An Aliquippa Police Officer on disability has submitted nominating petitions to run for Pennsylvania State Representative for the 15th legislative district.

Paul Cain, a resident of Center Township, will be unopposed in the Democratic Primary on May 20th to challenge incumbent Republican Representative Jim Christiana in the general election on November 4th.

The 15th legislative district is comprised of 15 municipalities in Washington County and 9 municipalities in Beaver County including: Hanover Township, Independence Township, Center Township, Potter Township, Raccoon Township, Brighton Township, Vanport Township, Beaver Borough, and Frankfort Springs Borough.

“I’ve been a public servant for 18 years now and I want to serve my district,” Paul Cain told the Beaver Countian when called today about his candidacy. “I’ve been thinking about running for office for a while. I thought about a couple of other offices and decided on this one […] The law is my background and I figured you know, I’m doing the law so I figured that’s something I’d be good at.”

Today was the final day to submit nominating petitions to appear on the primary ballot. Representative Jim Christiana is running unopposed in the Republican Primary.

Cain’s candidacy comes on the heels of an aborted run by Democrat John Bruner, a police officer from Washington County. Bruner dropped out of the race just days after announcing his candidacy back in February.

Paul Cain has been on disability and off-duty as an Aliquippa Police Officer for the past two years. He has had time off of the job before that for undisclosed medical reasons. The officer says he got medically cleared to return to duty last month, the same time he began circulating nominating petitions for his candidacy for State Representative. The City of Aliquippa has not yet allowed Cain to return to work.

“He brought a doctor’s note but the City doesn’t want any repeat of the past 3 years he has been out to happen again,” said Mayor Dwan Walker, “so the City requested a full evaluation by doctors.”

Officer Cain’s employment with the City is now the subject of arbitration proceedings.

“I don’t want to get into that, it has nothing to do with my campaign running,” said Cain when asked about his employment status with Aliquippa.

Mayor Walker, who is also a Democrat, declined comment when asked his thoughts about Cain’s candidacy for State Representative.

Officer Paul Cain said he was not yet certain what his priorities or agenda would be if elected to office. “Hrm. Well, I need to think about that,” he told the Beaver Countian. “I’ll get back to you.”


  1. Paul Cain, really, if elected, would he promise not to stalk nurses from the local hospital. Hrm……let him get back to us on that one.

  2. Not a chance in hell… And Honestly Paul… Who put you up to this??? Hope it was not Georgie Pourgie from the Sheriffs trying to use you to retain alittle bit of power and know… Or was it God himself Donnie Couch who is just another useless tool from that dump of a town they call Monaca… Either way, you truly are dumber then you look.

  3. For real this guy wants to be state rep

    ” been thinking about running for something figured I be good at this”

    So you where looking for a job and figured hell everyone in center knows me and I got some contacts in beaver area and can debate the twit that’s in office for last six years that lets cyber school rape homeowners any way yeah Paul, good idea cause you had a reputation as a lights out cop, that was community leader with hundreds of contacts and ability to raise money to put forth a campaign. Hmmmm

    Go figure you haven’t been a cop in aliquippa in three years but still just did a great job of showing how dumb you are in this article and continued to paint that police department in bad light.

    Somebody done fucked you guys by talking you into this mess.

    No skeletons in closet?

    And sadly for the democratic party this is what it has come on…. But then again I can see why nobody wants involved look at what beat the last guy in office…..

    A punk kid selling cars living with parents and not paying taxes but wanted to legislate our future and tax dollars clap clap, great job WE GOT CHANGE lol lol

  4. catsouttabag please explain how monaca is a dump of a town??? i know this is off subject i personally dont know mr. cain but i do know don couch very well and he is a stand up guy do anything for you.

  5. You’re going to run for office, but you have no idea what your agenda will be. Nice. How about no voters.

    • No kidding! Center Twp. Democrat and Aliquippa cop just for starters. Are you serious? Christiana needs to go, but not for someone worse.

  6. I would vote for Donald Duck before voting for Christiana. This guy has no understanding of owning a home. He has cost homeowners an absorbent amount of money to pay for cyber-schooling – a school not even in a taxpayers jurisdiction. Parents who send their children to a private school pay both for the private school plus the taxes for the public school where they reside. So why do homeowners have to pay for cyber schooling?

      • Muy bueno! Este es un comentario que podría hacer, Big Balls. Muy gracioso. No hay duda de que las Escuelas de Cyber ​​están absorbiendo una gran cantidad de nuestro dinero sin embargo. Así que tal vez él tiene un punto! Absorbente o exorbitante, ambos son probablemente correcta.

      • Caught your attention anyhow! Christiana is capable of absorbing these taxes under one roof which equal an exorbitant amount of an unfair tax structure to a homeowner. He definitely must go period.

  7. @whoever what ever RAVEN SAID I’M IN
    HE’S LIKE THE SMART TEACHER THAT SHOULDN’T OF JUST BEEN A TEACHER THIRTY YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL some things I don’t agree with, but usually that’s just his frustration then he levels out…… and your in trouble Christiana spinned him for a little but I think he getting his equicklibibiearian back yep I settled that shit wrong on purpose

  8. Don’t worry, there’s hope. After Paul Cain is vetted by the Beaver Countian Comment Section, he won’t be able to get elected anywhere. 

  9. THIS is the guy people have come up with? It is a mistake to think this guy is even qualified to vacuum a car interior, let alone hold a government position.
    Is there no one with experience that can run against Christiana?

    • User – I don’t care if Bugs Bunny was the only candidate running against Christiana, I would vote for him/her. At least Cain gives me a choice to oust Christiana who is as useless as an ant in its colony.



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