Beaver County’s Law Department has advised the Board of Commissioners against meeting privately with District Attorney David Lozier or other county row officials to discuss their budgets for 2018. The guidance by the county’s attorneys comes after the Beaver Countian informed officials last week that it was prepared to file private criminal complaints against officials who participate in private budget meetings that in any manner violate provisions of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act.

During last Wednesday’s public work session, District Attorney David Lozier made a “formal request” of the Board to be allowed to meet with them privately to discuss his budget request for next year, which includes a significant increase in spending and additional personnel for his office. Commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio both told Lozier they were “ok with that,” with Commissioner Egley stating she was opposed to any meetings by the Board not held in public.

District Attorney Lozier dubbed the budget meeting “informational” and exempt from public meeting provisions of the Sunshine Act, but said he wanted to “talk about my budget needs and why it changed from last year, and get your impression and get [Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow’s] recommendations.” Lozier told the Board there was no requirement for the meeting to be held in public as no decisions would be made at that time, “[P]ublic meetings are useless when it comes to detailed briefings with department heads. Having 50 people in a room doesn’t help; when decisions are made absolutely.”

The Beaver Countian reminded the Board that provisions of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act require not only official actions be made during a public meeting, but also that deliberations for the purposes of making a future decision be public. The Board of Commissioners tabled a decision on how the meetings would be conducted, with Chief Solicitor Garen Fedeles telling them he would research the matter in light of the Beaver Countian’s objection.

Solicitor Fedeles met with each of the Commissioners individually yesterday afternoon, recommending they not conduct private meetings as a Board with other officials to discuss their budgets. Fedeles instead suggested Commissioners direct Chief Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow meet individually with the row officials and department heads to review their budget proposals, and then schedule public meetings with the Board as necessary to discuss requests for increases that are not contractually mandated or contain significant overages compared to last year. Fedeles recommended those meetings occur during previously scheduled work sessions so the county would not incur an added expense of advertising new meetings dates — a suggestion that had been made last week by Democratic Register of Wills Tracey Antoline-Patton.

The advice by Chief Solicitor Garen Fedeles is in line with the guidance given to the Board last year by then-Chief Solicitor Andrea Cantelmi when the Beaver Countian raised objections to private budget talks that had been scheduled with Sheriff Tony Guy.

The Board of Commissioners will meet at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday in the public meeting room of the courthouse to deliberate on how the county’s budget process will proceed. Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley each told the Beaver Countian yesterday they are agreeable to the recommendation made by Chief Solicitor Fedeles.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Thank goodness for JP and the BeaverCountian or even their lawyers wouldn’t have known not to do it. JP has to school them over and over again. It must be exhausting.

  1. So Mr. Lozier, Commissioner Egley had it right even though she isn’t an attorney? Isn’t that something.

    • Mr. Lozier proposed a meeting that was in direct conflict with the Sunshine law, in order to promote his own agenda. Either he knew this, and still chose to violate the law, or he didn’t, which is inexcusable from a DA.

    • The DA wants to build his own police force. He won’t call it that, of course, but that’s what it is. He conned 2/3 of the Board members (I don’t even need to tell you which two) into approving a resolution that makes it possible, and now he wants to staff it. And the only person who has oversight of this pseudo-police force? The DA.

      • Nothing more than Allegheny County does and has been for the last 60 years. County Police have real police powers and the Sheriff does not.

      • Our DA has done nothing to earn my trust and respect, therefore the idea of him being the only one in charge of his own police force raises a red flag for me. (and I’m pretty sure we can’t offord it)

      • You mean his emergency terrorist response team? Yeah, I didn’t know why they passed that, anyway. That’s a responsibility and expense that should be left to the state police.

    • So, what would the local police duties and the county police???. Is this a thing we want to do. That is nothing less than a power hungry DA.

  2. The Commissioners were upset by the suggestion of establishing a Dope Task Force. They thought it was going to be a group monitoring their work. HAHAHAHAHA

  3. “Having 50 people in a room doesn’t help; when decisions are made absolutely.”

    No, Stonewall, twice that number would be required to see through all your bullshit. But, I’ll settle for 50 as a start.

  4. The next shoe to drop is going to be Lozier, Guy, and the rest of the Christiana fanboy club (aka Beaver County Republican Party) attacking Egley for not supporting the creation of a DA-run county police force. Egley will probably be accused of being unfeeling and uncaring because she can’t see the wisdom in spending more money (that the county doesn’t have) on a county police force. They will probably go so far as to blame Egley for overdose deaths, accuse her of racism, classism, and any other ism that they can think of. This police force is the primary agenda item and they are going to use emotion as a weapon against logic. All I can say to that is, follow the money.

    • Beaver County had a police force. They were disbanded in the early 1980’s I think. They had a police station across from the concession stand in Brady’s Run Park.

    • They don’t lock up the dealers and users when they get them, anyway. They just let them out on probation like they’ve always done. Tough on crime? Puhlease.

  5. Another long standing mess left behind by the only party that ran BC for 50 years. And all you folks are blaming the GOP for 9 million missing in a year? Seriously? No mention of the dems hiding budget shortfalls for decades. Geez you libs are blind and deaf.

  6. So he wants an “informational” meet in private to go over the details and set up the decisions, then have a public meeting where they will announce the decisions that they have already agreed to in private and they will all be in sync with each other. Wait a minute, what are they doing? It is illegal for you to sit in the park on a bench together and discuss county business.

  7. How ironic, if we had a county police force their first arrest could be the DA for breaking the law.

    Perhaps the DA’s soon to be replacement, Mr. Benyo, could answer this question….doesn’t making a formal request to meet privately with the commissioners to discuss his budget “needs” constitute intent to commit conspiracy?

  8. I think it’s a damn shame that the good people of this county has to pay Lozier over 600K for 4 years of being the biggest horses ass as DA in county history.

  9. Why does this scenario remind me of “Wizard of Oz” where someone is hiding behind a curtain pulling all the strings.

  10. “[P]ublic meetings are useless when it comes to detailed briefings with department heads. Having 50 people in a room doesn’t help; when decisions are made absolutely.” In layman’s terms, that means “Fuck the public, we’ll decide what we want privately and blow smoke up the masses asses’ publicly”.

    Please note “Commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio both told Lozier they were ‘ok with that,’ with Commissioner Egley stating she was opposed to any meetings by the Board not held in public”.



  11. And…John Paul will be sitting there, sitting there, right up front as before. The first one, as usual, to read the smoke signals from Amadio’s…

  12. We are supposed to be living in a country that is governed by the people for the people. The sheriffs dept. and the district attorneys office seem to have some serious issues with our freedoms. One of them being the right to participate and the right to know what our district attorney and sheriffs dept. are up to.Especially since these two entities have a long history of abusing the public to put it mildly.

  13. How can 2 of the three county commissioners give the nod to giving the sheriffs dept. full police powers. We have police forces in every town in Beaver County. any Chief of police or patrolman who thinks this insanity is OK is saying that they themselves are incompetent and cannot do there jobs. Are you people incompetent and need the beaver county sheriffs dept. to be given these powers. For the good of the people of Beaver county this insanity cannot be allowed to happen.

    • The commissioners cannot give any powers to the Sheriffs department. It’s above the commissioners. I missed it but who said anything about a county police force. Although, I bet tight pants Christiana would help that along if his family would get a job out of it. He’d be the assistant chief of the force as long as it paid over 100K

  14. Once again Dan Camp holds hands with Tony the 34yr seasoned politician who obviously in all that time never heard of the sunshine act. Dan just follows along like a little sheep who can’t think on his own.

    • Dan lied to us! He planned this all along. I can’t even look at him anymore. Ashamed for his family and at myself for falling for his lies. Only ‘scummy’ people pull dirty deeds like that.

      • Camps are a bunch of flimflammers that have been very lucky at riding into county government because of name recognition at the voting booth. All of the Camps have quite the colorful back stories. Going back to the 1970’s. They go which ever way the wind is blowing at the time.

  15. What am I looking at here?
    A commissioner in a meeting wearing jeans and casual slip on shoes with no socks?

    Or are those nude ankle socks (which makes it even worse)?

    I’m surprised his shirt isn’t unbuttoned to the middle of his chest, to show off the hair that’s missing from his head.

  16. The underlying story here is that you take people who are not qualified for these roles and who do not have the integrity to hold to their values, you dangle money and power in front of them, and whatever guiding principles they may have had promptly go out the window. David Lozier, for example. A struggling personal injury attorney with no criminal law experience. All of the sudden, he is the chosen one by his party. All the while, Gerald Benyo is VASTLY superior in terms of qualification and experience. Yet Lozier gets the campaign funds and support. That’s because ‘they’ knew Benyo wouldn’t be controlled, because quite frankly, he didn’t need them the way Lozier needed them.

    Same story for Dan Camp. College dropout, working a dead end job. I have no idea what his financial situation was, but I can’t imagine he was rolling in it. ‘They’ saw him as the perfect puppet. Either his ego wouldn’t allow him to see what was happening or his lack of pride or prospects made it an easy decision for him. Maybe he believed (as Lozier did) that he really deserves this attention, that he is really that good. And people were finally noticing.

    Tony Guy? I can’t.

    ‘They’ probably tried the same thing on Egley. I’m sure they saw her as a mark. But what ‘they’ didn’t count on was her integrity. And now she is an outcast and they will come after her on all fronts. She is a threat to them.

    Follow the money.

  17. Camp looks like the picture on my Hot Dog Shoppe cup, not to be confused with a dick head. Buy a tie and a pair of socks!

  18. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Where the hell does Loser think he is going to get the money to pay for a county Police Department when we can’t pay the bills that we have now??!! Hey Loser, you have a FREE countywide Police Department and it’s called “The Pennsylvania State Police”. Our tax dollars already pay for their service therefore it is not necessary to fund a new one. Also, call them out for all homicides instead of your county detectives and see how that will affect your budget in a positive manner.

  19. I am glad that these discussions are focusing on the lack of qualifications, the weak and irrelevant backgrounds, the lack of smarts, of these people. And they are negating the assumption that any Joe blow on the street can just walk into the jobs and learn them through on-the-job experiences.

    It doesn’t work. Yes, almost anyone can run for office, but without the qualifications, it is an exercise in futility. They fail, we get stiffed.

  20. Ironically the District Attorney’s Office approves private criminal complaints. Under these unusual circumstances, this impotent and nonsensical “prosecution” would be referred to the PA Office of Attorney General, which in light of the Equifax investigation, Sandusky appeal, and ever-burgeoning heroin epidemic would surely be a matter of considerable prosecutorial import. (That’s sarcasm for the impish morons who routinely subscribe to this site) If those spineless commissioners and/or row officers make a decision predicated on that ridiculous threat they should all reconsider their collective decision to seek public office. Nice bluff, JP–I’m certain it will work.

    • There should be a comma after the introductory parenthetical element, “Ironically.” And that word means little, since its paired referent is not stated, but is presumed out of an assumed context. The rest of the flowery, elegant rhetoric is also as cryptic, amateurishly constructed, and the presumed sarcasm fails. This kind of display is typical of someone with an extended vocabulary, but without the skill to string together words in a meaningful way. Thus, we are given the illusion of a scholarly observation, but the reality of poorly contrived bullshit.


      Impish Moron

      • He does have an extended written vocabulary, Raven. But, I’m willing to bet that his spoken vocabulary is intertwined with “n’at,” misapplication of “them” for “those” and just for shits and giggles a few “yinz.”

    • Under the auspices of what you’ve just described, if the PA Attorney General’s office declines the private criminal complaint then JP will file a petition with the Commonwealth Court for judicial review. I don’t really think a judge has much concern for the “other” workload of the AG’s office; I would expect it to be given back to the AG’s office with a ruling that allows the complaint to stand – if for no other reason than our local DA had the foresight and wisdom to announce his criminal intent to violate the Sunshine Act by “formally” requesting a private meeting with the commissioners to discuss a matter that must be discussed in a public setting.

      Just some advice, for what it’s worth. It might be helpful in the future if you better research the process before concluding that the AG’s office would ignore it and label the entire scenario as a “bluff.”

      Another Moron

    • It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. “GrowAPair”, At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  21. Until I hear different from a sitting Judge, I think Lozier has displayed intent to bamboozle us. Every penny and every dollar you spend comes from the taxpayer. Taxpayers have the right to know and have a say in how it is spent out in the open.



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