Beaver County Commissioners have decided to eliminate the offices of the Jury Commissioner.

“In an effort to place the taxpayers of Beaver County first, we the Board of Commissioners have decided to pass a resolution abolishing the elected positions of Jury Commissioners” read a statement released by all three Commissioners. “It is anticipated that this decision will save the County Taxpayers over $50,000 per year and the duties of the Jury Commissioner’s Office will be assumed by the Court Administrator’s Office.”

The press release came after a 45 minute meeting the County Commissioners held with Jury Commissioners Shelley Blythe and Peggy Rose earlier in the day. Commissioners had previously met with the Court Administrator’s Office, and consulted with County Controller David Rossi and Chief Financial Administrator Vince LaValle, before making their decision.

The Beaver Countian was the first to report about the prospect of abolishing the Jury Commission back in October, when Commissioners Amadio and Nichols talked of their likely support for the initiative.

Jury Commissioner Peggy Rose ignored Beaver Countian’s request for a comment as she stormed out of the Commissioner’s Office following the meeting. Jury Commissioner Shelley Blythe politely declined comment. Blythe had spent much of the day attempting to gather information about the County Controller’s Office, who she largely blames for the abolishment of her office. Blythe sent her secretary to gather information on financial analysts contracted by Controller Rossi, and personally asked the county’s Human Resources Department for any information their office may have on any of his contractors. Blythe later filed a Right To Know Request for information on the Controller’s Office with Chief County Clerk Tracy Patton.

Established in 1867, the Jury Commission has a duty to oversee the process by which jurors are selected. The commission creates and maintains pools of potential jurors, and chooses people from those pools to serve. Along with the President Judge there are two elected Jury Commissioners, one from each of the two major political parties, who serve four year terms.

In December of last year, the Pennsylvania State Legislature voted to grant counties the authority to disband their Jury Commissions. Critics have called the office antiquated, and say simple software programs are now able to perform most of their functions. Beaver County Court Administrator Rich DeFilippi previously told the Beaver Countian that his office could easily assume the duties. “We purchased software some 10 years ago which does a really good job handling all of those tasks […] We already pay an annual maintenance fee to our vendor, who dumps all of the voter rolls [that jurors are selected from] into the software for us.”

By law, Beaver County’s Jury Commissioners will now serve out the remainder of their term, which expires at the end of next year.


  1. Good Job Commissioners …. All of the others counties abolished there Jury Commissioners so why would the county keep them? This was a NO BRAINER. Why take it out on David Rossi and the Controllers office? He’s doing his job and I will say he’s doing a terrific job and so is his staff. Grow up and move on….I’m sure you will be running for something else Blyth, too bad I won’t be voting for you.

    • no one is gonna vote for her if all she do is start attacking on people now she should find a way to be useful ya right!

  2. Finally good job s smart move by commissioners, it only took the court administrator to spell savings for them and as antiquated that this state is its about time we

  3. Hey sorry i’m on midnight and just read as I get time

    But it states she sent her secretary to father information wtf that doesn’t pertain to functions of office……. Hey Rossi get her for official oppression and personal political gain throw that bimbo in the slammer for using county tax dollars for personal use

    Check her anyways think I was in school brother he went to prison…not that it matter she always tried to day she was Assn August

  4. Ok, so where is the money no longer being spent on the Jury Commission going to go to? Is this money going to go to something good like community programs or something helpful to the county residents, or is this money going to go to a raise in the commissioners, or their secretaries, or the like?

  5. Sorry A August.. Last name trucking company love you play wink wink

    Was only married into family lol kinda like how she got that Lombardo lady name that she plays off like its her maiden name……its not just another marriage….

    Push the envelope she may have been in for clinical help and currently on serious meds

    Heard she been seeing a certain deputy also bottom line good thing they got rid of that

    Feel bad for the republican lady that she gets dragged into the shit but…..

    Let Mrs Smith,I mean Lombardo I mean Blythe spin it

  6. Ok ok clap clap clap…

    The commissioners did some fiscal responsibility.. Took a judge and court administrator to ice the cake, and lol lol but give credit where credit is due………….. Thanks to Shelley Labimbo Blight bitching to news papers and saying how arrogant the commissioners are and smack talk she probably wouldn’t have been eliminated this term

    If I was Peggy rose I would be piss in one year her big mouth will cause her family free healthcare…

    But they will run for something the men behind them are genius…

  7. wow her big mouth cost her……

    good job commishs and court administrator for stepping up and saying its not needed and could easily be taken over..

    if i was peggy rose i would spit in her coffee she just caused you free healthcare for thinking she was king fish… ass got to big for the thong around the courts…

  8. Not to worry, they still have a couple years to work, they can finish out there term and I’m sure Blyth will run again for something else, she’ll be back at her old tricks sitting on all the married mens laps to to get a vote at all the political functions. She acts like she’s better than everyone else and she thinks every man wants her…….GAG ME…..



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