Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley and Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow told the public and press today that the latest budget projections show the county is facing a $2 million cash-flow deficit this year. The announcement left other elected officials scrambling to figure out how a budget they believed was balanced could now be so deeply in the red.

Commissioner Egley said during a public work session that the county is in a “desperate situation” because of the projected $2 million deficit, and that the Board needs to inform the county’s department heads about the severity of the problem.

“So, with that, the spending has to stop in some way, I’m not sure how to do that,” said Egley. “We need to start brainstorming on how we are going to make it by the end of the year and still give out paychecks.”

Financial Administrator Luckow reiterated Egley’s dire warning, although there was very little discussion about the actual cause of the crisis.

“I have no idea what [Financial Administrator Luckow] is talking about,” Commissioner Tony Amadio told the Beaver Countian in an interview following the meeting. “I didn’t say a whole lot today because I didn’t know where he was getting those figures from.”

Commissioner Egley told the Beaver Countian that she attributes a large part of the projected deficit to collateral consequences from a ballooning heroin epidemic.

“It’s a stew of things that are out of control,” said Egley. “Spending by elected officials’ offices like the number of autopsies being performed by the Coroner, increases with Children and Youth Services, there’s a multitude of disastrous hits that the budget has taken […] I would say that the heroin epidemic is a big portion of where this all stems from, because you have parents who are not stable and can’t provide good environments for their children, you have the jail who is getting more inmates and when they come in they are sick, there are so many things directly related to that issue. We have new methadone clinics that we’re funding; there are grants that pay for some of this but all of those grants require contributing money from the county’s general fund […] The services for the needy are just killing us in the budget.”

Commissioner Tony Amadio said he believes Commissioner Egley and Financial Administrator Luckow failed to take into consideration the money that will be saved this year from a refinancing of bonds, and that the two needlessly sounded an alarm about a looming budgetary crisis that is not real.

“They’re refinancing the bond, that should bring another $2 million in, maybe $3 million, so I don’t know where they’re coming from,” said Amadio. “Yes, there are more costs related to the heroin epidemic, but it doesn’t have that direct of an effect on our budget as it does on the state and federal budgets. We’re talking about a $229 million county budget give or take, these things are de minimis when it comes to that big picture.”

Commissioner Egley conceded that during her public remarks she had not included projected savings that are possible from bond refinancing, and once those become factored in, the county may actually end the fiscal year well into the black.

“But we’re forced to refinance bonds just to make ends meet, we can’t keep doing this,” Commissioner Egley added.

Commissioner Amadio said he is frustrated by the statements made by Egley and Luckow during today’s meeting, especially in light of the tax increase imposed this year.

“To me it’s all reminiscent of the last big supposed deficit,” concluded Amadio.

County Controller David Rossi told the Beaver Countian that an external audit confirmed there was a large budget deficit last year, but he does not believe there will be one this year based on current figures.

“My office independently ran a budget analysis on August 10th and did not see any budget shortfall for this year,” said Rossi.


    • Taxes already closed plenty of businesses in Beaver County. They expect the people to keep feeding their greed without making any cuts. Time to put a for sale sign on the house while I can still find some sucker to buy it and put up with their bullshit.

    • Don’t worry Keith Jeffers raising gas tax , raising cigarette tax , legalizing slots , raising property tax , raising school tax , raising alcohol tax , raising vehicle registration , raising vehicle inspection , raising hunting and fishing licenses​ ( a fancy name for a tax ) and then legalizing table games is going to solve all our tax revenue shortfalls ! Lol

    • Refinancing bonds over and over to get a bit of upfront $ to pay the electric bill while sticking all the fees and unpaid debt into 30 year interest generating mortgage bonds. We are paying to build the courthouse and jail 17 times you fuckface Commissioners!!

    • Why oh why are my tax dollars paying for f’n methadone clinics? A methadone clinic just lets the addicts remain addicts. Ask a state cop. They don’t believe in their helpfulness, either. Cut off the methadone and the heroin addicts will move on to Allegheny County- half of the problem solved. If I’m elected, the first thing I will do is defund the methadone clinics. Vote “Icanread” for County Commish.

    • Here’s another: why is CYS paying for advertising on Friday night football games? They think if they don’t advertise, people won’t beat their kids? Save the ad money!

  1. Where else but in Beaver County can one receive a generous retirement package and then get rehired at a higher salary. Also what about LaValle’s money withdrawals and awarded to Friendship Ridge as bonus money. My tarot cards are never wrong: 2018 tax hike.

    • Exactly, Rossi disagrees with Egley and Luckow. Amadio also is skeptical of Egley and Luckow’s claims! Why wouldn’t the Financial Administrator take into consideration the money from refinancing bonds? Makes me wonder how accurate Luckow is!

  2. Why would you start freaking out without taking everything into account first??
    If it’s that big of an issue to balance a budget, that means they need to STOP SPENDING.
    I’m so sick of the whole budget crisis constantly going on. No more tax increases… They need to slow or stop the spending.
    Families don’t just steal money from other ppl to try to meet their budget, they have to cut their spending.

    • Government employees live to rip off the taxpayers. They have been conditioned by the ‘d’s’ to understand that the taxpaying public are idiots that deserve to be plundered again and again for their own good.

  3. It’s actualy a pretty simple economic concept, usually covered in a 10-th grade civics class. You cannot spend more than you take in, just like the rest of us. We (workers and retirees) must balance our budgets or lose our homes. YOU, (our elected officials), must do the same or lose your jobs. See…easy math…Amount A is income, Amount B is expenditures. Amount A must be larger than B, and negative amounts aren’t to be accepted in government anymore than in our own persanal finances!

  4. Hey Shell Dutch-Royal – You’re about to get extorted out of about 2.5 to 3 million dollars in the very near future! Pull up stakes now before these blood sucking assholes bleed you dry.

    • They got the sweetest deal ever given to anyone in the history of our state. They are getting over 1.75 billion dollars tax forgiveness over the next 25 years. That includes local County and state tax forgiveness while our commissioners are raising our taxes 17%. So please do not worry about shell they have conned our local and state legislators out of all our money for a piddling 600 Jobs worth between 30,000 and $80,000 a year each. Oh yes for the next couple years they are supposedly hiring 6000 journeyman Union workers to come in from all over our country to put the plant together. They told me they were going to do their best to hire as many local union workers as they could. God bless their little Souls. I don’t know about any of you but they’re not going to raise my taxes without a fight. You have until September 1st to fill out your tax assessment appeal and get it back to them for your hearing. Good luck to all of you and trust me she’ll doesn’t need any luck they’ve already got all the luck on their side

      • maybe the county could make each of those out of state workers pay a
        “right to work in beaver county ” tax. kinda like occupational tax. we know all those renters moving in won’t be paying any PROPERTY tax.

      • i aws thinking of $1000 each . this is nothing to guys who make 80 grand a year, and pay no property taxes.

  5. “When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. It’s only hard for the others”.
    It’s the same when you’re stupid”.

    That about sums up the people that are running this county.

  6. Come on Sandie 2mil. ! opiod epidemic. I believed in you. You need to really do some research on matters. You are all about the sky is falling … ” I know, we can blame this one on the number of autopsies. ” All three commissioners need to do their job, and quit smiling for the camera. There are people who voted for you that once believed you had the right stuff to make a difference. Me? Very disappointed.

  7. Sounds to me like the curtains have been pulled back in BC and the commissioners are being honest and finally unraveling the mess they inherited. You know, the backroom deals and rob Peter to pay Paul strategy utilized for years and now it comes to light. Sounds to me like the good old boys refinance bonds again and again to make ends meet. When you have a drug epidemic, the costs hit all the tax payers, not just the budgets of the families of the junkies, state and federal. Here’s a novel idea. Stop paying your taxes directly Connie who has unfettered access.

    • What are you talking about? These commissioners have been in office for almost two years now. I don’t want to hear about the past commissioners anymore. You miss the whole point! Egley and Luckow needlessly sounded this alarm about a budget crisis that is not real, according to Anadio. Is this carelessness, incompetence?

      • Seriously, I’m not disputing what you said but Amadio seems to be as invested in helping this county as my goldfish is in running this household.

      • Wind, I’m not a fan of Amadio either but he’s right! Egley conceded that millions of dollars in bond refinancing were not considered when she and Luckow sounded the alarm at a public meeting! Amadio also questioned the their prior claim of a $17M budget defecit which resulted in raising our taxes. Poor financial advising on the part of Luckow! We need an outside independent audit!

  8. Recently wasn’t there a county in Ohio that just signed of that they will no longer answer calls for Overdoses? Maybe, we need to have a second strike your out rule. First time they respond, they give them that second chance for life, if they don’t except it, and get help. Then they don’t respond anymore. Don’t pay for the narcan! Make them. They need to look into handling this differently. There are monthly shots available for users, if the take them they can not shoot up while in treatment, it will make them deathly sick. So they can choose that or death. Stop putting our medics life in at risk.

  9. I still don’t understand why they are not responsible for the cost? If I have a medical emergency I call for help, I get a bill! My friend, highly allergic to bee’s, she has to pay $400 to keep a injection on her so she don’t die! And she can’t control. All the free shit has to stop!

  10. It’s not surprising that Tony doesn’t know what they are taking about. Has there been a question posed to him in the past year and a half that he had an informed opinion about? Has he ever really been concerned about a budget deficit in all of the years that he’s been a commissioner? To the best of my knowledge he’d just make up numbers to plug in and in his mind, problem solved.

    • Exactly! “Just show me where to sign Tony” only ever seems concerned with covering his ass. It’s obvious he has never done any original thinking with regard to the county.

    • Tony is in it for himself and the “Family & Friends Inc”. He never has an opinion that he will voice at the meetings but has lots of excuses and memory lapses. He was in the eye of the storm for years and knows the bullshit they did to wallpaper over deficits by playing fast and loose with the rules. Hence, no tax increase for lots of years, lots of jobs for court house cronies & easy reelection for lying about true financial debacle. He needs to be held accountable for the Comprehensive bullshit. Remember, this is the guy that personally halted and investigation/audit of Connie’s bullshit BEFORE her reelection so that means he owes the tax paying public come answers. Why did he really do it? Obstruction of justice, cover up of financial misdeeds? Amadio got to go!

      • They all need to go. None of them were good candidates from the beginning! Vote them all out to stop the madness!

    • I agree. What was he doing all those years that the udget was floundering. Is he the only one of three that didn’t know the budget didn’t balance. Now the Commissioners have to look under rocks to find money. Make.the druggies pay their expenses or the parents of under aged people. Why do we have to pay?

  11. Lets look at county govt pensions and salaries and social service programs that hemorrhage funds and misuse of funds??? These ” servants” are salivating just waiting to start extorting money from that cracker plant under construction!! Mark my word there will be massive taxes or “Fees” on any and all buisnesses related to this new natural gas industry thats developing in Beaver Co…


    • sure, there will be fees and taxes on new businesses… to raise the $$ for the county, since that the cracker plant aint gonna pay no tax…

  12. Fresh thinking, progressive personnel who will enliven a depressed area, new ideas, enough of the same old, same old; that concept has failed for the last 50 years here.

    • And there folks is your average Bernie “Everything is free” Communist Sanders voter!
      Socialism only works until you run out of other peoples money. Got it Dale!?
      Progressives. If you absolutely positively have to “burn” it down or destroy it!

    • So why not let a few of those seats be filled by the average Joe lunch box who works for a living to be able to put in the say of all workers and families who have no voice in the matter. If regular politicians on council along with regular tax payers are at the barginig table can’t come to a solution then it’s back to the brain storming board to hammer out details until a unanimous and fair decession is reached. The only voice that hard working voters have (and is only heard) is the sound of a machine click to cast their vote and that’s it

  13. Wow!!!! HOLY CRAP!!! so essentially last year we were screwed to the taste of 7 million and now we’re at 2 million? I guess it’s good not to elect the county demoRATS and change things here.

  14. “The number of autopsies being performed by the Coroner.” That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. You must be paying someone one hell of a price to do an autopsy. How about all county employees, elected and hired, take a 20% pay cut and call it a temporary emergency for the greater good. This is not a surprise. You just can’t be in debt 2 Million overnight. This is something you can see coming. The only two ways to get out of a financial crises is to increase revenue and decrease spending. You already raised taxes. Call back those tax breaks for Comp Health Care and Shell. Then everybody take a cut in pay. Most of all prosecute Connie Javens and Vince LaValle for the role they played in the FriendshipGate scandal.

  15. If you didn’t have so many unionized county employees making almost double what they would in the private sector, that would go a long way toward fixing it. I remember the list of salaries that the Beaver Countian published.

    • You do realize that the people who make the decisions, and the most money in all of this are non union, right? Regardless of the county financial situation, the commissioners, and the department heads will still get hefty raises, where as your demonized union employees fight for cost of living raises. I know that will statement will hurt a lot of feelings, but its the truth.

      • That’s typical union bullshit. No one should get a rise but I agree with John Q. If there is a deficit this time we take it out of the county’s bloated bureaucracy by instituting a hiring freeze and a 20% cut of all salaries across the board for EVERY employee. We taxpayers got screwed last year so let’s share in the misery until they realize that the cow has no more milk to steal! Immediately initiate an outside entity to audit this county and find out where we really stand. Is Ricardo over his head? is Sandie crying wolf? Forget Tony and Dan, they’re along for the ride. They don’t have the balls to make tough decisions & confront the real issues. Worrying about reelection rather than doing their job. I bet I can name you the departments over budget and I could have told you this last year. A few of the row officers (Connie, Midget, Stonewall & Dumbo Gabauer couldn’t manage shit. Autopsies on od’s? What the hell for? Dead of drugs and who cares? No need to pay for another opinion. First narcan free then you pay or are blacklisted. End of dumbasses experimenting with heroin with the “Free life saving pass”.

      • @notthere-Government employee union workers should ONLY get the SAME COLA that the Feds give to the social security benefactors. PERIOD!


  16. It was interesting to me that the very party and person involved in getting us so far in debt in the first place is trying to spend money, once again, that we do not have. May I remind the commissioners that we pay out interest and we do not receive money for interest on debt. We refinance to reduce the amount of money we pay out. Financial institutes do not pay us. There is also a very old saying that we all know, “Do not count your chickens before they hatch”. Don’t let some pie in the sky money that has not materialized yet influence you into a bad decision.

  17. The fact that they pay themselves when there’s a deficit is a huge issue. If your county is in the red then you do not get paid… cut your pays cut your benefits!!!

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re broke you don’t pay yourself n give yourself a raise. You cut back n tighten your belt! So suck of governments that spend more than they have. My taxes are high enough!

  18. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver county. Sandie, get your facts straight first before being a stereotypical spastic woman. You’re doing yourself and other females in leadership roles a disservice.

  19. How on earth is this a “Controversy”? What numskull wrote this nonsense? We’ve known now for MONTHS that Beaver County is in the RED. MONTHS and MONTHS! Why would anyone post such a headline if not for pure scare tactics in order to get people riled up? FAKE NEWS! Fake news!!!!!!

  20. Taxpayer Rebellion! it is time for the taxpayers to hold these officials accountable. What is the Comprehensive story? Will it ever be revealed? Disappointed in Sandie for crying wolf before getting ALL the facts. Where the hell is Rossi hiding lately? Dan can be a good politician if he gets his shit together and gets some balls. Tony A is a dinosaur gobbling up all he can before riding off to Center to enjoy the spoils. He will never tell the truth. Do we need outside help? Call and ask for the state or someone with a brain (did I really say state and brains in the same sentence?) to step in and blow away all the steam from the bullshit coming from that courthouse. Reveal the truth. Taxpayers, the bottom line is that the commissioners have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over the row officers and their yearly rape of said taxpayers without regard to OUR personal financial situations. Their total apathy and disdain for the taxpayers is evident throughout that courthouse. They are bottom feeders willing to ride the canoe over the falls before admitting that they ARE THE ROOT of the problem. You cannot spend more than you take in unless you are the GOVERNMENT!

    • Taxpayer rebellion! HAHAHAHA

      You better find a way to tie this to gun rights, high school football or race because THAT is what get Beaver County interested and excited. All this money talk usually ends up with:

      ____________ is a great guy/gal. They work hard and do a great job as ___________.

      And the same dopes sit in the same chair year after year,

  21. Attention Taxpaying Slaves! I hereby propose that the yearly budget meetings be rotated throughout the county at a high school or other entity and be held starting at 6PM in the evening to accommodate the people that are carrying the bulk of the tax load. No more meetings with 5 citizens present that are drowned out by county employees covering their ineptitude. There will be no more excuses for people not showing up to ask questions and demand that their voices be heard and their concerns voiced. This will put the row office over spenders in front of their constituents and see how they lie then. NO MORE EXCUSES! Most of you will be amazed at the bullshit that these row officers play when no one is watching. They really are ass clowns with no clue. If you agree that we need the meetings at night on a rotational basis please vote yes and let’s get a petition going to present at a meeting. It’s your money so it’s your choice. DON;T WORRY, WE’LL MAKE SURE THEY KNOW WHAT THE SPORTS SCHEDULE IS FIRST! Christ, we don’t want to miss a game while they steal our money.

    • you are a smart person, i wish you and others like you would run for a county office. you at least have some brains.

      • It would be a monumental task to right the court house. The corruption and apathy is so ingrained there that it would be nearly as bad as the mess in DC with the do nothings there but tax and spend. Row offices need swept clean, new mentality for the SERVANTS of the public and the power to eliminate obstructionists that are there only for FRIENDS AND FAMILY, INC. Don’t rule it out though. A perfect challenge if you put together a good team, NON PARTISAN and screw the “D” or “R” labels. Put the taxpayers first!

    • The more money you make the more they give to Comp Health Care. I for one, would like to know exactly what’s coming out the back end of that crooked deal.

  22. I’m with Ms. Egley. If Tony has such insight into the budget and it’s balancing act, please prepare and present a full presentation at the next meeting. Put it on youtube, send it to JP! You can’t spend what you don’t have. The answer is cut spending, particularly wasteful spending (Connie’s office), not raise taxes.
    thank you.

  23. Here’s the most important sentence in the article: Financial Administrator Luckow reiterated Egley’s dire warning, although there was very little discussion about the actual cause of the crisis. Let’s see – Luckow was hired (promoted) to this position by the Republican majority from a contract position under the Controller’s office which he held for 5 years. We all know about the performance of the Controller’s office during his tenure but go ahead and keep blaming Connie…lol. And now comes a deficit of unknown origins where Luckow is again involved but this time he helped to usher in a 17% tax increase to ENSURE there would be enough money in the budget. Hah! And dontcha know that Beaver County decided to sue Friendship Ridge and they have to pay the Feds for Torrance’s faux pas. Let’s see if we can’t get some ciphering going on to determine where that money will come from to pay for the attorneys that will be needed for FR and who knows lies around the corner? Floating bond issues is a band-aid and that’s the only thing Egley said that is spot on. Oh well, one thing is for sure when it comes to the County mismanagement. It is a constant source of material for the local media.

  24. All this County crap is BS. Especially the $5 license plate fee. I struggle to pay for my car and auto insurance and now have to donate $20 yearly for crackheads to ride the bus for free on their dope run. Where is the cracker money?

  25. Beaver County is facing a $2 million cash-flow deficit this year. Is that all? 2 mil? Relax everybody. Just ask someone to sashay down to the bank and take it out, with ONE SIGNATURE ONLY. No problem.

  26. What I don’t understand is why Camp and Amadio always claim to be the last ones to know what’s going on with the finances. They HAVE to be privy to that information, it comes from their office and staff. Egley and Luckow (and occasionally Rossi) seem to be the only people who know/understand/care (pick your word) about the financial situation of the county. I think the key here is in the understanding. I’m sure Camp and Amadio see the information, but do they understand what it represents?

    Is there any information available to the public regarding the elected officials’ personal finances? I would love to see all of the FICO scores and financial statements for these people. There has to be a lot of red there with as clueless as some of these elected officials appear to be.

    • It’s because they don’t care. They are only there to collect their inflated salary and reap the benefits.

  27. I wonder does this mean there are no jobs/positions for recent graduates who are part of the “in-bred Courthouse Family?” There is a solution which the courthouse has expertise…i.e. create a position.

    • I just heard the new Chief Assesor Egley recently hired from Washington county is related to The Shaw family(Michael Baker) Talk about ‘in-bred courthouse family.” it’s been months since the hiring yet Kohlman is still working there? We have a defecit yet Egley keeps paying Kohlman and other retirees triple what they made when they worked for the county. No wonder we have another defecit! It’s called Mismanagement. Can’t blame previous democrats for this!

  28. I so much enjoy the political news from Beaver County. “Jumbo blames the jackass, and the Donkey kicks right back.” Anyhow, splendid community with bare knuckle politics and what could be more American than that?

  29. Still alive, John Q. Taxpayer, but disillusioned. It has become obvious to me that nothing, not a goddamned thing, can be done against these corrupt people once they are in office. I could comment until the cows come home, but nothing will change. It is like the scorpion that bit the turtle that gave him a ride across a stream. It is in their nature.

    They don’t give a shit about the public, they thrive on exploiting their positions. The same members of the public vote for the same connected members of the Italian-American communities, who rise from that same “Cosa Nostra” feeder pool. That will not change.

    It is self-perpetuating, and it will be for years to come.

    These articles reveal the problems, but since the enforcers of the law are same ones disregarding it, and protecting the perps, immunity from arrest, trial and prosecution is virtually guaranteed. The only impact exposure has is appealing to embarrassment, something that does not work.

    Why comment about something if it does not work?

    The geographical, historical, social and political nature of the area gives rise to the problems, and that will stay the same. So, like it or not, the public is screwed. The only answer is to move, and that is what I am going to do.

    Unless a comment can help understanding, it will have no impact upon these people. I can’t ignore that anymore.

    There are beautiful places to live, where these kinds of people have been curtailed or have not been part of the history. One does not have to submit oneself to this bullshit on a daily basis, when a move is very easy.

    In the interim, there is little reason to get pissed off and squawk about it.

    Add the Shell plant to the mix, something that will have a devastating negative impact on living, and bailing out is the only real option.

    • Glad to hear from you Raven. I know the feeling. Sometimes it seems these comments gets no results and we may as well talk to a brick wall. It discourages one to comment at all.

    • BYE FELICIA! And don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.
      I hear RUSSIA – RUSSIA – RUSSIA is looking for a few good people. You would be a perfect fit there.

      • I have no idea who Felicia is, but thanks for validating what I just wrote. You enablers are as guilty as the perps, assuming that you are not one of them. And Russia? WTF? That makes no sense at all. What I said above is true. If you can prove it wrong, please do. Apparently, things must be getting a little raw here, because each comment goes into “moderation.”

    • You sound like the typical taxpayer. Just because you don’t agree with something or a process is not working does not make it a criminal action. Just like the Pres election… if Trump won people were moving out. Most of those people are still here. Just like you will be. Commenting on here is not going to get rid of the problem. It appears that interest on this site is dwindling because of frustration.

      • I have been commenting here for five years. That is more than enough time to see what works and what doesn’t. The perps are intransigent, and no one has the authority, except they themselves, to intervene. They won’t.

        Moving is one option that will avoid what I believe will be the virtual destruction of the quality of life in the five mile area around the Shell plant. (Which, by the way, is the blast area. Look it up.) Property values are going to plummet, more low income families will move in to buy them, and the contaminated air will fill the beds at Heritage Valley Beaver. That is not a typical taxpayer reaction. It is a matter of survival, economic and health-related.

        As an extra added “benefit”, the sky will be lit up like a used car lot, and a low level hiss and rumble will fill the air with noxious sounds. It will be the Monaca glass making plant ten times larger. So, get out your earplugs and sleeping masks.

      • Wait for the next County tax increase that will result from the latest financial debacle, and add that to the above reasoning. It’s like waiting for the sonic boom after the Friendship Ridge jet plane flew over. Local, school and County taxes are killing us, and things they “buy” just ain’t worth paying that much money for.

    • Yep Raven your right. It would take a mass rebellion of the people of Beaver County to change all this perverted filth. Corruption exists but what goes on in Beaver County is beyond the pale of corruption. Cities Counties all have existed to be honest with a certain degree of so called corruption. What goes on here is not the numbers gambling etc. etc. These people destroy the Valley. Look around its already a deserted wasteland. The mentally ill wondering the streets check out Beaver Falls. When people talk about Beaver County with a smile on there faces there talking about the 40s 50s and the 1960s.

  30. Sorry to hear that Raven, John Q. I cannot give up so easily. ONE person at a time can make a change, even in that cesspool of the court house. If nothing else, I’ll just keep on plugging and pissing off the court house ass clowns. After all, at least JP has now given the average beaten down taxpayers a forum. Believe me they are reading the comments and watching the political winds. See how fast you got negative thumbs and degradation? I thrive on that.

    • That is true. Before JP came along and began to expose these corrupt degenerates, we didn’t need a forum because everything was secret and nobody bothered to investigate or report on anything. Just think of what kind of corruption has been going on for decades that we never knew about. All of these present incumbents have to go. We need a completely new regime. I will vote for any regular Joe that doesn’t have a bit of political experience.

  31. One additional problem is listening to the Trump “thing” on the T.V. every day. We are getting it from both ends, and nothing short of resignations will change any of it.

  32. So what do we have here? The county got out from under the “burden” of Friendship Ridge and attracted the “game changer” in the cracker plant and the budget is shittier than it was before. Any more progress and this area will be in receivership , which might be the BEST outcome. Let some competent people come in and run this turd sandwich that have a clue as to administering a county.




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