Congressman Keith Rothfus / official portrait

Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-12) has been selected to serve on the House Judiciary Committee for the remainder of the year. Ruthfus represents all of Beaver County, and parts of Allegheny, Cambria, Lawrence, Somerset, and Westmoreland Counties.

“I am honored that my colleagues selected me to serve on the Judiciary Committee,” said Congressman Rothfus. “I will use this position to protect and advance Americans’ safety, freedom, and prosperity. Furthermore, I am eager to work with my colleagues on passing legislation that secures our border, and attacks the opioid epidemic still plaguing communities across Western Pennsylvania and the nation.”

The United States House Committee on the Judiciary is tasked with providing oversight for the administration of the federal courts and federal law enforcement agencies. It is also responsible for impeachments of federal officials.

Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) touted Rothfus’ experience in the private sector in welcoming him to the committee.

“Keith previously served on the House Judiciary Committee and helped advance our pro-growth agenda focused on economic opportunity, prosperity, and freedom for all Americans,” said said Chairman Goodlatte. “Keith’s experience in the private sector helping small businesses expand and create jobs for Americans will be invaluable once again to the Committee. I look forward to working with Keith for the remainder of this year to advance the Committee’s agenda.”

Congressman Rothfus’ 12th District will be shifting to the new 17th District covering Beaver County, the northern and western parts of Allegheny County, and a portion of Cranberry Township. Rothfus is running unopposed in the May 15th Republican primary for the seat. Democrats Conor Lamb and Ray Linsenmayer are competing in the Democratic primary to face Rothfus in the fall.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Who cares this a ploy for some douce in campaign to get him free pub and picture up. He’s served on the committee before. Then caucus put him back on for election purpose, because he’s in for race of lifetime. # phony# fake

    • I’m not voting for that dweeb. What has he done about illegal immigration? What has he done about foreign workers who compete with our kids for jobs? What has he done about rising tuition prices? How has he gone up against his GOP friends to secure Medicare and Social Security? He needs to go. Out with the old RINOs. I’ll give Conor Lamb a chance. He seems pretty moderate and reasonable. D or R means nothing.

      • Conor Lamb the Sham. He is trying to be the next Jason Altmire. He will lie about being a conservative Democrat and will vote for extreme liberal policies and leaders. He says it’s time to change from Nancy Pelosi. This is only because she is not Liberal enough ! Jason Altmire only served himself while in office. So will Conor Lamb.

      • Conor Lamb is cute! Young women seem to love him. Have you heard him speak? He’s pretty quick and funny, and he’s pretty middle of the road. I think most of the Dems in PA aren’t Pelosi supporters. She’s a California Democrat. There need to be new categories for D’s and R’s- Trump Republicans, Ryan Chamber of Commerce Republicans, Religious Right Republicans, Blue Collar Dems, Antifa Dems, Identity Politics Dems. R and D doesn’t cut it, anymore.

      • Do you know Conor Lamb’s backstory ? He comes from a family with a long history of producing scumbag Democrat politicians . He pretends to be an outsider and for the little guy. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his entire life has been carefully orchestrated to develop a bullshit resume to run for political office. Don’t let Lamb pull the wool over your eyes.

  2. He’s a Wall Street puppet who was constantly picturing himself as a fiscal conservative, yet got on the bandwagon and voted for the tax bill adding a trillion dollars to the debt. My vote will go to Connor Lamb. Thank goodness Lyin’ Ryan will be retiring at the end of the year. He was an Ayn Rand disciple…who’s main philosophy was the wealthy people are the mover’s and shakers, those not in that group are moochers off the government handouts. Reason Ryan was so adamant about tacking “entitlement programs” …good riddance.

    • He’s so NOT a Trump Republican. He had allegiance to Ryan and will have allegiance to whoever his donors tell him to obey when Ryan’s gone.

  3. He neglected to mention whether he was planning to rubber stamp Trump’s federal circuit and appelate court judge nominees or if he’s going to actually represent his constituents and insist that judical candidates have actual courtroom experience.

    Don’t get too comfortable in that chair, Keith; you’ll be looking for a new job in November.

  4. Lost one of his staff members I hear??? Joe Weidner…. Wonder if he’ll come back to a county job Or another political job

  5. Rothfus only represents himself. He could give two shits about military families or organizations. Not big on Lamb either though. Another D family trying to set up a dynasty out of the cesspool of Pittsburgh politics. Marine, check, Central Catholic saint, check, family name through cuz cuz, check. Poor choice between two bums. Bring back Joe Weidner to the county. We need more fresh monkeys for the circus.

      • christian values gods man i know beaver county most wanna be christians god says you.ll know them by there spirit / sorry to many will be with there father the devil wont be long jesus is coming my attorney is jesus christ when i stand before god and bible says gods people will judge judges

  6. keith rothfus is best man and honest if you pick devils man sorry for you your in devils boot camp going to hell wont be long

  7. hes gods man he has gods spirit in him more than 80 per cent of people goinjg to hell in beaver county they only no [god] i know god jesus christ is my attorney when i stand before god sad .to burn in hell forever you send yourself dark and light cant be together he is coming soon

    • Punctuation and spelling are good skills to know, especially where to place a period to end your sentences!

  8. Give him a big job so he can say to the voters; ” you need to keep me in Congress, because I have leverage.”



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