Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens / file photo by John Paul

Beaver County Treasurer Connie Javens violated provisions of law contained in the Pennsylvania County Code by failing to follow proper procedures when unilaterally distributing millions of dollars from county owned bank accounts to the new private owners of Friendship Ridge, but did not likely commit any crime by doing so, according to District Attorney David Lozier — Although Lozier said he has not made a final determination as to whether or not to bring criminal charges against Treasurer Javens, he strongly suggested to those who attended the Commissioners’ work session yesterday that based on his investigation to date, no charges will be forthcoming.

Several citizens attended yesterday’s meeting to ask about the status of the year-long criminal investigation into Treasurer Connie Javens and the Commissioners’ drawn-out efforts to recoup approximately $1.3 million they say the county is owed by Comprehensive Healthcare Management Services from their purchase of Friendship Ridge.

“I’ve got a question,” said Hopewell Township resident Carl Hughes during a public comments session of the meeting. “I’m glad our District Attorney is here. Are there going to be criminal prosecutions for the things that happened or are we just going to sweep this under the rug, because it didn’t take the Warren Commission this long to figure out who killed Kennedy. We hear nothing but dead silence, crickets all the time, is anybody being prosecuted? […] If you’re not going to hold the politicians to the same standards as the public you’re going to have problems […] This cozy stuff down here has got to go […] If that was me, believe me, you’d be all over me like a fly.”

District Attorney David Lozier suggested his office has found no evidence that Treasurer Javens personally profited when she violated the Pennsylvania County Code by unilaterally withdrawing millions of dollars from the bank throughout 2014 and 2015 using just her own signature. Provisions of state law forbid a County Treasurer from dispersing funds without the signatures of the Board of Commissioners and County Controller, but Lozier said that in order for a crime to be committed the county would have had to suffer a harm, which he also suggested his investigation has found no indication of.

“Let me be very clear,” said District Attorney David Lozier in response to Hughes’ question. “When I first entered office we were faced with accusations that there were improper procedures on the part of the County Treasurer in regard to the way money was transferred to the new owners of Friendship Ridge […] When you look at the records, the specific statutory procedures were not followed in the way you had to have certain signatures and certain approvals to disperse funds […] That does not make it a crime. […] A crime requires an injury or damage. What I have spent my time doing is going through all the contracts […] My office has interviewed several score witnesses, within banks, within this courthouse, prior courthouse employees, as well as people within the new and old Friendship Ridge structure.”

District Attorney Lozier said that he was going to wait until the county finishes resolving its contract dispute with Friendship Ridge before making a final determination on whether or not to bring any criminal charges.

“That’s being civilly litigated and I’m watching that at the same time to make sure the result of my investigation matches the forensic audit,” said Lozier. “At the appropriate time I will make a decision, but again, just because a precise procedure was not followed does not mean that the county lost a penny. It’s a matter of whether the correct funds were transferred. It doesn’t mean there’s anything missing just because the actual approvals weren’t made.”

Carl Hughes pressed back, “But the evading of the proper procedure to have 2 signatures or 3 signatures from the Commissioners, is that not a crime?”

“It’s a violation of procedure, the law requires an actual injury,” said Lozier. “What you are talking about is a corruption charge, under the corruption charge just because you violate procedures doesn’t mean it’s a crime if the person who is violating procedures doesn’t specifically profit from the violation.”

“She was quite aware of what was required,” said Hughs. “There can be only one reason why you go outside of the system.”

Carl Hughes and other members of the public were not the only people in attendance at yesterday’s meeting who challenged District Attorney Lozier’s statements. County Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow, who is a Certified Public Accountant, also questioned any assertion that no harm was done.

“I just have a question. I am bit confused now, between what you said [County Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi], the county’s position is that Friendship Ridge owes us money, right,” asked Luckow.

“Correct,” said Cantelmi.

“And you [District Attorney David Lozier] said there needs to be harm for it to become a crime, wouldn’t that be the harm,” asked Luckow.

District Attorney Lozier responded, “Not necessarily when you’re talking about a civil contract […] It’s normal after a contract like that to come up to the end and to audit the contract and figure out who owes what based on monies that went back and forth. What I’m looking at, as you’re well aware, is whether or not any money improperly changed hands by the procedure that was used in the withdrawals for Friendship Ridge and whether there was any crime that occurred at that point, and if it was someone that used an improper procedure did that person benefit from that.”

Following the meeting, the Beaver Countian asked District Attorney Lozier if lucrative contracts obtained by the adult children of an elected official could constitute personal benefit as defined by law.

“I would have to prove that there was a direct quid pro quo,” responded the District Attorney.

The investigation into Treasurer Connie Javens was originally being conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police, but District Attorney Lozier “fired” them in March of last year, saying he wanted his own County Detectives to conduct the investigation instead.

Treasurer Connie Javens currently has a defamation lawsuit pending against several commenters on the Beaver Countian who criticized her unilateral bank withdrawals for Friendship Ridge and the contracts her family members negotiated with the new owners of the facility. Although the Beaver Countian is not a named defendant in the lawsuit, this publication has refused to comply with a subpoena issued by Javens seeking information which could enable her to discover the true identities of the anonymous individuals.


    • I am sure that I don’t have all of the facts – so I can’t make any accusations, but Connie Javens has been the treasurer for quite a long time. In all of that time (25 years) she never learned that she needs the County Controllers signature in order to disburse funds? I think someone needs to do some more digging for facts. On the other hand, she could just be a very slow learner.

  1. She violated the law but did not commit a crime? Is this a oxymoron? Or you playing with us? This man has a law degree?

    A violation of law is a crime. So why is she not being charged? Maybe we the people need the state AG or maybe the US Attorney for Western Pa come in and really exam every county row office and start charging them with RICO and other federal laws.

    • I’m not impressed with anything I am seeing in this county. Tired of my tax dollars being waisted. Tired of the politicians in this county act like they are doing me a favor by taking my money. They work for us. I don’t work for them.

      The whole row offices need revamped

    • Da lozier is calling everyone in BC idiots. At that meeting DA lozier gave a fine example of legalize double talk BULLSHIT. At the very least hes guilty of aiding and abetting.

  2. Why is an agency OUTSIDE of the corrupt Beaver Co. Government not doing this audit and investigation….seems like a huge Conflict ….. disgusting they keep getting away with robbing us all … when will the state step in and fix this crap

    • I believe at one time the State Police were involved but someone in the commissioner team had that changed…It’s been a sticky mess because they know she did wrong..Next thing you know someone will announce she has an illness or something to continue covering it up

      • Mary, I believe that it was DA Loziar that decided the State Police wouldn’t investigate.

  3. ???? She broke the law but committed no crime……Sounds like they’re trying to give her a get out of jail free card…..Lock her ass up like you would any other regular citizens….Politicians aren’t above the law.

  4. This lady just looks like a bad person, stuck up privileged yuppie, nothing will come of this, so funny she wants to press charges against people who slandered her that’s hilarious


  6. If Gross Incompetence was a crime, we would need a new, as in extra, county jail for all these people in Beaver.

    Somebody explain to Lozier that there HAS been some injury involved to the county since we are now paying for an extended forensic financial audit to figure out why our Treasurer, Auditor, Financial Administrator, District Attorney, Commissioners… couldn’t follow some basic account procedures and then can’t seem to piece together what occurred, who was responsible and how much, if anything, we need to recoup or even pay out.

    Are we going to be reimbursed for all the expense and time spent on this by these officials, or will the staff qualify for “merit pay” once the issue is resolved?

  7. So I guess what he is saying is if someone gets arrested for smoking weed there is no crime because no one got hurt?

  8. Ah correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Forgery a crime??? She had no legal right to make withdraws of any kind. ” NOT AUTHORIZED” She knowingly and willingly withdrew money on an account that she was not authorized to even be near??? So you’re saying if my sister went to my bank signed her name on my account withdrew moneys and placed them into someone else’s account causing me to have a huge loss of funds where I couldn’t afford to pay my bills or my employees and had to get rid of the majority of them… There’s nothing illegal or there is no harm done… so therefore I could not go after my sister for illegally withdrawing my money and causing harm to myself and my employees??? In this Javens case we are talking about taxpayers money and an entire county being affected by it??? You cant even call this joint ownership… A conviction of theft is proper ” unauthorized misappropriation of funds” She was not an owner of the account. Case closed.

    • WTF I guess according to double talking Lozier, your sister would have had to hit you in the nose, causing injury before you are able to go any farther.

  9. Fact…Unauthorized withdrawal of funds that did not belong to her… the withdrawal alone is the criminal offense subject to prosecution. It does not matter who she is. What her title is who she works for or how long she has been there. A crime has been committed.

  10. Lozier should immediately turn over every bit of evidence and testimony from his investigation to the State Police and step aside. He is not able to investigate this adequately.

  11. In my opinion:

    This is getting embarrassing, Stonewall. Maybe Doublethink works for the Courthouse rubes that have your ear, but John Q. Public isn’t buying it. “I would have to prove that there was a direct quid pro quo” (something for something). When the hell has Courthouse thinking become so rigorous? Tony can spew voodoo economics, and Connie goes mum, and no one bats an eyelash.

    At some point, those same people might be on the stand under oath, even if it is for a related matter, for example, in the “defamation” case. “Were family job appointments made possible because of the Friendship Ridge deals?” “Did you know the withdrawals were illegal?” “Why did you do it anyway?” “What promises were made?” Take note of what they might HAVE to say. Then, let the state police come in and do the job right. If you had done that in the beginning, you wouldn’t have had the public, the BC and even the BCTimes on your ass. Right?

    You say you interviewed “scores.” 40, 60, 80, x times 20? Connie herself? Probably not. Obviously not the right ones. No, this doesn’t pass a smell test, and you seem to be avoiding the obvious information that you already have. Why? Don’t you have “permission”? Eventually, even if it is when Tom Leydig becomes Treasurer in 3 years, the files will be opened in that office, and we will finally have a look-see about how all of this came about over the past decades. And in retrospect, how your and Berosh’s apparent selective inactions helped it along. But, you will not win the next election anyway. Let Gerald Benyo clean up the mess. Right? At least, we might get some convictions.

    Fortunately, Trump’s bullshit is diverting attention away from Courthouse bullshit, so you might get a pass here from those of us that are worried about the world decline of the U.S. and how soon the fool will resign. But, we can still see through some of this bullshit because it is so obvious. The only quid pro quo here is that commenters will still see through it as it occurs, and we shall try to hold all of you accountable.

  12. Calling names and using foul language diminishes your credibility. I am not a friend or relative of anyone in the courthouse so please don’t jump to the conclusion that I am. I feel the same way everyone else does about this and all of the problems with this courthouse. I’m just saying that this type of language makes us, the commenting taxpayers, look bad and sound like idiots who just want to see a fight from behind our computer screens.

    • People won’t be satisfied until the state police investigates. If the PSP finds no grounds for charges, Javens and the public can move on.

  13. We the taxpayers are suffering harm by a property tax increase and we ARE the county, so there! What about abusing her office and position to land contracts for all the members of her family? Is that not corruption? What about the bank employees who let her make the withdrawals on her own? I didn’t read anything about investigating personal finances and bank records. I called this from the very beginning. I say take it to a grand jury and let them make the decision.

  14. Why is this being investigated by another employee of Beaver County? There is corruption in our local government and this investigation should be taken out of our county without any imput from sitting Beaver County employees other than the testimony of those who knew it was going on and reported it. How do we, as taxpayers, get a message to an outside source to get an audit done and this whole mess investigated by someone who isn’t directly affected by it? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck…….it’s criminal and needs to be handled by someone other than a county employee. He fired the State Police??? Why?

  15. Connie did not commit a crime, she just did not follow proper procedures for withdrawal, that is not a crime it is a violation of the work place. The hateful comments are not going to help! Just get over it! If her family members negotiated a contract, that is their business! All your family members had the same opportunity if they were professional at what they did! And for the Commissioners who was going along with the hate and accusations shame on you!! You are suppose to represent us with facts Not gossip!!

    • IS she a public employee? Did she violate the standards set forth in her contract with the county? Yes? Then she broke the law. Period. You can bet under the skin of this there is money being made wither by her or someone close to her. Do not try to sugar coat it. Access to large sums of money breeds crime and public officials have the same potential to cross the line as the average citizen. Some even more so because they feel they are above the law.

    • Do not think she committed a crime for personal use!! She has been an elected official for many years and yearly they are audited! People have so much hate built up for her that they want to find dirt. If the investigation found no crime committed for stealing county money for personal use, then she committed no crime! If my memory serves me correctly, it was not just her involved in the withdrawals!

    • You are part of the problem in BC defending her because she: is a friend; belong to the same political party; goes to the same church; kids were in school together; I could go on and on with the ridiculous excuses for the continued support but why. Until people start using their minds, and not their hearts, when voting we will continue to be the armpit of western pa

    • I am sorry to say but we don’t go to the same church, I have no children and yes I am a Demacrat, but I also have a brain that views people and situations different then you! I go by Facts not personal feelings!! I don’t want to listen or read gossip when it comes to crimes! I was not brought up to hate! So therefore, you do not know me to base an opinion as you did! I can say the same about you, that you are part of the problem!!

      • Don’t you or did you work at a bank? Would you have allowed withdrawals without proper authorization? Why is this okay? If you are having a hard time with the comments on here, get off. The woman has a very checkered past that goes back many, many years.

    • Look up the facts on Is it illegal to withdrawal funds on an account that you are not authorized to withdrawal from and that you are not the owner of… Then go withdrawal funds from my account and see what happens.. Procedures??? Her name is no where on the account…NOT AUTHORIZED

    • Helen Marinkovic, so you are okay with the county treasurer not following procedures when it comes to the proper signatures…especially for large contracts? You are also okay with her going back and changing the tax collections being made out to her, even after the commissioners changed it? Im sorry, but I have issues with these…and that’s just a few things! What else has she done that we don’t know about?

    • I am sorry but I received my tax bill and the check was made payable to Beaver County! also, did not say it was okay for her to not follow procedures, the same with Lavalle, who also withdrew funds! So therefore, Karen Benson, get your facts straight when reading my comments!

    • Yep. John Q. The whole situation is completely out of control. The Courthouse cosa nostra is about to have another “George David Not Guilty party”. Lozier had campaign promised an improvement, from his own mouth, but he like many others are victims of the corruption Blob, pulling everyone into a digested, soupy, fetid mess.

  16. i call shenanigans
    we definitely need to get outside help on this shit
    and the attorney general is pretty much worthless too

  17. I’ve said it before, Helen Marinkovic. As the head of the West Penn P&p Federal Credit Union, you, of anyone, should be more attuned to this problem. Are you as lax with your accounts? What interest do you have in this matter? Or, are you so naive that you think that nothing is wrong here? Maybe you should be the subject of an audit, to make sure all the signature papers are in order. One thing is certain, I won’t do business with you.

  18. please people of Beaver County … Have you not figured out by now that POLITICIANS take care of each other they all watch each others behinds they are all corrupt !!!! they are the lowest form of scum … they deserve no respect from hard working law abiding citizens . they make the rules up as they go along to benefit themselves and their close friends .

  19. In this county I am required to have a dog license for my dog. If I do not then I am breaking the “county code” and can be fined even though no one “suffered harm”. It is incredibly obvious that a crime was committed that has caused harm as we are missing will over 1 Million dollars. Attorney Benyo once said it very well that if you take a check from someone else’s mailbox without permission and deliver it to where it was addressed it is still theft. The DA and police etc… are very good at coming up with all kinds of ways to charge a person with 20+ charges for the same one incident. (Like charging someone with possession 50 times for a bottle of prescription pills. 1 charge for each pill in the bottle even though no one “suffered harm.”) I can think of 1/2 a dozen things I would charge Connie with just off the top of my head.

    Something for you to ponder Lozier as you make your decision. “If it seems like it is you against the world, It may not be the world that is wrong.”

  20. I can say one thing for sure, Lozier just signed off on his walking papers and Gerald Benyo is a lock next time around.


  22. According to the salary/wage report, Mr Lozier earned over $177K in 2016. If this is his annual salary, he will receive (note: I wrote receive and not earn) over $700K as the Beaver County District Attorney. The District Attorney usually makes the final determination on whether a criminal prosecution takes place. It is his decision! He knows more about the Javen’s thing than I do. But he is not listening to the voice of the people. The “people” believe there is more to this, but he apparently has heard enough. Over $700K to write poems and half answers to John Paul and “lawyer speak” to public questions.

  23. We are witnessing the self-destruction of DA Lozier right here. All anyone needs to do in the next election cycle is haul out this quotes from above and it’s all over. I sure hope he’s socking away his lucrative salary so he can make his house payments after his term is up.

  24. Treasurer Javens did not just take the job yesterday, she has had it for years. Either she has been doing this for years without learning what the legal way of doing things (she’s the boss, not the worker) or she is breaking the requirements deliberately because she believes she has the power to get away with it. Possibly has done this over and over again without being challenged or looked over. Generally speaking, a person would not have done this unless she has been doing this over and over again without over site. Just remember, our last county commissioners swept a lot under the rug, this could be just the beginning of finding that people were not doing things correctly or according to the law. It seems to me our District Attorney thinks that this case is too much work for him. Why did it take a year to investigate? and still is not over.

  25. how can you violate the law , but at the same time, not break the laws…Mr District Attorney can you explain that of l get stripped for speeding, I violated the law, but didn’t break the laws.. that’s what your saying right..

  26. It goes without saying, but the reporting the BCT did on this issue yesterday is shameful. Even the title of the article is mangled:

    ‘District Attorney David Lozier provides update after Friendship Ridge issues raised by residents’

    His update was that there is no update. If the BCT was worth any more than cat box liner, the article would have focused on the DA not understanding the law. He’s so used to being an ambulance chaser where the standard is about harm being done. This is not a civil question, this is a criminal question. The standard has nothing to do with harm. I’ve actually looked, and I can find no definition of ‘crime’ that fits with DA Lozier’s interpretation.

    The whole Christiana-Guy-Lozier club is crumbling. Chrisitiana gets booted from his prized committees in Harrisburg, and now Lozier is telling everyone what he doesn’t know about the law. It’s over, boys. Start lobbying for your turnpike jobs now.

  27. I’m saving this and taking it to court if I ever get in trouble, for anything! As long as no one was injured, or hurt, I shouldn’t face any criminal charges, correct?

  28. This county desperately needs a civilian review and over site board.
    I still say send it to a grand jury!

  29. I am so disgusted with this whole situation. Fire the whole bunch of them! This is what you get when you keep voting for the same people every time an office becomes open. County property taxes went up so we can keep investigating these crooks! AND, Helen, are you being paid off to defend Connie, or are you covering your own behind? Beaver County government is a joke – Keystone Kops. Bring the State Police and an independent prosecutor back into it. This is embarrassing!!

  30. What is the difference between “violating a law” and committing a crime” as the D.A calls it? Call me stupid and bash me all you want but I don’t get the difference.

  31. Just sit bsck and watch those TAXES skyrocketing and all ya do is complain! Get off your ass and vote these scumbags out!! Demand Audits call the state DA and Demand they investigate call the Fake News (Maybe they might do a story) but if its anti Socialist Democrat forget it!!!!!

  32. This lawsuit-in-waiting has existed for too long. Page upon page of angry tax-payer comments show total disgust of the actions of Queen Connie and her royal subject Little Davie Looser.

    Looser says “A crime requires an injury or damage”. He also states “…just because you violate procedures doesn’t mean it’s a crime if the person who is violating procedures doesn’t specifically profit from the violation”.

    Can Looser PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that a portion of the Beaver County tax increase is NOT a coverup of this “injury” or “damage” to the taxpayers? The Rules emphatically state 3 signatures are REQUIRED. She ALONE signed. It’s called “misappropriation of government funds”, or in plain English underneath all Looser’s mumbo-jumbo legalese – ROBBERY or THEFT.

    Can Looser PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that EVERY PENNY withdrawn went to CH with a VERIFIABLE paper trail? Can Looser PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that Javens did NOT skim off a few HUNDRED THOUSAND from the checks of MILLIONS of dollars that she SINGLE-HANDEDLY signed and SINGLE-HANDEDLY gave to CH?

    How do we taxpayers KNOW this is NOT part of a coverup and someone is NOT lying through his/her teeth? How do we know for a VERIFIABLE FACT that “someone” is NOT stealing public money? Are “these people” in cahoots and trying to feed us ALTERNATIVE FACTS?

    I can’t be sued for asking questions, it’s my Right. It’s the taxpayers money. It’s MY OPINION that NOT all of that money made it to CH. When you’re questioned, it’s NOT up to me to prove you’re wrong, it’s up to YOU to prove your innocence. This whole fiasco is disgusting.


      • You’re right Windchasing and your comment is hilarious. It wasn’t an oversight on my part. I have realized most of my comments are rather wordy so I purposely left it out. I don’t know who gave it a thumbs down, it wasn’t me. So, this is for you:

  33. If Beaver County is owed this money, that shouldn’t have been transfered, why is no one asking when we can expect it returned? Or maybe we will just keep raising taxes, impose new ones , like a $5.00 fee for every vehicle you have registered, (did you all know about that new one?) and forget about 1.3 million dollars. Comprehensive Healthcare claims we are not owed the money returned and Beaver County commisioners say, “Yes, we are owed.” so why is the matter seemingly laying stagnant? Did Mrs. Javens not harm every taxpayer by signing a check and handing it over when that amount would have helped lower the deficit we taxpayers are now expected to payoff?

    • I think the State Police should be called back in to investigate. For the many years Mrs. Javens has been in office and as Beaver County’s Treasurer she would know the 2 signature rule so why did she send a check of that size out with one signature? Seeing she knowingly broke the rules, maybe she should have to refund the money if Comprehensive Healthcare won’t.

    • Actually, people have gone to jail for writing checks with insufficient funds to cover it. Not just a NSF fee. (Unless you work at the courthouse I guess. Then it’s just a violation of the law and procedures but not a crime.)

  34. Violated seems to be the key word here. So, if I violate a traffic law, I commit a crime. Or if I rob a bank, I am violating the law and commiting a crime. She “violated” provisions of a law but did not commit a crime? Hmmm, must be the word “provisions” that prevents it from being a crime. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. roflol!

  35. I’m actually really happy about this! Before you all start flaming me, read on! According to Lozier, “in order for a crime to be committed the county would have had to suffer a harm.” With that being said, you can’t be cited for speeding anymore unless you get into an accident and hurt someone or damage property. So, now there are no speed limits in Beaver County. That is, unless DA Lozier is going to hold us peons to a different standard than the politicians in Beaver County. Now THAT would just blow my mind if that were to happen! I mean, seriously…. Who would ever think that corrupt politicians in this county would be held to a different standard than us…?

    • “…the law requires an actual injury,” Lozier stated. If you speed, but don’t hurt or damage anything, you didn’t break the law, you just violated procedure.

  36. Would be nice if questioner Carl Hughes would run for a county position. He has the qualifications: confronting the Treasurer and having her finger in his face. I think if that happened to any one of us, the Treasurer would be missing a digit, would have trouble signing those bank withdrawal slips.

  37. they had no money, got rid of a lot of employees then that Sandra E. remodeled her office, new draps, new floors, fixed up her walls and got new furniture… but they had no money…

  38. the state police in pa are known to enforce the laws of the rich and powerful
    so they are probably in the same pocket
    in order to get something done here you have to most likely go out of state
    we all know pa is the highest taxed state in the usa
    and beaver county is soon to be the highest taxed county in the world
    pa is also one of the crookedest fucking states in America

  39. For a couple of decades, I was employed in the treasury department of a major international corporation in Pittsburgh. A corporation that on a daily basis required transactions worth millions of dollars in wire transfers, checks, foreign exchange deals and swaps. If any one of the employees tasked with this responsibility in the treasury department, violated a dual signatory or dual wire approval procedure, they would be fired. You can bet your ass, not only would they have been escorted out of the building immediately, they also would have been brought up on criminal charges.

    A full time treasury analyst was employed and responsible for an authorized signatory database, check stock
    distribution and dual wire signatories. This was done for thousands of accounts across the U.S. and world wide. At each and every one of these banks, this information was documented and forwarded to a banking relationship manager so that NOTHING and I mean NOTHING fell through the cracks. Policy and procedures were set in stone to prevent fraud and embezzlement. Last time I checked fraud and embezzlement were crimes.

    So why is it that policy and procedure were not followed here in good old Beaver County, in particular, by Ms. Javens. Also, why has this behavior has been so lightly dismissed by Mr. Lozier? If the county requires dual signatories, was the bank responsible for putting this on an account alert? If so, the banking personnel who executed these transactions should be held responsible as well. It is required in banking systems all over the planet to maintain legal and ethical behavior. That is called negligence and lack of compliance.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why Mr. Lozier does not see that any harm was intended. The county is broke, floats and refinances bonds, raises taxes and eliminates positions. Let’s ask the county employees that lost their jobs if receiving unemployment compensation at a quarter or a third of their usual compensation hurts. I am appalled at his explanation. I did NOT vote for him. Nor did I vote for Ms. Javens. The last time I looked at my voters registration card, the word “Socialist” did not appear beside Democrat.

    Furthermore, the people who comment on this website who cannot spell, have piss poor grammar and feel the need to use obscene language need to go back and get a proper elementary school education.

    Also, the Beaver County residents who STILL have issues with Hillary Clinton need to move on. They should busy themselves with taking a bath, washing their clothes and visiting the dentist. I would also strongly suggest that they do some lower back exercises, so it is less painful while they are stuck bending over. That’s right, stuck bending over while the Trump administration defiles, breaks and obliterates everything that the United States of America stands for. I hope they have their retirement savings and health care benefits money stashed in a “Connie” like account under their bed next to their assault rifles.

    This is of course, only my opinion.

  40. It just goes o show how dumb our elected officials thing we are!!! And more dumb how they can get away with it!!!!
    There needs to be a State Police investing this matter!!!

  41. Two points to make

    1). Every citizen should call the FBI and beg them to investigate. FORTUNATELY, there is no double jeopardy protection when something that is a state and federal crime is committed. That means that if Lozier charges her with some petty offense just to say she was charged, she won’t be able to claim double jeopardy in order to keep from being prosecuted federally. In order to demonstrate embezzlement one needs to look a little harder at her personal life… I’m quite confident that the FBI has no problem doing so….our local DA seems to not want to go there.

    2). Is this the standard by which the DA will be charging all crimes in Beaver County? When I get a speeding ticket, as long as there is no injury to someone or personal financial gain to me I will have violated the law but according to Mr. Lozier I haven’t committed a crime. I trust that he’s informed all of the county judges of his new definition of a crime. My guess is that if he applied this logic as a defense attorney in a criminal trial he would be laughed out of the courtroom. I guess I’ll just start going out and violating procedures since our soon to be one term DA doesn’t think that those should be prosecuted.

    • Dear Bull#%*&#%*#,

      I agree but your thoughts would be so much more credible if you lost the offensive language in your screen name. There are folks on here that are of a generation, perhaps a member of a particular faith, or of a generation that needs viable examples of how NOT to conduct or verse themselves in public, that are offended by your language. There is nothing wrong with using it in proper context in your personal life. I do it everyday. However, I choose NOT to use it in a public forum because it is disrespectful to those who do not. That’s how my parents raised me…just saying.

      • @Fritz, I thoroughly enjoyed your well thought out and intelligent previous comment up to the point where you said “Furthermore,,,,” After that you lost me and I found the second half of your comment to be offensive, spiteful, insulting, pompous and disrespectful. You putting a disgusting image in my head using “proper” words rather then swear words is no different in my mind.
        (“I would also strongly suggest that they do some lower back exercises, so it is less painful while they are stuck bending over. That’s right, stuck bending over while the Trump administration defiles,…”)
        Would you tell your children it is OK to tell someone to “Go Fornicate Yourself”? Your comment would have been “so much more credible” had you left out the bashing and insults …Just saying
        And before you assume anything, I did vote but I did not vote for either Trump nor Hilary.

    • No Stephen You have it backwards. You CAN violate the law without committing a crime but you can not commit a crime without violating the law. (According to Lozier at least.) So if you are ever charged with anything there is your defense. Just tell the Judge “I never intended to commit a crime… I ONLY intended to violate the law.”

  42. The bingo judge could not have made this up WTF time for the DA to step down what does javens have on these people

  43. Here’s how money works. If a poor man commits a crime, he gets a public defender. If a rich man commits the same crime, he hires private counsel. Guess which one walks away with less consequences

  44. Anything you say can & will be used against you in a court of law […] A crime requires an injury or damage. This is now an affirmative defense to get your cases dismissed, if you were charged with DUI, speeding, texting & driving or any number of crimes for no injuries, damage or loss occurred as a result.

  45. Violated law but it’s not a crime? What kind of crap is that?! Exactly that BULL SHIT! She’s been in office way to long since I was a kid! The worst part is people keep voting for her!! That’s the most screwed up part! I’ve been voting against her for anything she runs for since I was 18… & I’m 37 now!!

  46. And she hasn’t had many run against her.. but there have been some.. we need a TOTAL wipeout of everyone in the office to really make a difference.. sad part is it never shows come poll time everyone gets scared or doesn’t show to vote the change

  47. LOZIER ….would you please answer the question so many people are asking. How does one violate the law without committing the crime ?

  48. Awesome. So I can run a stop sign and speed around, but it’s not a crime unless I hurt someone? I’ll remember that…
    I bet it doesn’t work for us regular peons though.

  49. What do you expect from Socialist Democrats? Honesty? Integrity? truth? Its no secret that Beaver County is one of the most corrupt countiesin the country! it was easy to hide when they extorted money from the steel industry and its unions but today its easier to expose them for what they are!!! Criminals! Please quit voting Democrat just to vote Democrat!!!!!

    • I believe Mrs Javens is a loooong time Democrat since 1992. She is the one thats been accused of a crime. But seems to have washed the records clean in order to evade prosecution. At least thats the word on the street if you get my drift! i believe the new commisioner is also a Democrat hes not letting one of his people go down.. Geez Anyone paying attention or just blurting out statements they think are brilliant

  50. Move on clowns! If they could prove anything criminal, it would have been decided last year. I know it’s hard for Y’all to understand but all of your mean, nasty, disturbing, cruel name-calling reflects on you, not her. Get over it already. Lozier isn’t going to suffer from this. He knows when to fold and understands that there is nothing to prosecute. And as far as Luckow and Rossi go, they deflected any blame from themselves. They were both in the Controller’s office while they turned a blind eye. Investigate them if you feel compelled to trash Beaver County government. Ask yourselves a valid question…what exactly is the Controller’s job? When you find out the CORRECT answer, point a finger their way.

  51. Notice the difference in how this is reported in the Beaver Countian versus The Times. Always trying to incite the mob, huh JP? Let’s see how the judge rules when it comes time to defend the anonymous name-calling and libel. Better hope for a liberal judge…lol

  52. I understand completely what Lozier is saying. More importantly implying. The confusion was created by the way he said it. So for all for you that think he is covering for Connie you are wrong and need to have a little law lesson. Laws are rules. They can be an ordinance, vehicle code, building code, rules of procedure ect. Then there are the crimes codes. Those are the laws dealing with things that create actual harm or loss. Murder, theft, fraud, assault ect. Crimes codes violations generally are punished by incarceration, probation and fines. She is guilty at the minimum of breaking the laws of procedure. Those are generally financial penalties, fines, loss of license, ect. So what he said is correct. You can break a law and not commit a crime. You all got it now?

  53. In my opinion Javen’s got to Lozier quiet obvious . There is definitely something going on as we all know. They will both be done in 3 years. They think we are stupid we shall remember. Call the FBI of Pittsburgh to raise complaints on these 2 if, we don’t make noise no one hears the silence. …..

  54. This is clear as mud. The question was how much money is owed to the new owners and when will the public see the forensic audit? Mrs Javens part was an after thought. This won’t be resolved until the next election. Tom Davidson of the Times put this nonsense in semi-logic form. As for JP, he was in the room at the same time.

  55. My guess is that that the DA is trying to say she violated a policy without the required criminal intent. However given the fact he was not a criminal attorney who never tried a criminal case prior to being elected to expect an articulate comment would be asking for an awful lot. Imagine electing a pope who was not a priest or maybe a president who never governed anything and you have an understanding of the state of the DA’s office.

  56. Let’s give Lozier some credit, he is a true politician…i.e. talks out of both sides of his mouth. What he was stating obviously was a “preview” of his findings and we can surmise the end result will be no criminal charges. This will drag on until Shell starts building and that will be the big news for months.

  57. I don’t keep up with local politics….but I do know Connie, personally….and I’ve always thought of her as a really good and caring person…don’t know anything about her job or Beaver County finances…nor do I care to know…too busy working and taking care of my grandchildren. I just wanted everyone to know that she has always been kind to me and my family…and whenever anyone in Beaver County needs a favor, and they know Connie, they don’t hesitate to call her for help….so now they bash her…hypocritical, huh….

    • And that’s the concern- that the Comprehensive “boys from NY” needed a favor, knew Connie, asked her for help, and they got help- to the detriment of the taxpayers. That’s why an independent party, the state police for example, needs to do the investigation.

    • Well.. Believe that there is more to “her name/ story”.. Some times things “fall back” on the wrong ppl & everything cant be perfect all the time especially in business. Society always needs a “name to blame”. So b4 n e one can point fingers for sure, know facts… Just give a benifit of a doubt. …..just saying. Nothing is always perfect in life or what it seems or what it should be.

    • I don’t know her personally and I don’t follow politics but I do know last month on video she got into one of our Veterans face pointing and screaming at him and you say she is a caring and kind person. Sorry don’t see it.

    • Oh so true..if it is what it is than it is. We all know wolfs wear sheeps clothing daily. I slept with them under my own roof.. Had children with them…married em.. But..ive also been in my life “accused” of things i’d swear on the bible for i did not do.. & would go to my grave with honor… But..we as unknowing ppl can only go off of news & he said she said’s… Im speaking off of personal business accusations my self…so unknowingly that it does happen, …my 1st job.. As a cashier at 18 my employer at ellwood burger king, wanted ME to sign a paper saying i was responsible for my Till/drawer being EXACTLY $20 short 3 diff xs…first time i was scared like oh shit i F’d omg.. Told my mom & i cried..2nd time..she said HELL NAW that point..i knowwww it wasnt me.. & evvvetybody rang ppl up in my drawer..thee ONLY was logged under me.. Nope. .wont b me being yall crackhead thieving selves. . 3rdc
      time i quit…& went to police station on my way home from work & told them..jusss incase.. Just cus im nice n chill…deffff not dumb. ….lonnnng point is…. She aint the only dishwasher…

    • & ur right….a violation…. Is….criminal…period. …thats why if it stinks.. Something smells funny either way. Defff aint sticking up for no body..wrong is wrong.. & im jusst as tired of ppl getting away & off on shit cus of a name or rank or pull..reeeediculous. But..mark my words..something sounds funny…she might b guilty..but …theres a team behind it if so. & …thats just my ESP Logical INTUITION: )

    • Renee LaButis… I have ate ppl uppp in life lol. But i have theeee biggest heart ever & i know this cus im me.. So that…doesnt prove she or any one is evil lol

    • Heather Dawn sad thing is just because they are state employees , police , judges , da … whoever .. doesn’t make it right ! I know a kid just got a ticket because he didn’t use his signal to come out of a parking spot !!! There was no traffic but he had a ticket !! Really

    • Unfortunately my run in with Connie was not so favorable. I just bought my very first home, and my taxes were to be taken out of my escrow in my mortgage. However, my mortgage company failed to pay my taxes. So I contacted Connie to get all my taxes owed together so I can forward them to my mortgage company. Connie threatened me by saying she was going to take my house, harassed me, and was yelling at me on the phone till it brought me to tears!!! She acted as if I was purposely not paying my taxes when I was just trying to resolve an oversight. She is a horrible person in my eyes!

  58. Wow is this shady. If you take a gun into a bank it’s illegal but if you don’t actually steal any money or shoot someone it’s ok??? I got speeding tickets I want money back from (nobody was affected) seat belt violations are thrown out. I could go on

  59. How is it that she violated the LAW, but didn’t commit a crime ??? Really coz if I did it .. it’s a crime !!! I didn’t know that this applies to certain people … it kills me how certain people can lie , violate and get away with it … but some of our youth don’t stand a chance ??? WowDefinition of violate
    violated; violating
    transitive verb
    : break, disregard clearly she BROKE the law …


  60. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Lozier didn’t want the State Police to investigate because he is aware of their built in checks and balances also known as rules and regulations. Their reports eventually get forwarded to Harrisburg so there are many eyes that read the investigations. That would make it impossible to cover up any misdeeds and sweep them under the rug. Any time you see the ambulance chaser remove the State Police from an investigation, keep that in mind. Friggin Amateur.
    am·bu·lance chas·er
    noun: ambulance chaser; plural noun: ambulance chasers
    a lawyer who specializes in bringing cases seeking damages for personal injury.

  61. The District Attorney deserves to be commended for refusing to make a prosecutorial decision based on what “beavercounty2” calls the “voice of the people.” On numerous occasions, our appellate courts have noted that a district attorney, like all prosecutors, is a “quasi-judicial officer” whose duty is “to seek justice, not just convictions.” Commonwealth v. Pfaff, 477 Pa. 461, 466, 384 A.2d 1179, 1182 (1978). This “duty to achieve justice” includes “the obligation to prevent the misuse of judicial and prosecutorial personnel in the pursuit of futile convictions” as well as “the duty to prevent the misuse of the criminal justice system for ‘harassment’ purposes.” Commonwealth v. Eisenmann, 308 Pa. Super. 16, 22, 453 A.2d 1045, 1048(1982).

    On the other hand, why Mr. Lozier would be commenting about an investigation he has not completed is a mystery to me. It also would be nice if the same degree of restraint and punctilio were shown in all the prosecutorial decisions made in the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office. But that is a question for another day.

    That being said, it appears that Mr. Lozier has misunderstood the applicable standards for criminal culpability. Although he has determined that the Treasurer violated the County Code, he seems to think that the question of criminal liability turns on whether “the county lost a penny” and whether the Treasurer “specifically profit[ed] from the violation.” These are, however, two distinct questions.

    If Mr. Lozier is saying there was no crime unless it is determined that the Treasurer’s allegedly unauthorized withdrawals caused Beaver County to have “lost a penny” in connection with the Friendship Ridge transaction, I don’t believe that is an accurate statement of the law.

    In Commonwealth v. Rosenzweig, 514 Pa. 111, 522 A.2d 1088 (1987), a drug-store clerk was charged with theft by unlawful taking (now 18 Pa. C.S. § 3921), failure to make required disposition of funds (now 18 Pa. C.S. § 3927), and forgery (now 18 Pa. C.S. § 4101). These charges were based on a scheme in which, without his employer’s knowledge or authorization, the clerk mailed coupons he had somehow acquired from a third party to General Mills and a coupon clearing house. Both General Mills and the clearing house — which thought the coupons were coming from the drug store — sent back coupon reimbursement checks made out to the drug store. Rosenzweig received the checks, endorsed them in his own name, and deposited in his personal bank account. The trial court threw the case out based on the argument that the only victim listed in the Information was the drug store, which had not lost any money because Rosenzweig had acquired the coupons from another source. The Superior Court affirmed that ruling, but the Pennsylvania Supreme Court reversed. In the course of explaining why both lower courts got it wrong, the Supreme Court explained: “Nowhere in the statutes defining the crimes with which [the clerk] was charged is monetary loss made an element of those crimes, and imposing a requirement that the Commonwealth show such a loss was improper.” 514 Pa. at 117, 522 A.2d at 1092 (emphasis added). The court then goes on to explain why, with respect to each of the charges against the clerk, criminal liability could attach even though the only “victim” hadn’t, to use Mr. Lozier’s phrase, “lost a penny.”

    Whether Beaver County is out any money in connection with the final reconciliation of all funds paid and owed pursuant to the agreement with Friendship Ridge is certainly relevant, but it is not determinative. If Beaver County had a legal claim to the funds that were improperly withdrawn — and it is difficult to imagine otherwise since the funds were sitting in the county’s bank account — the improper withdrawal of those funds would seem to be sufficient injury to constitute a crime under the Rosenzweig case regardless of whether the county is ultimately determined to have “lost a penny.” As with almost every criminal case, the question comes down to whether the Commonwealth would be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Treasurer had the state of mind necessary to satisfy the “intent” element of whatever crime(s) Mr. Lozier’s office might decide to charge. Whether she “specifically profit[ed]” from what Mr. Lozier appears to have concluded she did would be a key question. The answer depends on the information Mr. Lozier has garnered through his office’s investigation. Since we do not know what that information is, we really have no basis to say one way or the other at this point. One hopes that Mr. Lozier will issue some kind of report that details his findings, the evidence on which those findings are based, and explains his ultimate decision whether or not to bring criminal charges. The “voice of the people” should certainly not decide this question. But the people certainly have a legitimate interest in knowing that the decision whether to pursue criminal charges against a public official who is alleged to have violated the law is made solely on the basis of the law and the facts.

    • Well said Edward Coke. I was initially concerned how my “voice of the people” comment might come across. My intention was not that the DA should bid the “peoples” wishes just because of the uproar. I understand a DA cannot and should not pursue criminal charges if they do not exist. I should have taken more time in my narrative. I wanted to point out that others; (the people), believe there is more to this. But it seems the DA is satisfied, and chooses to pursues juvenile antics such as poems, rather than researching further as you did.

  62. How about Vince LaValle? When FR called him on the phone and he loaned them 1.8 million dollars of public funds, that was not a violation of county code, THAT WAS A CRIME!
    What is being done about that? LaValle was allowed to resign and stroll out of the courthouse and is now collecting a pension. Reel his ass back in and prosecute him for the crime he committed, along with Bernie Rabick too!

    • John Q.:

      Jim Christiana — Tony Guy — David Lozier — Connie Javens — Vince LaValle –Bernie Rabik — Charles Betters?

      • In my opinion:

        John Q., it is a big mistake, I conjecture, for people to think that this is happening in isolation in the DA’s office. “EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE” in that place is “CONNECTED”. This is likely not Stonewall’s unilateral action/inaction. The editorial by JP about the Sheriff touched on the Sheriff’s influence and ties and ties to other players. No, I see this as a group effort to protect one of the main players, a player who could bring them all down, if the books and records of decades were open to scrutiny in a hearing or trial. Just guessing, but it seems to fit what I’ve read here before.

  63. There’s a new one. You broke the law but your not a criminal. By that way of thinking, you are not a law abiding citizen if you don’t break the law. Where do these people come from? WAKE UP AMERICA.

  64. France Circ 1700’s, because of extravagant spending, over indulgence and gross mismanagement of funds, the hungry overtaxed citizens stormed the royal palace and eventually sent King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to the guillotine. When confronted with the people of France not having food to eat, Marie Antoinette replied ” Let them eat cake”.

  65. @Edward Coke A very nice analysis thank you for taking the time to share it with us. I would also point out the Pennsylvania County Code has an enforcement provision of its own at Section 411 which District Attorney Lozier may be overlooking:

    Penalty for Neglect or Refusal to Perform Duties.–If any county officer neglects or refuses to perform any duty imposed on him by the provisions of this act, or by the provisions of any other act of Assembly, or by any rule of court, or other provision of law, he shall, for each such neglect or refusal, be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500).

    A legal analysis should be conducted to determine whether Treasurer’s failure to follow proper disbursement requirements, either with intent or mere negligence, triggers the provision.

  66. Share this to your Facebook page for maximum exposure. Stonewall is cutting his own throat. 3 more years of this nonsense. He has obviously been compromised and is running cover for the Queen to prevent her ruining the whole court house mafia. His asinine comments will be played and printed over and over with Tony Guy’s lies from his speech at the Fez. He is actually worse than David if that’s possible. At least Georgie was slicker. Tony’s just an idiot.

  67. FBI office of Western PA Region 412-432-4122. Call and insist we get a federal grand jury empaneled. For those who can make the meetings it seems like we are missing a great show. Better than Barnum & Bailey. If you can attend, do so. I plan on trying in the future. Bring popcorn and sodas.

  68. It’s not a crime if she isn’t prosecuted is what he meant. In layman terms “ain’t nothing going to happen to her under my watch ” .

  69. My comment is directed specifically at District Attorney Lozier.

    Mr. Lozier, please cite the existing laws and precedents you are using to determine that when breaking the law, a crime is committed only when someone has been injured or damaged or the actor benefited from the action. This is a novel concept to be but I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt pending clarification. Please elaborate.

    I am not asking this to be done here. I am asking for this to be done in a public meeting.

  70. Queen Connie the Untouchable illegally withdrew funds and the people cheered so as to not be prosecuted by her…



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