The Salary Board led by the County Commissioners has decided for the third year in a row that the county’s nonunion employees will not be receiving pay raises next year, citing the county’s dire financial situation. Union employees have received raises for the past two years and will continue to see increases again in 2018 as part of negotiated labor contracts.

Also receiving pay raises for the past two years — and again next year — are each of the county’s elected officials, including the three Commissioners and all “row officials” including Treasurer, Sheriff, Prothonotary, Controller, Coroner, Recorder of Deeds, Register of Wills and Clerk of Courts.

The Beaver Countian asked about the pay raises for elected officials during the Commissioners’ public work session last week.

“We have a cost of living increase that was imposed,” said Commissioner Sandie Egley.

“By resolution, the elected officials in Beaver County get a cost of living increase based upon a consumer price index,” explained Assistant County Solicitor Nate Morgan.

Solicitor Garen Fedeles said the current Board of Commissioners could pass a new resolution negating the prior one that set automatic raises, but noted, “it wouldn’t be effective until after their term is done.”

The County’s Law Department has said Commissioners are prohibited by law from passing any resolutions that would affect their own salaries for the current term of office.

The Beaver Countian did a search of county record scans and located a resolution from December 1997 establishing permanent cost-of-living increases for the county’s elected officials based on the Consumer Price Index. The ordinance was passed unanimously by then-Commissioners Bea Schulte, Nancy Loxley, and Daniel Donatella.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index rose by 2% over the current fiscal year ending in October, meaning the county’s elected officials will be receiving 2% pay raises next year. Officials received raises of 1.6% this year.

The only elected official exempted from the county ordinance is the District Attorney, whose yearly salary is set by the Pennsylvania Legislature to be $1,000 less than the salary of a Common Pleas Judge — every district attorney in all 67 counties in the state earn the same wage. The salaries of Common Pleas Judges are set by the state each year similarly based on the Consumer Price Index.

County officials estimate that only approximately 100 out of the county’s 800 employees have been affected by the Commissioners’ pay freeze for nonunion employees over the past two years. County Controller David Rossi made a motion to give raises to the county’s nonunion employees during a meeting of the Salary Board earlier this month, but failed to see the motion seconded.

From The Resolution:

That effective January 1, 1997, and each January 1, thereafter, the County of Beaver will increase the base compensation (defined as gross pay less any payments for additional duties) of all Elected Officials, except the District Attorney and County Commissioners, by the percentage change in the 1992-1984 Consumer Price Index – US all City average – C.P.I.-U, as published by the U.S. Department of Labor, from October of the present year over October of the previous year rounded to the nearest one-tenth percent (.05 and over rounds to .1).

The Office of County Commissioner will not receive this increase during their present term of office but the newly elected Board of County Commissioners base pay will be increated by the percentage change in the October, 1996, index over the October, 1999, index and will be effective on January 1, 2000.

It is not intended, by this Resolution, to decrease any Elected Officials’ salary should the change in the Consumer Price Index go down.

County’s scan of resolution from 1997
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


      • The money would be better spent on the humane society. Than on those selfe styled aristocratic DOGS.

    • If you meant Humane Society-I’m sorry. We have people in the county who can’t pay their property taxes, nor do they have enough food. You want to spend tax payer dollars on dogs and cats? No thanks from my corner!

      • No let’s give a raise to Danny Camp. Maybe he can buy some socks for the next meeting.

      • i suppose ice arenas and magazines are worthy of your tax dollars? at least the humane society actually DOES something for this county, and mostly on DONATIONS. if they can afford to give raises that amount to some Serious Dollars, then they can toss a bone to the society in the form of a 20 grand grant.

    • Republicans——small government unless a pay raise is included–then count me in!!!!…hypocrisy….SAD-ROY MOORE FOR PRESIDENT 2024 dopey all of YINZ whatever you do in that courthouse could be done part time at a home computer–maybe volunteer work just to make yourselves look good-because we all know how YOU LIKE TO LOOK GOOD DOING THE HARD Beaver County business-it’s not a job nor is it accomplishing a thing-get a person in there who actually built and done things and is doing actual work in there to run county affairs-we have been missing that in this blue collar county for yrs-not one person in that building has or have had a callous on hard working hands–a college degree and a suit doesn’t and shouldn’t mean Shit..Humane Society???theres kids who do not have decent meals day to day get the f outta here with that!

  1. They should get rid of that amendment and only get raises when they earn them and when we can afford them, even if it takes effect with the next election.

    • Baloney, they can decline a pay raise. This is amazing! All Egley talks about is how much we’re in debt, but she goes along with a raise for herself, What a hypocrite!

      • They all get the pay increase. Yet you single out one elected official that you don’t like. Weak.

      • I thought there was a “pay raise freeze” on ALL county employees, including elected officials? What a joke! Amadio is never there, Egley is always bitching about how the County is in a deficit, Camp is clueless and just goes with the flo. Rossi shows up when he isn’t driving around Monaca or in a fast food place eating. I could go on and on, but I digress. These elected officials have become complacent do-nothings and it’s time to vote them ALL out!!!

      • Right joe doe, Egley is always bitching about the county debt, but she sure likes that pay increase she’s getting!!!

    • @Mark Plevel..Working government workers may get a cost of living raise every year, but the retirees of Beaver county hasn’t had one in years! I have a friend who retired from the County over 20 years ago and he hasn’t received a COLA since his retirement. What’s up with that, Rossi and Commissioners??

    • Federal Government workers do not get a cost of living raise annually. I can’t speak to state workers but can for federal employees

      • No state retirees get a cola either. At least what I know from friends that retired.

    • It may have been passed in 1997 but it doesn’t mandate that the elected officials accept the annual increase. All of them (including the elected officials who aren’t commissioners) should be declining this pay raise and doing something called leading by example.

      I find it curious how the resolution is worded so that they can only gain money but never lose money if the consumer price index goes down. Perhaps John Paul can figure this one out: Is this tied to a base level of the CPI at the start of their term or is it based simply on the delta year over year? If in year one the CPI drops 5% there would be no raise (nor would they receive a pay decrease for that year). In year two if the CPI then goes up 2% what is the net effect on their salaries? Do they get a 2% increase because it has risen over the prior year or since it’s still 3% below the initial base figure that we started with would there be no increases until the CPI rises above the CPI at the start of their term?

  2. By the way Court House County thieves, I NEVER, NEVER get a cost of living increase at my place of employment, what makes you think that YOU deserve a cost of living increase?

  3. Seriously, how many elected officials are there? And how many county employees are in a union who will get even larger increases? You’re missing the forest because you’re looking at the trees.

    • Really disgruntled??? Are you a relative of Egley or an elected official? You keep sticking up for those theives! Move on

    • So you’re saying because it was a union based contract decision from some time ago, that can’t and shouldn’t be re negotiated? In other words they will take the money because it was promised to them before their current even started, who cares that the county is in bad shape. I’m all for employees getting raises and bonuses if new industry and business shows this growth, likewise it should be taken away when it shrinks

    • Two different issues; employees (union and non union) and Row Officials. Row officials ,i.e., commissioners will get rises per prior BofCs resolution and the only way that can be changed is by current BofC passing another resolution that will not affect them.

  4. Ok I’m no rocket scientist here, but if these three commissioners HAVE to take a pay raise let’s calculate that amount they would receive and DEMAND it be put back into the general fund! This is unacceptable.

  5. Are the employee’s who retired aided with a financial incentive, then rehired at a higher pay salary still employed..and my query, why?

  6. My GOD! The torment these poor officials must be feeling; forced into taking a raise that they know their beloved county really can’t afford to pay them, but doing so only to abide by the laws that they were sworn to upheld!

    We must stand behind our besieged leaders and ask the Lord for strength and comfort for them. Prayer Rally at the Gazebo on Sunday! It’s an evening Stiller’s game , so we can all attend! Already a blessing bestowed upon us!

  7. Good job commissioners. The people doing the real work get nothing. Hmmm, I suspect they knew of this raise therefore they voted no on the others.

  8. YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING ME !!! You fucking thieves just told us how desperate the county finances were and raised taxes! My advice to you elected official is GRAB EVERYTHING YOU CAN NOW! You robbed us and now you just committed political suicide. Every one of you. Bye Bye, I can guarantee we won’t ever forget what you people have done to the taxpayers and voters of this county.

    • “You have to be joking me,” google it. You have to be joking. Out of all the comments you have decided it was necessary to punctuate it with “fucking thieves.” Your Comment? Reread the article.

    • J Q looks like you have a fan. You gotta give credit where credits due The little red tomato speaks its mind.

  9. I agree the Humane Society should not get taxpayer money. But the union got over an 8% raise in the contract and now the elected officials, which include the Treasurer… Oh and don’t forget, the court employees got raises which no one said anything about. So in all, there are probably about 35 people that didn’t get a raise.

  10. Since by contract the county has to give the union members and other officials a raise with the county in the hole. It seems to me that the county can just decrease the number of union employees and the staff at the other offices. The union never seems to care about the other entity that has to pay them, just themselves. So the remaining can get the pay and work harder and the other union employee’s can get laid off. If necessary hire non-union for less pay just like it is now!

  11. Perhaps on the ballot beside the candidates name should be the SALARY THAT THE CANDIDATE WILL RECEIVE as compensation??? I have no idea what the salary of a County Commissioner is … but a good County Commissioner is worth whatever they get paid … and a bad one shouldn’t be reelected. If a cost of living adjustment is enough to throw ALL the elected officials out of office … then you better think really hard about who you vote for the next time around. The county didn’t get into this mess overnight and the recovery is going to be painful. Who in the hell would sign up for any of these positions if working really hard, doing the right things and making a difference doesn’t count? The majority of you elected them!

    BUT WHAT ABOUT THE HUMANE SOCIETY!!!!???? I think some of you need spayed and neutered.

  12. RollingOver you’re exactly right. Who in their right mind would run for office? Could you imagine? Because they are an elected official doesn’t mean that all of them are thieves. But these blanket statements seem to roll right off.. one after another.

    I’m going to challenge any of you…if you think you can do better.. RUN FOR OFFICE!

  13. When union contracts were negotiated, im sure the county was in financial woe. Hard to believe whoever negotiated for county never considered financial recovery time etc etc.

    Does anyone know how many retirees are still there getting paid those ridiculous rates? Im sure the total of those wages is really gonna send alotta of people into orbit.

  14. Not a dime for the Humane Society, but they’re lining their pockets. I get Social Security…wonder what my raise will be. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU! And shame on everybody who votes them in again.



    • @Stephen K
      Love your avatar! Mungo has a better idea!………Let’s start taxing religion! Just imagine the endless possibilities?!?
      To all you hysterical plebes! Just shut up and continue to work for free all the way up til April every year and simply get over it!
      You know….Beeer, pharmaceuticals, lottery, kielbasa, Friday night foozball games….Sunday worship/networking and 3 hail mary’s and all is well again with the world!

      Steelers, penguins, Pirates……….Hot dog shoppe, Primantis, wines and spirits…more lottery…night at the races!
      Just relax and sit back…….uh pharmaceuticals again …oh and beer and booze…..and street drugs….i.e pills….pain specifically!
      Next election will be here before you know it and then hurry down to really make that change….hahaha suckers! But hang in there cuz Mungo is sure that … time it will be different!

    • I’m betting those lazy employees have ties to the courthouse. There is a lot of them tucked away in county agencies that nobody thinks about.

  16. A 2% increase. No one is getting rich on that. Take Egley’s salary, for example. From the BC posted salary database, which I assume is accurate: EGLEY, SANDIE Commissioners 71,289.92. 2% of that is 1425.80. Divided by 12 months is 118.81 per month. After taxes, less than 100 bucks per month. Or, 3 bucks a day. That is not even a Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy 1/4 lb. Single with Cheese, $4.19, at Wendy’s. Yep, these people are making out like bandits, aren’t they? Take all these rich elected people out to a Wendy’s lunch at one time, and you could not pay for the meals with their daily increases.

    But wait! Egley paid for the materials to fix up her hell hole office. Cost: $1,085.45. And, an additional $266.46 for lamps and a rug. 1425.80 minus that is 133.89. So, her net is a whopper that won’t even make a car payment. It looks like we owe her some more money, not less.

    Some advice? Have Unis pay up back taxes of 500 grand. Have Betters pay his fair share of taxes without reassessment. Find out who is hiding the Friendship Ridge funds in an offshore account. The answer to Beaver County’s money problems is not in these salaries. The answer is in waste, corruption and nepotism.

    What else is new?

    • Well, if I offered YOU a check for $1,425 would you accept it? Is it worth your time to cash that mere pittance? Let’s not overlook the fact that we are adding this to $71, 290. I think you can buy TWO Hot and Juicy’s on that and enjoy some fries and a drink with it , at that.

      Now, as far as getting the back tax delinquents to pay up, you and I agree wholeheartedly.

      • Yes, but it is not doled out that way. Each month, it is absorbed into day-to-day expenses and is barely noticed, if at all. And yes, I could use a thousand bucks after taxes for Christmas gifts. Heck, I’d even give half to the Humane Society. I realize this skirts the union/nonunion issue, but I don’t feel philosophical right now. The County should be solvent enough to pay everyone his due. That’s tough to do when you are facing bankruptcy and propagandists who tell us the budget is balanced.

    • Agree – but I don’t think that’s the point. They should decline the increase as a mesaure of good faith.

  17. Oh yes… The Humane Society. I love the place and have patronized it — bought (adopted) a dog and a cat. But when public officials start donating to nonprofits, that is a slippery slope. So, get off your lazy hypercritical asses and write them a check yourselves. Can’t? Won’t? Then don’t bitch.

    • I write them a nice check every year. Good group.

      By the by, does the county still underwrite BCTA so that they can run those empty buses back and forth from that empty mall to the empty downtowns 5 nights a week?

  18. Where did all the money from the sale of Friendship Ridge go? Taxpayers should be privy to an itemized accounting of the money trail from this behind closed door fiasco!

  19. Sorry. A correction. After Republican taxes next year, Sandie will have to settle for Micky D’s two cheeseburger, $2.00 option. No Coke, and she will have to add her own pickle.

  20. It’s obvious, the money from the sale of Friendship Ridge went to pay inflated salaries of retirees who were rehired at a higher salary rate. Also probably was used to pay the monetary incentives to get those people to retire with the lure of returning at an even higher salary. Usually when people retire there is a retirement party, gifts and goodbye don’t let the door hit you on your way out, EXCEPT at the courthouse.

  21. The funny part of this is that their hands are tied and they HAVE to accept the raise, like this is a law of physics. Really? It’s a county law and they are the top county officials. Just make a motion that says we are going to forego the raise this year. What would happen, the sheriff department would swoop in and force the checks into their manacled hands?
    Pretend it’s a spending increase or a perk and in ten seconds it’s all agreed upon and in place. Like what USUALLY happens in their meetings.

  22. Will someone tell me why/how Mancini figures into these discussions?

    From the BCTimes:

    “The county’s nonunion court employees also won’t be receiving a raise. In a separate meeting Wednesday, the salary board didn’t act on a previous request from President Judge Richard Mancini to give the raises, although Mancini asked the commissioners for a chance to talk at some point in the future about giving those employees a raise.”

  23. Is anyone really surprised? They are all about themselves. Can’t wait to vote them out, especially that Eagley woman. Yet, the Beaver County Humane Society who provides a service to our County, gets NOTHING. Do we want people in office that have no conscience?



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