A restricted access area of the Sheriff’s Office was covered in human feces, and officials within the department have been conducting an internal investigation to determine who is responsible, according to multiple sources.

Several Sheriff’s Deputies, who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name, told the Beaver Countian that a locker room located in the Sheriff’s Office was found splattered with human excrement. The room does not contain a toilet, and is accessible only to employees of the office.

“The Sheriff’s Office was full of shit,” quipped one Deputy, “and now they’re trying to cover shit up.”

Other sources familiar with the internal investigation say the incident happened shortly after the Beaver Countian published a story about a criminal probe being conducted of Deputy John Joe Fratangeli by County Detectives. Those sources say a review of surveillance video, recorded from a security camera outside of the room, has narrowed those who entered the area at the time down to four individuals, including Sheriff David and three Deputies.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. it just NEVER ceases to amaze me that everything published on this site is in reference to situations with “adults”… I honestly have no idea what to say to this and other events posted on this site…appalled, disgusted, embarressed that people like these live in the county I was raised in and now chose to live in as an adult–just a bunch of ignorant and revolting sub-humans.

  2. I’ll bet three deputies would willingly offer their DNA in order to clear themselves and one sheriff who will refuse. Why aren’t the BC detectives investigating this? It would be so appropriate if our sheriff had to spend time in jail for pooping on the floor….I can’t really think of a better ending to his career.

  3. I have been following alot of the antics by those in the county govenrment/political arena lately. To say that I am appalled, disgusted, sickened are words that do not even begin to convey the depths of my feelings over the rediculousness that has been going on in Beaver County government/public service sector. I considered myself lucky to grow up in Beaver County and chose to move back here as an adult. it is an embarressing to at times say that I am from Beaver County with all of these rediculous, sickening situations with ADULTS that are occuring in the public arena. What are these idiots teaching the future generation here and what are we saying by allowing this garbage to continue? And WHY are we the majority who have a vested interest in this commuinity and can control who is in many of these positions allowing these nasty sub-human jerks in their small ssector to continue with their trashy behavior. We need to join together to clean up Beaver County once and for all. it is garbage collection time..let´s throw the trash OUT!!!

  4. ROTFLMAO! Really, a Deputy really said this? Comment of the year!

    “The Sheriff’s Office was full of shit,” quipped one Deputy, “and now they’re trying to cover shit up.”

    • That is an accurate quotation from a source, and there were plenty of others. One particularly creative Deputy managed to reference the movie “Human Centipede.” Unfortunately it was a little over the top even for publication on the internet, so I opted to keep it out of the article. :lipsclosed:

  5. This situation in the sheriff’s office is completely out of hand. If the local authorities won’t or can’t do anything about it, it’s time for the state to move in. The whole office needs to be FUMIGATED.

  6. THIS article leaves me almost speechless and dumb-founded. Who in their right mind would do something like that anywhere, let alone in a restricted area that is under video surveillance. If they work there, they must know.

    I just commented in the other article about the crazies in Economy. Is everyone in Beaver County going nuts? I hope it isn’t catching!

    I’m wondering if someone is just giving YOU a line of shit to see if it gets to print. Did you verify it actually happened, or is it just hearsay from the department?

    • Although the subject of this article may seem flippant, I approached it with the same thoroughness as I do all of my reporting.

      I have vetted this information and am confident in its accuracy, or I wouldn’t have published it.

      Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian!

  7. I say it was probably David…I also think that the person that suggested the DNA testing would be awesome to prove who the sick person who did it gwt caught…anyone who would do this in a sheriffs uniform needs to be fired…someone with that much of a sick mind does NOT need to be enforcing the laws, or wearing a police uniform…let alone. the public’s trust. Which I truly dought be trustworthy to the public…let alone the sheriffs office…

  8. On one hand, I would not be surprised if this was something cooked up by the Sheriff and his minions to try to discredit JP and the beavercountian, on the other hand, I could COMPLETELY see the Sheriff pulling some stunt like this, especially with as bad as he looks in the public eye.
    I can’t wait till the rest of the story comes out…..

  9. It’s also time for our state reps. step in and send David packing…liberals running this county are running it in the ground…liberals always generate the opposite of what ever they say to the can’t believe a word they say …they have ruined Beaver County..Democrats have ruined it…and it’s only going to get worse….

  10. It must of been a bear who thought he shit in the woods…So absolutely DISGUSTING ..What decent person would do some thing like that? OR SHOULD I SAY ANIMAL, SICK ANIMAL, THIS TOPS EVERY THING. My question is what were the sheriff and the three deputies doing in there? HAVING A SHIT FEST OR WHAT?????? :crap: :crap: :crap: ?

  11. @true American take a look at three state reps campaign finance records online….

    sheriff relatives and friends its great same filth that was in with old democrats in with new republicans… Not just accepting but renting office and home off of one.

    It was the little midget he came out from under neath desk and shit all over locker room… Dont worry the little bi polar fucker has already Told sheriff he is on it and will find out who did it….

  12. Fecal smearing by children might/might not be a concern, based upon age and how it happens. The same by an adult is very serious psychopathology. Find the person(s) targeted, and you will get the guilty person. If there is no target, then it is even more serious. I have seen this kind of thing before, and my guess is that someone already knows or suspects who did it. It is too sick, too regressive, to be done by more than one very disturbed individual, probably known to be unstable to others. This is bad, folks, really bad, if it proves to be true.

  13. If the feces were “imported” animal droppings or taken from elsewhere, it doesn’t change things much. Perhaps it is even worse, for that would be planned, not impulsive. The very bizarre nature of it should make it easier to solve.

  14. It seems to me that all the issues around the stewardship of the BC Sheriff’s Office is nothing more than a lawyers full employment act. Sooner or later the citizens of BC will pay large settlements for all this nonsense. Where are the county leaders? Where are the decent citizens and employees and why aren’t they acting to stop this?

  15. It’s funny that the shit finally appeared. It’s been there ever since the nut sheriff bought his way into the department. It always stunk and now we can see it !

    • This is a little bit off topic, but it’s a fair question none the less.

      I never reported about the former Industry Chief being arrested, so I never reported about his trial, which is why I didn’t report that he was found not guilty.

      The Times had complete coverage of that whole ordeal.

      I largely try to investigate and report on things that no one is paying attention to. :thumbsup:

  16. I understand and thank you for your response, but it is not entirely true. Every one knew/knows about Chief Lutton and you choose to report on his case. My issue is you may or may not have guessed that I am a police officer. I don’t feel as many local officers feel, which is that you are out on a witch hunt for all officers. I just thought the case with Chief Miller being found not guilty would have been a great opportunity to show the local law enforcement as much. Again I thank you for your response. Have a good day sir.

  17. The “teaser” column headings and no-content nature of the first column sentences of the Times Online are financial hostage taking to grab paying readers online. It won’t work. John Paul might have more subjects to report on as their readership declines even more. I stayed away for a while, due to the ignorant remarks some people make here, but I would really subscribe to even more expansive coverage as the Times puts the final nails in its coffin.

  18. I know that you were looking for a catchy article that would wow the readers, but I am from the day when offensive language was not part of good journalism. It has occured a bit too often lately. Think it is time to unlike this page…sigh

  19. Until there is a formal, organized group effort with legal action, beginning with a court filed petition, THINGS WILL NOT CHANGE, because the direct, written, legal procedures for removing elected officials from office are not effectively in place in PA, as they are in many other states. And, the public officials know it. Four actions are possible: another regular election or mid-term election by petition, intervention by the attorney general and court action by a judge, intervention by the governor and/or legislature, and/or criminal charges and convictions of those involved resulting in their removal from office. A public outcry appealing to reason and reacting with vented indignation at transgressions might feel good, but it will get you nowhere. So it comes down to this — words and nothing more. DO something or get used to it. Is someone ready to step up and place the first target on his/her back. No. The most effective course at present is the revealing of wrongdoing by officials by the Beaver Countian and whistleblowers. Those have stirred things up and led to actual change within the system. Things are a mess, but imagine the despicable government corruption continuing and no person or publication or forum to reveal them.

    Consider one last thing: you live in or near the County seat, historically surrounded by communities with their own judicial, law enforcement and political infrastructures. This area is SATURATED with appointed and public employees and redundancy of overlapping layers of “services”. Is there any wonder why the problems are so wide, so deeply entrenched and resistant to change? Do you really think any one individual can change so daunting a situation? Of course not. No way. We hired and elected the wrongdoers; now we have to suffer the consequences. And the same thing will probably happen in the next election by irresponsible or no-show voters and in future public employee appointments. So, blame no one but yourself. Or, step into the ballot box the next time with an educated purpose.

    I feel sorry for the truly good public employees out there, perhaps like “excuse me” above, although I don’t know the person, who have to put up with this stuff. They didn’t sign up for it, and they don’t deserve it. Help them out.

  20. Wow, I worked in a maximum security facility and it was a common practice for some of our sicker sociopath’s to indulge in the practice of feces smearing and or throwing. It is clear someone indulging in these practices would normally be an inmate or a patient and not a law enforcement officer or elected official. Prisons routinely use DNA to determine who is the owner of the feces and they are prosecuted mostly for health and safety issues. I would hope an example was saved and no one took it home for framing. Dennis McKee

    • Dennis, thanks for the comments. In this particular instance, though, what do you think would happen if the person actually does work for the Sheriff’s department? It’s hypothetical, but apparently the room had limited access.

      • Can DNA samples be legally obtained from the four “suspects”? Would they have to be charged with a crime first?

      • Raven, It is certanaly possible the feces belongs to someone else that would be the purpose of testing it. I have no idea who it belongs to and no you cannot get DNA from a person without probable cause. However, law enforcement get it routinely from cigarette butts, drinking cups ect. A perfectly legal method.

    • Oh Dennis! I see that you have crawled back out from the rock you were living under….it’s been so boring around here without you. (Not really. I was beginning to wonder when you would show back up)
      So, by your statement above, are you trying to tell me that law enforcement officers or elected officals never get arrested or become patients? Hell, half the law enforcement officers should be either inmates or patients.
      Oh, by the way, its called “gassing”, and it’s not really a sociopathic tendency or trait. However, it IS a felony in most states, as it is seen as a form of assault.

      • It is still in court and nothing much has happened. No Gag order is possible as I asked for everything to be public even though the firearms people show the court it is to be private as personal things are involved. I filed interrogatories and they are not due until the 19th. It seems the 3 people that witnessed what I alleged did do not know anything about it. How could I deny my background, it is part of the public record as it is with all elected officials.

      • Well well Nikki, I thought you would be picketing someplace teaching people you need a license to practice law. Or collecting your Nobel prize. Or talking about knowing Al Torrence when you have never spoken to him. I think you are just jealous because you have eaten far too many cheeseburgers to fit under any rocks. Bridge perhaps but no rocks.No need to respond to your silliness regarding my clear concise letter people know what I said but I’m sure people that work in prison will be thankful for you telling something they did not know. Dennis McKee

      • Dennis, I can always count on your fucktarded ass to make me chuckle.
        1. I don’t picket, that’s just stupid.
        2. Who said anything about Nobel?
        3. I’ve NEVER said anything about anyone named Al Torrence-you are getting your commenters mixed up. That was another person that you personally attacked. And who fought back. NOT ME.
        4. Quit fantasizing about my size. You don’t know me, you don’t know a fuckin thing about me, and you never will. Hurl your petty little personal attacks, they don’t hurt. Sticks and stones love, sticks and stones.

    • Dennis, would please tell me if you got your carring permit reinstated. Or, tell us if there’s a gag order against you. You’re not reniging on your bavkground, Or are you ?

  21. Grown men acting this way. Yes, the Sheriff’s Dept. is full of S__t, however for someone to stoop so low, is appalling. Our taxes paid that individual, whomever did it, and what a disgrace to this county. I hope they find out who it is and string his ass up. I hope that as he’s sitting somewhere and having a beer and laughing about this and maybe telling someone, he is reported. Career over…. Is this the type of actions we are paying for as tax payers. Maybe the whole dept. should be let go, then they can re-apply and go thru a vigorous interview process. Not who do you know that works here or who’s your daddy or mother or relative. Ok, you’re hired. Things have got to change in that corrupted courthouse. It’s really scarry there.

  22. I again thank you for your response, and I again respectfully disagree. You stated “I don’t decide what to spend time reporting on based on how popular it may make me.” I feel that you do. Your a business man, and a very good one at that. You do your journalism in a niche. Jerry Springer did his on gender shockers, Maury Povich did his on baby daddies, and you sir do 90% of your stories on dirty officers. You do this so that it makes your business popular. I can see by the amount of ads you have on your site that it is working, and great for you sir, but please don’t say you don’t do it because of popularity. That is why you never touched the Chief Miller story. Your readers don’t want to read about an innocent officer. I wish you continued success.

    • I speak for myself when I say, as one of his readers, I would rather read about something that is not being covered by another publication, such as the Beaver County Times. They covered the Chief Miller story pretty thoroughly. I would rather read something that the “mainstream” isn’t repeating over and over and over.

  23. @Nikki I apologize I have not seen anything to do with the Times since they decided to make their online site members only. I will not bother to go on their site, I depend on this site for my local news. Take care



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