Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy failed to heed warnings given to him by investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police shortly before taking office — firing a whistleblower who had been a key source for investigators and a truthful witness for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, while keeping on staff an inner circle of problematic deputies who had been loyal to Sheriff George David and supported Tony Guy during his election, according to allegations filed by a former deputy in federal court as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

From Tony Guy’s handwritten notes of his meeting with State Police / from federal court exhibits

Among the exhibits recently submitted by attorneys as part of a federal lawsuit filed last year against Sheriff Tony Guy by former deputy Curtis Larrick include copies of Guy’s own handwritten notes taken during meetings with State Police and sheriff’s deputies before assuming office. Together with other court documents and transcripts of sworn depositions entered as part of the ongoing litigation, the court filings detail information about deputies who allegedly lied to a Statewide Investigating Grand Jury, allegedly harassed cooperating witnesses against then-Sheriff George David and conspired to cause difficulties for then-Deputy Larrick, as well as information about deputies who had allegedly engaged in other assorted wrongdoings.

From Tony Guy’s handwritten notes of his meeting with State Police / from federal court exhibits

Curtis Larrick contends he was fired by Sheriff Tony Guy when he took office as an act of political retaliation for supporting Democratic sheriff candidate Wayne Kress.

Sheriff Guy has denied keeping any deputies on staff for political reasons or firing Larrick because of his support for Kress. In explaining his rationale for axing the long-time deputy, Guy echoed accusations previously made by former Sheriff David and some deputies that “Lying Larrick” is a man of poor character who has a reputation for telling falsehoods and who was disruptive to the department.

The Beaver Countian has reviewed the hundreds of pages of court filings in the case to date, and will be publishing articles in the coming weeks detailing accusations made by each side in the ongoing litigation. For those readers who have an interest in exploring the case in-depth for themselves, the Beaver Countian has compiled the substantive court filings from federal docket entries and is making them available in full below.

From Tony Guy’s handwritten notes of his interview with John Joe Fratangeli, quoting the deputy talking about Beaver Countian reporter John Paul. Fratangeli was one of the deputies fired by Guy upon taking office. / from federal court exhibits
From Tony Guy’s handwritten notes of his interview with John Joe Fratangeli, quoting the deputy talking about Curtis Larrick and Paul Clark, both of whom where fired by Sheriff Tony Guy upon taking office. Included in the notes is a mention that Clark had supported Wayne Kress for sheriff. / from federal court exhibits

Federal Court Filings In The Case Of Curtis Larrick vs. Tony Guy And The County Of Beaver

Larrick: Complaint Against Tony Guy and the County of Beaver
Guy & County: Answer to Complaint
Guy & County: Motion for Summary Judgement
Guy & County: Brief in Support of Motion for Summary Judgement
Larrick: Brief in Opposition To Motion For Summary Judgement
Larrick: Appendix to Brief in Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgement
Exhibits 1 & 2
Exhibits 3 & 4
Exhibits 5 – 18
Guy & County: Reply Brief in Support of Motion For Summary Judgement
Larrick: Concise Statement of Material Facts
Guy & County: Reply to Larrick’s Concise Statement of Material Facts
Guy & County: Concise Statement of Material Facts
Guy & County: Appendix To Concise Statement of Material Facts
Exhibit A – Guy Deposition
Exhibit B – Plaintiff Deposition
Exhibit C – Alstadt Deposition
Exhibit D – Baden Police Report
Exhibit E – Letter dated 9/11/11
Exhibit F – Insurance Documents
Exhibit G – Darbut Deposition
Exhibit H – Darbut Memo re: Sexual Harassment
Exhibit I – Incident Report
Exhibit J – Complaint Report
Exhibit K – OCMD Police Report
Exhibit L – Memo dated 10/29/14
Exhibit M – David Memo re: Larrick
Exhibit N – Guy Notes from Deputies
Exhibit O – Michael Deposition
Exhibit P – Interview Schedule
Exhibit Q – Interview Outlines
Exhibit R – Termination Letter
Larrick: Response to County’s Concise Statement of Material Facts
Guy & County: Reply to Larrick’s Reponse to County’s Concise Statement of Material Facts

Sheriff Tony Guy (right) with Chief Deputy Dean Michael / photo by John Paul

In the interest of full disclosure: This reporter was one of the named victims in the Attorney General’s criminal case against then-Sheriff George David. Details of the allegations in that case, of which George David was acquitted by a jury in 2014, are available in the original Grand Jury Presentment.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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JC Crispino
JC Crispino

keep up the good work.

Hauser Christian
Hauser Christian

Sad man…

John Q Taxpayer
John Q Taxpayer

Come next election, vote all of them out!

Gray Squirrel
Gray Squirrel

I’ve been to two state fairs an a goat roping , an i have never seen or heard of anything quite as bizarre as what comes out of this Court House , Its a Circus act all of it own making .
If it weren’t for the Beaver Countian the Citizens may never know what’s going on, the County Times is clueless , their still looking for the Unicorn spotted in Bridge Water .


Tony Guy…a wolf in sheep’s clothing…just like Lozier.

One interesting thing is how Fratangeli figured into the Sheriff’s department dynamics, like Iago in Shakespear’s “Othello.” George’s toady, Tony’s snitch.