Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)

Some Sheriff’s Deputies have been assigned county vehicles by Sheriff David solely for personal use, a routine audit released today by Controller David Rossi has revealed.

“In reviewing fuel records for County-owned vehicles driven by the Office’s personnel we came across three vehicles that accumulated total miles near the equivalent of their drivers’ commute between their homes and the court house. It appears that these vehicles are used exclusively for the personal commute of their drivers,” wrote Controller Rossi in the audit. “Also, drivers of these vehicles do not submit mileage logs and receipts for gasoline purchases as required by the County’s Gas Card Program Policy.”

Without logs and receipts, county auditors did not report exactly how much is spent subsidizing the personal use of county vehicles. Sources within the Sheriff’s Office tell the Beaver Countian that county vehicles are widely utilized by deputies for personal use, and it’s likely costing taxpayers thousands of dollars per month in fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and related expenses.

“The Office does not have written policies for the use of the vehicles under its jurisdiction and it allows drivers personal use of the vehicles,” continued the audit. “The County assumes the cost of owning and maintaining three vehicles for the exclusive use of their drivers’ personal commute.”

Controller Rossi also noted that according to IRS Code, the personal use of vehicles should be treated as taxable income for the drivers benefiting from them — something that has not been taking place.

Along with the use of county cars for travel outside the purview of their officials duties, the audit also revealed that some deputies have “consistently disregarded the County’s enacted Gas Card Program Policy.”

“One of these employees repeatedly input a mileage of 0 into the gas card system for the car refueled and the other employee consistently input a mileage of 155,000,” wrote Controller Rossi. “These drivers could be accumulating personal or unauthorized travel that cannot be substantiated due to lacking written evidence.”

The names of those deputies were not included in the audit.

“We recommend that the Office and the County overall better monitor the use of the County’s vehicles and enforce the Gas Card Program Policy,” concluded Controller Rossi.

The Sheriff’s Office purchased 6 new cars in August. According to county records, the department has a fleet of 36 vehicles, although it is unclear how many of those vehicles are in routine operation.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  1. Who could possibly be surprised by this revelation at this point? This being the umpteenth story about his corruption over the past couple years… This crook and his buddies are making a complete mockery of the county and everyone in it. How have more people not demanded for him to step down?

  2. Just another of Davids arrogant policies. He does and continues to do as he pleases. Again, he should be held accountable and sur-charged for the taxpayers money that he squandered !

  3. it’s not the deputies fault it’s the sheriff that lets them.

    certain deputies should have vehicles at home, k9 – warrants division.

    but the ones that roll in with and go nowhere else but the courthouse have no damn business taking car home.

    does the court administrator take car home?

    what about dpw

    hey the Warden should

    3.50 a gallon back and forth to midland, ellwood city come on man

  4. Hopefully everyone remembers everything that has been going on within the Sheriff’s office and in 2015 and comes out to vote. All the voters in Beaver County will need to make a stand. Everyone needs to make sure they’re registered along with friends and family. If you don’t vote no sense in blowing smoke about the problems. In these elections every vote counts. Just do your homework before you vote to make sure your getting the right candidate to bring some honor, integrity, and leadership back to the Sheriff’s office!!

  5. What type of an “emergency” is going to roust one of these deputies out of bed that would justify them having take home vehicles in the first place? I know! Maybe during their patrols of Betters properties they might find a homeless person piddling….that would require a code 3 response of all off duty deputies and they need these vehicles to hurry up and arrest the tresspassor before he empties his bladder since they can only press charges if they witness the alleged piddler actually piddling due to their lack of police authority.

  6. First of all, thank you Beaver Countian for this format. This site is bringing to light issues of corruption that have either been under-reported or ignored completely.

    As to the shenanigans at the courthouse and the sheriff’s office in particular, this is part of a corrupt political machine, with roots in Aliquippa, that has corrupted that town for over a hundred years and now has its hooks in county government.

    There’s a tendency to blame the decline in Aliquippa on the collapse of the steel industry or perceptions about race and the generalities espoused. One finds that Aliquippa and its vices, (gambling primarily, but I’d suspect now drugs as well) controlled by 3 or 4 families, and in keeping their interests secure, have rigged the local political process for years. The sheriff is just the most bombastic example of that corruption.

    I do have hope that an end to this is coming, though it won’t be an easy and clean transition. I’d expect that this sheriff will not go quietly (very few ever voluntarily give up power) and he’ll take several more down with him.

  7. @eddiemerchant: Your comment, “Aliquippa…controlled by 3 or 4 families…have rigged the local political process for years.” Can you be more specific?

  8. I used to read this web site daily but it has become rather boring sick of reading the same thing daily about the same guy

  9. Thanks for the links, John Paul. I remember reading the articles before, but now I am able to connect the dots. So, “everyone” is in it, and “everyone” knows. An exaggeration (mine), but not much. Then, as one goes up the ladder rungs of local government, one can ask, “How much does this person know?” And, “Why isn’t he/she doing anything about it?” Bingo!

    Perhaps someone can start writing the screenplay for Godfather IV, to be produced right here in Beaver County.

  10. o 76wita95 the warden of the Beaver County Jail drives his own vehicle. I do not agree with everything the man has done but he drives his own vehicle as does the deputy warden. While I am at it, the sheriff of Beaver County belongs to a “family” that is not the run of the mill organized crime family. We associate organized crime with the Italian community and we should not be so narrow minded. There are other “families” out there too: Russian Mafia, Chinese Tongs, Lebanese, Irish, Black, Hispanic gangs, etc. Whenever a group of people decide to work against the law of the land they are organized crime families. We Americans have always turned a blind eye towards these various groups for lots of reasons. Until we start fighting these law breakers we are all guilty of supporting them. We need to vote for honest people. We need to stop voting a straight ticket. We need to stand up against the wrong people. Keep up the good work, J.P. Your site is the start o something honest in Beaver Couny.

    • @weredarers: Good clarifications. The focus should be on ‘group’ and ‘organized’. That helps understanding what individuals are doing. The focus on individuals at times can lead one to infer that they are acting alone, when in reality they are not. As can be seen, the likelihood of individual criminal acts is less likely, as more is revealed about them.

  11. Christ , can you find anything better to talk about than David ?seriously , who did he hurt ? No one ever unless they deserved it ! How about blasting my neighbor all over this thing ,? He’s been robbing and selling drugs to teenagers forever , and how about the probation dept, that never locks up criminals when they violate , they pick and choose who they like and don’t .

  12. Tom Armstrong, what utopia do you live in that has none of the issues Beaver County has? Please be specific town, county and state.

  13. @weardass

    I didn’t say warden did, I referenced does court administrator?

    Dpw? hey the warden SHOULD…

    BASICALLY it’s silly and not needed for twenty of those cars to be driven only a fewhome night

    and nobody even referenced the deputy warden lol didn’t know they’re was such a thing

  14. 76wita95, can you type in complete sentences? Did you read my whole comment or did you read only the words you knew?

  15. @ weredareres

    nobody ripped you, but you felt the need to attack me hhmmmm.

    sorry usually I read and like your comments where pretty much same page and over time and topics, you have made it quite obvious who you are that’s called intuition. Or hunch never the less but I under stand all of the words( wink wink), sometimes my spelling might not be on course as I slide type a quick comment in,I apologise.. But you watch your tone with me bitch or I will verbally tax that ass. Continue on…

  16. HOPEFULLY WAYNE IS NOT RUNNING FOR THIS OFFICE. 25 years as a turnpike cop is not qualifications to run for Sheriff. Just what we all need another former retired state trooper fucking things up. I am far more qualified to run for Sheriff and I am an outsider.

  17. What qualifications are there for sheriff. Maybe we need politicians that have no experience, look at what experience has given us with the last few presidents.

    • There are no qualifications for any public office except president who must be native born and 35 years old. Anyone in America can get elected and I proved it. Spike

  18. Ahaha… @ 76wita95 pretty sure weredarers just went and changed his undies along with a new nickname for the Beaver Countian! I think I just pissed my pants a little! Carry on, little bitch!!! This is hysterical!!!!!!

  19. @getitdone
    I would normally not even entertain a post like this because not only do you NOT know me, you have also been misinformed by whoever told you about me.
    First and foremost I don’t have 25 years on, nor am I retired. I have not indicated what my intentions are once I do retire someday.
    When was the last time a former retired State Trooper messed things up in Beaver County? We are held to a very high standard in which I am proud to be a part of. I guess you don’t know too much about State Police so I’ll give you a little heads up. We ALL go to our academy which is 26 weeks long and we stay there until we graduate. Once we graduate we are then on probation for 1.5 years after training on the job with 2 coaches. We All have the same yearly updates regarding all laws/training within Pennsylvania. This is from the commissioner on down to the newest Trooper. We have jurisdiction inside all of Pennsylvania whether you work at the Casino, stationed at Beaver, work undercover, or Stationed on the Turnpike. Troopers are stationed all around this commonwealth who are not dedicated patrol etc. but ALL have the same identical training. At my station we cover 4 counties and over 20 municipalities. We handle any and all incidents within our area and often outside it as well. You have no Idea what I’ve done before becoming a Trooper or during and I would put my training, knowledge, professionalism, reputation and integrity up against anyone. The current Sheriff is in office until 2016 and TRUST me if I choose to run then I guarantee everyone a much needed change within that office.

    • Right on the money from one of our finest and might I remind everyone the Pennsylvania State Police are the ones that charged the Sheriff. I personally know several state and local police who are not corrupt so again it is an individual basis for every person. We Marines consider them as brothers. I wish one would run for this office and I will work free of charge for their election. Spike

  20. Take home cars have been around forever. Its just another flim flam that county employees are pulling over comissioners. Make everyone drive there personal cars to work like every other person in this county. Too much waste of gas with take home vehicles. Everyone in the Sheriff Dept. County Detctives, Aliquippa (ditressed) area but edgel take home motorcycle, Couch take home car, for what ?? wait to use on the swat team so you can be cool!!!, oh dont forget all of theose trips to the doctors office using aliquippas gas, not a penny paid by you.
    Roberts take home car so you can use on swat and be cool..oh and steve you get to drive a city cruiser to church and then take your family in the car. A definate policy violation. Your free gas may cost your coworkers a pay raise. Think about them, not yourself!!! Dwan make the right decision !!!do not let them man with false face, not from this area fool you



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