Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo
Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian File Photo

A hearing date has been set for a petition filed by the County Commissioners seeking to have Sheriff George David found in contempt of court.

Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza has ordered Sheriff David and the Deputy Sheriffs Association file an answer to the county’s petition within 20 days, showing why they should not be found in contempt for allegedly continuing to provide security services for various corporations and municipalities.

Judge Bozza had previously issued a preliminary injunction against Sheriff David and his Deputies, ordering them to cease and desist from performing such work.

A hearing date has been set for January 13th in Courtroom 1, which Judge Bozza will preside over by phone.

Attorney John Havey, who had been representing Sheriff David in the matter, resigned from the case earlier this month after receiving permission from Judge Bozza to withdraw his appearance.

Sheriff David’s alleged violation of Judge Bozza’s order was first exposed by an investigative report published by the Beaver Countian back in October. Confidential sources within the Sheriff’s Office had provided this publication with a copy of internal departmental directives, revealing David had still been ordering security patrols for corporate properties owned by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. This is really getting to be tiresome with Sheriff Jackass. Well, at least we all know that these cases are moving forward even if it is ever so slowly.

  2. We’ll see how bad this stupid ass is now. I’ll bet my ass that Judge Bozza isn’t happy with this asshole disobeying his direct order. This isn’t a Beaver county official and teflon David hopefully will find that out !

    • Looks like at least one of the rats/attorney is leaving a sinking ship. It is my understanding the Key to the door in a contempt citation is compliance as the court must provide him with a way to avoid jail. So my guess is a fine, unfortunately. Unless he won’t pay then he can be incarcerated. I hope I am wrong. And, there is a difference between contempt and criminal contempt. Spike

      • Tauntinator, sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have a fetish for asses. But it seems to annoy you !

  3. Crossing my fingers that the judge sends Georgie to the pokey for a few days. I can’t think of anything more fitting for this particular elected official. I can’t wait to read the response explaining why he shouldn’t be found in contempt…..much like Peter Pan, I’m sure it will be quite the fairy tale.

  4. If he is found in contempt and jailed it shouldn’t be in his own county jail which he runs. Put him in Greensburg…

    • While that is a GREAT idea, I think Greensburg is too nice….

      Ever been to Butler?
      Tons of fun there. It’s about as old as the old BCJ was in Beaver, and about as accommodating, too. Made my skin CRAWL.

      I think Butler would be PERFECT for him.

      • The Butler jail is a most dismal place. Although I was never incarcerated there, I have been there for other reasons. Not only that, but Butler county is run exclusively by Republicans. No Democrat machinery to provide special treatment and accommodations.

      • Butler has a new jail – opened about three years ago or so. Hope your crawling skin is healing since the old Butler jail hasn’t been used for a long, long time.

    • I’m sorry but I would never vote for anyone that ever worked in the BC sheriffs office. A total outsider is needed.

  5. @Dennis McKee – Hey Denny, I saw an alien ship the other night and immediately knew you’d be howling with delight. Any luck finding proof of those elusive flying saucers you’ve been researching and advocating for? Any Sasquatch sightings?

    • a big 10-4 on Sasquash. They say they are big, ugly, covered with hair and smell bad. That’s my mother in law as I long suspected. Glad you saw a UFO, they were looking for me. If you see them again tell them I have the “love nest” already built for Argop and am waiting patiently for her. Spike

  6. The courts do NOT have to continually provide him a way to avoid jail, as they have already done so by allowing him bond, and giving him a set of rules to follow.

    That is how bond works. The courts do NOT have to bend over backwards for you, but you better be bending over for them. They tell you to do something, or you’ll go to jail if you don’t listen, you better do it. THAT is called contempt.

    The courts have provided OVER AND OVER multiple chances for him to comply with what they have said. He believes that he is untouchable, and so continues to thumb his nose at them.
    When you are on bond, you CANNOT get any new charges. Same with probation and parole in the state of Pennsylvania. That is how it is, that is how it goes.

    Don’t believe me? Feel free to call Liberty Bail bonds. They are one of the busiest bonds companies in the tri county area. Dealt with them on WAAAY TOO MANY occasions to not have the rules memorized.

    • Nikki you write this silliness like you know what you are talking about. LOL Don’t you remember the “need a license to practice law” and Housing is a gun free zone and I missed the opportunity to beat the Sheriff because I was a mental case? I think if someone made me look as foolish as I did you I wouldn’t say another word until I read the law. But if you are willing to add more too it let us know what the possibilities are with the Sheriff and his contempt hearing? Here is mine. By law the court must give the Sheriff the chance to avoid incarceration. And my best guess is he will let the Sheriff pay a fine to avoid going to jail. I’m not saying the Sheriff will pay it but he will be given the opportunity as he must be. Do I like this? Of course not as I am no fan of his and would like nothing better to see him in jail where he belongs. But, what I want, I don’t think will happen as the case is too high profile for Judge Bozza to take a chance of being overturned. So Nikki if you think I am wrong tell us what do you think will happen? In you most professional opinion of course. Does putting things in capitol letters make it true? Spike

  7. Nikki, In your great wisdom tell us the the purpose of a contempt action and the difference between civil and criminal contempt? As well please let us know when Bail Bond company’s have replaced statute in courts? And tell us about this court case. “The key to the door of punishment in contempt lies in the hands of the accused”. Spike

      • Apparently this guy is a dick with an ax to grind. For fucks sake let it go man. Attacking Nikki over and over? Just back away from the keyboard.

      • Mark I thought you would be glad to learn the facts about contempt as I have been involved with many cases of civil and criminal contempt both. Or if you knew about the control the accused has in a contempt citation I can assure you many others did not. Most think its a slam dunk the Sheriff will go to jail and it is not as if the court follows the law he will be able to avoid it. And if you know about contempt why didn’t you explain it? Spike

      • What bullets did you dodge? To make yourself out to be a combat Vet in the wake of so many men and women dying is a sin. Your a real piece of shit. No wonder you get laughed at by everyone at the court house. Your a jest. That’s it. 

      • I can’t stomach this guy any longer. He is an insult to all of us vets who were over seas. To veterans period.

      • I agree. While I may not have served, I have numerous family members and friends who have and still are serving. He struts around like some sort of hero, bragging and such, when all he’s really doing is insulting those who have given so much more. I thank you for your service, SoTrue.

  8. The key is compliance. He has REFUSED to comply with Judge Bozza’s ruling, therefore, he’s in contempt.

  9. Gringo, It is correct the mentally ill who have been adjudicated as a danger to themselves or others cannot carry a weapon. Its a small percentage. Spike

  10. Don’t answer him. It’s his old bait and switch. Bait someone in one column, then switch and bait someone else in another. It’s endless.

    • Don’t answer him? Not to worry, she cannot. Lets see Raven, Nikki makes another silly comment that shows again she has no idea what the laws say and I ask her to back up what she says and I’m baiting and switching her??? I wrote a comment and she said I was incorrect so I asked her to cite the law she is using and again like her other silly comments no law just Nikki. I am a student of law not someones opinion including my own. It doesn’t mean a hill of beans what any of us think. All that matters is what the law says. I didn’t say it, she did.

      • It is a plea to ALL people who answer you to not respond, McKee, not just Nikkie. You are a disease, and you infect every commentary thread you visit — an infantile neurotic exercise in attention-seeking, self-aggrandizement, and open aggression against others by an incredibly insecure, inadequate person, striking out from the vicariously maternal skirts of the BC. You drag down this site and make visiting it unpleasant.

        I hate to even post this and violate a personal ban against you, but your presence has been chronically destructive. You are not unique; you are not smart; you are not educated; you are a foolish stereotype of middling intellect, poor education, contrived do-gooding, pseudo-intellectualism and militaristic bombast. You are a phony. A grade school mischief-maker who somehow grew up, reappeared and now corrupts this site as his captive classroom. People would do well to avoid your Tar Baby antics of contention and not get stuck to it through useless verbal fighting against you.

        One rational thing the Sheriff did during his miserable administration was deny you a carry permit, even if it was to be reversed by a judge with his hands legally tied, after expansive reservations and documentation. Nothing could be more obvious than he saw a potential problem in the issuing of it to you, and the written “proof” of incompetence be damned as irrelevant. The “proof” is in your comments and actions here and there. I wouldn’t let you play with a squirt gun in the Beaver Pool.

        Bait me, bait others, McKee, but it is now really old and obvious. You lack insight and introspection and an understanding of the world around you, and that is your undoing.

      • Yes, Havey had to present a reason to resign because the court must approve it. Attorneys practice at the approval of the court so they can be banned if they act inappropriately. IE Bruce Cutler. This is why a Notice of Appearance must be filed by all counsel with any court action. And the court can charge the Sheriff costs for their litigation expenses if he is found guilty. Spike

      • Well there Raven, It interesting that someone that has not served our country, are afraid to give their name, never done anything but whine moan and complain, never filed let alone won a case, said I was not being truthful about military records that have been public for 40 years is saying my intellect is inferior to theirs? Well, if you believe that why aren’t you doing something? Takes great hutspa to speak ill of a veteran and take a right to speak that we earned when you didn’t serve? Looks to me like you were away at some fem sissy college endangered by paper wads when men were dodging rounds. And why wouldn’t you take what I offered before to spot you 50 points in an IQ test and do it publicly for money. You talk about my lack of education and you are afraid to test against me? That makes you look like you don’t really believe what you say? That would also let you say these things to my face like a man would do. Maybe you could actually do something with that superior intellect and take some of the complaints I have. Wouldn’t you want to help a grandmother that the Housing Authority got raped instead of complaining about me? Who has complaining about me ever helped? “Tar Baby” ?? So now we are adding racist talk but only for emotive effect I’m sure. I’m sure the African Americans serving us because you wouldn’t honor your responsibility will like that. Lets see, this is your on topic response to contempt procedures? Spike

      • So Raven you support the Sheriff not doing investigations or granting people their if you don’t like them? Spike

  11. The Butler County Jail is new. They opened up a few years ago, so the old hell hole is gone, If Georgie did go to jail he would get special treatment, not because he runs the place (there is a warden there) but because he has so many buddies there. T.T., E.L. A.D.,J.S., J.S., K.G., I could go on forever they will make sure his scrawny nasty old butt was protected. I am sure that would keep him in medical isolation away from inmates or maybe in central control so that he can continue to run Beaver County further in the hole.

    • Well, that’s depressing to hear. On the other hand, it means I’ve been out of the loop long enough to have not known that…

    • I Thought Butler got a new Jail a while ago, when they stopped sending their inmates to The Beaver Jail. Hearing the butler boys bitch about their jail was hilarious if you did any time at all in the old bcj.

      What they need to do is build a replica of the old bcj’s ranges and lock ol Georgie up in there & let him fistfight for his trays/meals like I & many others had to.

      • My ex was in the old BCJ and the old Butler Jail. Both places made my skin crawl, and that was just the parts I saw as someone visiting. I’ve heard the horror stories.

        I’ve only seen the inside of the new BCJ, and it’s pretty shitty, but nothing like those relics. The BCJ will NEVER stand as long as the old one, though, considering its been falling apart for years now. Guess that’s what happens when you build on “brown zone” land….

      • I agree, It won’t last another 10 years with those huge cracks running through the foundation. It kinda makes you wonder what corners they cut for a “new” building to be in such poor shape…

  12. In this article’s link to the departmental directives, it doesn’t specifically state which OIC wrote it or approved it. So does that mean both could be guilty of contempt?
    If David chooses not to incriminate himself again, I’ll bet he just gets a slap on the wrist, no jail time, maybe some fines. If he does get punished to prison, he could appeal while he sits there, which I doubt will be long, Would we all rather see him pay fines or the taxpayer foot the bill for the alternative? Even if it means that he is escorted to an out of county prison by a BC sheriff’s vehicle….with everyone lining the streets along the way applauding. While he’s still Sheriff, when will all of this become his own personal expense? Did Havey even have to present a reason to the Erie County Judge as to why he wanted to resign?

  13. When Nikki attacked me constantly, called me stupid and other names no one told her to leave me alone but when I show how little she knows I get attacked. As a matter of fact others jumped on board attacking me like Raven and more Then when I put the laws on here and showed she was wrong no one said anything. Then she writes letters about other issues and puts her little snide comments in them about me. No one has mentioned that. I am on this web site to teach others what the laws are, that we can contest and win, and hopefully inspire others to do something and not just talk and complain. No one has allowed me to put more facts out than Nikki as she not only has no idea what she is talking about she is belligerent about it. Probably very few knew you don’t need a license to practice law until Nikki gave her opinion. And what do all of you want, to have her give wrong information and not be questioned? Consequently, if Nikki or anyone else puts out information that is contrary to the law I will respond. This should make everyone better and read the laws before they speak. Spike

    • Bait swimming by you keeps you from explaining contempt? Well at least tell us how many contempt hearing you have attended? Spike

  14. If one reads the law on concealed carry you will see having a mental disorder does not preclude someone from carrying or owning a firearm. Depressive disorders are the most prevalent illness on the planet affecting about 1 out of 3 Americans. You must have been assessed to have a mental disorder that causes you to be a danger to yourself or others to not qualify for a concealed carry permit. This is why ever being 302ed is automatic because to be 302ed means you present a danger to yourself or others. Spike

    • McKee, please quit “spiking” us. Makes you  look like a little schoolgirl. Besides my permit has never been revoked, denied, or suspended, why? Because i am a responsible adult that does not go around harassing women or being evicted. Plus Ravens narrative on you was so well written It must be repeated”McKee. You are a disease, and you infect every commentary thread you visit — an infantile neurotic exercise in attention-seeking, self-aggrandizement, and open aggression against others by an incredibly insecure, inadequate person, striking out from the vicariously maternal skirts of the BC. You drag down this site and make visiting it unpleasant.I hate to even post this and violate a personal ban against you, but your presence has been chronically destructive. You are not unique; you are not smart; you are not educated; you are a foolish stereotype of middling intellect, poor education, contrived do-gooding, pseudo-intellectualism and militaristic bombast. You are a phony. A grade school mischief-maker who somehow grew up, reappeared and now corrupts this site as his captive classroom. People would do well to avoid your Tar Baby antics of contention and not get stuck to it through useless verbal fighting against you.”         RAVEN

  15. Avi, That’s right 50 points. A chimp should be able to beat me with that much of a spot. In stead of saying I am intellectually inferior as Raven has done, he can prove it. Raven is just a coward, whining, complaining, talker hiding behind a screen name like the sissy he is. He has never done a single thing but try to make himself look good by making others look bad. He claims in my 45 years of helping others running “Friends of Victims” I only won 1 case and that was because the judge was afraid not to give it to me not, that the judge followed the law. Josaha Prince the firearms lawyer for a state wide group with hundreds of winning cases said Judge Tesla followed the law and my arguments and legal citations were on the money. So, Raven should tell Attorney Prince that as he doesn’t seem to know. And If it was correct I only won one case and Princes opinion doesn’t count that’s still one more than Raven won for any reason. What has he been doing in the past as I am still at it? All talk no action Raven is. He doesn’t want me to speak because I have his number. Spike

    • So now you have your sights on Raven. So lets try this. YOU ARE THE GREATEST! EVER! Best Marine to EVER come out of the Marine Corps. EVER! Best lawyer without a license. EVER! Best ass kicker. EVER! Most intelligent person. EVER! You cannot and will not be superseded. EVER! Best shot with a handgun. EVER! Best………..EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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