Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)
Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)
Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to lease 6 new cars for the Sheriff’s Office at their regular public meeting held on Thursday.

The county will be leasing six new Ford Interceptor sedans at a cost of $165,029 plus 5.7% interest for four years.

According to county records, the Sheriff’s Office has a fleet of 36 vehicles, with many deputies being permitted to drive patrol cars between home and work each day. Deputies are provided with gas cards by the county to refill those vehicles, with taxpayers spending approximately $100,000 each year on fuel for the department.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office has a yearly budget in excess of $4 million. By comparison, neighboring Butler County, which is larger in both size and population, has $2.2 million budgeted for its Sheriff’s Department.



    • I guess it just seems like a listing of black & white facts to me I don’t see how its mud slinging. Maybe he could have put in even more background information I guess but its pretty much boring. I guess I’d like to know why we need 36 cars for the sheriffs though and why they drive them home?

      • She’s just kissing George’s ass because he helps sell a ton of tickets to her NRA banquet each year :kiss:

        Most people in beaver county can be bought cheap :crap:

  1. Are they replacing older cars? Did leases run out? Please find out more information. Makes this story look like more mud slinging at the sheriff JP…

  2. They should have went to Ahab’s used camel lot.Woulda’ been cheaper. Throw these money grubbing bums out. Nothing seems to change here in Depression County.


  4. Maybe JP should have done more looking into his facts for the story. The Sheriffs Office does have 36 titles. However approximately only 12 to 15 of them actually run. The county does not clear out old title information. A good majority of those vehicles are in the county junk yard. Also your comparison to Butler County is not correct. Yea they are larger in size and population however the functions performed by the Beaver County sheriffs for out weigh those of Butler County. Who only do courtroom security. This appears to be another article at which you are specifically targeting one department without all of the facts.

    • I just did a quick look through fuel refills during a one month snapshot from county records I have here in my office, and found approximately 24 separate vehicle asset IDs listed as having gas put in them during that month — I don’t think this number includes the motorcycles, and don’t know if it includes the jail transport vehicles or not.

      Based on this data, either your numbers are incorrect, the vehicle IDs listed in county records for fuel refills are incorrect, or there are cars being filled with gas while sitting in a junkyard for some reason.

      I’ll research this further next week. Thanks.

      • How do you prove their all sheriffs vehicles that are being filled? To me it sounds like you have no idea how to read the asset ID’s with lines like, “I don’t think” & “I don’t know”

        If you don’t know, why are you throwing it out there like it’s a fact?

      • @avi – See attached image (click to enlarge), which is the fueling data that I was cross referencing with county asset lists. I don’t have complete county asset lists here in my office, which is why there are some gaps in what I could report off the cuff in response to the commentor.

      • J.P., do you happen to know or have access to the year / make / model of the cars assigned to each “Customer Vehicle I.D”? The reason I ask is that I looked at the image you posted and noticed that the fuel economy for that vehicle is 11.2 MPG. I’m wondering what the hell vehicle Frantangeli is driving that only gets 11.2 MPG. Hell, even my 25 year old full size conversion with a V8 and me driving with a lead foot averages around 15 MPG. As another example, my work truck, a early 2000’s full size Chevy with V8 is always fully loaded with tools, and even with that truck pulling a 5000 lb trailer, it still gets around 14 MPG.

        My point being that I don’t think even if you tried to run them like race cars, you could get any of the Sheriff’s department sedans or SUV’s to get that poor of mileage, so where is the fuel actually going, unless of course he happened to be driving some type of larger prisoner transport vehicle or something like that?

        I’d bet if you dig into these records further, you will find that much of the Sheriff’s $100K fuel budget is going to fuel personal vehicles or off road vehicles / equipment.

    • “Yea they are larger in size and population however the functions performed by the Beaver County sheriffs for out weigh those of Butler County”


  5. Spending that Friendship Ridge money before they even get their hands on it. The airport is next for it. Charlie Camp’s dream of kiwi and cheese flying into Beaver County International will come true!!!!!!! Now what is their plan for the long term care for Beaver county residents? They’re not going to fit into Chuck Betters plan for FR. Bring back the poor house?????

  6. County can get new cars BUT the elderly that live at FRIENDSHIP RIDGE are about to be SHUNED by the three a@@ hol@s that run this so called county . It’s a shame that cars come before people . THE SAME PEOPLE THAT BUILT THIS COUNTY . LETS SEE TO A COMPANY THAT DONT EXIST. THAT’S A SHAME SHAME SHAME

    • The commissioners must be atheists because they could not do this to the elderly of Beaver County and have any fear of god.

      • I think that is quite rude, I have no fear of some “god”, yet, I couldn’t do something like that to anyone, let alone the elderly residents of Beaver County and Friendship Ridge.
        Just because I don’t follow an “organized religion”, doesn’t automatically make me a person who could intentionally be cruel to my fellow human (or animal, for that matter).

      • This timeless, vapid tautology is only worsened by its overuse, jackson4570. Your four-fold presumptive appeal to the god-fearing, a disdain for atheists, the inclusion of the commissioners, and the condescending portrait of the “elderly” leave me cold in this confusing mix. Check out the “elderly” sometime (By the way, at what specific age does one acquire this affliction?). You will find ethical atheists — yes, it is possible — educated, independent thinkers and self-supporting, happy, healthy, productive people among the ranks. They don’t need your help, God’s, or any other kind of divine intervention to make it from day-to-day. As a matter of fact, your subordination of this part of the population is a drag upon society. I hope you are saving your pennies to emulate some of them when you face the inevitable yourself.

    • Rumor has it…and I stress rumor…is that Norm Mitry is the head honcho in the group buying Friendship Ridge…Don’t see his name listed anywhere on this company’s information, but stranger things have happened.

  7. Take a knowledgable look at their fleet of vehicles. Most have run their course, either mechanically or visually. Rusted out, high mileage cars that continually need worked on are more expensive to maintain than newer cars. They still operate Dodge Intrepids and those have been out of production since 2004. I’m no fan of the sheriff or his higher ups, but providing reliable vehicles is a requirement. You don’t really want cars breaking down on patrol and prisoner transports. Not to mention, fleet vehicles are supposed to be cycled through. Cases have even been made through OSHA for employers giving employees cars that aren’t road worthy. Rest of your reporting is spot on and intriguing, but this article is just beating a dead horse. Take home cars could probably be revoked. But an example that is far more costly to taxpayers, is state police take home cars. They’re driving from county to county daily. I know troopers that live in Beaver that drive their take homes back and forth to Butler, Mercer and Allegheny daily.

    • Ok. You make fair points, but why does the sheriff’s department need so many vehicles on the books? They already had a fleet of 36 and now have bumped it up to 42. Something doesn’t add up. Like you said, fleet vehicles are supposed to be CYCLED through. That is not happening here, they are simply accumulating under the Sheriff’s department. Typically, when fleet vehicles reach the end of their “service life” they are traded in under the lease agreements, or if owned outright, they are auctioned or junked. There are even a few companies that specialize in buying police type vehicles that are retired from service as they salvage parts to be sold to other departments who still own similar type vehicles.

      The state police having take home vehicles is a whole different matter altogether, but I will call out the fact that the PSP are LAW ENFORCEMENT and have POLICE powers, while the Sheriff and deputies are NOT law enforcement and do NOT have police powers. The point being that there are some major differences between state police and county sheriffs (excluding Allegheny County, where by law the Sheriff and deputies DO have police powers).

  8. The Aliquippa Police have, as you all know, a high crime area. They probably have five cars and don’t take them home after their shift is done. Why do the deputys when they have “NO POLICE POWERS”? It’s total BULLSHIT ! Just a way to please the clown sheriff !

    • Ah, sd, sorry but you are totally wrong. Aliquippa does allow its assistant cheif to take a police car home. That is such a waste, the money used for gas for him to take a car home could for pay raises for the officers there. Hell he even gets to use the taxpayers car for his part time swat job. I do not know why he gets a take home car, its not like he gets called out every week. Let him use his new personal vehicle to come to work like every other officer there. Do not waste tax money for his own personal profit. Or if he wants a take home car, let him pay a surchagre for all the gas he uses, plus all of the wear and tear :surprised:

  9. The sheriff´s deputy patrol cars are junk. Seriously, they are rusted out old dodge intrepids. They are at least 10 years old, I´d say 15. This expense to me is quite reasonable.

    • Over glorified MALL GUARDS DO NOT NEED MARKED POLICE CARS! PERIOD! They have NO police powers in Beaver County. Their job is court house SECURITY, serving warrants, and transporting prisoners. They DO NOT need 36 cars to do that. There is NO GOOD REASON for these MALL GUARDS to take county owned cars home and use taxpayer funded gas. I know for a fact these cars are being used for personal business. I call B.S.! :crap:

    • So, why don’t you hand Georgie boy YOUR checkbook or credit card, and YOU foot the bill, not the rest of the taxpayers here in Beaver County….

  10. i dont think it says they dont need the cars i think it says shouldnt have wear and tare from deputies driving back and forth from work and home and shouldnt taxpayers pay for there gas to get to work no one pays for my gas to get to work :veryangry:

  11. Were have you been Bert? The Butler County Sheriffs Department does the same thing the Beaver County Sheriffs Department does, with the exception of the “extra duty” at gun bashes and movie theaters. While I am at it, I woke up this morning to see Georgies face on the Beaver Countian again. What a way to lose a breakfast. If the Sheriffs Dept. would only use their own cars instead of duty cars, the county could save a lot o dough, but we have to pacify Georgie and hi cronies. Beaver County is now owned by the nearest Arab state ( Up there in Brighton Twp and Hopewell Twp. ) These guys are crooks and will not stop even after they are put in jail. That’s if they are put in jail. Clean out Beaver County and maybe it will not be so depressed.

    • Believe it or not, the Butler County Sheriffs are even MORE inept in their duties than what the Beaver County ones are….
      Even if they were to continue to use the cars, they need to actually take care of them…wait, nevermind, they’ll never do that. They don’t give two shits about those cars, cause they are not the ones who have to pay for them….

      • I lived in Butler County for about 20 years before moving to Beaver County 15 years ago. Butler County Sheriffs were never known for controversy or incompetence. Long time Sheriff Rickard ( spelling ?) was a good guy and never had any scandals. From what I understand, the new Sheriff Slupe is a doing a great job and his office is not in the news all the time for corruption and scandal. How are they worse than Beaver County ? Butler County government is better run than Beaver County on every level in my opinion.

      • I’ve had plenty of personal experience with the ineptitude of both counties, but it’s not really relevant to the story at hand. So, with that, back to our regularly scheduled program.

  12. I don’t want to play devil’s advocate here but…..

    The Sheriff’s Dept does have one of the worst looking and unroadworthy fleet of vehicles in the area. The mismatch of colors, vehicles, makes, models and years is astounding.

    They do need new cars.. But on the other hand… Will these new cars go to the top guys that drive them back and forth to work or the guys out in the field?

    Given what we have seen I suspect the only miles put on most of these cars will be between home and work.


    • Maybe the Dicks (detectives) should drug test the deputies for steroids. I know a few that would not pass that test! Maybe they should order their shirts one size larger, instead of one size smaller. LosAmbridge is headed for a law suit for police brutality. It’s just a matter of time. And JP knows it.

  14. Is there anything that these three stupid commissioners don’t give the sheriff? This is where all of our tax money goes, and i am sick of it. They do NOT need new cars to ride back and forth to work, drive your own cars and pay for your own gas like every one else. The sheriff drives around in a four wheel drive that we pay for, Why don’t he drive his own car to work? They don’t have to pay for insurance or clothes and collect a big pay check for standing around doing nothing. I hope the man with the camera is watching them too. I’LL NEVER VOTE FOR THOSE THREE COMMISSIONERS AGAIN……….or should I say George’s YES men. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  15. The Sheriffs Dept. does need new cars. But take home cars for all ? NO ! Drive to the office like everyone else. Only if you are on call should you have a take home car. Too many take home cars everywhere, at tax payers cost. County gives out too many perks with take home cars, sheriff, detectives, and so on. Drive you own car to work like everyone else. Aliquippa employee, take home car, lives outside the city, uses a city car for his other job, and its a distressed community, look how much gas is being used ! Take away the take home cars and give them a pay raise in quippa. :thumbsup:

  16. If they have take home cars then why wasn’t a deputy available to respond to the nude photo shoot incident in the park? We don’t need more cars when they’re aren’t even enough deputies on duty. The ones who strictly work the courthouse shouldn’t have one at all. Also why don’t they donate the abandoned cars or auction them as is. We need mental health evaluations for the sheriff and commissioners.

  17. As I read some of these comments, I ask myself, how educated are those that are commenting. I like to make a few points with full discloser that I’m no fan Georgie! 1. The deputies do have arrest powers and can make arrests, the crime must happen in front of them because they have no investigative powers, so in simple terms break the law in front of a deputy and you more likely than not get arrested, break the law and a deputy shows up he has to turn any investigation over to the authority that has the powers to investigate crime. 2. The sheriff’s department fleet is well past their usefulness and some have costed us the tax payers more than it is costing to replace. 3. If the take home was set up as a tool instead of the tools getting a take home car, it would save the tax payers some money, but those cars will more than likely go to many of the Tools at the Sheriff’s office and see little actual patrol or prisoner transport time. I have many friends in law enforcement and sheriff department throughout the country and trying to get the average person to understand that if you’re not willing to walk in the shadow of those that you’re commenting about or even educate yourself on their job the just shut up and be thankful you don’t have the spotlight on ever move you make.

    • Quick observation about your comment, in regards to point #2-
      The sheriffs department ITSELF is well past their usefulness and costs the taxpayers more in money and stress than what it is worth. You could fire damn near everyone in the department, outsource the jobs to the different towns and probably save a metric shit ton of money out of the budget.

  18. @ angelette holtman due me a favor since you are a leader of NRA in beaver county see how many people he gave dollar permits to ingress of twenty see how many where not NRA members then ask for how many got denied the right for a permit that according to state law they qualify and are begrudge, trust me don’t challenge me on this… also how many deputies have no need to have take home vehicle that live over ten miles from court house but have take home vehicle? – please dispute me it’s such a waste of money in that department and abuse of good people just ask donna knopp she was supporter and have thousands to him then was asj to do something that wasn’t with in the law and she stood up to him and its train he should not be in office no longer, let him wink and trek the drop to your knee crowd all he wants how great and what he will do, the true workers and blue know he is a piece of shit


    Buy the guys in the field who patrol the parks new vehicles. That is all.
    YOU’RE WELCOME! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    • How about you shut up, and you go and buy them new vehicles, personally, using your own money, NOT the taxpayers…

      Silence…..that’s what I thought.

  20. Why is George David not in jail yet.oh I forgot this is beaver county only poor people go to jail here.ones that can’t afford to defend themselves .

  21. These 6 Vehicles are being LEASED for 4 yrs…Maybe JP can find out if any of the Current Fleet are leased vehicles and when the Leases will be up? That could explain why they are getting 6 new vehicles. Fleet Vehicles should be turned over FREQUENTLY. Like someone previously mentioned, the older a vehicle gets, warranties expire and maintenance costs which are incurred by the County are not feasible.
    Someone mentioned the 11.2 Miles Per Gallon on the Fuel Receipt that JP posted. Sure, my truck gets 15.7 around town too, BUT, in the Winter months, when I am leaving it idle much more often and warming it up, my fuel economy plummets to 10.8, very quickly. I don’t have to worry about rushing off to an Emergency, so I can rectify my poor MPG issues by shutting it down, these men and women can’t or shouldn’t. If you know anything about Patrol Cars, just about ANYWHERE in the Country, Officers, Deputies, Sheriffs, Etc, RARELY turn their vehicles OFF. You will whine that it’s a waste of fuel, but when you are sitting there, you never know when a call is going to come in and you don’t want to be stuck in a car that won’t start, for whatever reason. Also, there is a helluva lot of Electronic Equipment in a Cruiser which will suck a battery down. Idling is common practice EVERYWHERE, so don’t pound the deputies or the sheriff for that.

    • Your kidding, right? Either that , or your a moron. The “Liar” drives a older Ford Explorer. That is the average mileage for that vehicle around town. The bottom line is that the Sheriff’s Dept. DOES NOT NEED that many cars on the road. The only county employee who should have a take home car should be the K-9 deputy. There is no good reason even for the Commissioners to have take home cars. They should be LEADING by example, but we all know that will never happen.

  22. Our sheriff office is differently bloated with a lot of friends of friends, family and those type of hires. Sad fact is there are a lot of guys who work there just want to do a job that is suppose to have meaning, but since the spotlight is on the whole department because of a wreck of a sheriff and his followers they just simple can’t do the job. I ask/wish that you not group all the deputies into your negative comments. The hiring practices of all tax payer funded positions/county jobs need to be reviewed. I have stated this before but of course this appears to be to hard for any reporter to track the connection and how who got hired because they are related to, know this person or is related to this person. Why do you think nothing ever changes, the status quo is and will be in affect in this county until someone brings this all to light.

    • I can think of only one reason — there may be others — why the personnel and personal relationships are unknown to most readers, as per coverage in the BC. The articles in the BC have apparently not covered the interrelationships unless they were germane to a story or the people have appeared before in other stories. When they do, common links are provided in the articles. It could turn into a tenuous witch hunt if the hiring practices were not fully known or the people were falsely identified as products of nepotism or favoritism.

  23. I drove a state car (not Pennsylvania) for a number of years. It depends upon where the office is located and who takes care of the fleet. My supervisor was responsible for eight of us and our cars, and it “drove” him crazy. Each weekly meeting agenda started with “The care and feeding of the cars”, and it was a royal pain in the butt to have to deal with them. Clipboards of expenses and mileage for each car were kept and turned in, scheduled shop checkups on our own time were made, trading them off at times was necessary, as was filling the washer fluid, oil, gas, etc. But in general, they took some hard punishment, and a lot of money was spent on them. We took them home, but could not use them ourselves. If we did not care for them, they broke, and we had to use our own cars, or, we stayed at the office. But I would NEVER want to venture out in a risky car and fear breaking down, especially in some of the places where I had to go. So, I did my part and cared for and fed mine. Cars are expensive. The issue is whether they are abused or not by their owners. In essence, if we abused the cars, we ended up abusing ourselves. I have to admit one thing, though. When $500 or $1000 repair bills were tuned in, I never thought about the taxpayers who footed the bill. Today, I would. I’ve grown up.

  24. Agree you should cycle out cars BBBBUUUUTTTTT they dont they just passing them around until one is beyond repair then they let it go

    WHAAAAATTTTT needs to be fixed is the take home car abuse if that was done they would save a boat load on gas and repairs…. which are done by the DPW department and half wouldnt be needed if like i said the fucks didnt take home cars

    THERE isnt a reason that most should have a car anyways and ones that due can get them in the morning or the start of shift also only a few would need to have a car at home for emerency call out out prisoner transport ect. and that would be only a few because this asshole has to many out patrolling aliquippa and other areas (ie) buddies slag dumps ect
    and other dick weeds call jumping and giving dui’s , which those could come back to haunt

    park them on top of garage and on the side of courthouse 7 am half will be gone case closed get rid of about 15 save money some of the circle jerk with stripes dont need a take home car it just causes people that live around those people to bitch why they have them

    and yes what is the drug testing policy of new deputies as in what is all tested and how often??? the sheriff maybe down a dozen deputies if he did that…

      • Hub may need to set down his beer and type with two hands. :beatup: Work on punctuation and capitalization, THEN, maybe we could understand his ramblings. But, until then, NEXT?!

  25. Lets face it, this is newsworthy because of Georgie’s personal crimes and lack of leadership. I’m sure Policaro and Deluca spent just as much in today’s current dollar values. Here nor there, were talking about supplying new cars to a public safety office. You wanna crap your pants, look into how much your local fire depts spend to replace equipment that is low mileage and hardly used. They just ditch trucks simply based on age. Center spent 2.5 mil on a sweetheart democratic deal that bears plenty of corruption, to replace nice shiny trucks that were perfectly fine. Look at the connection between the county and the union builders dragging out the veterans bridge project. That’s sucking up the dollars. Reminder, Golden Gate Bridge was built quicker with zero technology

  26. I really hope the citizens of Beaver County do not vote for these 3 commissioners and sheriff next election. The fact that the budget is 4 million and they do nothing at all is unheard of. I agree 100% of someone previous post, give deputies who patrol the parks the new vehicle’s and I can CAN the rest of them. The commissioners need to focus on making Beaver County a place where people want to move and raise a family, not move them out. I may be old fasion but the county needs to take care of the elderly a little better considering they make up a lot of the popultaion.I would also like to see the hours the commissioners put in at there off and see what it would come out to making per hour, my bet it is to much. Spanick, Amadio, and Nichols must be voted out. Both the Republican and Democrat party need to find good candidates to run for this office next election.

    Keep up the great work JP!

  27. Why is a story about buying police cars turning into personal attacks ? They sure do need the cars. Only question I am thinking about is the interest rate is sort of high.

  28. Cost of doing business. I don’t regard it as a big deal. I’m no fan of the sheriff but patrol cars get a lot of miles put on them and need to be replaced because after a while you’re throwing good money after bad on repairs. My plan would be to budget for 4 to 6 new cars each year, spend less on repairs, and trade the old ones in while they’re still worth something. As far as taking cars home, that’s not totally the fringe benefit some people are making it out to be. I don’t know if deputies are on call but if you have say, 24 police cars, then you need 24 spaces to park them in (maybe a few less if you deduct the Aliquippa nightly assistance) plus 24 more spaces for the deputies to park their own cars in when they get to work. A lot of companies with fleets let employees take cars home for that reason. My wife’s work has a fleet of 76 trucks and vans and EVERYBODY assigned one takes it home for the simple reason that there isn’t enough parking at their building if they didn’t. As far as gas mileage, you can easily get 11 mpg in a full-size vehicle or SUV if you spend a lot of time in traffic because every gallon you burn sitting at redlights averages in at 0 mpg. If they want to try Ford Fusion or Chevy SUV hybrids maybe, that’s fine with me.



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