A room of the Beaver County Courthouse has been dedicated in memory of former Court Administrator Richard DeFilippi, who died in August of last year. DeFilippi worked in the courts for more than 35 years.

The Jurors’ Lounge — located on the second floor of the courthouse — now bears a large plaque outside of its main door near Courtroom 1 in DeFilippi’s honor. The lounge provides a place for prospective jurors to sit throughout the day while waiting to find out if they will be chosen to hear a trial.

According to county officials, the tribute to Richard DeFilippi is the first and only memorial of its kind in the courthouse.

The dedication was spearheaded in part by Domestic Relations Director Joseph Signore, a long-time friend of DeFilippi. County officials say the memorial was approved by President Judge Richard Mancini with the Board of Commissioners also unanimously consenting to the tribute, although the dedication was never discussed during a public meeting or voted on.

From The Memorial Plaque:

This Jurors’ Lounge is dedicated to the memory of Rich DeFilippi who served the Beaver County Court System for over 35 years. From 2005 until the day he passed away on August 4, 2017, Rich served the Court of Common Pleas of Beaver County as the District Court Administrator. He committed himself to enhancing and pioneering the Beaver County Courts to the highest professional level which is exemplified in many other Courts across this Commonwealth today. Rich will forever be remembered for his loyalty, graciousness and professional treatment toward his Board of Judges, his employees and the public which he served and loved on a daily basis. Days before succumbing to his battle with cancer, Rich’s last words to his family were: “Carry On”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Next thing you know, Beaver County officials and judges will be giving former Rep Mike Veon and former Sen Jerry Lavalle lifetime acheivement awards for ethics. That would make about as much sense as this does.

  2. While reading this, “I sit in the bathtub literally catching vomit in my hands.”

    JP … You are the best!


  3. Oh hell no!!! If Mr. Signore wishes to hang this plaque he should hang it in his livingroom. The women that were harrassed by Mr. Defilippi should not have to see that plaque everyday. Of all the people that served the government of Beaver County through the years, this is the man they choose for the first dedication in the court house? And Sandy…really? It didn’t even occur to you that this was wrong? TAKE IT DOWN.

  4. DeFilippi said he works with Signore on a regular basis and is impressed by the way he runs his office, “Mr. Signore is a fine man and he is a good director. I am very confident in his ability to lead that office.”

    Tells you all you need to know about what kind of man DeFilippi was huh?
    Old boys club. Boo.

    • I think there is a lot of single mothers trying to collect back payments that would disagree with Signore’s ability to run that office. In fact, he should be so busy running that office that he should have NO FUCKING TIME to think about dedicating anything.

  5. Will this become a trend? Reading the past history perhaps the plague should have been installed in a Men’s Restroom.

  6. Nobody will ever write a book about my Mother or my Father, or even dedicate a wing, a bridge, or a highway, but commissioners do those things so there is a plaque with their name on it forever. If the county is going to start doing this then do it all the fucking way.


  7. In all honesty, I find it to be a personal insult that anyone would take any part of a public building that is paid with public taxpayer dollars and put anyone’s name on it. They just went ahead and decided to do this without consulting one single member of the taxpaying citizens.

  8. You mean Domestic Relations Director Joseph Signore who was able to keep his fucking job because Flip turned a blind eye and gave him a ride to the casino during working hours? If I were Signore I would be happy I am still working and didn’t lose my pension and never draw attention to my name again. Of course, his wife has a county paycheck and a county pension coming, right?

  9. Isn’t this the guy that went to gamble during work hours?
    And they spent taxpayers money to have this done?
    Connie will be next for dedicating her life to “Always being there for BC residents and being a fair and honest woman”!

    • Bet it’s NOT!
      These arrogant fucks don’t care what you, me or Jesus Christ himself has to say. They are going to do WHAT they want, WHEN they want, no matter WHAT!
      Spend money on useless shit like this for a useless POS like him after you raise my taxes 17%?!
      And NOW you’re going to reassess property values?!
      ALL you useless fucks just lost my vote! ALL OF YOU BAS-TURDS!
      How the fuck do you people sleep at night?!

      • I agree wholeheartedly, WTF! What were you thinking Sandie? I get the other two not thinking this thru but you? Take that down and refund our money!!

      • They sleep good on their $3000. sleep number beds that are sitting on a $5000 persian rug.

  10. This plaque just shows the people of Beaver County just how corrupt it is. Nothing is going to change as long as the animals keep running the courthouse. The folks that allowed this to happen are just as guilty as Signore and DeFilippi. I guess the next plaques will be for Javens, David, Guy and John Joe Fratangili.

  11. You know, if the county would have handled that Friendship Ridge sale proceeds better , this could have been a solid brass commemorative plaque! Just sayin’.

    • They sold FR for about 30M dollars and they claim it was losing 25K per day. That comes out to 9 Million a year in savings, plus the 30 Million sale price. Now where did all that money go?

  12. I am sure when our Treasurer retires, several local banks will put up a plaque inscribed “Our Best Customer, Famous For Only One Signature.”

  13. Imo, these kind of adorations are a terrible idea in government and public education. Remember the JoePa statue, for one? It’s almost like canonizing a saint.

  14. I have no idea who this person is/was other than what I have read in the comments, and I don’t care. My biggest problem, or question about this is this. Shouldn’t this have been brought up, discussed, and voted on at a public meeting? Nepotism and political hiring aside, the Court House isn’t a privately owned and operated entity, this should have been brought before the Commissioners and public to be decided. Wether the recipient is or was well liked or not, I don’t see where anyone has the right to just decide that a memorial plaque is needed, then erected without approval.

    • I agree Johnq. Let the family or a private organization give the county the funds to place a memorial plaque at the door to the room.

      • Yes, I see your point. I was thinking in terms of the county raising funds, like buying a brick, or naming a room at a hospital. But it’s not the same at all.

  15. If you want to create a memorial put it in the Beaver County Times, that’s all it’s good for anymore. Or get your wallet out and build him a fucking private mausoleum. The courthouse is a public building not a memorial.

  16. What part of a corruption definition does being an asshole fit into? Clearly, one is needed, for this clown, for his enablers, and for the person who put him there. Not an illegal pastime, but assuredly right below choking the chicken as a wasted employment in government.

      • We have been kind, Weezul. Of all terrible places to have an asshole doing these things (see past articles) it is in the Domestic Relations Department, where some of the most vulnerable adults and children seek help. That qualifies a Piece Of Shit title by any standards. And, he hangs a plaque for his partner in crime, who threw the dice with him on time off on the job. This dynamic duo deserves no respect, and it is an insult that he or they would seek publicity.

      • @Raving, you are right Nobody’s making me read this stuff, but I DO. 14 comments from your partner prior to your three = 17, sum total. There are 40 comments at present, minus the BC dynamic duo’s 17 do the math. Just a tad disproportionate. Hey tough guy, why don’t one, or both of you go to the commissioners meeting and air you grievance. “MR. CAMP/AMADIO TEAR DOWN THIS PLAQUE.”

  17. Morally and ethically challenged employees roaming the court house probably loved this guy. He is the epitome of what’s wrong with this county government and the local hacks too. They spend their entire lives bilking the taxpayers and then erect monuments to themselves for their “sterling reputations”. WTF? Are they all brain dead in that cesspool we call the seat of county government? I’m really disappointed in Sandie for not stopping this shit in it’s infancy. And I bet he went to church every Sunday playing the role of good little Catholic boy, all the while treating his fellow workers like garbage. May he burn in hell for a long time. I believe the taxpayers should petition the commissioners to removed this hoax immediately and place it somewhere more appropriate, like the County Jail or Mountaineer’s lobby.

  18. 90% of the taxpayers, the people that pay for that building and his salary don’t even know who Flippi is or was. Furthermore I don’t think the good people of this county gives a fuck. And it’s not about if he did a good job or a bad job. He had a job and got paid for it. It’s about a public building that IS NOT a fucking memorial for Flip or anyone else. In other news I have had people tell me pure horror stories about Domestic Relations Dept for 30 years, which is probably how long that fucking leech has been running it. He should be ashamed that his name can even be associated with that Dept. Why didn’t they replace him years ago? I don’t know? Juiced in probably, like the rest of them.

  19. O.K., Weezul, have JP hand out tokens for comments, then post the number allowable for each article. John Q. posts a lot at times. So do I. So fucking what? Is there a data memory problem starving people out? At least we add to the discussion, while others, like you, just bitch.

  20. This has nothing to do with JP or tokens, or the number of times you comment. It has to do with someone that feels he adds to the discussion by bitching. I challenge you to follow through, go to the commissioners meeting, Wednesday January 17th @10am, and ask for a resolution to this matter. Your so called discussion/discovery, is nothing more than reiterating what has already been reported, So fucking what.


  21. I’m dropping this, Weezul. But if you think that I have not been personally involved in matters, like meetings, trials, discussions, etc., at the Courthouse, you are dead wrong. I just don’t advertise it. Taking heat here is quite enough. And, a hiatus now is well deserved. Goodbye.

  22. Raven, the above image flip, is that like ….. “Nuff Said?”
    I’m a working class guy, who doesn’t JUST BITCH. At times I am very proficient in crude and invective vocabulary, BUT, in doing so, I know my audience. I too am very bothered by what has been reported when it comes to Signore and Defilippi’s work ethic and behavior while on the taxpayers dime. Yet I don’t feel anymore enlightened when the insertion of verbiage such as “Shit, Shit hole, Piece Of Shit, Asshole, Fuck, Fucking, Sniff Butt …etc.
    A sometimes wise/not so wise man said, his comments on the BC, is the same way he would interact if having coffee with friends. I assume, his conversations might include race, ethnicity and religious beliefs, very similar to your approach.
    My opinion: It’s a black eye on the discussion and getting to a possible resolution to having “the PLAQUE,” removed. It will never be removed by taking aim at personality or lack there of. Sorry if I ruffled some feathers, I hope you get it.
    If not,”So fucking what?” …..”CARRY ON.”

    • You didn’t ruffle my feathers. I pay my own bills and I don’t really care what anyone thinks about my opinions. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. It’s just comments and opinions and I have more important things to do besides this.

      • “You didn’t ruffle my feathers.” John, Birds have feathers, Raven’s have feathers. Next time you get to sit next to Raven, and wet yourself just alittle in your excitement, ask if he would consider helping you with your “OH, NOW I GET IT.”
        Maybe Flip card exercises, just a thought.

    • I agree weezul. The demographic that only knows the BC Times will turn and run after reading the profane or offensive comments. They are the voters needed to change things. None of that is conducive to an effective dialogue.

  23. so what do the ladies that he molested have to say about this stupid plaque, look at his smirk on his face, everyone involved should be ashamed

  24. Let the man rest. Imagine if people judged you for your worst mistake, take a second to really think about that. Let the man rest, he did a lot of good for a lot of people, maybe we as a society need to be a little less judgemental and more positive. I see it differently, there is a family that is hurting and grieving, I would think you would want to keep your comments sensitive towards those that are hurting. Let the man rest. It seems everyone on here is living a perfect life. Please tell me how you do it.



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