Former County Solicitor Myron Sainovich has vowed to appeal a ruling by Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza that would see him refund Beaver County taxpayers over $44,000 in fees he charged above and beyond his $82,000 salary as the county’s attorney.

Judge Bozza issued a ruling yesterday that Sainovich violated the Pennsylvania County Code when he billed taxpayers to perform jail arbitration work in 2006, even though he was being paid a salary as the county’s solicitor. Bozza ordered Sainovich and his firm to refund that money to taxpayers, along with costs and interest — an amount which could exceed $60,000.

Sainovich was fired as the county solicitor in June 2011 after he refused to pay back the money voluntarily, and scoffed at a call by the Board of Commissioners to resign. Sheriff George David hired Sainovich to serve as his solicitor a short time later. Controller Rossi and the Commissioners filed a lawsuit in October of that year to recoup the public funds.

“We said it all along, it’s against county code,” said Controller Rossi. “He was the county’s solicitor, he should have known the code, he should have known the law, and he should have known you can’t be taking money above and beyond your salary.”

Myron Sainovich has told other news outlets that he will instruct Charles Garbett, who is representing him in the case, to appeal the ruling. Attorneys for the county say Sainovich is just delaying the inevitable.

“For me, it has never been about the person, it has never been about Myron Sainovich,” said Albert Torrence, who serves as Solicitor for Controller Rossi’s Office. “It has been about one of the simplest issues of law I have seen in my 30 years of practice. That’s the god’s honest truth.”

At the heart of the issue, is one sentence from three short paragraphs that define the position of County Solicitor under the Pennsylvania County Code. “He shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, file with the county commissioners an agreement to pay all fees, attorney’s fees, and commissions received from every source as county solicitor into the county treasury,” it reads.

Torrence said that sentence speaks loud and clear, “This is one area of the law where there is just no ambiguity.”

“Now a judge has agreed with us,” said Controller Rossi. “The judge has said [Myron Sainovich] must pay back the money. He needs to pay back the taxpayers now.”


  1. @SD 1120 I have to concur with the other commenter, Torrance is pretty no no sense lawyer I Ann aware of grey area with real estate deals that some not always rambles but it was proven he broke no laws and as a prosecutor fir the district attorney he had done great job actually he handles Beaver school district and I know first hand I live in the district and my children attend for years.

    But what I find odd is sainovich also shares office with John Havey in aliquippa with his name on sign represents the sheriff in some hearings and is the felon yes PROVEN CONVICTED FELON SERVED TIME

    go figure these guys would be together, birds of a feather ehh

    Other hand seems like for years that Rossi goes after what’s right despite the naysayers, I have to say great job finally someone that does right not just once in awhile
    my problem with Rossi is he should be a republican not that they are all angels but look out for tax payers more than those democrats.

    Bottom line myron was wrong from beginning note a judge not from area ruled he was simple and seems like this has been going on for years with him, he hurt aliquippa back in the day burned western beaver

  2. RAVEN FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT if you do good search on internet and post gazette you can find even more about other conflicts he had abd with his brother also which is even more funnier and sad is when ever Havey got banged myron took over or some how was around almost like a curse like they where together on things but like he may have helped screw him and his brother hmmmmmmmmm

    but onto MYRON STEALINBITCH , please someone tell me how he practices law Google his ads and dig I just checked search engine on post gazette to refresh memory of things and found one to my surprise he got booted in Moon after his firm tried to represent wrestler curt angle on stalking drug and Dui while they represented the township and police wait what didn’t that happen in quip toooooo and cost them 50k? check out kunselman opinion yes president judge ruling on him that’s just a few, why and how is he allowed to still represent clients

  3. If Myron was more careful about going to movies at Cinemax on County Time, he should have gone to Market District not Monaca, but he tried to save money on gas no doubt.

    The Towcimak Regime is near its end, and the County will be better off when they are all gone, including Vince Lavalle.

  4. Yes, Justice and Tony2, they are interconnected, which makes understanding the actions of them apart so difficult, or, impossible.

  5. Welp, THAT didn’t take long….he’s gonna drag his feet as long as he can…so sad, really. Oh, not for him, it’s so sad for the taxpayers of beaver county.

  6. Judge Bozza must really be impressed with the corruption in B.C. First the stupid sheriff, the judges, the D.A.’s office and now Lyon Myron ! This county should never have needed an outside opinion. But for some reason (YEAH) cant handle its dirty laundry. Somehow, all must go and good ridance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Al Torrence hasn’t been convicted of anything YET but nobody in Beaver County should be comfortable with Torrence in the county controller’s office. Torrence is gonna be next to Trombetta. 🙂

    • Al is a wonderful upstanding citizen. First, he helped out the Head Start program and was very involved. Now he is involved in the HUD program helping low income homeowners. Maybe John Paul can do a story on the new HUD project Al is involved in?

      • Yes, Al continues to use his position as Asst DA and Rossi’s solicitor to help- himself- to FEDERAL tax dollars! Did he reach one million yet?

        Personally, I would not mess with the feds.

        Should get interesting real soon.

      • Yes, Torrence was Head Start’s attorney and when they needed buildingS-Al stepped up. AND he was the construction manager as well as attorney AND landlord. AND Torrence was paid an extra $100,000 over HIS agreement to remodel HIS New Brighton bldg but Head Start still had money left so Al helped them out again by acting as Building Manager- wtf is that?
        AND the feds said the agreements were done secretively and without bids and funds were to be repaid.
        But Al is above all those silly laws.
        Seems Head Start left Al about $455,000 short.
        Next-HOME program!!! :surprised:

  8. It is incredibly appalling to me that Torrence has the nerve to say “God’s honest truth.” Are you fucking kidding me?
    He probably did spend every Sunday in church while he was ripping off underprivileged children.
    Special place for Al…..

  9. Oh look all Myron’s little attack bitches are out in force!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Myron’s a slimy pile of shit and every attorney in the county knows it. :crap:

    • Al is fucking slime and he can’t hide forever. It will all catch up to him and the Beaver County news sources who didn’t have the fucking balls to expose him will have no choice when the feds come knocking on the low life steal from the poor slimeball attorney’s door.

    • @ Hench-Sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about. There are hundreds of Beaver County families directly and indirectly affected by Torrence’s greed. Some will never be the same, they may never recover financially.

      There are no comparisons between Torrence and the other attorneys -I don’t really give a rat’s ass if Havey is guilty of income tax evasion- many do this to some degree. Havey only hurt HIMSELF. Torrence fucked over lots of people -how do they move on when they get up and have no job to go to? Or they are driving to another county because there are no job opportunities in Beaver County? But the worst part is the low income kids who paid for Torrence’s greed.

      Torrence is the lowest. The victim list is very long and hopefully the punishment will be fitting.

  10. @ wtf and your other handles atleast write different when writing, but oh really please article ABOUT myron stealabitch … who was caught stealing period and prevented . by………. the commissioners yes for once they listen and rossi the controller , think al Torrance is riding a little of the rossi fame on this, but I notice you bah the guy for having him as his attorney I beg to wonder why you say BEAVER SCHOOL DISTRICT? our mother fuck tiny berosh? those are the gravy gigs,if he used federal money he will get hit and pay the price if he hadn’t all ready that isn’t a county issue that would be comptroller at federal level, just saying seen little jealous or he left funny taste in your mouth when he pulled out? Ok maybe pissed your in cess pool of Franklin ave now?

    • Justice-WTF are you talking about? At least write something that makes some sense.
      Torrence accusing anyone is bullshit-he is the biggest crook.
      Get it?

  11. Sainovich is entitled to his Appeal that is the law too. A Settlement should be consider as well, but politics often create stubborn bedfellows until compromises prevail. In any event, Appeals will delay the payments but a settlement will end it.

  12. oh yeah Havey clipping south side school district on first energy ordeal for a million and take communities on bond deals like aliquippa yeah that didn’t hurt anyone keep smoking that shit

    • I didn’t smoke anything today. I personally don’t know anything about Havey nor do I care.

      But Al did really hurt individuals- not me – but lots of people I know. Funds had to be repaid but I don’t know if the Head Start board finally woke up and made Al pay the money back since he was the one who wrote the agreements and got all the money. But it is small consolation to the people who lost jobs.

      But it’s not over.

  13. @wtf your so clueless of the facts that it’s comical and so misinformed, by who ran what board ect. Or any already completed investigations both local and federal plus a review by judicial board, all came back positive case closed, New group in charge cause old no longer wanted to all schools still being occupied except for asbestos ridden old UN safe school in aliquippa which is now resolved and new location is available, and it’s actually better that appointed group is in charge of grant because funding was lacking and they where able to get rid of wasteful spending with some administration over head that really hasn’t had a clue how to increse there grant fiscally.

    that was just from a recent calls to federal level and emails to get clarification yes there was findings in audits but nothing criminal, and was prior noted about 15 grand unproperly used but sense rectified and noted per feds that really they didn’t have choice but to use it in that case.

    • Justice YOU’RE so clueless -the only wasteful spending went into Al’s pockets. Somebody paid it back-the board or Al? But all the findings were due to agreements with Al that he wrote and told the board they did not need bids, he pocketed the money. A lot of people lost jobs. The program would have been fine if Al would have just been the attorney, he apparently does not understand the concept of conflict of interest.

      Call anybody you want, I was there.

      AND it is not over.

    • And Head Start vacated Al’s Tusca building and he is behind on his taxes on BOTH his Head Start buildings. Hope he socked away some of that ill- gotten fed cash cause the tax man will be knocking.

  14. I have nothing to add to this, unlike some who seem to know everything about everything. My only comment is that all county corruption needs to be identified and routed out. That is all, all regular commenter go back to your know it all view and commenting.

  15. Wait- my apologies! Al DOES know about repaying money. The Dept of Health and Human Services required money to be repaid for Torrence’s agreement to manage the Ambridge Head Start building due to lack of bids as required by federal law. And our idiot commissioners are relying on Torrence to advise them on procurements????? Torrence advised Head Start and was wrong and the feds had to take over the program.
    Maybe the feds can take over Beaver County government?

  16. @ what the fuck ,ding ding your on the edge lol I can hear your voice when I read your comments

    earliar you said you don’t know Torrance or work at head start, now with recent jabbing you claim you where there you know you say hmm.

    Either way this article is about Lyyyonn Myyyron Stealabitch..

    and he was caught numerous times with trying to put hand in tax payer cookie jar and was prevented by namely Rossi and commissioners , now a judge from Erie ruled that when he took and kept money from the taxpayer cookie jar years ago under the watch of old controller slick rick Taxcimack, that he has to pay it back. caught ruled on convicted done, I understand your pointing at other things saying conflict ect, but give commissioners and the controller Rossi there due this time they won

    maybe the attorney Torrance is straight shooter with rRossi watching and working with Askar and Bernie the axman Rabik. cause they look good on this.

    Also didn’t Torrance win case for district attorney office on police chief taking like 100k from ohioville? hmmm chief attorney was that myron fellow hmmmm, seems like does good for Tony Berosh too, and never read about any problems with Beaver school district and his services there.. just thoughts

    • I am just stating facts. In any other county, Torrence’s ass would’ve been kicked to the curb when he advised his client to violate federal regs in order to put money in his pocket.

      There is nothing in Beaver County gov’t that looks good- maybe we can agree on that?

      I am done, have a nice holiday.

  17. @wtf, true for the most part that would happen…. unless they where apart of that decision meaning the the majority of board.

    AND as far as attorneys go lol, to be blunt it’s hard to find a decent one that isn’t conflicted some way some where and the ones that are not just have law shingle, practicing the art of paper pushing the judiciary system is a cess pool in most counties, but beaver is and will always take the cake.

    As far as elected officials go I concur to a point with truly only a few doing right by taxpayers and not doing what is for good old boy network,

    seriously take a look at some it’s a joke I read article yesterday with Christiana saying he wants cyber watch in light of trombetta taking nearly 10 million , lol that is abuse but is funny is the fact that Superintendents of school districts have written him lobbied him about true cost of district money going to PA CYBER per pupil cost and he danced fir six years…. but the little lying eddie haskel was to busy playing wanna be Mike Veon and taking quarter of million dollars in from cyber school pac,s to do anything, now we want to look into it he claims sound byte politician raping the brains of uniformed voters, take a moment and go check out PA department of state campaign reports cycle for our five the last two years at who have what fir what I wonder, you be surprised and that was what is just reported on the books.

    back to original reason of article this attorney has banged the taxpayers so hard and for so long and caused tax hikes to do many communities it’s heart wrenching,, via school districts lawsuits where he had interest both sides to settlements of millions for being at fault fir advice to aliquippa in early 90’s with lawsuitsbind work that left city in financial ruins sadly they make changes and go back to what advised and cost city a ton, it’s been one after another and I praise those who finally to a stand at a time when leadership is so lacking in this county.

    on that subject of politicians if one was true that wanted change they would be publicly attacking or state reps ABOUT abuse of cyber schools and campaigning now or at commissioner meetings calling out the circle of no bid contracts and friendship ridge secrecy of sake of county tax payer property for 30 plus millions, asking why and who that are elected to county office has family getting multi million dollar service contracts where is nepotism policy. those are serious campaign facts nobody true will call out this shit either because they have no knowledge and shouldn’t be in office or they won’t cause they want on gravy train to and campaign on vision and leadership platform nit the dirty cess pool , it’s sad in closing

    truly I wish you good holiday also I think your passionate about your beliefs just little off on some, but true about care and concerns as I am also just on larger scale .



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