Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)
Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)
Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)

Sheriff George David is ordering county deputies to patrol properties owned by local real estate tycoon Charles “Chuckie” Betters, according to several deputies within the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputies spoke to the Beaver Countian on condition they not be quoted by name, saying they feared retaliation by Sheriff David and his loyalists within the department.

County Deputies say Sheriff David routinely orders security patrols of various properties owned by Chuckie Betters, including his multimillion-dollar slag mining operations in Aliquippa. “We had to have more than a few tires replaced after popping them down at his slag dump,” said one deputy. Other deputies say they are concerned the patrols may be in violation of an injunction issued against Sheriff David prohibiting his office from providing private security work for outside entities.

As a result of a lawsuit filed against Sheriff George David by the Beaver County Commissioners, Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza issued a preliminary injunction on February 7th prohibiting the Sheriff’s Office from performing private security work. Under the Pennsylvania County Code, any Sheriff or Deputy who performs private security services for outside organizations is guilty of a misdemeanor. Sheriff George David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self incrimination to avoid testifying at a hearing held on the matter back in January.

“The Sheriff and deputy sheriffs Beaver County shall refrain from performing, directly or indirectly, any official services or official duties for any person, association or corporation, during a period of official service as a sheriff or sheriff’s deputy,” read Judge Bozza’s order.

Assistant County Solicitor Bernie Rabik said patrols of private property or any other security work provided to corporations would be a clear violation of Judge Bozza’s injunction. “I am reviewing this matter, and will take appropriate actions accordingly,” Rabik told the Beaver Countian.

The Beaver Countian was provided with a copy of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) weekend schedule for September 28th and 29th of this year from a confidential source within the department. The schedule contains operational directives ordered by Sheriff David, including an order for deputies to “continue patrol” of “the Betters Property.”

Chuckie Betters has been a long time political supporter of Sheriff George David, and donated thousands of dollars to local officials in the last election including $2,500 each to Commissioners Amadio and Spanik.


Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


    • Jesus Paul! If you are related to Eli you wouldn’t find this so trivial.

      CJ+ cronies + tax office insiders+ county solicitor = flip & toss.

    • You only get a couple of moments that determine your life. Sometimes only one. And then it’s gone. Forever, Time brings all things to light, I trust it so, Nail ’em up!

  1. How is this clown still in office? His arrogance knows no limits. To him, rules are for ‘other people’. What a disgrace to the office and the uniform.

  2. Wow u really find some good stuff….NOT! There are more important things to report than this. Do you not have a life that you have to sit at the court house looking for things to write about? And really, posting deputies schedules?? Is that really public knowledge? Get a life

    • Lynn719, do you have your nose up the sheriff’s ass too ? If you don’t like or understand why the sheriff is in the spot light, you should not post !

  3. Tell Betters to pay for his own security…WHY should I pay my tax dollars for a multi millionaire to get free services? He can afford to hire his own security…Maybe George owns a piece of the pie…they’re probably partners, better yet if the the sheriff is offering free services, Why don’t he go out there and patrol himself. He never learns, but then again NO ONE does a thing about it. :chicken: :chicken:

    • The friends of your youth is the only friends you’ll ever have. For they don’t really see you. They see one in their mind a face which doesn’t exist anymore, speaks a name… Tony…Chuckie, Joey, Georgy, Morry… Ricki… Johnny..that belongs to that now nonexistent face.

      They still are the young idealist you used to be, still sees good and bad in black and white and men as sinners or saints, but never both and feels superior in the knowledge that you no longer can distinguish the two.

      That’s what drives you to it. To try to stick the knife in. There is a kind of snobbery in failure like the twist to the mouth of a drunk. 😥

  4. This has been going on since he became sheriff. Nothing new, but J.P. you better watch out because Betters always backs his Hamas loving friend and who knows what that might lead to. I was wondering; because Georgie is Lebanese and he threatens everyone, is he considered an Arab Terrorist? 🙂

    • @Pike…Commissioners can’t do anything to George David, he is an elected official…The real question here is why hasn’t the State Police and/or the AG’s office intervened???? :think:

  5. The fact that he continues to break the law, WHILE ON BOND, NONE THE LESS, is astounding.
    If any of us were openly flaunting the laws, as such, and court orders by judges, while on bond, we’d be sitting in jail. NOPE. Not the “Teflon David”. Not him.
    He needs removed from office, at the LEAST, and the commissioners who allow this horseshit to continue, also need to be gone.

  6. As a retired law enforcement officer I need to run for that position. When is his office up for re-election does anyone know.

  7. Is it really private security if they are only riding past? Patrols are normal. Are they there their entire shift?

    • Well, since it is a privately owned business property, and OUR county taxes are paying for the gas in those vehicles, and the tires that they have to replace when they blow them out…..
      You really haven’t “seen it all”, not yet.

  8. this is a step in the right direction…Police need to use their discretion and not just blindly write tickets and follow orders like zombies…Good job to the police officers who turned in this shady deal and good job to most cops in general.

  9. As a deputy, you don’t have to follow your bosses orders if it is illegal. Instead of talking to JP, got to the State Police.

    • While this may be the case, a deputy that would refuse to follow his orders, would immediately become suspect in his eyes, and then I’m sure the campaign of terror that is sheriff David would turn on that person, making it a VERY hostile work environment.

      • And…..when the work environment becomes hostile, that is what the union and lawyers are for.

      • Haven’t we already seen how that works around here with the permit girl in the office?
        I’m not saying what you said is incorrect, by all means, it IS, it’s basically a matter of “survival” in the office now.
        Don’t worry, all deeds done in the dark, shall eventually be brought to light…

    • If you don’t consider a man sworn to uphold the law continually breaking the law something worth writing about, then you deserve every bit of your tax dollars being misspent. How many times will Georgie break the law and thumb his nose at the judge before he ends up in jail?

    • It IS a big deal. It further goes to show, how one sided things are in the county.
      Man is told to knock it off, by a judge, does whatever he wants anyways.

      That’s OUR tax dollars in the gas tank of those vehicles.
      That’s OUR tax dollars down the drain EVERYTIME they have to replace a tire, because they blew it out driving down there.

      Nope, not a big deal at all. Nope, I’m just gonna continue to bury my head in the sand, and nothing bad will ever happed…


  10. I think we should have a party and all tresspass on “The Better’s Property” and wait for the deputies to either issue a citation or arrest us. Considering that 1) they have no police powers on private property and 2) they shouldn’t be there in the first place it ought to be quite interesting what happens when we all need to go in front of the magistrate.

    So…when shall we have the party? Who’s in???

    • If they don’t follow the law to begin with, what makes you think they’d follow the law then? You’d consider yourself lucky if they just got you for trespassing & they didn’t decide to make up charges to justify arresting you. They are really good at getting away with that!

      • Dont worry they would screw that up to look at Hicks and the action in the police car at the gym and they cant even use the bathroom without shitting all over the place it like a day care center with badges. 😥

  11. All the kings horses and all the kings men…….work for highest bidder(s) and rob you blind too. Robin Hood, Super Man, nor any Avenger is coming to save you either!

    Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet but I do think we will. Elections are meaningless theatrics, the corruption is complete.

  12. This should not surprise anyone one Betters owns the bitches that run the countie he calls the shots and they listen.David is just a little puppet on Betters string.This is just another great use of our tax dollars good job John Paul love this countie never stops. :think:

  13. What the commissioners can do is file for contemt and Jam him up for defying judges orders

    Hey betters is a player and pays taxes and employs county people I don’t begrudge him a bit, but county tax dollars shouldn’t go to patrolling his property, municipal tax money should in the community in which the property is as at, quip,center,hopewell

    What happens if a crime takes place sheriff deputies can’t do anything

    should check to see if they ever used a report for damage ti insurance company claiming damage or vandalism and see if report came from sheriff department…lol I know the answer bug trouble to get big money and false reports written and submitted so I hear??

    give betters credit he had all the democrats on proverbial tit for years….

    now he got the republicans on the tit game doesn’t change just some of the players, isn’t sheriff a republican now anyways.. cause they haven’t asked fir him to be investigated or removed from office, ohh wait they can’t they rent from his cousin there house, office and coffers are filled with family donations..

  14. That office definitely needs some D-Con sprinkled around. Fine line between patrolling and providing a security detail. For instance, since The K9 deputy is pretty much assigned to Aliquippa, is he not supposed to go on any private property? Sheffield plaza, A-plus, bar parking lots, peoples houses on calls, etc? Not being argumentative or taking away from Georgie’s rule of terror, but I think it’s a decent concern

  15. Betters property is Riverfront and not ‘only’ Betters property. If you people have a problem with that, then do you have a problem with the sheriff’s office patrolling other areas? Or is this just a ‘hate the sheriff” kind of thing? Grow up, people.

  16. What a biased one sided article. Let me ask this, being that it isn’t mentioned in the article. Has there been any history of theft, mischievous activities, drug deals/use on that property. Considering it is located on the riverfront. I happen to know that there were cases of theft on several occasions. I also happen to know that the Sheriffs are on saturation patrols assisting the local departments because many are spread thin (Ex. Beaver police w/ Beaver, Vanport, and Ohioville). Now how do we know that the departments weren’t tasked with patrolling the area but asked and delegated it down to the sheriffs office. It is a tax paying business that deserves the same attention as any other. I consider the SO a good resource to use for situations like this. That allows the local police to patrol the more sketchy areas. I see no proof in this article that tires needed changed or of any damage to these cars for that matter.
    This is specifically the reason that “confidential sources” are a journalist best friend. Because the lack of transparency it irresponsable journalism and allows any and all misinformation to be reported. The location of that slag dump is ideal for criminal activity and theft. Might I add there are hundreds of employees that work there that deserve that piece of mind. Don’t forget it’s still summer(ish) and the police are still quite busy.

    • should the beaver valley mall be able to fire its security guards and have the taxpayers pay to have deputies in the mall too? if chuckie wants security for his bazillion dollar piles of slag he can take a couple of dollars and hire private security. it shouldnt just be you get deputies as security just because you give commissioners money or are cuz with georgie. :annoyedreply:

      none of this is what deputies are for

      • The beaver valley mall has security but the SO has made rounds through it. And the deputies are not standing a watch they are driving through. There is nothing wrong with that. I could agree with this tirade if the SO was setting up camp and staking it. They are passing through during a patrol. Everyone is belly aching about their tax money. Betters probably pays more in taxes then most of you posting make in a year combined. If that’s the case, shouldn’t he expect a reasonable amount of security at his place of employment. Any business owner would be afforded that curtesy. I am a business owner. If I believed my business in some way shape or form could be criminally compromised, I would call the police and politely ask if they could include my area in their patrol. And I’m confident I would be accommodated. Even as a citizen, if you have an issue or a situation (crazy boyfriend, previous break in, etc) the police would definitely do a couple passes through your street or alley during their shift. And if the police are tied up I’m sure, again, it gets delegated down to the deputies. I’m sure the police departments like having a few more sets of eyes out there watching their back. I find it funny that because of his affiliation with theSheriff and the the fact that he has earned himself a fortune, he no longer deserves to offer himself and his employees a safe work environment. He owns the Aliquippa Hospital property. People like to let their dogs run in the front grassy area and walk back there. Should the SO not go back there because Betters owns it. The Apartments in Center that he owns. The deputies can drive along Brodhead Rd but they dare not turn into the complex. The plaza in Center were his building resides. Across from Tatolovich Funeral Home. I guess they are off limits from entering that parking lot as well. Do you see how silly this article is. All it shows is how desperate this reporter is to keep the heat on The Court House so he can I cash in. And these people who are feeding him these sunflower seed bits of info are banking on his talent of turning a mole hill into a mountain. It’s silly. FYI, a great deal of his properties are going to be redeveloped and are, at this time, in the process of being Demo’d. His properties are a magnet for drug addicts and thieves looking to steal and scrap. All the PATROL does is give a police presence every now and again. People will see it and people will think twice. And regardless of the motive, the result is still the same, A SAFER ENVIRNMENT.

      • And I’m not trying to spark an argument because I respect ” most ” everyone’s opinions. And while I don’t believe the private security was a big deal (my opinion) the law is the law. This, however, is ridiculous.

      • then WHY is chuckies business the only one there patrolling? we ALL know the answer to THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. It’s ironic to mention Hicks again. He was falsely charged by John Fratangeli, charges dismissed and a single charge refiled by the D.A.’s office. He was arrainged and went to court and was sentenced. Now, the D.A. finally states that they’reconducting an investigation into Fratangeli. Wow, I guess a sworn statement signed and posted by the Beavercountian isn’t enough ? Does it take a genius to figure that one out. David should have suspended him immediately. This looks like a conspiracy to me ! Also David wasting our tax dollars to protect his cousins “DEER HERD” is unforgiveable. This dummy simply has to go !

  18. Wow everyone on here is worried about the Sheriff Department. Several people on here mention about the fat rat down river who double dipped daytime wages and got court time also. Stole thousands of dollars from a distressed community. Police unit to take home. Everyone knows it went on forever for this one police officer and him alone. JP was told about it and ignores it, wait he did a story on him and found he was I think impecable, wrong. What he did is way worse than what Chief Luton was accused of. Hopefully he gets taken down with his ex cronnies who lost their positions. Just saying check it out JP

  19. A tyrant that needs put in place, instead of fearing him they should destroy him he has wasted to much taxpayer money violated judges orders and now harassess his workers, stripped union rights for real this guy makes politics look horrendous.

  20. @ it’s looking bad

    please elaborate more on fat rat

    What proof? when was it alleged? car is hardly a crime taking it home but others could be..

    give me some leads I will personally put in right to know request

    was it quip? I presume

  21. I know of one fat rat down by the river, wears a white shirt. Is he the one? That guy has hundreds of skeletons in his closet, induced by political corruption and his own lack of morals. Then has the nerve to rat out others after he realizes he has things to gain. Hence, the white shirt!!

    • Wow, way to go Rugtop. Now if lol can figure it out ! lol you are right about the town, now just get the guy. He should be in jail, fixing cases, double dipping. Trying to put it to other patrol officers, and hell even the outgoing boss. But the fat rat always gets away with everything. White yes, and turn coat yes

  22. it’s such a den of shit, with dirty cops shady traffic stops, tipping of drug dealers , shaking down dealers it goes on and on but let say fuck that shit head double dipping prick he won’t be able to when he’s chief

  23. I’ll bet money that JP never looks into the fat rat. Reason being, I’m sure the fat rat would be a unnamed source for any future articles regarding the city, it’s dept or politicians. Remember, he’d sell anybody out for his own well being. Needless to say, the Monaca incident

  24. Keep drinking that Kool Aid SoTrue, or maybe you are related to Georgie OR maybe you are just one of his buddies. No matter, just keep drinking the Kool Aid

    • AC/DC=dirty deeds done dirt cheap, dirty deeds and there done dirt cheap. Yeppers thats the one. Needs to leave with Ralpie and Antiny and the Bonner…..

  25. File an Ethics Complaint and have Betters Corporation reimburse the County and call it a day, the Sheriff is enough trouble with much on his plate, Better’s has the money to make it right. :smirk:

    • And there is the problem in a nutshell: “Betters has the money to make it right”.
      Betters KNOWS that the sheriffs department is not supposed to be doing that.
      Obviously, he doesn’t care.
      If the elected officials of this county actually followed the laws that they are supposed to be enforcing, there would be no need to “make it right”.



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