has uncovered a discrepancy involving the passage of a mysterious letter purporting to be a firsthand eyewitness account of Rachael DelTondo’s May 13 murder in Aliquippa.

This site and the Daily Mail published a joint report Tuesday revealing the existence of the letter allegedly signed by a person who has been interviewed as part of the homicide investigation. The Beaver Countian is not revealing the person’s name because the letter has not been authenticated.

The letter reads in part, “I heard the gunshots and seen her fall … I don’t want to be part of this. They won’t send me (to jail) if I tell them what really happened.”

The Beaver Countian interviewed Kayle Hill of Rochester, who said she was given the letter directly from the person whose signature appears on the note. Hill mailed it to her ex-boyfriend, Beaver County Jail inmate Wayne Cordes of Hopewell Township, just days after the murder. Hill said the letter writer is a friend of Cordes’.

“I was at working at Circle K,” Hill said in the initial interview. “(The friend) came inside and gave me folded-up paper and asked me if I could send it to Wayne … Wayne use to go and take me around and (the friend) knew that I was his baby momma, (the friend) knew he was writing me because he doesn’t have anybody else to write.”

Hill said she later placed the friend’s note in an envelope along with a letter she wrote and mailed them together to Cordes at the jail. She said the two have corresponded about the letter since she sent it to him, with Cordes explaining to her what it was all about and telling her not to worry.

The letter has been the focus of at least two sealed search warrants executed by Beaver County Detectives and Aliquippa police, including the search of Cordes’ cell and a raid on the law offices of his defense attorney, Gerald Benyo Jr.

At the request of District Attorney David Lozier, Benyo and Cordes are both under gag orders by county President Judge Richard Mancini not to discuss the matter.

The Beaver Countian contacted Circle K in Aliquippa in an attempt to confirm some of Hill’s account of events. A woman who identified herself as the store’s assistant manager verified Hill had been employed there, with a hire date in February 2017.

After reviewing the store’s schedules, the woman said the last day Hill worked for the company was April 14, a month before DelTondo was murdered.

The Beaver Countian again contacted Hill to ask about the discrepancy.

“I was up there dropping something off then,” she insisted. “(Wayne’s friend) handed it to me then.”

She abruptly ended the call.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Well now isn’t this an odd turn of events? Did Cordes play Lozier for a fool? Not that it would be very difficult, but he had no way to know how the DA would respond nor that Benyo would seize the opportunity to act on it. If he did contrive the whole letter as a means of avoiding prosecution or at the least getting paid by the county I am skeptical he thought this up himself.

    • Thought this up my ass. Aliquippa police Beaver County Det. came up with this one there used to getting away with there halfe wit intellect they just cant get it through there diseased brains JP is here now no insult to where anyone is from. They act like a bunch of inbreds they better expand there gene pool.

      • “There” means in that place: We drove there early in the morning.

        “Their” is a possessive form of they: They gave their earnings to charity.

        “They’re” is a contraction of they+are: When Grandma and Grandpa get here, they’re going to take us out to lunch.

  2. See?? Something’s not right here.. I knew a letter couldn’t exist with the clear knowledge that everything is reviewed that comes through that jail. If it does exist, how did it get in there?

  3. Interesting. I imagine a lot of scramblin’ is going on. I envision another search warrant is in the making.

  4. Cordes’ arresting officer was Watkins…at an unidentified home that is around the corner from Watkins’ residence…

  5. Last year, aliquippa pd and the county detectives were unable to find a homicide victim’s body that was 100 yards from the crime scene. 5 days later a neighbor found it. This week the beaver countian finds this glaring error in a letter to an inmate. Aliquippa pd and the county detectives missed this. Then they reportedly executed at least 2 search warrants based on a letter that has now lost all credibility. Even worse they apparently seized privileged attorney-client documents. It just so happens that the attorney is running against the current district attorney (who oversees the county detectives). Every good honest police officer who is following this story are surely outraged by this daily calamity.

  6. This smelled fishy from the get go. Kayle Hill states that she was at the Circle K, regardless of what she was doing there….working or dropping something off….and this “friend” of Wayne Cordes walks in and hands off to her [this] “folded-up paper”. She in turn mails it to Wayne Cordes. Why hasn’t anyone subpoenaed video from Circle K between the date of the murder and the date Cordes received the letter or from any other cameras that may have been in close proximity to the Circle K? I’m sure the jail has a record of when the letter was received. By what other means are the police going to corroborate her story what-so-ever?
    The Beaver Countian stated that Kayle Hill was interviewed; by whom? Was it by the authorities or was it by the Beaver Countian? If she was interviewed by the authorities and she was found to have written the letter herself or by a third party, who didn’t see or hear the actual murder and simply falsified the letter to help Cordes get an ‘out of jail free card’, then I would hope that she be jailed for Obstruction of Justice in a murder investigation.
    What heartless people would want to continue to haunt or give hope to the family & dearest friends of Rachael DelTondo in this manner? It’s been many years since I have put any faith into the Aliquippa Police Dept. due to reasons I choose not to disclose.
    As far as the assistant police chief, Joe Perciavalle, he’s been railroaded and has had a target on his back for the past several years due to his FaceBook post referring to the murder, in Aliquippa, of Officer Jimmy Neims. What the [il] legal system is doing to him is nothing more than retaliation. I’ve been waiting with baited breath to see just when the other shoe would drop…..and it has. All I will say is that there is corruption in every governmental department in this United States of America. Do we stand United? I think not!! Will Justice prevail? Not always!

  7. The end credits for this future movie will run longer than those for “The Godfather.” Maybe we should start assigning actors for the characters. First up, Jim Carey to play the DA. Then, Cedric the Entertainer as the Mayor. Ray Liotta as the Chief. Nicholas Cage as the Solicitor. Script by Stephen King.

    • I LOVE this post! The DA is a joke, and the Mayor has suddenly gone mute. WTH? The PSP should have taken over from the very beginning. The Del Tondo family has suffered enough w/o having to put up with this travesty!!

  8. Watch old dawoon and the others. trey will serve up some of there lin mar plan 12 own brothers ya brothers big time suckers all being played. GO to church and signify to t the Lord ya um sure God smiles on you. Letter IDIOTS trying to be clever and clever is a kind word for for them. Everyone knows in there hearts all the truths JP writes everything decent people try to effect change its to far gone Alliquippa needs to be leveved and the earth salted so that not even a weed can grow there for a thousand years.

    • Lisa DelTondo. The mother pushed and pushed and made her daughter live this lifestyle. My heart breaks for Rachael and the abuse she lived with

      • Yes. This isn’t an isolated incident. She was raised to make the mistakes she did. Who the hell hangs with kids that young? Obviously most situations don’t end this way but her folks(mom) did nothing to rectify her lifestyle. If you live at home in your 30’s there are problems and they are of your own making.

    • Quip hasnt been a democracy for quite some time. Go to a meeting some time. Very little is discussed with the community. Dewoooon makes decisions left and right without council. Hopefully with Mottes Piroli and Mrs Fratangeli contine to band together and throw all the thieves out!

  9. Every person should avoid Aliquippa like the plague isolate them. All anybody in Beaver county needs that garbage dumb. For is to buy poison heroin and poison crack. Aliquippa Dewoon was not voted in as commisioner hes appointed just like Georgie david was appointed sheriff. Only with Dewoons appetite he can eat hands and legs.

  10. Too many folks are giving too many folks to much credit to come up with this stuff. Most involved couldn’t find their ass with both hands and directions.

  11. Wonder why those of power wanted the 2nd half of the letter so bad? They had half of the letter and if it appeared fake and full of fake info then WHY would they go through the hassle of raiding an attorneys office? And how do you suppose the inmate could take a part in anything considering he had been incarcerated for 6 months? He would have received that letter within 10 days of Rachael Deltondos murder. Where do you suppose someone incarcerated could get in depth info that quickly?
    And last, how did it become known to investigators? Maybe when they confiscated a certain someone’s phone? There are plenty of questions but don’t be too quick discount the info within that letter – must be pretty upsetting if the actions that were taken occurred.

  12. This whole thing is such a cluster. It sounds like the plot to a bad murder-mystery movie, and it’s happening right here. I’m just waiting for David Caruso to show up, do his dramatic sunglass removal, and come up with some corny line like, “looks like the ice cream isn’t the only thing that’s cold in this case.” We’ve got police corruption, gag orders, “illegal” raids (I use quotes because I don’t know 100% of the details). I don’t know if any of you have ever seen the list of terrible b-list movies on Amazon that are cheap knockoffs of the actual movie (ie instead of Pacific Rim, Amazon has Atlantic Rim). This is all just insanity. I’m hoping the truth does eventually come out…

  13. What are the chances that the Beaver County Detectives learned about this discrepancy from this article? Probably north of 50/50, right?

  14. On June 13th John Paul reported that Acting Chief Sealock was going to contact the State Police to handle this case. Do you know if that has been done yet?



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