October 09, 2015

County 911 Dispatcher Charged With Second DUI

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A Beaver County 911 Dispatcher and paid part-time fireman with the Aliquippa Fire Department has recently been charged with DUI. Daniel David Mraovich, 35 of Aliquippa, is facing charges of DUI: Highest Rate and Careless Driving. Aliquippa Police say on September 1st Mraovich was operating a motor vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol level) of .25, over three times the legal limit.

Mraovich faces a preliminary hearing in the matter on January 3rd.

Although the charges pending against Mraovich are for DUI: 1st Offense, a search of court records shows that Daniel Mraovich was previously convicted on charges of DUI and Accidents Involving Damage To Unattended Property back in 2008.

Those convictions stemmed from a August 2007 incident in which Aliquippa Police say Mraovich wrecked a tow truck owned by Junak’s Auto Body into another vehicle on Franklin Ave while intoxicated, then left the scene of the accident. He was found to have a BAC of .27 in that incident. Mraovich was sentenced to ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) in the case.

Daniel Mraovich has been a 911 Dispatcher for the county since 2002.

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Reader Comments

3 years 9 months ago

I’m pretty sure this guy is a full time firefighter. If he has a CDL, (to operate a heavier vehicle with air brakes as many firetrucks are) and many firefighters Do. His license should have been immediately suspended, on the first one, and again suspended on the second on. Yet in aliquippa he continued to work

-Effective February 1, 2004

License Suspensions
Suspensions will be imposed as follows:

BAC below .10% and incapable of safe driving: No suspension for first offense if the driver meets certain criteria; 12 month license suspension for second or subsequent offense.
BAC greater than or equal to .10% and less than .16%: 12 month license suspension for first and second offense. 18 month suspension for third or subsequent offense.
BAC greater than or equal to .16%: 12 month license suspension for first offense. 18 month suspension for second or subsequent offense.

BUT A CDL, has a rate of .04 and the rules are different than just a class 1 drivers license.

Whatever the case, why is this guy still working? is this how things are run in Aliquippa?