The Beaver County Board of Commissioners has unanimously appointed former Democratic Sheriff candidate Wayne Kress to a position on the county’s Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council. The appointment of Kress comes despite weeks of Republican infighting that saw prominent officials in the party applying political pressure in a failed attempt to prevent it from happening.

Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley first recommended Wayne Kress (a retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper) be considered for the Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council’s vacant law enforcement seat in December of last year. The suggestion came as the Board of Commissioners rejected a recommendation by the Advisory Council to appoint controversial retired Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Tallon to the seat.

Egley’s bipartisan proposal to appoint Democrat Wayne Kress — Republican Sheriff Tony Guy’s political rival — infuriated several prominent figures in the Republican Party, including State Representative Jim Christiana who shared a copy of the leaked recommendation note to his Facebook page.

Commissioner Egley responded to what she called Representative Christiana’s “backdoor sneakiness” by calling for a meeting of the Executive Board of the Beaver County Republican Committee. Egley was lambasted during the closed-door meeting, with elected officials including Sheriff Tony Guy and Coroner David Gabauer attempting to pressure the Commissioner into ceasing communications with the Beaver Countian, which had exposed the political controversy to the public.

Several Republican officials including State Representative Jim Marshall and Sheriff Tony Guy then goaded Republican David Piuri, who serves as acting Police Chief of Monaca and President of the Beaver Valley Fraternal Order of Police, into applying for the open position on the Advisory Council. Randy Tallon formally withdrew his name from consideration.

The Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council reviewed the applications submitted by Wayne Kress and David Piuri, then sent a letter to the Board of Commissioners recommending both men for the one position without preference.

Newly elected Republican Party Chairman Chip Kohser again encouraged the Republican majority Board of Commissioners to avoid appointing Wayne Kress by instead installing David Piuri into the seat.

Despite all of the pressure from their fellow Republicans, Commissioners Sandie Egley and Dan Camp bucked their party and were joined with Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio in unanimously appointing Wayne Kress to the county’s Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council. Piuri formally withdrew his name from consideration after the Commissioners decided on Kress.

“It was just ridiculous that people like Tony Guy and Jim Christiana would go to such lengths to try to intervene in the way they did,” Wayne Kress told the Beaver Countian. “What are they afraid of? I’ll tell you what they’re afraid of, they’re afraid that I don’t answer to anybody and that I speak my mind. If I see something that’s not legit I call it out and they know it. That’s why they don’t like me and that’s why they don’t like [Commissioner] Sandie Egley, because she calls them out too […] Good luck to them trying to keep either one of us quiet because change is long overdue in that courthouse.”

Kress said he hopes to bring a fresh perspective and his signature plain spokenness to the county’s Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council.

“On the law enforcement side we know that we need to deal with the dealers because targeting the end-user accomplishes nothing except to clog courts and fill jails,” said Kress. “On the other side, I think we need to take a fresh look into finding ways to make treatment centers more accessible and relevant in this area than they are now. We’re not doing a good enough job making treatment available for people who need it.”

Commissioners Sandie Egley and Dan Camp each declined comment, with both saying their signatures on Wayne Kress’ appointment letter spoke loudly enough.


    • Mr.Kress for Sheriff…….And Mrs.Egley for District Attorney… there’s a dynamic duo…pitchforks, tar, feathers….not always necessary!! Jury Nullification however always an option, especially with judges who will retain their seats longer than ever thanks to some fuzzy language on the ballot! Jury Nullification say it with Mungo class! Ok back to a nice Friday morning plate of Mother Mary’s Pirohy in Ambridge…..half sour kraut and half potato……extra onion and butter…..Mungo challenges anyone to find better!

      • Egley for DA? She doesn’t even have the education nor experience for commissioner let alone DA! What are you smoking?

  1. I am for accessible treatment for those whom NEED and WANT it. However, I am living near families whom are LIFETIME clinic visitors, being transported to and from via medic rescue and dart bus services daily. 7 days a week, at our expenses. I am handicapped and unable to drive. My needs of transportation to Dr appt. are at my expense. Medic is $40 each way and I would have to pay the discounted rate for the dart bus, which I would not pay for as I have seen first hand how they treat their patrons when they may run late at the dr appt , which they had not control of , being left there to find their own way home. When I was working in the healthcare field this happened many times and helped many of the pt find someway home. Also, when my parents needed help to transport my father to dr appt. and he was a member of medic rescue, they wanted to charge my mom $40 each way for the service. So I sound bitter? I AM, but stop making the service of transportation FREE to them. They had money to pay for their habits surely they can pay for this service!!!!!!

    • Druggies only have money for drugs. A lot of government programs enable them to stay on drugs.If they had to get a job and did not have free healthcare- where they get free painkillers- they would be taking less drugs.

      Haters are gonna hate what I am saying- but our doctors and our government are the drug suppliers and enablers who have created this mess.

      And we are all paying for it in so many ways.

      First step is to stop the doctors from giving out pain pills like candy.

      All these gov’t programs to help the addicts are just more tax dollars that are going to be abused by politicians.

  2. Rip Van Marshall “goaded” someone????? Or do you mean that Rip was instructed to “goad” someone?

    You would think that Rip and Jimmy would be down in Harrisburg, working to clean up the Unemployment office mess that is keeping “hundreds of hard-working Pennsylvanians” from collecting their unemployment comp which is running weeks late now due to a pissing contest between the House and Senate GOP and the Governor. I guess that is a fight for the big kids in the state and these two lightweights are back in BC looking to control the goings on in Pennsylvania’s saddest little county.

  3. Two things appears to me to be missing from this article, the previous article on this, and the comments- why is no one questioning the original recommendation that was rejected? Why is no one questioning Gerard Mike’s judgement or motivation for recommending Tallon in the first place? And why is no one questioning what business one person (Gerard Mike) has being involved with Beaver County’s mental health advisory board (of which he is a member, overseeing himself), AND the drug and alcohol advisory council? He appears to be good at neither of them.

    • Its all about power Tim, and the inner circle of the Beaver County Republicans are no better than the old guard dems they replaced, they dont have lot of interest in anything bipartisan. It has been very sad and I have seen it 1st hand an been personally FB attacked by family for having my own opinion (and I wasn’t even being And since Sandie hasn’t played by their rules and games, the won’t tolerate it.

      • No, let’s talk about what this is: it’s called POLITICS! No qualifications or experience required! Egley wants Kress in the political loop to help him run against Tony Guy. It’s all politics people, don’t drink the koolade.

      • No one can question Madame chairwoman Egley. She demands absolute power like a bully, which is scary. Look how she reacts when someone questions her like Tony Guy or Javens. She retaliates and threatens. Great leaders don’t need to do that! I don’t want to hear about her POWER , I want LEADERSHIP, which she obviously does not have!

  4. Best news from Beaver County I’ve read in a LONG time. Wayne’s quotes in the article above show that he knows the REAL problems AND solutions. The addition of Wayne to the Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council is a BIG plus. Congratulations Wayne!

    As for the political fighting involved for this position, or ANY position for that matter, it’s time to tell the “Family” of King George, teeny Tony, Little Jimmy C, and their “compatriots” that they do NOT own the Government. We the people, R’s, D’s, and Independents do. So go do your damn job.

    Congratulations to Sandie for not succumbing to their will. Hopefully, she will continue, and in plain English. tell them to f*ck off. Dan and Tony A, follow her lead if you wish to be re-elected.

    Again, congratulations Wayne! VOTE WAYNE KRESS FOR BEAVER COUNTY SHERIFF.

  5. Oh snap

    Boost the lifts in Jimmy and Tonys shoes, they looking little smaller.

    Rub marshalls bald head for good luck.

    Cause MESSAGE is real clear the republican majority just endorsed Wayne Kress over TONY GUYS WISHES

    Tell the republican studda bubbas to shrink their spanks, because they are shitting up a storm

  6. We are witnessing a commissioner running this county effectively. She is making decisions that are best for the county & its residents and leading this board to do the same. This is now a pattern of decisions that commissioner Egley has made that are not based on politics. I’m proud of you Sandie! Keep up the good work…you are OUR voice.

  7. Congratulations Wayne. Look at the mess in Harrisburg with all the political infighting, billions in debt, they play games with the unemployment comp situation while constituents are suffering. Too much overhead in Harrisburg, downsize the legislature whose main goal in life is to please the lobbyists.

  8. Wayne should be the sheriff! Then that office wouldnt be so corrupt!! Guy is going down! Lower than he already is. Scumbag!

  9. Well I’m not a fan of retired PSP troopers sliding into local government positions, but I met Mr. Kress and I would rather see him then Tony Guy involved in local politics. I applaud the Commissioners decision!!

  10. You know we are losing the war on drugs. I have nothing personal against Kress only that this move is not a move to benefit the county. It is a chess move against Tony Guy. Nothing more and it is ridiculous. This post is about who is the best person to ADVISE the county on how to proceed. Quite frankly, I don’t care if the best person was a member of the cleaning crew, that is who you use. People complaining that Tony is exceeding his scope, SO WHAT. As a concerned parent, who realizes Heroin knows no prejudice, I want the absolute best person for the job. I want someone who is experienced. I want someone who has been in the thick of it. THAT is not Wayne Kress. Twenty some odd years doing traffic stops on the Turnpike does not give someone adequate experience in advising a county on how to handle a deadly pandemic. Like it or not, this situation, among other things, was Tony’s life. He is one of the best resources we have. Both of these men’s credentials can easily be found online. I, however, had the good fortune of talking to to many troppers, retired and not, who know both men. These men raved about both Tony and Wayne. Talked about there service and integrity. Not one had a bad thing to say. Only that it is foolish of the county to not use Tony and his knowledge. Let him lead side by side. People are dying. Like a doctor or teacher,the best person is always desired for the job. I have no problem with Kress being part of this war. It’s going to take an Army. Tony’s LE past clearly puts him in on the front lines. STOP THE BULLSHIT FIGHTING, STOP THE CONSTANT SUBLIMINAL CAMPAIGNING, AND USE YOUR RESOURCES AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE.


    lastly, present day journalism is also a joke. I have said this once and I’ll say it again. There are very smart people who read this site. We are in a unique situation this being County Government because every single player in this game of thrones is available to us to talk to. If you walk up and ask them what is going on they WILL tell you their side. Whether or not you believe is irrelevant to me and up to you. You will be able to draw a pretty accurate conclusion, that is if you haven’t burned any bridges. I have done this myself with almost everyone that is mentioned on this site. I don’t sit secretly in court proceedings. Almost everyone has given me time (some more than other but that’s ok). You would be amazed at the evolution of a story by the time it gets to you. And since I’m vested in this county, I’m using my resources and making sure I’m informed. I hope you all do this same. I’m not trying to offend or insult anyone. I’m scared for these kids and have empathy for these families involved. Enough is enough.

    • Yes, sitting in an office running lie detector tests all day makes Tony Guy sooooooo much more qualified than Wayne Kress to fight the heroin epidemic because I’m sure Wayne never came across any junkies or made any drug busts when he was making traffic stops.

      • Wayne is a way better choice than Randy or Dave.

        Tony worked drugs a while but there’s a good reason why PSP stuck his ass on a machine for so many years.

      • Tony guy fight the drug problem in BC. What a joke. Hey I know who can fight the drug problem in BC. George yasitch after all hes been at it with his boys in the sheriffs Dept. Since what 1971.Yasitch and those aren’t interested in nothing except there own interests. And intimidating to effectively silence free speech. Which is any type of criticisim concerning there so called methods. And anyone knows who has lived in BC for a number of years knows what there methods are. Ill leave it at that I could be up typing all night. KRESS IS YOUR BEST BET.

    • A few things you said are true. We are losing the war on drugs and this is a political move. Also, I don’t really care either if the best person is from the cleaning crew. However, I would like to point out a few things.

      “Losing the war on drugs” – You are saying Tony is the best because of his experience. If Tony is so great then why did the drug problem get WORSE on his watch? Whatever he has been doing was not working. Why would you think his advice would be any more valuable? Since this is a “war” let’s look at a lesson from history about war.

      In WW1 The English generals kept throwing troops at the German front lines only to be mowed down by machine guns. The Generals said they just needed more troops to overwhelm the Germans. Sounds good in theory but it didn’t work. They just lost more troops. It wasn’t until the Americans got involved and said they were not going to waste troops doing that. We are going to do something else. The war was quickly over. You seem to be like an English Prime Minister backing his English Generals just wanting more of the same things that don’t work just because the Generals are “experienced”. Experience at failure is only a benefit if you are willing to learn from the mistake.

      “STOP THE CONSTANT SUBLIMINAL CAMPAIGNING” – You are talking to politicians. That is what they do. Of coarse it is political. Pretty much your entire comment was campaigning for Tony. So I find your comment to be rather hypocritical since you don’t want the politicians to campaign while you campaign for your guy.

      “Best person to ADVISE” – If you really want someone who is the best person to advise then look to the people that work with RECOVERING drug addicts on a daily basis. Find out from them what works and what doesn’t. What made these Addicts decide to stop doing drugs? We know why they did drugs – It feels good. We know why they sold drugs – it is very profitable. Did they stop because of fear of jail? NO. That is just the small price they have to pay to either feel good or make lots of money. So what really made them want to stop? That is the direction we need to focus on. The best place to get that information is from a councilor, who is also a recovering addict/alcoholic themselves, that currently works at a rehab. I personally know someone that fits the bill and would be a perfect political choice but I will not break their anonymity. The point is they are out there.

      I will say that Tony has proven to be a failure and a disappointment as a sheriff. He has been advising Lozier and that has been another failure and disappointment. I can not see giving Tony more responsibility and expecting him to excel at that. At least Wayne Kress has not proven to be a failure and I am willing to give him a chance. I also give credit to all three commissioners for not falling to the pressures of other outside politicians.

      The last thing I will say is that I am one of those people that “sit secretly in court proceedings” and quietly observe and listen to both sides. I get the full story that way. Not a spin that one particular individual wants to put on things. Mrs. Netherland talked to one person directly. How did that work out for her?

  11. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. I’m sorry, but Wayne has no background to support him being on this board. Being a nice guy does not make you a qualified candidate. 20 plus years of patrolling the Turnpike does not give you the overall experience to be Sheriff or on any board. IF he is ever elected as Sheriff, he had better surround himself with qualified leaders unlike what Sheriff Guy has done.

  12. To be a Sheriff in Pennsylvania you do not need law enforcement experience. You need to have management skills , people skills and ability and desire to do everything efficiently and lawfully. .

  13. There has been no mention of the job requirements — if any — for the Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council — background, education, experience — or the kinds of decisions/suggestions members are expected to make. So this matter seems to be one of character, unless someone tells otherwise. Where is information available? Where/when do they meet? Pardon me, but it doesn’t seem to be Ph.D. level, binding input, just public reaction to policies. I wouldn’t recommend Randy Tallon for parking meter patrol, but Kress has much to offer personally that he could apply/learn in that
    setting. Citizen councils are a dime a dozen. Don’t make this into a recommendation for U.N. ambassador.

  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the Sheriff’s office duties were to protect the courthouse, transport prisoners and serve papers. Not fight the drug war!

    • Cleanupthecourthouse: Don’t tell Guy that. He thought he was buying 50 yard line season tickets, and he ended up in the endzone cheap seats. Each time he tries to sneak back, he keeps getting caught. I’m not sure he even knows which team he’s rooting for, just so his friends see him cheering in the stands, waiting for the Kiss Cam to put him on the big board.

  15. THIS IS A POSITION ON A BOARD. It doesn’t put someone in full riot gear, cruising the mean streets of Beaver County. I really don’t want to be critical, but come on! Wayne Kress is the right man for this board position, and the appointment will add political balance, which is very much needed, for all bc-citizens.

  16. Once again I think a select few are missing the point. This was nothing more than a political showdown from Christiana, Marshall and Guy. These people are controlled by puppet masters and do the bidding for their master and could care less about the county. When have you ever seen Christiana or Marshall get so involved in such a trivial matter in regards to running the county. This is a position that meets 6 times a year and reports back to the commissioner’s. They pushed for one of David’s henchmen, and then they pushed for one of Guy’s staunch supporters. Those are two people they control and will dive on a sword for them if needed. It has absolutely nothing to do with the drug and alcohol board, it’s all about power! They know they have zero control over Kress and therefor he doesn’t fit into their system. I don’t know Kress well at all but I’ve read a lot and talked to him a few times. He was asked if he would be interested in this position, he did not pull any political strings or campaign for it. He’s gone to several hearings involving the Sheriffs Dept., he goes to work sessions, he went to the budget meetings, and he’s still out and about in our communities. This looks like someone who’s interested in our community and willing to step up to make it better.
    You then criticize him for working on the Turnpike as a Trooper. I know plenty of polices officers and most agree that traffic stops are the most dangerous things encountered. I’ve known Troopers that patrol the Turnpike and they have also stated that they do more than just traffic stops and pretty much do everything. If I recall, Troopers on the Turnpike just had to shoot and kill a suspect that was robbing a toll booth and the guy actually killed a collector and guard out in the central part of the state several months ago. I’m sure that’s a little more than writing a traffic ticket. I read his Facebook page and read the numerous stories about him here and talked with him a few times. If you can’t see that he’s able to lead us by not only his words but his actions to date pull your head out of the sand and quit drinking the Kool-Aid.

  17. Rather than all the bullshit about who is better suited for the job, lets start investigating and prosecuting those big boys responsible for trafficking these drugs in our county. Any honest drug task force member will tell you that they know who and what is being transported from Detroit, New York, Cleveland and Youngstown. Unfortunately because of who these godless money grubbing animals are that isn’t going to happen without a big federal push. Many are now prominent players in the local community from their ill gotten gains. Business, law, doctors, POLITICIANS, etc. They could give two shits about the nitwits dying from heroin overdoses as long as they continue to line their pockets fro family and friends. This will change only when their own kids get involved which will surely happen soon. Its the worst kept secret in this county the few “families” running the dope rings. Let’s just keep it our little secret. The Midget Guy and Stonewall should be hung on a lamppost for their ignoring obvious crime in the court house but intent on building their chicken shit empires. Go after the f-cking Queen and get our money before the old bag croaks. She is the key to unraveling a lot of misdeeds and definitely miss management at the out house. If you put the row officers in a room you couldn’t get a manager if you smashed them all together. Remember, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. And that is what you have with clueless management. Wayne Kress will be honest and do well in whatever he does because he has CHARACTER Tony, you have none. Stonewall, 3 more years of your bull shit. Take the old bag and Squirmy with you too. Home rule is the answer to all this mess. Home rule and term limits. Rock on Sandie and Dan, you guys are getting a lot of support in the community. Don’t back down to career political hacks!

  18. For those of you who missed the former article that involved Tallon, this is a screenshot of Tallon’s Facebook page. Do you really think that Kress would do this? Do you really think that someone would be welcome on the board with this predisposed attitude?

  19. Randy Tallon has the distinction of being a lousy drunken soldier that aided and abetted bullying with his asshole dead chief at the 911th to add to his despicable resume of a sheriff. No scruples, nor morality and obviously not a temperament to serve on any board except Tony & Georgie’s asshole buddies.

  20. 17.1 percent property tax hike that was ultimately approved. Commissioners won’t be reviewing requests for pay increases for many nonunion employees. Commissioners voted Dec. 28 to abolish its jury commission. Fifty-four vacant positions are expected to be eliminated soon by the Beaver County Salary Board.
    Beaver County Behavioral Health is planning to open a 39-bed addiction treatment facility using $2.8 million in startup money for the provider that is awarded a contract. Beaver County’s HealthChoices surplus funding will also be used to hire a civil service staff person to act as a warm hand-off coordinator at drug overdose scenes, providing overdose victims to treatment resources????????

  21. Kalmin ..or should I say syl or mommy… tony is trash!!!! Everyone is seeing it now. Stay tuned! We all know what he is…. no hiding it



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