Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley with Democratic sheriff candidate Wayne Kress at his fundraiser / photo by John Paul

Although the next county elections are not until 2019, Democrat Wayne Kress is already ramping up his campaign for Sheriff. Kress hosted a fundraising event in Monaca yesterday evening that was attended by an estimated 250 of his supporters.

Among those in the crowd to back Kress was Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley.

Wayne Kress told the Beaver Countian that he believes the public is already suffering from a bad case of buyer’s remorse with the Sheriff’s Office — Guy had bested Kress in the general election for sheriff at the end of 2015. Kress said he is looking forward to taking on Guy again, with the goal of earning an opportunity to bring meaningful change to the department — something he said Sheriff Tony Guy has failed to do.

“He told us he was going to downsize the Sheriff’s Office and shrink its budget, he told us he was going to cut the duties being performed by Deputies, he told us he was going to get rid of the problem children down there,” said Kress. “Instead he keeps asking for more and more money, is trying to get his Deputies full police powers, and fired one of the only guys down there who was man enough to stand up for what was right […] Tony Guy is a liar and people are going to see I am a man of my word.”

Manning the grills to cook the hundreds of hamburgers and hotdogs that were served along with roasted pigs were former sheriff’s deputy Curt Larrick and his son. Larrick had been instrumental in the Pennsylvania State Police’s investigation into corruption in the Sheriff’s Office; he currently has a federal lawsuit pending against Sheriff Tony Guy alleging he was fired by Guy for political reasons when he took office — an accusation Guy denies.

Perhaps most notably in attendance was Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley, who brought her husband and children along with her to enjoy the picnic dinner. In a subtle wink to her political affiliation, Egley appeared at the Democratic function wearing a necklace with an elephant pendant symbolizing the Republican party.

Kress told the Beaver Countian he had first gotten to know Egley during the last county election.

“I’m a Democrat and she’s a Republican so we have some different views on national politics,” said Kress. “But locally those differences don’t matter, we both see local government the same way. I’ve gotten to know her well over the past couple of years and we’ve been talking a lot more over the past year […] I have a lot of respect for her, I think she’s trying to do the right things.”

Kress said that he and Egley both share the same “habit of telling it like it is.”

Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian she was happy to show her support for Kress at his fundraiser. After meeting with Kress at his event, Egley issued a formal press statement in support of his campaign for sheriff.

“Doing the right thing isn’t a Democrat, Republican, or Independent thing, it’s a personal choice,” said Egley. “I have talked with Wayne about a smaller government, decreasing out of control budgets and straight talk. The time to move forward is now and I will do my best to promote positive change. If that positive change happens to be a Democrat, so be it.”

Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio also spent time at the event, likely making Wayne Kress one of the few things he and Commissioner Egley currently agree on.

Wayne Kress campaign sign at John A. Antoline Park in Monaca / photo by John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Good for Sandie! Not only is she talking the talk about what’s in the best interest of the county, she’s walking the walk.

    Note to Stonewall, Conehead, the Midget and the rest of the Republican incumbents…. No doubt you won’t be able to control yourselves from trying to politically assassinate Sandie, but you’ve already proven that whatever you touch turns to shit because of your incompetence. So think long and hard because it’s going to backfire. In order to persuade the electorate you need credibility. Ms. Egley has far more of that in her little toe than you have collectively amongst yourselves. She also has bigger balls than you.

    Kudos to you, Sandie!

      • Thanks for weighing in, Tony….. The only correction that you need to be aware of is that it will be you and Stonewall who won’t be in office. But that will just give you two boys more time to compare your penis sizes.

    • Tell me when your husband was Mayor did you stab people in the back. Why yes you did. Another Democrat in Republican clothing All you have is a big mouth and no brains. Thank God you moved.

  2. Even though the elections aren’t until 2019, I hope Sandie is currently giving some serious thought to running for re-election as an independent. As she mentioned earlier this week, chances are that the republican party is already trying to figure out a way to replace her for the next election. This would also allow her to skip the primaries entirely and petition to have her name added directly to the November ballot.

    Originally I thought it might make sense for her to change her party affiliation to Democrat, but inevitably doing that would just mean more of the same political cronyism bullshit with different players. Running as the incumbent, as an independent, will allow her to keep doing what she feels is in the best interest of the taxpayer – without concern for the party politics. Being re-elected this way would send a very strong signal to the other two commissioners that we, the people, overwhelmingly approve of how she’s doing her job and if they don’t start doing theirs they will be replaced by another independent.

    Ideally, finding another independent teammate to run with (one that she can actually trust this time) could represent a seismic shift in Beaver County politics with the Independent party becoming the majority party in the commissioners’ office.

    • Wayne Kress has to be an independent as well. Truly, what does he have in common with some of the scum of the BC democrat party? The ones with records…he is about as far away from being a democrat as Guy is a republican.

  3. Accordingtome, I like your way of thinking, but I strongly believe it makes more sense for Egley keep the R next to her name to force the hand of the Republican Party in Beaver County. They have become the puppet of Jim Christiana. I think his mother is even involved. They are no longer interested in a true Republican agenda in terms of smaller, more efficient, more transparent government. Something all of them ran on, but only one has kept her word.

    They will certainly move against her in the next election if she would run. But I don’t think they can force her to drop the R. If she did drop the R, that would open the possibility of two Beaver County Republican Party-version of candidates to run in the general election. Picture Dan Camp and Tony Guy (or someone like him) on the ballot running against two Democrats and Egley as an independent. Way too many straight-party votes in Beaver County (something like 8,000 in 2014 election) to leave it up to chance. Just ask Jack Manning.

    Egley should keep the R, embrace the fact that she will be attacked by the RINOs/Christiana fanboy club, and let the cards fall where they may in the primary.

    • At this time, Acordingtome has a.provacative idea that appeals, but I don’t think party jumping is a good idea. Sandie is a good Republican and does have a following, despite the Party, Christiana or anyone else trying to beat her up. She should stand fast and blow the dissenters away from within her own R Party. She can do it, if she wants to.

    • Sandi will Wayne endorse you is your question? He won’t. Dems won’t cross that line so stay out of his race. Wayne made me LoL when he said meaningful in the same sentence about the sheriff office. Sheriff’s are a thing of the past.

  4. Integrity and honesty come to mind when I think of Wayne Kress. This is a man of his word and he can’t be bought. Push the politics aside when he gets elected , he is about doing the right thing. I was also at the event and i even met Sandie for the first time. She impressed me , when I told her her skin will get thicker. Her response , she hopes not because she doesn’t want to change. Her appearance really impressed me. I can see some of the others who are running for re-election showing up. But a Republican showing up for a democratic fundraiser , really impressed me. She don’t care about crossing party lines , she and Wayne care about doing what is right for this county. That speaks volumes to me !
    It was a family event , and unlike some of the other fund raisers in the past i.e. $400 plate ( a past commissioners fee) it allowed the common person to attend and talk and socialize with some of our county leaders. I had a few nice conversations , and it’s nice to get to know our chosen leaders.
    Keep on moving toward your goal Wayne and I’ll be there supporting you ,however you need me.

  5. Maybe miracles really can happen. An honest sheriff in Beaver County to bad people have to wait 2 more years for that miracle.

  6. You’re on your way out Tony Guy! WAyne Is very well liked and smart! You are a cheating troll with 0 class! The people know what you are and what you did! I hope you and your family feel the pain!!!

    • Dream on! The only one I would vote for is Tom Leydig. He should run for Controller with his financial background! The rest are sure losers!

      • Then YOU are part of the reason this county is FUBAR!
        Tony Guy?! REALLY??!!
        David Lozier? Double REALLY???!!!
        Connie Javens? My head just exploded!!!!!!!
        You need some kind of mental help because you are fucking NUTS!

  7. The wheels on the bus go round and round…..round and round. Wayne is starting to assemble his train… Hurricane Sandy is doing the same…. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next GOP circle jerk meeting….

  8. Have never contributed to a politician but will throw a little silver towards Kress and Sandy, Tonto also has wampum and beads to throw into the pot.

  9. Back to the 8,000 straight party voters; My mom is 86 and very near blindness, the easiest way for her to vote, using those damn machines, is to vote a straight ticket. Electronic ballots are great if you’re up on electronics, disastrous if you’re not. Mostly her straight vote made good sense but ended up voting for some of the wrong people. And wright ins? Haha, I have a rough time figuring that one out!!!

  10. What happen to working together? You three set a very poor example for
    others. You all should refrain from your comments when you are elected
    officials. The people vote you in, they can vote you out. Remember
    you personal actions and comments can result in disruption. Budget is
    far more important than being out… your elected to work… not to attend campaign benefits. Attend it on your own time not taxpayer time. When you are in office it is wise not to comment on opposite parties. It shows you disrespect the current Sherriff. I recall they were both qualified. Have any of you Commissioners agreed on anything? None
    of you are approachable.

  11. Over the past two years I’ve read enough about Camp, Amadio, Javens, Lozier and Guy to know I’ve had just that – ENOUGH already! It is MY OPINION they rank their priorities THIS way: Self, Party, County, then the public.

    Sandie Egley, a Republican and Wayne Kress, a Democrat, appear to have sparked a BI-PARTISAN movement that hopefully puts the PUBLIC FIRST, County second and PARTY/SELF LAST. I certainly hope they don’t let me down. I’ve typed the following so many times, I’m getting blisters on my fingers:



  12. Who will be hosting the “pity party” when GQ model, Christiana, loses his bid running against incumbent, Senator Casey? Does that mean he will have more time to control the county politics…idle hands are the devil’s workshop. or is it idle hands are the devil’s playground.

  13. MBCGA: I believe that the one combination to significantly counter Beaver County corruption is your list of candidates. I just hope they are listening and will weigh in soon about their willingness to serve. This is important. As with Wayne Kress, they could address issues now and maybe make a significant impacts upon the incumbents, instead of saving comments for retrospective stump speeches addressing the past. It would be timely and accurate input, and people would listen. They also know the dirt and dynamics, having dealt with it daily.

    Sandie Egley for Commissioner
    Wayne Kress for Sheriff
    Gerald Benyo for DIstrct Attorney
    Tom Leydig for Treasurer

    P.S. Getting rid of a couple of family connected judges would not hurt either.

    • Another position to get rid of that has an enabling effect upon the local incumbents is that of Christiana. Pardon me, but his influence is pretty much like a pimp and string-pulling puppet master behind the scenes. He is a so-called state representative who will not and cannot stop playing high school politics in his home town. He is the fudge factor for much of what happens.

  14. This county is so screwed up, thievery running wild everywhere. You got a guy who thinks he should be Sheriff after only cutting tickets on the turnpike and being a Security Policeman. A lady who had her problems in her trailer at Willow Tree Estates, now she thinks she is qualified to run the county yea right. Check her past out, ask around, shame on you, your mother, and your sister, what you did to your family member. And why is everyone afraid of the fat rat in white in the southern end of the county ? Don’t worry a few guys have stood up and have done the right things, hopefully you and your buddies take a fall. Hopefully no more stealing from the distressed community ! And then the area where you got a guy who gets arrested for DUI, and then promoted to be Chief, what the hell is going on ?

  15. Last time I checked Troopers were State police and not highway patrol. I’ve talked to guys that worked the turnpike and from my conversations they do much more than just write tickets. Last time I checked I believe traffic stops are the most dangerous things police do or encounter. I remember not only a couple years ago the Troopers in the middle of the State on the turnpike shooting and killing an armed gunman. Timothy Mcveigh was caught on a traffic stop. I just went to their web page to read up Troopers and guess what, they’re all the same. Next time maybe educate yourself before making dumb statements.



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