t invent the city flag they where in the basement he found them when snooping around someone else did it he just re invented and got some press, don’t forget he did throw out first pitch at pirate game lol

  5. Removal of an elected official has been questioned here. The following is a good summary of PA state law regarding this. Go to the PA Constitution Articles if you wish more detail, verbatim, from the original Articles in the PA State Constitution. Google the “Pennsylvania Legislator’s Municipal Deskbook, Third Edition (2006)” if you want the full context of the excerpt below. One thought: allegations and opinions don’t count; convictions or legal judgments do. So, regardless of what you feel or say about it, the actions have to be real and legal.

    Pennsylvania Legislator’s Municipal Deskbook, Third Edition (2006)

    Pennsylvania General Assembly * Local Government Commission Page 75:

    “How can a local elected official be removed from office? There
    are some statutory and home rule charter provisions regarding
    the recall or removal of elected officials. These provisions have
    been deemed inoperative by our courts, which have ruled that
    the Pennsylvania Constitution provides the exclusive grounds
    for the removal of an elected official. Removal requires the
    elected official’s conviction of an infamous crime or the common
    law crime of misbehavior in office. The relevant
    provisions of the Pennsylvania Constitution are Article II,
    Section 7 (relating to ineligibility by criminal conviction of an
    infamous crime), Article VI, Section 6 (relating to officers
    liable to impeachment for misbehavior in office), and Article VI, Section 7 (relating to removal of civil officers for conviction of an infamous crime, misbehavior in office, or reasonable cause). These provide the exclusive methods for removing elected officials, including elected local officials, thereby nullifying contrary statutory provisions. In conformity with the Constitution, a court is authorized to remove an elected official
    upon his or her conviction of an infamous crime.

    Infamous Crime.

    These include crimes such as forgery, perjury, embezzlement of public moneys, bribery, or like offenses. “[A] crime is infamous for purposes of Article II, Section 7, if its underlying facts establish a felony, a crimen falsi offense, or a like offense involving the charge of falsehood that affects the public administration of justice.”

    Misbehavior in Office.

    “Misbehavior in office” as an impeachable offense under the Pennsylvania
    Constitution, Article VI, Section 6, is equivalent to the common-law crime of misconduct in office variously called misbehavior, misfeasance, or misdemeanor in office. It occurs when there is the breach of a positive statutory duty or the performance by a public official of a discretionary act with an improper or corrupt motive.

    Reasonable Cause.

    In addition to the “self-executing” removals upon conviction in court (i.e., sentencing)
    of an infamous crime or misbehavior in office, as discussed above, or removal after impeachment pursuant to Article VI, Section 6 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, another means of removing an elected public officer, set forth in Article VI, Section 7, is removal “by the Governor for reasonable cause, after due notice and full hearing, on the address of two thirds of the Senate.” While discretion may reside in the Senate to find that various kinds of egregious behavior might constitute “reasonable cause” for
    removal, one can speculate the likelihood that the Senate would use a “reasonable cause” standard that is similar or equivalent to that standard applied for removal due to misbehavior in office or conviction of an infamous crime.”

  6. We have a HIGH PAID nut in office. After reading some of the articles it seems that some people think that all of the secretaries are being harassed, thats not the case. Its been Stephani Guidice and her alone. The Sheriff needs someone to blame for his theatrics at friendship ridge that he got caught up on. I think picking on a hard working person with a family im sure is as low as you can go.

  7. @mvee & hub The mayor from Aliquippa is right in there with the Sheriff. Who do you think is calling the shots in Aliquippa? He got Georgies boy as solicitor, Myron, The mayor lost his job, tell me how is he paying his bills and traveling everywhere? They all deserve each other. Myron got thrown out of quip years ago, mayor threw the first pitch and georgie’s getting thrown out as sheriff.

  8. I think we have another situation where we must put our trust in the Sheriff and his character. History has shown this for the public is not exactally the most productive of methods. It seems in Pennsylvania who has been issued a permit is not part of the public record. We have already found one person with a permit that should not have had one (error we are told) )and that happened because no citizen can check. Now we have had a Sheriffs friend (Sheriff forgot to tell him he had to pay taxes and didn’t notice the IRS taking away his pay records) and several deputies that have been conviced of crimes. If I were a betting man because no one can check there may well be a host of other “errors’ in the permit records. If for no reason other than the last “error” these records should be fully checked by the DA or some one with no interest other than truth. This situation could leave the taxpayers liable for millions if something happens with someone not legal to have a permit that has one anyways and they do something crazy. My bet is if anyone would know about permits without checking it would be the woman the Sheriff removed from her job without due process. Anyone think to ask her? I would think given immunity under the ‘whistleblowers law’ she would sing like a canary with the disrespectful way he has treated her and the other women (girls to him) in the office.
    I think with the 4 star general stars, admirals hat and the way he treats working people he is kinda like America’s Idi Amin (president for life) (Sheriff for life) and may well show up for work with a chest full of medals some day. However, unlike our Sheriff Idi actually did serve in the militay. Idi gave us one of the great quotes of all time that could have easily come from the Sheriff. “Sometimes people mistake the way I talk for what I am thinking” Dennis McKee



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