Beaver County Sheriff George David
Sheriff George David / photo by John Paul

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners filed a petition today to have a judge find Sheriff George David and his Deputies in contempt of court.

Commissioners allege that Sheriff George David has continued to order his Deputies to perform security services for private corporations, in direct violation of a preliminary injunction issued against him in February by Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza.

After an investigative report by the Beaver Countian in August of last year, County Commissioners filed a lawsuit against Sheriff David attempting to stop him from having his Deputies perform private security services for outside entities, which Judge Bozza subsequently deemed was a violation of state law. A preliminary audit then conducted by the County Controller’s Office showed David had been underbilling for those services, costing taxpayers nearly $100,000 in the form of de facto subsidies to private businesses.

Judge Bozza issued a preliminary injunction against Sheriff David and his Deputies, directing them to cease and desist from performing the private security services. “The Sheriff and deputy sheriffs Beaver County shall refrain from performing, directly or indirectly, any official services or official duties for any person, association or corporation, during a period of official service as a sheriff or sheriff’s deputy,” read Judge Bozza’s order.

Sheriff David’s alleged violation of Judge Bozza’s order was first exposed by yet another investigative report published by the Beaver Countian back in October. Confidential sources within the Sheriff’s Office had provided this publication with a copy of internal departmental directives, revealing David had still been ordering security patrols for corporate properties owned by local real estate tycoon CJ Betters.

Commissioners are also asking Judge Bozza to find Sheriff David and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association in contempt of court for continuing to conduct patrols of various municipalities, including the City of Aliquippa.

As the Beaver Countian exclusively reported on Monday, Sheriff’s Deputy Ronald Costanza wrecked one of the department’s new 2014 Ford Interceptor cruisers while on an early morning patrol in Aliquippa.

Under Pennsylvania law, Sheriff David could face a wide range of potential penalties if Judge Bozza determines he has violated his order, ranging from an admonishment, to fines, or even possible jail time. The County could also seek to have Sheriff George David become personally responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of the prohibited behavior, including costs associated with Deputy Costanza’s wreck.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Leave him be. George David is trying to make sure that communities and local events are safe. Most people that have issues with George David probably need to re-evaluate the reasons why they do.

    • Mr. Spohn, I would like to ask you a question.

      Do you believe that it is ok for a man, who is sworn to uphold the law, to continually break it?
      I also would like to ask you how much of this saga you have followed, and from what sources? Have you received your information from just one, or have you sought out information from many varied sources?
      I would like to think that someone as educated as you claim to be would be trying to figure out why Sheriff David’s name continually comes up, with nothing good behind it, before you would blindly defend him.
      This goes so much deeper than just “communities and local events”, it truly does, and I would hope that you would take the time, and research it. Thank you.

  2. This adds to an ever-increasing accumulation of reactions to deliberate misbehavior and illegal activities on the part of the Sheriff, and, resultant attempts at legal interventions, that will find their places into the Beaver County history books. In the end, people will remember this dark period in the Sheriff’s department. I only hope that the right people, mainly the prosecutors and judges, are taking very close, timely notice, so that this kind of chronic malfeasance in office never occurs again. There is nothing trumped-up, personal or political about the charges this Sheriff is incurring. If there were recall legislation available for dealing with this Sheriff, there could be no better reason for putting it into motion through an initial petition. I am more inclined, though, to believe that justice will eventually be done than I was in the past, mainly due to the extent and depth of the many charges. And, I can only hope that a resolution comes sooner rather than later. February’s court date for the Sheriff could be eight weeks away, and if history is a guide, much more illegal behavior could occur before then. While justice waits, people get hurt, both individuals and the public at large. At the base of the problems is the matter of moral turpitude that the Sheriff is living, and that is intolerable.

  3. I wonder how much more will he be allowed to get away with?

    If it was any one of us, the everyday citizens, who was thumbing their noses at a direct order from a judge, OVER AND OVER, bond would NOT have re-instated over and over. First time violating it, and we would be enjoying the hospitality of the Beaver County Jail.

  4. John Paul…Would you Please remove the comment from Ben Dover?…His remark is totally uncalled for…As much as we all have an opinion about George David, attacking him in this manner shows no class or respect to your readers… We can all have our say about George David, but let’s try to be decent about it…Regardless of all that he’s done, and I’m not a big fan of his, he’s still a human being…..Hopefully soon, he’ll get what’s coming to him!!! :erm:

      • @bobb…Ummm yes, Ben Dover IS attacking George David in his post, not Michael Spohn’s post…re-read it….mentions “georgies” name clear as day!!! Disgusting post, Ben Dover!!!! :erm:

  5. who ever made comment who cares because if his love for deer hunting someone makes comment… big deal.. who would know….. I hear from family friends from the wife that it doesn’t even…. never mind take higher road

  6. In the spirit of Christmas I want to ask Judge Bozza to find Georgie David in contempt of court and place him in jail where he belongs. Then we will see how his cronies at the jail take care of him. Of course it would be nice if his buddies ignore him and let him fend for himself. I can just picture it, him screaming for a “futchin” break, and all the people he hurt throughout the years both staff and inmates laughing at his punk, little man self. I would love to see it! And see the faces of his supporters shocked to see him finally getting punished, and wondering when will their turn happen. 🙂

  7. Seems that the Sheriff has something very big to hold over the commisssioners heads. Tell all tell all. We want to know

  8. To “TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK………”, and “The beat goes on and on and on and on and on…..”, can you dopes find something different to write? or is that all you two mouth-breathers can muster?

  9. Educated thug. You are correct. A bunch of Slack Jawed Mouth Breathers if I ever seen one. Nikkie P. Got to a commissioners meeting and voice your opinion in a public forum. I am sure the bus line runs through the Falls to Beaver.

  10. Apparently, Kristen Doerschner of the BC Times is following the Sheriff’s illegal activities and reporting on them. Today’s article complements this one. Perhaps people will see that this website is not “Sheriff bashing”.

  11. Ok, since it has become a topic of discussion in and of itself, I will share my thoughts on a comment left by “Ben Dover” on this article:

    I wish whoever left the comment hadn’t done so, but I’m not going to delete it. This opinion holds true for many other similar comments posted here during any given week.

    Comparing George David’s genitalia to venison certainly doesn’t add anything productive to further a public dialogue about allegations of institutionalized wrongdoing. I believe it does, however, accomplish something else (albeit in a very crude manner).

    Sheriff David is an elected official who stands accused of abusing his power in gross and malicious ways by turning it against the very public he has sworn to protect. Furthermore, he stands accused of using his position and political influences to intimidate any who would challenge such corruption.

    There are many countries in this world where the criticism of a supreme leader will result in imprisonment or even death. Citizens of the United States have a long and proud history of exercising their First Amendment rights to at times parody or even ridicule those who govern them — a reminder that ours is a country whose leaders rule only by the consent of the governed.

    That being said, a great deal of work goes into this site each week, and I would personally appreciate if some put a little more thought into their comments so as not to cheapen those efforts. Please try to respect the public forum I go out of my way to protect so that citizens of Beaver County have a vehicle to distribute their thoughts freely.

    As always, thanks for being readers of the Beaver Countian!

    • Right on point JP. I agree, I agree and I agree some more. I think I speak for all of us when I say I’d really like to know what Kera Ann Costello thinks about this issue. Kera please share. 🙂

  12. I find it odd that the commissioners “hired” a deputy as private security when they had their little Private press conference. Isn’t hat a double standard?

    “We don’t want the sheriff to let his deputies do private security work, Unless It’s for us.” What the fuck is that?

  13. -a reminder that ours is a country whose leaders rule only by the consent of the governed.

    Great comment JP. Thanks for reminding me of that. Now, here’s the deal Beaver County Commissioners, Beaver County DA, and State of Pennsylvania. The citizens of Beaver County no longer give their consent for George David to govern. What are you going to do about it?

  14. @Dennis McKee: Very good question. But, as this corruption onion is peeled away, layer after layer, would anyone be surprised if he were found to be falling down drunk and that it was covered up? Of course not. Public credibility has gone south for the actions of these courthouse people. Think the worst, then it will be a bittersweet bit of cheer when it is disproven. It’s sad that thinking negatively has become common, but all too often it is the most productive.

  15. He dedicated his entire life to serving this county. He should not go to jail, but he def should be stopped from doing favors for his buddies.

    That being said, this article was bias. It was written as if he was already found guilty of this crime. I do not even know what the crime was.. Is the sheriff department NOT permitted to do security details for anybody, or is sheriff David in trouble for “Under Charging”.

    I for one believe that as long as he not lining his own pockets and has a patrol in particular area already, why not out source to corporate businesses. It could provide income to the sheriff’s department, and offset some of the taxes we pay as citizens.

    If I was a sheriff and i was driving past the mall and the mall offered to pay my department a nominal fee to swing through the parking lot. Why not..

    • @Monacaman,
      He is innocent until proven guilty. He is accused of violating a court order which prohibits him for using his deputies for anything other than what is mandated by law. He has cost the tax payers over $100,000 dollars with his “security details”. These details also are not covered by the counties insurance so if anything would happen guess who has to pony up.

      I don’t think anyone would be to worried about security details if in fact he was being properly compensated and covered by insurance and costing the tax payers zero. There are ways to get this done but just doing them on your own is where the problem started. Beaver County prohibits this activity however if changes are to be made to make this possible you have to go through the motions to get it changed. Rambo style these days is not going to cut it.

      • I understand now… I guess an investigation needs to be done into what extent these security details have gone. I just don’t see the sheriff department ever posting a detail on a construction sight or business for hours on end. I just figured it was a “hey if your going to be driving by swing through my parking lot”

        But your right about one thing.. The guy has been in there a long long time and what may of been not a big deal back in the day is not going to cut it these days…

        I’m sure there are some politics involved as well, somebody wants him out for there own twisted political reasons and threw him under the bus. it’s a cut throat business..



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