Congressman Keith Rothfus has been traveling in the Middle East, visiting with U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq. Among those he met with while in Iraq was SPC Preston Norman of Rochester.

Congressman Rothfus traveled with a congressional delegation that included Senators Joni Ernst (R-IA) and Gary Peters (D-MI), as well as Congressmen David Young (R-IA) and Rob Wittman (R-VA). Along with visiting the troops, the delegation also met with military and diplomatic leaders to receive updates on continued anti-terrorism efforts.

Congressman Keith Rothfus, a member of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance, released the following statement after his trip:

“It was an honor to meet with our service members, especially those from Pennsylvania, who are away from their loved ones during this holiday season. In this time of thanksgiving, I am especially grateful for these courageous men and women – and their families – for their selfless sacrifice to protect our country. In talking with our troops, regional and military leaders, I am encouraged by their efforts to partner with our international allies to combat and defeat ISIS and other extremist groups. I am proud to have passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 to provide sufficient resources and support needed to care for our men and women in uniform and the mission at hand.”

Congressman Rothfus visits with SPC Preston Norman of Rochester, PA while visiting Iraq
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Yes, thank you for your service Preston Too bad your in such bad company,

  2. These junkets that members of Congress take all over the world. Has anyone read any “findings” from these far flung I shall be polite and not use the word vacations. Depending on the locations, most take their wives, some staff. Of course Rothfus did vote for the tax bill, he obviously did not want to disappoint his Wall Street cronies.

  3. I wonder if he told him he’s going to raise his taxes to pay for tax cuts for his wealthy donors? Or how he votes to cut future veterans benefits every chance he gets?

      • You what to know what matters to me Jimmy?!
        How you turned a blind eye on the most corrupt police dept. in the tri-state area when you where on the force. You knew who all the players were and still are. The numbers guy, the coke dealer, the loan shark, etc… I wonder why?
        Then you put a robe on and STILL turned a blind eye to all the corruption around you!
        Did it matter to you when you pulled the lever for Clinton, Obama, Casey Jr., or any other Democrat that did not serve in the armed forces? Hell no it didn’t, now did it.
        So go take a double dose of STFU, you self righteous………

  4. Taxation without representation. Rot-fuss has spent more time in the Middle East than he has in Beaver County since he became our “voice’ in Washington.

    • Sure the benefits are terrible. Are you willing to pay increased taxes to support them. Disability payments to veterens are going thru the roof. Google it.

      • The Pentagon got Trump’s requested $52 billion INCREASE passed AND more this year. How about they put some of THAT toward their comrades in arms that need help? They are hardly running the military budget and the VA, for that matter, on a shoestring.

  5. Can there ever be positive comments on this site? I know there are many people who don’t even come onto this site anymore because of it.

    • If Rothfus did something positive in Washington for the middle class instead of his donors, maybe there would be something positive to say about him.

    • Jack: Opinions are like assholes, we all have one. Just sort through the articles don’t ignore them. I learn something everyday from people I disagree with. That’s how we come to compromises and consensus. Keep on commenting. All views and opinions are our own so join the dialogue.

  6. Congressional boondoggles. Real purpose: Photo ops and mostly shopping junkets aboard government aircraft. The people these piss ants talk to are low level officials with no power but it’s their turn in the barrel to babysit fat cat politicians wasting precious resources. As noted above, nothing has EVER come about stemming from these meetings. Rothfus is NO friend to the military. What is our alternative though? Sometimes these hacks even take along friends, family & staff to shop while they “hang out” with the troops.

      • Truthful: Stupid? Have you ever travelled overseas? These so called peoples reps will stop in numerous capitals and military bases for “Fuel”, consulting with local fat cats, etc. What do you think the people in the Green Zone are doing, eating MRE’s, etc.? There is probably a duty free shop right inside the compound also. Don’t think they are really doing without booze and luxuries. You might be surprised at all the local artifacts and souvenirs you can find in third world shitholes. Drop the Times and learn about life outside the county. It’s a big world out there. These guys are staying at 4 star hotels, even in Kabul. I can guarantee you that NOT ONE of them is staying in a tent on a base.

      • Truthful – Leather, gold, precious stones, just some deals in the middle east. Rothfus , will find his best deal will be able to say when running for reelection, “When I visited the troops.” Photo Op- and we pay for this bullshit.

    • There are two times in life. Now and too late.
      You are too late.
      Your first thoughts where to rant about nothing.

  7. I couldn’t be more proud of the young man and amazing soldier that my brother is growing into!!! Love you man!!!

  8. Blessings to our soldiers. Great pic! All things are good when it brings attention to our soldiers who are deployed overseas. Thank you Congressman Rothfus.

  9. Judging from the number of “thumbs down” it appears a number of taxpayers will gleefully pay for these so called “fact finding” junkets. Call Rothfus office for his report.

  10. To “Matters” and “Don’t Matter” I did not vote for either of the Clinton’s, Obama, or Casey Jr. You can check the record of arrests I’ve made anytime. When I was a District Judge, I did not have the legal authority to arrest anyone. If you are so upset about my record why didn’t you run against me ? Better yet, why do you still choose to remain anonymous. I can say anything I like because I’m never anonymous. I’ve lived at the same residence since 1973, stop over some time and we’ll discuss whatever it is about me that troubles you. If it will make you more comfortable you may wear a mask, or a sheet if you prefer.



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