The Beaver County District Attorney’s Office has concluded their months long criminal investigation into alleged confidential journalistic sources for the Beaver Countian. District Attorney Anthony Berosh began the probe back in August, at the behest of Sheriff George David and his attorney Myron Sainovich.

An investigation by Beaver County Detectives into alleged sources for the Beaver Countian began after this publication released an investigative report, revealing Sheriff David may have been violating provisions of Pennsylvania State Law related to the issuance of concealed carry permits. Sheriff David and Myron Sainovich subsequently filed a complaint with the District Attorney’s Office, alleging our journalistic sources had violated the Sheriff’s privacy when they recorded him on video apparently breaking the law.

Beaver County Detectives subsequently began a criminal investigation into Sheriff’s Office secretary Stephanie Guidice, who David and Sainovich wrongly accused of being the Beaver Countian’s source of the video. County Detectives showed up unannounced to Guidice’s home as part of their investigation, and summoned her into the County Detectives’ Bureau on multiple occasions for questioning during her workday.

The extensive investigation by District Attorney Berosh lasted for nearly four months.

“This letter is to inform you that the investigation into matters complained of concerning possible criminal activity has concluded,” wrote District Attorney Berosh in a letter dated November 27th. “The investigation was conducted by the Beaver County Detective Bureau. Statements were obtained by some twelve witnesses as well as video of the Sheriff’s Office and hallway to the Sheriff’s Office.”

District Attorney Berosh went on to write that the investigation concluded Stephanie Guidice was not the Beaver Countian’s source, and that there was no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the person who recorded the video.

“The investigation revealed that a recording was made by a third party citizen and not an employee of the Sheriff’s Office and there was no expectation of privacy. Therefore, we conclude that any privacy rights on the part of Mr. Raymond Dushac or Sheriff David were not violated.”

The Beaver Countian was not contacted as part of the investigation, and will continue to protect its confidential sources.

No word yet from the District Attorney’s Office on whether or not they intend to prosecute Sheriff George David for the apparent wrongdoing that was actually depicted on the tape. District Attorney Berosh has similarly refused to comment on an investigation conducted by County Detectives which concluded that Sheriff’s Deputy John Joe Fratangeli filed a materially false Affidavit of Probable Cause used to justify criminal charges against Larry A. Hicks back in January.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. lol go figure stupid ass non trained sheriff wouldn’t know the laws of his own office nor would his lawyer.

    Sadly it took so long for district attorney office to figure it out.

    Someone please drive thus girl to a law firm in grant street, shorty will get paid.

    Okay next move by the crack staff lawyers?

    hey Wayne you might not have to send a mailer to win this one get a dozen yard signs it’s a wrap.


  3. Good investigative job by the DA and he is correct, Expectation of Privacy is the issue. Lots of case law supporting the DA. Spike

  4. It all sounds good but there a lot of bad things in beaver co .and no seems to care . from organized crime major drug dealing. mostly people ho turn their heads and looking the other way. not to make waves.

  5. We could have elected a better sheriff, but noooo, Beaver County always has to vote for the Democrat. No matter what.

  6. Sadly, this is the first time we’ve heard anything in months regarding the video. It’s a shame that with video evidence, they’ve yet to file any charges against George. Shouldn’t this, at the very least, constitute a violation of his bail? He violated a state statute and subsequent agreement with the state to charge the required amount for a LTCF while on bail for numerous other charges which were brought against him BY THE STATE. I know that eventually the house is going to come toppling down on George, but the suspense of waiting for it to happen is just ridiculous…

  7. Everyone knew Stephanie DID NOT do any thing wrong, When ever your a public figure nothing you do is private. Now DA office you were pretty quick to go after Stephanie knowing how she had been abused in that office Now do your job and go after the Sheriff for the crime HE was committing, taking care of his friends on the Tax Payers dime. Let’s hold our breath and wait. SHAME ON YOU FOR GOING ALONG WITH THE SHERIFF AND DOING THAT TO STEPHANIE AND HER FAMILY.

  8. Expectation of privacy in a PUBLIC building? The tax payers own the building, not the sheriff. Any one receiving a salary paid by tax payers and on duty should have no expectation of privacy least of all in a public building.

  9. I’m confused here. I thought reporters sources were always protected? Why did this require taxpayer funds to investigate? There already cases won by people videotaping traffic stops, stills of nuclear plants (just recently!) while on public property….

  10. DA so quick to jump at sheriff request but Hicks case involving wrong doings by John Jo investigated by detective signed and seal to DA and what does he do turn it over to another Asst DA another stall tactic. Maybe DA should be investigated by Atty General

  11. There is always some bonehead named silence dogood on these comment boards. Just like the idiots calling themselves John Galt. They read a fucking book and think they are so witty and cool.

    • You may think so, but our Silence here, is pretty damn smart, and you would do well for yourself, if you would stop criticizing, and maybe pay attention. That’s just my opinion, and all…

  12. FUCKING kidding me with this blunder of INVESTIGATIONS…. is someone getting charged like sheriff or deputy?

  13. Maybe this is just one of the steps that the DA’S office is using to get Georgie into prison and not jail. Or maybe it is a stall tactic, either way, the AG’S office will do something soon. Also I am wondering what the Erie County judge thinks of what is going on. I don’t know of too many judges that would stand for Georgies ignoring a court order.



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