County Won’t Buy Building Adjacent To Courthouse

County Won’t Buy Building Adjacent To Courthouse


The Beaver County Board of Commissioners won’t be purchasing a building that sits adjacent to the courthouse. Chairman Tony Amadio and Commissioner Joe Spanik refused to support a proposal to acquire the property made by Republican Commissioner Dennis Nichols at yesterday’s public meeting.

The property located at 804 Turnpike Street formerly housed the law offices of Reed, Luce, Tosh, Wolford and Douglass. The building was largely gutted by a fire back in April 2011. In August of 2012, the Commissioners voted unanimously to get an appraisal of the building.

The sales price of the property would have been just over $350,000 which would have included demolition costs of the structure.

Commissioner Nichols had argued the purchase price of the land would have been a modest investment for the county that could have allowed for future expansion of the courthouse. Amadio and Spanik said the county already had a long list of necessary capital investments that required funding and knew of no need to put an addition onto the building.

The property had become a contentious issue in the county, with Commissioners Spanik and Nichols publicly exchanging accusations about possible kickbacks and other improprieties (“Joe Spanik Calls Out Commissioner Nichols & Treasurer Connie Javens“, “Op-Ed: Commissioner Nichols Responds To Commissioner Spanik Interview“).

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  1. Raven

    In this story, as in many others, I wonder what effect the Beaver Countian news publicity had upon the decision. Keep up the good work, John Paul.

    1. Nikki

      If the Beaver Countian hadn’t reported on it, that building would have been purchased by now, because you KNOW that the BCT wouldn’t have written anything about it.

  2. eddiemerchant

    While bothered by the implication of a political quid pro quo, based on the location of this property I’d think the county the most likely purchaser of this parcel.

    Is this the building fronting Market Street that sits on a parcel between the courthouse and the back parking lot where the farmers market is held? If so, as it presently sits, this lot is a dot in the middle of the courthouse property, and an eyesore in its present state. I’m the last guy to want any expansion of government at any level, but I’d think in this instance it’s an opportunity for the county to protect our collective interest in county property by making that one block contiguous.

  3. Janice Haney

    Oh no, so it isn’t so! Do you mean that Ralphie isn’t going to get the chance to rip off the tax payers to demolish this property? What does his BFF Connie have to say about that?


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