A Republican Councilwoman for Economy Borough is now facing public scrutiny, after a community member filed an Open Records Request and obtained a copy of a police report detailing allegations of road rage.

Mark Meisfonier filed a complaint against a woman, who officials say was later identified as Councilwoman Courtney Barthelemy, back on May 21st. The man alleged Barthelemy followed him and starting shouting profanities after she nearly struck his vehicle.

“Mr. Meisfonier called to report a vehicle that almost hit his truck on Conway Wallrose Road @ Dunlap Hill Rd,” wrote Officer Chad Lively in the report. “He states that he was stopped at the stop sign on Dunlap Hill Rd attempting to pull into the parking lot of the Economy Superette. He stated when he pulled onto Conway Wallrose Rd a woman who was on her cell phone and speeding nearly hit his truck.”

According to allegations in the complaint, the incident didn’t end there. “He stated that he pulled into the parking lot of the Superette and the female followed. When the female exited her vehicle he states that the female ‘mother fucked’ him several times. She then stated ‘I am the mother fucking head of public safety in Economy Borough.’ He stated that she also told him, ‘I hope you fucking work better than you fucking drive.’ He stated that she then left the scene.”

“He asked who he can call to file a complaint on her behavior and her driving. I advised him that I would file the traffic complaint,” continued Officer Lively in his report. “I also advised him of PAVC section 3323-b which requires him to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. The complainant then accused me of taking her side and covering for her. He then hung up the phone.”

Councilwoman Barthelemy, who is chair of Council’s Public Safety Committee, was not cited as a result of the complaint.

“You know what dear, it’s fine, because anyone can make false allegations,” Barthelemy said when asked by the Beaver Countian about the alleged incident. “I really don’t have any desire to talk to you.”

Councilwoman Barthelemy went on to say that she was unhappy with the Beaver Countian’s coverage of recent controversies surrounding Economy Councilman Gregory Trecha. Barthelemy and Trecha ran for council together back in 2011 as part of a ticket endorsed by the “Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough.”


Councilwoman Barthelemy called back a short time later.

“I hope you are aware that I am an attorney, so if there is anything inflammatory published I want to refresh your recollection about the tort of defamation.” Barthelemy then alleged the entire story was part of a political scheme by Mayor David Poling, his wife Mechelle, and some of their supporters. “They will obviously stop at nothing to pursue their political agenda … These are ungodly people. I’m not trying to be melodramatic here, but these are ungodly people, and I don’t just mean unchristian, I mean ungodly.”

Barthelemy denied having specific knowledge of the alleged incident or of the complaint filed against her. “I used to be an assistant prosecutor, if this man is alleging that there is an incident and this kind of language was used, it’s interesting that I have never ever been questioned about this.”

“How did the public know [the report] even existed unless there’s a mole in that police station,” she later added.

Paul Thompson, who is running as a Democrat for a seat on Council, said everyone in the town was talking about the alleged incident. “She should be more quiet when she’s screaming this stuff, so people won’t hear her next time,” said Thompson. “I heard about it at the store from people who were going in and out … Everybody knew who she was, so I filled out the paperwork to get a copy of the report … This is public information.”

Mayor Poling denied Barthelemy’s assertion that he is ungodly, and said he and his wife were not behind the allegations. “We had nothing to do with that … I didn’t even know it happened until it was brought to my attention by a resident. It happened at the Economy Superette, it was the talk of the town down there.”

Mayor Poling said he talked to Mark Meisfonier, who called to complain that nothing had been done in response to the report he filed. “He wasn’t satisfied with the way it was handled.”

Poling said he will be meeting with Economy Borough’s Chief of Police to discuss the alleged incident and Officer Lively’s report.

Councilwoman Barthelemy asked the Beaver Countian to email her a copy of the report, saying she would read it and call back with more specific comments. Despite providing her with the report, a return call never came.

Mark Meisfonier could not be reached for comment.



  1. Hey this girl is a little woohoo tooooooo, she wants to run for something yeah why is it that good economy has all the nuts that want to run for stuff, really think all the years and characters that run and say they are, this girl has her father running around Boro saying she is running for DA,, then magistrate then commissioner whew that little NO REDLIGHT town got some dreamers

  2. What a disgrace to Economy Boro.The head of public safety driving while talking on a cell and speeding.How safe do you feel with her being our leader ? Is this the example she should be setting for our children.Then what about the foul language at a public place for all to hear ? The biggest problem with this is instead of admitting your wrong blame the mayor who was not even involved .This appears to be a repeat of the Trecha incident.First try to cover it up and if that does not work . Blame someone else.Does anyone on this council accept responsibility for their actions ? Another resignation is in order.That is unless Googins cancels the next meeting hoping this also goes away.What a shame.

  3. Yes you are right. There is no stop sign.The point is her actions. Is she the type of person you want representing you? If she is you can vote for her for president.

  4. Sounds like politics as usual in Economy Boro. If people are so upset, everyone should resign-starting with the Mayor and everyone on down. I’m sure there are good people there,unfortunately they are never heard from. Who is this Mr.Thompson that is making these accusations? Is he the same man who has a sister that is suing the boro? Did anyone else read that he is running for council? Do you really think he is being fair and impartial? If so, I have some nice swamp land in Florida for you to buy!

  5. This is hysterical πŸ˜† First, this ass, defends her buddy Greg Trecha who gets caught AGAIN making public racist statements all over twitter and facebook, not to mention produces a KKK (look alike) video. Mrs. Barthelemy Mother “F”s some guy as the head of public safety in a “public parking lot”. This “Attorney” must never herd of the term abuse of power before. Calls the Economy Borough Mayor, his wife and their supporters ungodly people??? Seriously? For real? What voodoo powers does the mayor, his wife, and their supporters possess that caused Courtney Barthelemy to commit road rage all over someone? And also make the x-councilman post racist public comments and produce a racist video? Ever notice these holly rolling hypocrites are the kind you read about with severe psychosis illness. Her interview with JP was comparable to The Three Faces of Eve! Scary lady, very scary.

  6. Sounds like the Obama administration over there in Economy. DENY-DENY-DENY! BLAME-BLAME-BLAME! DENY-DENY-DENY!
    Or the Clinton administration. Pick one.

  7. Coming up Dunlap Hill to the stop sign means exactly that. STOP until it’s clear to proceed. Traffic on Conway Wallrose has the right away. Always. They have no stop sign.

    • I disagree, Mr. Farkas. This is indeed newsworthy, especially for the residents of Economy. It was not you or me involved, it was an elected official who pulled a “Reese”(“do you know who I am?”) on this man. Her behavior from that point on was less than admirable, and she publicly referenced another elected official derogatorily.

  8. ^^ Anything can/could be a newsworthy story. For whatever reason they have deemed this worth following. Simply because you don’t care doesn’t mean nobody cares, so, go continue being an internet troll elsewhere. Please.

  9. Ok Ms. Barthlemew, Are you saying you had road rage because you were so enraged that the mayor is ungodly? Where did he come into this story? I had to laugh while reading this because I have teenagers who sound just like you. Its always someone else’s fault! Ridiculous – grow up lady! Take some responsibility for your behavior. I’ll make sure to steer away my friends,family and clients from this insanity. You did this all publicly and tried using your political power to shut this man up. Lets hear your version of the story! My coffee group wants to hear. People are afraid of you. Power hungry women with personal agendas are a very frightening monster!

  10. Councilwoman Barthelemy warns the beaver countian about tort of defamation, but yet is quoted calling the mayor ungodly. She should have connected her lawyering head to her shoulders before allowing her libel slanderous statement “These are ungodly people. I’m not trying to be melodramatic here, but these are ungodly people, and I don’t just mean unchristian, I mean ungodly.” to be recorded. If Barthelemy were a good lawyer she would have simply stated to this reporter, “off the record”. This mayor may have a lawsuit in the makings against this councilwoman/attorney. This type of conduct from a lawyer needs to be reported to the Pennsylvania the Disciplinary Board, http://www.padisciplinaryboard.org. immediately. This is no legal eagle, a smart attorney would have never stated they practiced law – then proceeded to make a public slanderous statement about the religious practices, or in this case, lack of practices, about a elected public official. I’m bewildered how Barthelemy passed The Pennsylvania bar examination!


    As I looked up this Courtney on the internet I saw some pictures of her. Not too shabby for a Grove City College Gal (where nerdy 7’s are viewed as 10’s). Courtney is a decent looking gal for a married lady.

    Now, did the guy pull out in front of her in his truck? Of course he did or she wouldn’t have went off like that. Did she handle it the right way? Of course she didn’t. If she didn’t track him down like a hunter, none of this would have happened. As a professional LAWYER, I expect her to act like a professional, not a foul mouth “person of power” as she was described in the report. I will say this, I’d hire her as my lawyer. Why? Because she don’t care about nothing – except winning at all costs – even if it means picking a verbal fight and embarrassing herself!!! Power in a title goes to one’s head easily…relax Courtney, relax! It was just a simple moment of inconvenience in a small town. There was no accident. Thank God you had one hand on the wheel while you were on your phone (at least you weren’t texting) to avoid an accident. Learn from this incident Courtney. This has put you in a negative light (by your foul mouth and actions on handling conflict). Move on from this and attempt to learn to be more tolerable toward others who aren’t as smart as you… a Grove City “Brainiac”. Us “dummies” will piss you off every time on the road! Try going to anger management classes to improve yourself handling auto conflicts.

    As for you limited amount of readers at this site who learned something today from me- You’re All Welcome!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  12. The only inflammatory part of this published article is councilwoman’s Barthelemy comments to the beaver countian involving religion accusations of the mayor, his wife and their supporters. I’d call this actual malice. The elements a plaintiff must prove; 1. the information was published. ( beaver countian – July 8,2013). 2. the plaintiff was directly identified, ( Barthelemy identifies herself to the beaver countian) 3. The remarks were defamatory towards the plaintiff’s reputation, Barthelemy makes three statements that the mayor, his wife, and their supporters are ungodly.) 3. The published information is false – if Mayor Poling and his wife have documentation of belonging to a church, actively practice Christian religion, this documentation would be entered into the court as documented evidence of the mayor’s religious practices. It’s apparent this councilwoman/attorney is one of those hard-liners whose arching objective was to take this article spin political propaganda to undermine the value of this mayor’s position, and defame his character.

    • Seriously, do you think any court in Beaver County or the U.S.A has time for this nonsense? Like I said before, stupid and juvenile behavior from all parties involved.

  13. Where is the accountability at here Courtney?Glad your on safety in our boro. Let’s try and take the attention off what you did. By clearly attack ing the Mayor and his wife with being ungodly? What does this have anything to with what YOU. With blaming someone else? REALLY?!?!?!? It’s clearly written in the police report what took place. You can’t buy your way or hand over gifts for your own actions this time. What scares me the most is. This women is associated with the new charter with the Parent Partnership at Baden Academy. I clearly wouldnt want her to be in any contact with my child with this kind of rage. Who know’s what she may say to a child?? SCARY!!!

  14. to ahudontnoshit, I don’t think Courtney Barthelemys’ self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem are all good indications for a good lawyer. Maybe try a public defender if you’re that hard up to pay for a decent attorney.

  15. Wow, everyone of you morons believes what they have read. Just because you read it on this junk blog doesn’t mean it is true or accurate. Moreover, just because someone ACCUSES another of road rage does not mean it happened at all or even happened in the way it was reported. Look up the definition of “accuse.” The police certainly didn’t think there was anything to the accusation. There are a lot of holes in the story and how “the whole town” was talking about it. Yeah, right. You all are very gullible, with too much time on your hands. Find another hobby. Here is a revelation: not everything you read on the internet is true. Read the book “Trial by Fury” by Douglas Preston. The book is only 23 pages. See if you can find yourself in the story.

  16. Hey CountyBeaver, I wonder if the people under a PA attorney general grand jury investigation from the Beaver County Courthouse are calling people morons who believed this “junk blog”. JP of the beaver countian is a little more slicker than the ” 23 pages book readers are giving him credit for”. Wait, Watch, and See where this all ends up. Oooops.. “attention morons, please disregard the wait, watch, and see part of this comment.”

  17. There is a commercial on television where a lady said you can’t put something untrue on the internet. We always laugh because the fella asks her where she heard that and she said on the internet. People can assert anything and start a vicious gossip feeding frenzy. My neighbor next door could dislike me for any reason and file a false report saying I threatened him etc. That doesn’t make me guilty of anything ,except having a rotten neighbor. I’m sure there is a lot more to the story. Mr. Thompson, why are you so desperate to get on council? I heard you have run many times with no success. Will you stop at nothing to further your own agenda? God help our poor community if you should ever succeed. Shame on you for being such a miserable person. Also, what is the rumor I heard about you picking on the Vietnam veterans? Shame! Shame!

  18. Blaming everyone and everything for your actions sure tells what type of person you are.When you do not have the guts too admit you made a mistake you will never be a leader.For all of you trying to defend her you have started more gossip than you are claiming is in this article.Admit you where wrong suffer the consequences and move on .You will feel better about yourself and others will have more respect for you.

  19. JP, you’re not reporting on Aliquippa, the sheriff, or the courthouse….So true will feel left out…lol

  20. So the Mayor wrote a letter to the NAACP BEFORE Trecha is sworn in. That was last election

    The NAACP answered his question and pointed out they found no basis of racism.

    Next election we have the Mayor bringing this up again, but not disclosing the letter he received after his first cry of racism.

    Then the relative of the tax collector suing the borough, runs for office and brings up these same complaints without acknowledging it had already been addressed, found to be tacky–BUT NOT racist by the NAACP.

    And proceed to form a little gang of their own to bring out a hot box issue, proven unreliable hoping to cause dissent once again. Each time blaming a different council member for their affiliation with another, all during another election…

    Is it me, or does this sound like a pattern of childish bullying because someone doesn’t know how to play well with others?

    We still live in a democratic society don’t we? We still have the right to vote, and elect officials of “our choosing” not friends of friends of relatives being seated on local government by appointment of a Czar and his entourage right?

    This is still America isn’t it?

    It seems odd that this is all coming about during elections, and with a running mate having a family member suing the borough.

    As a member of the democratic party, I want to know who the committee members are and are they supporting these actions.

    Thanks for bringing this to light JP

  21. albatross great detection Sherlock! Problem is your points aren’t as sharp as the one on top of your pinhead. Date the article came out on Trecha June 10, 2013 at 10:08 pm.
    The Primary election May 21,2013 – both Mayor Poling & Tax collector Dorothy Gnarra succeeded their opponents on Democrat ballot.
    Republican write in winners declared June 05, 2013 Mayor Poling & Dorothy Gnarra kicked their opponents asses.
    “The Mayor” never wrote a letter to the NAACP you moron, They wrote one to HIM opening a investigation that he had to read at a public council meeting while the king pin of the NAACP was present. Ask your dip-shit friends they were all there.
    It was GOOGINS the NAACP was investigating – Trecha wasn’t even on council til 1/2012 get your facts straight Sherlock.
    So, before the Bi-Partisan Committee attacks part 2 begin, Both mayor & tax collector succeeded their Bi-Partisan Committee flakey candidates before the beaver countian article showed up on the asshole racist doctor.
    Now here’s the part I want to make sure every one of these sleaze balls read; ….ready assholes???

  22. Hey, hope everyone has a great F*cking weekend. And keep the guy in the orange shirt off the roads. Friends don’t let friends drink n drive!

  23. On the subject of political party. The Republican Committee of Beaver County took a strong stand against any affiliation to Greg Trecha.

    What is the Republican party’s position on Courtney Barthelemy? I think we need to hear from their county spokesperson. Courtney’s language during the alleged road rage incident was detestable. Putting that aside, Courtney calling the mayor of Economy Borough ungodly was totally unfounded and veritably insolent.

    Need the Republican Party be reminded, the republican residents nominated mayor Poling with their write in votes to lead their ticket in the general election in November. Factually speaking, the republicans of Economy Borough have nominated Mayor Poling in all three of his elections.

    Hence, Courtney was calling her political party’s nomination for Mayor of Economy Borough a ungodly man. She consecutively states this to the beaver countian. As a active member of the republican party, I find this atrocious! I voted for this mayor, and I personally know many republicans in Economy Borough who hold our mayor in high regard. I would believe most are offended and displeased with Ms. Barthlemy’s bizarre statement she gave to this online publication.

    If she cares to earn some type of redemption with her own republican party, at least in Economy Borough, then it is of my opinion she issue a public apology for her disreputable comment about the mayor’s Christian beliefs immediately. If she fails to do so, I will personally take my ‘opinions’ of her with the county’s republican committee. I know them all quite well.

  24. @Theotherdc: I’ve no idea what your talking about calling me Sherlock.

    Simple reading comprehension proves the reply from the NAACP was sent to the person who wrote it.

    The date and body of the letter speaks for itself. Your cursing at me makes you feel rather special I gather, or makes you feel in control.

    I have no “dip-shit” friends. I align myself with intelligent, comprehensive individuals that refuse to take part in games of follow the leader, and base their judgment on fact.

    Adding the touch “Have a nice effing weekend” speaks volumes of your mentality too.

    Obviously you’re either a lemming, an asshole or a mouth piece.

    Regardless, I feel sorry for you.

    Have a nice week.

  25. Albatross You and your intelligent, comprehensive individuals that refuse to take part in games of follow the leader; which by the way your leader is Larry Googins, all of you must have flunked reading.

    The letter that was published, is addressed to the mayor as the head of the community, in regards to THE COMPLAINT filed to the BCNAACP. The letter has c.c. copies to the police chief, the solicitor, and to Larry Googins – vice president of council at the time. The mayor, again, never wrote a letter to the NAACP.

    The original letter from the NAACP to the mayor, police chief, and president of council Ronald Rock is on file, maybe JP from the beaver countian can get a copy of the original letter which was hand delivered by the president of the NAACP to the EB police station and publish it- this will clearly show, that once again, you and your bi partisan committee smucks are trying to spin the wrongs of their once- candidates to a political show down. Not the case, if anyone is following the timeline as to when articles were published and election dates and if they possess a brain, they can comprehend that Greg Trecha and Courtney Barthelemy are trying to railroad their wrong doings to some type of political ploy from the mayor.

    Also, did it occur to anyone of your brilliant friends that the mayor won on both the democrat and republican ticket for the Fall 2013 general election? He won…why would any of this be political? People are not stupid.

    I have a good feeling that all of the covering up by Barthelemy, her six friends, and the police officer, Chad Lively is going to be exposed with evidence. I think Economy Borough is going get a real eye-opener very soon. I’m confident, it’s going to reveal all truths in Economy Borough.
    Stay Tuned….



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