Beaver County Domestic Relations Director Joseph Signore has announced his retirement. According to public records, Signore’s retirement brings an end to a 32-year career with the county.

Joe Signore’s last day of employment is uncertain as paperwork has not yet been filed with the county by the courts, but an email sent out to employees of the Domestic Relations Office invited them to a sendoff party next Friday, February 9th, at Zooky’s Sports Tavern in Fallston.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Have you ever hoped the Lord would speak to you personally? “Retire My Son, and set em’ up at Zooky’s, first rounds on me.”

  2. Should have been gone a long time ago. Impose mandatory retirement for all county employees. One sheriffs deputy is 75 years old. Havent these mentally ill bastards caused enough damage. Idea elect Wayne Kress that’s a start he will help put a lot of them out to pasture.

  3. Brings an end to a 32 year horror show. I hope the police set up a DUI checkpoint on RT 51 Friday and get those bastards all at the same time, in the same place.

  4. Fucking the taxpayers for 32 years. Now he gets to fuck us some more with a pension check, and probably work part time at the county agency his wife runs, or the county airport. Somewhere he can find a “no show” job. Goodbye, you complete disgrace of a man, person and public employee.


    • Seriously Disrespect? Are you really that much of an asshole ? All you were able to come away with after all the articles, an issue of respect? Such a cliche line ” respect is earned?” Come on .. you really can not be that F’n ignorant.
      While you pay this asshole pension, think about his respect for you.

  5. Does Joe Chesnut, Assistant Director take over now? The very same guy that probably stood right by his side and did nothing! There should be a investigation as to why the dept was run so poorly for 32 years and collections were never enforced.

      • Why don’t you stick it up your ass, you gigantic attention whore. All you do is bitch and complain and talk shit on people (most of them do deserve it), but what do you do to solve it? Nothing. You wouldn’t say 80% of the stuff you say on here to people’s faces. The day you die will be a better one for the human race. You’re a fucking pathetic excuse of a human being, an utter imbecile and an enormous cunt.

      • john q is a cancer, No the people john q is talking about are the cancer. And they are definetly fucking pathetic excuses for human beings.

  6. As JP exposes more of these corrupt, thieving bastards you will see the Beaver County swamp being drained. Unfortunately their cronies are waiting to step up and continue their bilking the taxpayers. How can you justify hiring people that are tainted by the very people that “showed them the ropes” and learned the corrupt system at their knees? Clean house and post these jobs for the MOST qualified, not whom they are related to. There is no where for these bums to hide with JP in pursuit and exposing this county government for the fraud that it is. A cesspool of nepotism, corruption and disdain for the taxpaying public. Throw them all out!

  7. As for “Disrespect”. Because he was a rude, misogynist asshole doesn’t mean that he gets a pass for treating Sandie like that too. Respect might be earned but no excuse for the shenanigans that were going on with co-workers and subordinates. If you think it’s OK then you are the ass. Common courtesy entitles everyone to respect until they violate that trust. Also some elected positions entitle one to be addressed as such. AGAIN, until they violate the taxpaying public trust such as Queen, Stonewall & the Midget.

  8. JOHNQ- Must have struck a nerve down in the bowels of the BC outhouse. Give’em hell!! Foul comments and childish name calling is OK. It’s a sign of a juvenile mind. Or a county employee deflecting from their taxpayer paid duties.

    • equalizer I was thinking the same thing maybe JQ Is A Cancer, is a guy VERY CLOSE to retirement ..He may have lost his partner in crime, ( crimes against the taxpayers) and after the plaque fiasco is feeling a little blue today. The comment sounds like slurred drunk talk, maybe the guy still keeps that bottle of Thunderbird in his desk drawer. Sometimes when you mix alcohol and psyche meds, you hear VOICES, “You have been the greatest thief of Time, so now It’s Time To Retire My Son.” Cue the Angles.

  9. JP I’m very disappointed in your lack of for thought. In this day of mass shootings that seems to occur every other day, you may have invited some nut case to stop by and shoot the place up. You should know that family law is extremely sensitive to many people. We just had a murder suicide at PSU Beaver that was a family law issue. The domestic relations people will just go somewhere else now. You managed to expose innocent people at Zooky’s next Friday night. You may have also cost Zooky’s a lot of business on one of the busiest nights for them. If something happens it will be on you. You will need more than your pro Bono law firm to defend you from that.

    • Getitright, In my opinion, you just made an attempted effort to escalate your own assumptions. Nobody ever said anything about harming anyone, until you did.

      • John Q thank God you don’t use your real name. Then we could put a face to the moron. You consistently, on a daily basis, show your lack of education, knowledge of the law, how government works, how law enforcement works and what these agencies you complain about actually do. Now you can go back down in your elderly mothers basement, put your tin foil hat on and jerk off to porn hub.

      • Nope, I’m just a common taxpaying citizen who knows when I’m getting fucked and when I’m not.

      • Getitright I take it pornhub is a online porno site. How are you so familiar with such a thing. To mention it of the top of your head as an insult to another. Looks like your the one in some basement with a tin foil hat on jerking off.

    • According to this stellar logic, no local school should ever advertise anything going on there either for fear of the same thing happening.

  10. I have heard nothing but words of despair, discontent and disgust about the Domestic Relations Dept over the past 32 years. That sonofabitch should be ashamed he could even be considered a representative of the American citizens that needed help at one time or another. He did nothing but a complete disservice to anyone that tried to utilize that office.

  11. John Q. Taxpayer provides a public service with his comments. Most Add to the information on a subject, often inside information not available elsewhere. I can empathize with his anger and frustration. Influential people read them and gain from them. It is the nature of media commenting that only a few will take the time to do it. Some of his comments have led to observable, significant changes in some of the corruption perps. This is not the edited, expurgated, censoring of the Beaver County Times propaganda. And if some of the perps’ actions elicit an occasional “Fuck”, it is is because they deserve it, and it is illegal to hang them by their privates on the Courthouse steps.

    • Raven, my opinion, you are too easy on johnq. He is the one guy at the bar that can go off half cocked and can’t back himself up. He wants his buddies (you/Benyo) to back him up. He does hide behind his stage name, as do I, yet I grow tired of a ham. The occasional “Fuck”, is more than intermittent. You have to be honest, you have taken some license in your description of johnq. He’s a big boy, I know you have one another’s back. Making excuses doesn’t look good on you, Come on, No excuses.

    • Thank you for the support Raven. The people of this county are putting less food on the table, going without needed medicine, trying to avoid necessary car repair, and saving fuel where ever possible. This is all because they have to pay higher taxes due to the poor inferior mismanagement of this county. Wasteful government spending, inflated contracts for supplies and services due to nepotism and cronyism, also numerous county jobs that are not needed. Hard working people of Beaver County deserve better government. Let’s not forget all the single mothers and fathers that had to fight and hire lawyers to get Domestic Relations to do something for them while these fat cats were collecting big paychecks, eating steak and lobster, and going to the casino on the taxpayers dime. Fuck every one of them.

      • See What I mean, he just can’t do it. We are all aware of johnq’s observation, then he just can’t help himself. Fuck every one of them, is not a solution.

      • Once again John Q babbling on about things he knows nothing about. Signor was not in Dom Rel for 32 years. He was the director for 15 years and JSD for 17. I will let you try and figure out what JSD stands for. Also the people in that office don’t dictate who pays and who doesn’t. It is all based on what the state computer system generates who pays what. Now back to mommy’s basement and punch the clown

  12. 32 years.
    How did we as taxpayers allow our local government become this corruption-plagued environment? Nepotism does not benefit the taxpayer. Nepotism enriches the one pulling the strings. Through the years, year after year like a downhill snowball, those with hiring clout or one who can call-in “that favor owed,” gain more political and string pulling weight. Many are given positions with no prior skill or experience. Those that play by the shot callers rules, get the promotions and the perks. The biggest perk … At the BC Courthouse, climb a few rungs, you become your own boss. At certain levels there is no accountability. As signore heads to Zooky’s with his taxpayer paid pension and benefit package, let us hope the hiring process isn’t “Hey Judge, who do you have next in line?”

  13. If I’m not mistaken this is a position appointed by the judges not the commissioners. So there will be little say so or knowledge about who gets the position until the day the person starts.

  14. “Hey Judge, who do you have next in line?” BINGO.

    Before the BC, few would have known about the Signore and DeFilippi legacy. Only those who were victimized by the nepotism, alcoholism, AWOL gambling, on-the-job drinking, misogyny, ritualistic praying and other alleged injurious job behaviors would have known, only to suffer in silence. Of course, their boss lives on, free to do it all over again and enable someone else. Joe Chesnut is an honorable, hard-working man, who would do well in the job, but he has to get around the nepotism first.

    • Joe Chesnut is nothing more than a brown nosing back stabbing ass licker who would sell his soul to the devil himself to get ahead in Beaver County. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!

  15. No, I don’t have John Q.’s back. We have been at each other’s throats in the past in commenting. I don’t play favorites here. He’s getting some unjustified ragging here, though.

    • and …. his last post ? I get it, I’m with him. Yet, a very unnecessary crescendo. It serves no purpose.

  16. There are two kinds of comments here — the ones that add to the discussion and the ones that comment about the comments. (Of course, some are punched into a phone in a drunken stupor on a Zookey’s bar stool.) I have grown tired of the latter, and I favor the former. Maybe you have some justified feelings, but the snide comments about comments have really soured me here, especially in past articles, and I am now more careful than before to say something pertinent, or say nothing at all. (I know, I know — excluding this one.)

    • :: I am now more careful than before to say something pertinent, or say nothing at all

      Maybe thats the point of people bitching about comments maybe you’re doing what the courthouse crowd wants by shutting up? I’m glad JP’s not scared off by criticism as easy as you grow some fucking balls or change your name from Raven to Chicken.

  17. To date, there has been a tendency to let the judges off the hook, when it comes to attributing corruption to people in the Big House. Maybe nothing illegal has been done, but some actions have led to others taking advantage of the system. Maybe that will change. They are human, not gods, and they make mistakes like everyone else.

  18. 423 comments, Subscriber? reread this article:
    The act of throwing life lines to unqualified family and friends must be addressed, and stopped. Please pay attention to who is SELECTED to fill signore’s position. One day you, a family member or friend, may need PROFESSIONAL services that should be provided by the Beaver County Domestic Relations Dept.

  19. John Q Taxpayer – Not relevant in real life. Being famous on the Beaver Countian gives him the false sense he has a meaningful purpose.

  20. My only concern with this backwards shit county is……..the Beavercountian shines light on these cockroaches, only to have them look up at you with a stupid grin, flip you the middle finger, and says “Fuck you, whatcha gonna do ’bout it?”



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